YUNGBLUD “parents” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

YUNGBLUD “parents” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

This song is a tribute to individualism. This ain’t me telling
your parents to fuck off. It’s about the restraints
that are put on you. From maybe your parents,
maybe your teachers, maybe your cousin, maybe
your mates, maybe whatever. And you being the only person in the world that knows what’s best for you. I needed the track to reference
the humor in the lyrics. I wanted it to be like an
accumulation of fairground sounds or I don’t know man like, I wanted it to be like
the spooky sound, like – (imitating spooky sounds) I mean stuff like that. And the drum kit is literally just like hits on guitars. And the bass line is an acoustic guitar tuned down an octave, I mean so I wanted it to be
kind of like what is that, that doesn’t kinda sound right. I wanted it to be a picture of my head. Because I’m kind of riddled with ADHD and I wanted it to be like
that in three minutes. We have to be woke right now because if you ask a
person eight years ago if they were into politics, and they’d be like, “No,
I don’t have to be.” But right now we need to remain informed because look at what is
going on in the world. And the amount of access
to information we have now you can’t bury things. Yeah, I’m saying it’s like, “I was born in a messed up century,” and I can admit that because I have enough information to be able to digest and assess and make an informed decision. When I was younger they tried to put me on these prescription drugs to censor my personality, and the thing about it is, that happened so much again because they try and put people in boxes. When they gave me Ritalin, man it completely zombified me. I was like, (imitating zombie noises) I’m Dom, nice to meet you, and I was like completely killed my personality. My mom took me off Ritalin, she was like, “Who is
this, this is not my son.” I bought a car Beretta at age 16 when I first came to America. I couldn’t buy a beer, but I could buy an assault rifle. And that blew my mind, man. No matter how much you oppress me, no matter how much you hurt me, no matter how much you don’t accept me, I am gonna love who I love, who I want to love because that is my right. And if you don’t like it, I’m gonna lock you in the fuckin’ shed, and I’m gonna fuck the person
outside while you watch. Before I found my people, before I found my community, before I found Yungblud, I felt so misunderstood because it wasn’t
necessarily my mom and dad, it was a little bit, but it was people in positions of power, or teachers, or who didn’t have an
emotional connection to me. Because if you’re not the ideal kid, they haven’t got an
emotional connection to you, so they don’t need to love you. So they don’t need to make you feel any other way than they want you to. We have each other. I understand you, and you understand me. The thing in my fan base is, it ain’t even a big deal now, but when we look at each other, there’s this piece of magic in between us, that goes, you saved my life man, and you make me feel like it’s all right to be on this planet because I have you. That is about not being the ideal kid. If you are not the ideal
person to your parents, to your teachers, to your boss at work, that’s their problem. “See about a thousand
volts go through the son they wish they never had.” They are hurtin’ you because
that’s their problem. ‘Cause they don’t understand you, and they’re probably scared of it. I remember everyone listened
to this tune, like AH! Whoa! Whoa! And I was like free styling that, and everyone was like, YO! It was proper like, dude
it was like, I don’t all my fucking geezers
with their hoods on, and me in me fucking makeup just like on the mic like just spittin’. As I say, it’s literally just like any form of lovin’ is gonna completely end up in your demise, so why bother lovin’ at all. It’s like, No! I don’t wanna face it on my own! I wanna cuddle! I wanna cuddle everybody! Just cuddle me for being me. They’re gonna pretend
they’re so squeaky clean, but they’re completely
full of contradictions the same way as you and I are. So why do we put these
people on a platform, like I was watching “Joker” right? I was watching the new movie, and I was like, Why do we idolize Thomas Wayne so much? This billionaire who didn’t give a fuck about the little man, but we were taught to idolize this person because of the position they were in. I was in a place man, where I felt so low, and so depressed, and so suicidal because of a means that was put on me. And I said to myself like, I never wanna feel like this again. And if anybody is out there
and feelin’ like that, I’m gonna use my own experience just to try and help them because they helped me. I have such bad anxiety sometimes and such bad depression sometimes that I feel like I can’t do it. But I get on stage and
everything’s all right again because, not because I’m on there, and I’m buzzing and it’s crazy, but because I’m with them, and I can look them in the eye, and I know that they are the ones that are going through
the sames shit as me. We had this sound effect, the clock at the start of the (imitates clock ticking) (imitates alarm ringing) ♪ I was born in messed up- ♪ And I just, I love that. I just love this fuckin’ flavor flavor, this image of a clock, and it’s going down. Every second, make every fucking
second count in your life because it is going down.

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  1. My family told me when I went into the workforce that no one was going to except me for my crazy antics and I would be shunned or fired because of my personality fast forward many years later every job I’ve ever had everybody loves me

  2. this is the type of music that parents hear their child listening to and get mad because they don’t take a second to think about what the lyrics actually mean to their child

  3. That stutter is 100% percent the ADHD, I do it too, it’s because people with ADHD have faster brain functions than their mouth can keep up with and it’s annoying af to deal with but it makes me feel better to see you do it too man love your music thank you for being you and helping so many be themselves.❤️

  4. 5:30 reminds me of something he said at the concert i went to. So these 2 girls were fighting and he split them up (you officially gained my moms respect Dom) And after that he gave a speech about how he doesn't want people to fight and how we're a family. He told everyone to cuddle. He threw a pride flag in the audience that night <3 you got me through some shit

  5. My mind: “why does he look so familiar”

    rethinks where tf I’ve seen him

    Me: omfg this mf boy was in Disney in “the lodge”

  6. I kinda want Dom to dom me, if you know what I’m sayin’? Haha…haha…haaaa…excuse me I’m gonna go overdose on raspberry amphetamines.

  7. That literally happened to me with ADHD thing and the medication. My mom had to take me off that medication too because it turned me into a zombie as well

  8. you are my favourite human for this reason. couldn’t even begin to express how much i love you and how much you mean to me. you’ve changed my life. forever grateful and forever supporting you my baby ❣️

  9. we need more doms in this world….that's it. we don't deserve him. we never have, and we never will. but i'm so glad we have him.

  10. The age to buy long guns (shotguns and rifles) is 18 in American. You also can't buy "assault rifles" or tital 2 fire arms without a extremely long and extensive background check and even after that the price for a fully automatic or select fire gun is so expensive that most people can't afford it… Also AR 15s and AK47s aren't assault rifles. What we can get as civilians are Simi automatic versions of what the military uses but that doesn't classify it as an "assault rifle"…I already know I'm gonna get a lot of hate on the comment but just that I'd educate people on firearms.

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