Hey everybody! It’s Qcknd and it’s time for a freaking storytime video. I’m gonna jump right into it because I get a ton of requests by people who say “how do you deal with people in the public who bother you about your tatoos and touch you beacause of your tatoos and are physical and angry?” And there’s no broad answer for this and there’s no single sentence explanation, but over the last weekend I went on vacation, *HONK* and I would love to share a story that happened to me on my vacation, where it was definitely because I was tattooed. And… I’ll get into it, and maybe you can just listen. Maybe you don’t have tattoos, maybe you can’t relate, maybe you’re offended by this… and whatever, like it’s- I just have to say because it happened to me and this is how I dealt with it Last weekend we went to the Poconos and I told myself it was going to be a social-media free weekend I did not pick up my phone almost the entire time All of the pictures I had posted on social media about our vacation were either taken on my boyfriends phone which is really low quality or um, taken on my camera so they were, I was social media free and i was just trying to enjoy the best of my vacation I didn’t bring a purse anywhere, it was amazing it was just all good vibes. If you’re unfamiliar with the United States or Pennsylvania the Poconos are an area of Pennsylvania that are coveted for being, a great like lake vacation, camp grounds, mountain ranges, greenery we stayed at a camp ground which is a big camp ground but it also had different sections depending on like, what you wanted You could rent a cabin, you could rent like a little bungalow or there were also kind of like hotels on the camp ground and they were kinda just like hotel rooms not like a, like ten story fucking hotel thing just like a little 3 story you could just get a little hotel room with a bed and a little kitchenette thing and that’s where we stayed we took advantage, full advantage of all the different things the camp was offering we did swimming we rented golf carts mini golf, fireworks lake attractions um they had a little work out area where you could run on a treadmill lift weights from the seventies we did everything we could on the little roster you’re puuurfect you’re a perfect young man that was our vacation so if any of you guys are familiar with the Poconos, I would say, back woodsy is kind of a phrase for it I think a lot of people from Philadelphia, which is the city I live in travel to the Poconos for vacation a lot of people call it going up the mountain Being in a little back woodsy place as we were being a heavily tattooed person definitely got me some stares some looks, some kids talking to me but overall I felt really cool and I normally don’t in Philadelphia I kind of feel like I’m a little freaky but it’s a little more common to see a tattooed person in Philadelphia also just as a woman I just usually feel like I receive a lot of negative attention being a tattooed woman et cetera et cetera however, being in the Poconos I felt like struttin around, havin my tattoos it kind of gave me like some authority and I was really into it. I felt completely at rest and at ease being tattooed there was whatever we walked around in our bathing suits in shorts and if any of you guys are familiar with this phrase “vacation clothes” you can bet yourself that I was hanging out in my “vacation clothes” What are vacation clothes? Well, have you ever gone on vacation and just kind of seen like a mom or a dad or whoever just lettin it all hang out you don’t care, you’re on vacation, you’re having a great time you’re wearing those short shorts, you’re wearing that tube top, you’re wearing that bathing suit and you don’t care who sees, it is a time to let go of your shame and your inhibition and to just let go I myself partake in the old festivities of vacation clothes I am a woman not of bust, but a woman of booty and normally throughout the year I have tights on until it’s too hot to manage and then usually I’ll wear skirts with a little bit of length there aren’t a ton of shorts that fit me the way I like to comfortably have my shorts fitted same with clothing you know, hide my tattoos most of the year whatever whatever vacation clothes completely different story I had on my little high waisted black shorts they’re not form fitting they’re a little loose, a nice linen forgiving fabric for the hot weather and then I also packed some tank tops vacation clothes I love my vacation clothes When do I get to wear them? I can’t wear them in my neighborhood because people will see me vacation clothes, you’re never going to see those people again ever It’s a blessing I was swimming with no inhibitions, just happy I did notice I was the most tattooed person swimming there but it was awesome when you have a ton of tattoos, sometimes children flock to you and they talk to you and sometimes it’s interesting however, here’s the story my boyfriend and I, we are checking off everything that the campground has to offer, just knocking everything off we had not had a vacation this year almost ever. My schedule does not really lend itself to vacationing so we decide to do mini golf like a 19 hole mini golf course it has obviously been at this campground for years and years and we are just happy to be a part of it we start at hole 1 we’re having a great time. We get to like hole 4 and we’re like basically playing by the rules, you know, if my ball was this close to the hole John gave it a little kick in the hole other than that, though, basically playing by the rules each course as you kept going um contained more obstacles traps, like dead holes that if your ball went into it the game was over, a lot of mini golf courses offer stuff like this so John and I, we’re strategizing, we’re figuring things out, we’re having a good time playing mini golf, waiting until sunset so we can do something else just enjoying our leisure as vacationers do we get to about hole 5 and I realize there’s a little girl behind me and she has 2 sisters and then her mom is with them and she puts her ball down next to mine and I kind of like, laugh a little bit. I’m like “oh are you playing mini golf too?” like trying to be nice I don’t have to be, I don’t know I don’t have to be so she puts her ball down in the little place where you set your ball up and she putts it and I go “oh excuse me” like “we’re still playing this hole, you’ll have to wait your turn” and the person, the players playing before us, so if we’re at hole 4 the family at hole 5 turns around and kind of looks and I’m not causing, like, a disruption. I’m just telling that little girl like You gotta wait your turn, baby we move on to the next hole. The people at 5 move to 6 we wait our turn, then we move to 5 and ideally the, like, triplet girls would wait their turn too so we get to the next hole, same problem the girls set up and they start to putt through our game and normally this wouldn’t really be an issue if we knew that family or if John and I weren’t playing by the rules and we were drinking all day or whatever but we weren’t and we were trying to just play the game I guess ideally by the rules John putts, I putt we each putt until we get the ball in the hole and then move on I again repeat myself like “I’m sorry sweetie” like “we’re still playing this hole” so the mom at the hole after us turns around and actually interjects she goes “hey, you have to wait your turn” so I’m like a little like “uh-oh” like “I hope I didn’t start any problems here” and I look to the little girl’s mom and I can tell that like she doesn’t speak English and I tried to add a ton of sensitivity to the language I’m using because of that it’s not her fault and she can enjoy her vacation just as much as I can being an English-speaking person however, I am trying to enjoy the game that I paid for for this mini golf thing so I can tell the two–the mom yelling at the daughter and then the mother who doesn’t speak English is kind of just like uh whatever. And I can kind of tell that they’re like speaking Russian we continue and we get to a hole that has like a booby trap so my boyfriend and I are trying to like strategize through the booby trap and whatever and the girls come and pick up my ball and hand it to me and I’m like “oh excuse me” like “leave my ball right there, it’s still in play” and the three daughters speak English You know they’re just like standing there and theyr’re putting their ball and the one daughter starts pulling on my shorts as I said, I’m a woman of booty and although I’m not wearing shorts that like cut like this like “shweep” I do still feel like my personal space is being jeopardized even though this is a young girl, maybe 8 or 9 I still don’t feel comfortable having her hand essentially that close to a private area of mine so I’m going “oh excuse me” and this is when I look at the mom and the mom is just taking photos on her camera the whole time obviously she’s not teacher her daughters how to play mini golf, maybe she doesn’t know how the rules work and I’m kind of just like taking in everything that’s happening around me and I’m kind of just like “this is rude. This is really rude” but maybe there is like some cultural interference so I’m trying to be sensitive to that although I do feel like her daughters are prodding at me, they’re touching me, and I do not like it we get to the next hole, same thing. The daughters are throwing their ball through it they’re not even like putting through so obviously they are right up against us while we’re waiting for our hole each time so the oldest daughter points at my inner thigh where I have a tattoo of a swimmer girl and, although I have pants on I can tell you that this tattoo is right here and these are like baggy pants but this is still my inner thigh it’s still really close to somewhere I don’t want hands. Children’s hands, anyone’s hands so the girl points at my inner thigh and she’s physically touching me and I turn around to look at the mom and the mom is laughing and it’s not a laugh like “oh my god I’m so embarrassed at my daughter, I’m so sorry” because I recognize that and I can pick up on that and I can exchange, like, laughter or “oh it’s okay” or like “kids” I can do that. And I’m used to doing that this was a mom who was laughing at me and I was feeling very physically embarrassed. I felt my face getting red, I felt like I was being violated by these 3 children, who were ruining my game, physically touching me, trying to pull on my shorts I guess to see if I had more tattoos under there I’m looking at the mother ahead who yelled at the mother before and she’s completely lost it. She’s very upset, the little girls have ruined her game too and I’m just wondering what my social obligation is we get to the next hole and the girls have already set up their balls. My boyfriend at one point kicked one of their balls out of our game because it was just like so tireless that these girls were like infiltrating our game we were at hole 13 at this point. I remembered this. So all through those holes, the daughters were climbing up my ass, touching my tattoos, pulling my shorts, throwing their ball through the game, picking up my ball and I just remember thinking like “they’re not 2 year olds” they’re like 10 year olds so this is like blatantly wrong and the mother had not said anything yet so at this point I turn around and I climb down the hill and I go “excuse me miss. I have to talk to you” and the mother, in English, replies to me and says “yes?” and I’m like, so this whole time she’s speaking Russian to her daughters and I know that this is like a steryotypical thought to have but this whole time I come to the realization that she’s probably speaking to them about me and I know that it is very full of yourself to have that thought that “oh someone who’s speaking a foreign language around me is talking about me” but she could communicate in English to her daughters I know she was probably trying to speak her native tongue to them and preserve the culture however, up until this point I thought that she didn’t speak English and I thought that all of this behavior I was just like letting slip under the rug. I felt like this whole time I was being mocked So I go “excuse me, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the rules but you have to wait your turn until you can come onto the hole until we’re completely done your daughters continuously keep touching me and pulling on my clothing and it’s making me severely uncomfortable and it is inappropriate” and John is looking at me, and the mother ahead is looking at me and I’m raising my voice so I’m assuming that the eyes of the campground are on me I’m wearing a tank top and shorts and I recognize that I am standing out and people are probably expecting me to say something inapproprate but I think that I have an understanding of how to tell people that they’re being inappropriate in an appropriate wording so I look at her and I hold my ground and my voice isn’t wavering because I’m so sick of this. It’s completely inappropriate and I think that although it’s probably hard to have 3 daughters being on your phone the entire time and just like letting them do free range is inappropriate so they ruined my game they physically touched me, they touched my inner thigh, they tried to pull down my shorts and I’m sick of it and the mother goes “thank you for bringing that to my attention” and I feel like it’s such a slap in the face because I feel like I was being spoken down to, I was being degraded for being tattooed, I was being treated like a novelty and honestly if I was like a hot babe and someone was pulling at my shorts with no tattoos, I think it would be immediately noticed as inappropriate but I think because people treat me as a walking novelty the mother thought it was hilarious and, to the best of my knowledge, she probably took pictures of it too because she was going off with that phone and she didn’t have the camera sound turned off which already is weird turn that thing off. *camera sound* So, after that john looked at me and he’s like “do you want to leave?” like “let’s not continue being here. Obviously we shouldn’t be here and I thought “hey” like “we payed for the game” and now I just yelled at this woman so I was like “let’s continue putting” but it only took 2 holes later for the little girls to completely ruin our game all over again they set up their balls next to ours and John took the putt and *pew pew* moved both of their balls the other way. He was like “let’s go” so we essentially just abandoned the game but before we walked off of the hill I looked right at the mother and we had rented a golf cart and we drove away into the night and although obviously, like, there was no solace like there was no resolve I still think it was completely inappropriate. And I recognize like “kids don’t know better” and “a parent can only do so much” but her physically touching me, trying to pull on my shorts, laughing hilariously at me, was completely inapproprate and yelling at her, but not yelling, speaking to her with appropriate language, felt good and I think I said it loud enough for everybody to hear but eventually we did leave because it only took 2 holes for her daughters to just completely disregard what I said and just do whatever the fuck they wanted so yes we left. And I wish I could offer you guys like some sort of like victory story I mean renting the golf cart was badass so I’m glad we spent more time on it but that is what happened and I do not think it’s appropriate for children to inappropriately touch you and although I do have some lenience because I do recognize that children see my tattoos and they’re colorful and questionable and maybe their parents don’t have tattoos and they’re not subjected to tattoos very often, I do have an allowance for that we spent a lot of time at the pool that day and I think that I am nice to children I don’t have a responsivility to them. I don’t have to be nice to them but I have 4 siblings. I think kids are cool and a lot of times, like, if stuff’s happening I’ll most likely ask a kid before I ask an adult. I’ll be like “yo what’s going on?” Even when we got to the holes there was like a cool little kid putting in front of us and I was like “hey man is the wait long” and he was like “not really” like I’m more into talking to a cool kid rather than some shit mom who’s just on facebook and not teaching her kids how to play mini golf she’s just novelizing her kids, novelizing me, and expecting me to teach her kids some sort of life lesson about touching physical people so in all, that’s what happened this weekend, and I’m pretty upset by it the rest of the night I was like very noticeably upset. We saw fireworks and like that was pretty cool, good thing we saw those because I still think I wish I would’ve said more to tht mom I didn’t step to her, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t curse in front of her kids but she just completely disregarded me and after two holes just let her fucking brat kids do whatever they wanted being a mom isn’t easy. I get it. I totally get it. But that was inappropriate That’s my experience with that it’s not a happy ending and I can’t offer you much resolve but I am glad I stood up for myself and we did physically have to leave the hole I didn’t tell management because it was honestly just a kid my age in a cabin and he didn’t have a radio so that sucks, so I didn’t want to bother him, what’s he gonna do give us a refund, it didn’t matter let me know in the comments what you would have done, if you’ve been in a situation like that if you are a parent what’s the most embarrassing things your kids have done and what have you done to resolve the situation the mother did not even say sorry to me. She just said “thanks for bringing that to my attention” which is completely rude, completely inappropriate let me know what you think. Am I blowing this out of proportion? I’m sure some of you guys are gonna say that but honestly, when you feel a little hand reach up into your inner thigh honestly, I should’ve smacked it because that is my honest reaction, that’s my physical first reaction to something like that Obviously I wouldn’t have smacked a little girl’s hand, I quickly turned around to understand what was happening but still, inappropriate touches from children and adults, still inappropriate and unwarranted and having tattoos does not excuse it I love you guys, and until next time, see ya

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  1. I have been grabbed by coworkers who couldn't understand why they were inappropriate in their behaviour. SMDH. I have had to resort to force a few times because someone wouldn't let go my arm.

  2. I don't think you blew it out of proportion and I personally would have said more to that mother because that is utterly rude and uncalled for and bad parenting… yeah sure being a parent is hard or whatever but there's a difference from actually trying to discipline your child as opposed to not saying anything and in turn laughing and encouraging such behavior and on another note I myself am a foreign language speaker but for the same reasons I would not be trying to tell my children to keep doing bad things because yes then you get looked at as someone who is speaking of the other person and then that's how discrimination is encouraged because actions speak louder than words and when your actions and words don't align then clearly you aren't doing anything to assess the situation and that clearly what you're saying in a different language seems to be what is encouraging the bad behavior and that overall just makes it harder on other people who are foreign language speakers to fit in sometimes because automatically sometimes people will start thinking that you are talking about them because of people like that mother that use their foreign language to make a situation even worse any who One thing I would have added to the things I would have said to that lady is that if her children did not stop touching me I would go to some manager somewhere and claim sexual-harassment because it is harassment and maybe she would think twice before letting her children Touch all over another person

    Can you tell this video made me angry? lol I back you up though 💯

  3. Similar shit has happened to me. When their dumb mom didn't react appropriately, I "accidentally" kicked one of the kids, then elbowed another in the forehead and they kind of got the message.

  4. Don't believe that this happened because you're tattoed, same thing happened to me when I was on a vacation site and I'm not tattoed or anything "different". I believe that it's just the tourist syndrome, people in other country and vacations feel like they can behave wrong because it's not their home ! :/

  5. literally england i see tattoos every day of my life. im in college learning tattoos and its great. no one says shit to people with tattoos in england its so normal these days

  6. I think you UNDERACTED bc you felt too self conscious about your tattoos. I KNOW a lot of Russians and I can tell you THEY KNOW they were being bad. I am so sorry that you didn't' stand your ground. At the very least, I would've MADE them go ahead of us and let the OTHER mother yell at them. BTW I don't judge people bc they have tats, do you find that REALLY common???

  7. You're too tolerant and too forgiving for someones failed parenting. You should have told the parent you will administering your own discipline the next time youre grabbed.If the parent thinks its funny then thats where the slap should begin.

  8. The next time something like this happens, stare them down and scare the ever-living daylights out of them. Just saying "You /DO/ /NOT/ touch other people" in a very stern voice with cutthroat eyes /should/ be good enough. Your reaction was much, much kinder than they deserved, and usually patience is a virtue. But when people begin to walk all over you, it's best to stand strong because (like you said) you would've never seen these people again anyway. I'm sorry you had to suffer through this. :c

  9. I agree with the kids not touching you that is not right. but if you guys are taking your time and really want to enjoy the game why not step aside for a few minutes and let them pass. Yes the mother should have said something to the kids but because of it it wrecked the rest of your afternoon instead of just letting it be the 5 minutes of the kids bothering you and move on.

  10. if the girls were 9 or 10 they should have known better. like i can see if it was arm they were touching or lets say she was wearing a tee shirt and they were just like rolling up her sleeve to see the rest of her tattoos, she might feel a little uncomfortable,but it is not inappropriate. but they girls were being inappropriate and the mother should have gotten on to them right as soon as she noticed it happening. if the girls were about 9 or 10 ,i am about there age and it might just be the fact that i grew up around people with tattoos and piercings, but I know if i want to see or touch someone's tattoos i should at less ask first or for piercings (i know off topic) you should never go around just pulling in people's piercings. my friend got her earlobe ripped for someone pulling on her earring.

  11. I'm grateful that I've never been "judged" because of my tattoos, although, I HATE when someone feels the need to grab and twist my arm to read the text on my forearm.

  12. I would have totally yelled at those kids to back off and glared them down until they did. It's not okay for anyone to intentionally aggro others. It sounds like they knew what they were doing and needed a lesson in cultural boundaries. I think it's our social obligation to teach that if the opportunity arises and the parent won't take initiative. That said, it's good of you to not take your frustration out on them.

  13. I don't get mad at small kids for touching my tattoos, tattooed people are not common where I live (and I only have large ones you can't miss)

    But my aunt pulling my dress up to my waist and touching my upper thigh at Christmas dinner shocked me

    I also got assaulted in a park by a grown man who proceeded to take my shirt off and caressed my arm, his girlfriend calmly watching from a short distance
    I called the cops on them and asked for a family member to pick me up, I was so scared

    Unwanted bad attention is the only thing I dislike about being tattooed

  14. ohhh nooo. I remeber when I was little my moms friend had both sleeves with amazing artwork and i would always trace it and try to use pen and draw them on my skin and show him. I never thought he might not like that

  15. I found it concerning you were more concerned about the rules of the game than your body. You were uncomfortable, and you were probably a little afraid–I understand. But there is nothing more important than the protection of your body.
    Google translate can help with language barriers. If ANYONE touches you, grab there hand and say, "NO!" And with parents, look at them AFTERWARDS and say, "NO!"

    I wish I was there!

  16. i have 2 girls 14 and 10, they do know better at their age and their mother was in the wrong, kids who act the way they did know exactly what they r doing, their parent knew what they were doin, u done right thing apart from giving bit more to her, if i was with u I would have said more to the kids for u and to the mother especialy since she spoke english. I am tattoo'd and if a kid done that to me for that length of time i would have gone insane, i would have asked the kids y r they doin what they were doin. love ur tattoos by the way

  17. I would've thrown their balls so far away, and screamed at them. Fuck outta here. I would've told the mother off too. I'm not letting them pass me, learn to wait.

  18. As someone who has had to make various ages of children behave, you had every right to slap her hand. NO child can be allowed to behave like that, because they will then grow into an adult who does the same thing and blatantly touches people. if the mother has already obviously made a conscious decision not to stop her children from misbehaving in ways that are obviously making you uncomfortable, then tell them off yourself. if you let it go, then if they see you again, itll just continue!

  19. I used to work in a shop that had a post office ( I worked in that too) and I was serving a customer and they grabbed my arm to look at my tattoo and I was not happy about that they even laughed saying it looks like holly ( I have bats) or oh haha getting ready for Halloween -_- mostly I was annoyed that some random old guy grabbed me

  20. I love children, but I would have specifically either told the children to wait their turns or let them go ahead So I could enjoy my hole. Otherwise, asked for a refund and tried to go back later when less people were there. But, you handled it well. At least you have an example of how you can explain that sort of incident to your future children. But it must have been awkward and uncomfortable. I think many parents just shrug off things like that, but you can't. Those little girls could be bullies or entitled brats one day just because they weren't disciplined properly or were allowed to just do what they wanted without a reprimand. My children would be taken off the mini golf course for that and may not do anything fun for the rest of the day to understand what the problem was.

  21. i have an 8 and 2 year old i would NEVER let them behave in that way they would have been made to apologise and to touch another person is disgusting i would have lost my temper and screamed at the mother they were old enough to no better and yes I'm heavily tattooed aswell there is a different in children being interested in ur art work but what the girls did in this situation was out of order but the woman is a typical example of parents these days sick really

  22. You should have stopped that way before. I would have let them pass before or report them for not respecting the rules.

  23. I would have lost it. I am extremely lenient. But I've had similar situations and my tolerance has gotten very low.

  24. Not directly related but I thought I'd share this one: I have a couple different tattoos using different runic writing systems, so obviously people don't know what they say. Does that stop people from saying "what does your tattoo say?" I've had them for a couple years now and I used to feel so uncomfortable telling people "oh it's personal" but now I'm literally just like "if I wanted everyone to know what they said, I would've gotten them in English" cause people can be so goddamn persistent. My body, my rules. Also none of your goddamn business.

  25. boo hoo wow your life is so hard. you chose to have tattoos, you chose this lifestyle. no one to blame but yourself. be an adult- should have let the kids pass you. if you would have let them go to ahead of you you would have never had this problem. such a stereotypical self victimizing special snowflake millennial. like grow up – youre just as bad as the kids be ashamed of yourself. boo hoo go give yourself a pity party somewhere else.

  26. God, that's awful. I'm not looking forward to that happening when I get more heavily tattooed. I just got my first tattoo, it's on my chest, it's still healing, but it's not visible unless I don't have a shirt on. Some people just have no respect for the fact that they have no control over other people's bodies or that other people think differently than them. My reaction would probably have been to try to confuse the kids with big, overly complicated words and hope that they'd just leave lol

  27. You're videos are fun to watch funny as shit hearing how you explain things in such detail that you never hear explains so thoroughly "we played mini golf and these kids were touching me and being fucking annoying, I told them to stop… I am offended "

  28. I didn't even know about this. That's so fucked up, when I get tatts I DARE a stranger to touch me, they'll happily meet a taser..

  29. My kids would never even dream of doing that to a stranger. They are pretty shy. My nearly 3 year old did try to hold a strangers hand at the supermarket once. She thought it was her dad. They were about the same height and wearing a similar coat lol.

  30. I have a similar issue lol i have several visable tattoos when i am wearing my normal everyday clothes, but one of them is a quote in French, and every other person asks me what it means

  31. Me handling the situation:

    "Look you little shit. Stop fucking touching me. Stop fucking ruining my damn game! Stop fucking fucking up shit!"

    Just kidding but I'd be thinking it

  32. they were very rude, but speaking you're native language when you can is very common and usually isn't just for gossiping

  33. Once I had a kid grab my ass along with a bit of my cooch and it was soooo gross and the parents just laughed. I lost it and told my boss and he didn't do anything and I hate kids but mostly their parents.

  34. i only have a nose ring and dress differently but i do feel those looks …
    another thing that really pisses me off is when, after i go for a swim, in the lockerroom, i go and take a fucking shower w the showercurtain closed and 4 y olds, right next to their moms, open the fucking curtains .. the moms normally just giggle and say to their kids not to do it.
    i am truly sensitive to it and has it happenend to me, i have quiet trama w it.
    love the video
    stay strong 🙂

  35. I would have LOST MY SHIT and put that dumb bitch in her place way before that holy fuck. D:< I applaud you for sticking up for yourself and not flying off the handle like I most definitely would have.

  36. That was uncalled for. Even if you did come from another country, you still should know what respect of space is, especially when it comes to children above the age of 8 years old. I would have left that mini golf course if they followed me up to the third one.

  37. I would love to see Philadelphia 😩. The part of PA I lived in was back-woodsy. Coming from Fort Lauderdale, I almost thought the entire PA was back-woodsy from the places I'd seen. It would've been great to see another city 😔

  38. you said you paid for the golfing? wasn't there anyone you could have reported it to? if a firm "NO" and/or "STOP" didn't work, that's what i would've tried. and didn't your boyfriend stick up for you? i'm not talking about gender roles. i'm just saying that i wouldn't let someone i cared about get treated that way. idk

  39. uhg i feel you i hate parents that don't take responsibility for their kids or think that its okay to treat someone badly just because they look different

  40. I think you were so so kind. Interruption is one thing but touching someone's thigh is completely out of like and very invasive

  41. A kid doesn't know any better when they're 3 or 4. When they're 10 years old, they should know not to touch strangers in an inappropriate way. It had nothing to do with you having a lot of tattoos… it had to do with the mother letting her daughters do whatever they want and not caring about anyone's feelings. Don't feel bad

  42. 13:16 once you’re boundaries have been crossed you have no social obligation. I don’t care if it’s a child or an adult, they are touching you without your consent, you have no obligation to teach someone else’s children manners

  43. When the woman was like "thanks for bringing it to my attention" I would have been like "yeah you're welcome, now DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT." Like what the hell kind of shit parent is she? My cousin is 11 and she'd never ever do something like that, hell I would never have done anything like that when I was younger. Like… fuck, I'm so sorry that happened to you, that's so horrible. I would have snapped at the kids to stop touching me, idc who someone is or how old someone is, if they're touching my thighs or ANYWHERE around that area it makes me panic, and it's so inappropriate oh my god!

  44. I really surprised that she gets any attention for her tattoos she is not that tattooed she would certainly not draw any attention where I live I have colleges who teach with more tattoos and the kids do not even look twice I guess everywhere is different but I am surprised that in the US anyone would care !

  45. I babysit girls who were very touchy but their mom actually gets on to them so they don't do it as often anymore. So its not like its impossible for them to learn or that hard.

  46. As a parent, I am absolutely appalled at the behaviour of these children!!! I have always taught my kids to respect the personal space of others, which is something this mother clearly needed to do. This is one of the worst parenting fails I have ever seen and believe me, I have seen a lot. I hope to sometime in the future, hopefully near future, I plan on getting some tattoos. I have PTSD from being sexually abused so I do not like to be touched at all. These little girls would have triggered a PTSD attack, and since I have asthma, mine get pretty bad. If this were to ever happen to me and some of my best friends were with me, they would have slapped the shit out of that mother and the 3 girls because they are VERY protective of me and they know about my PTSD. Parents, please, for the sanity of other, TEACH YOUR KIDS SOME GODSDAMN MANNERS!!!!!

  47. Not over reacting at all! Makes me sad that women are expected to downplay stuff like this- you’re not blowing it up, if anything there’s an air of minimizing it while also calling it out. That’s fucked- no one should touch you, especially not there. I remember once as a kid, like 7-9 years old as well, there was a lady with a really cool key on her (long hanging) key ring lanyard, and I grabbed it because I wanted to see it!
    My mom later alerted me it wasn’t polite or acceptable to grab at anything of someone’s- but especially not because of the area of the body it was hanging- it was definitely her low belly.
    I remember being SO embarrassed about it, but because I knew I had done something wrong, and because I knew I wouldn’t have liked the tables turned. Kids know better. And the people raising children and training them to be good adults should know better too.

  48. I HATE THAT. And YOU ARE “a hot mama”. Fuck them.a kid should know personal space. That’s just bad parenting. You should have told the staff. Just let a manager know they have some problematic guests.


    If someone hasn't watched the video yet (or doesn't mind watching it again) I'd really appreciate it if you could review the subtitles in the contributions so that they can be published. It will really help people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and it will help me personally feel as though I didn't just waste like, three hours transcribing it and making sure they matched the time stamps!

    Thank you!!

  50. Unfortunately with that kind of parenting, those kids will turn into ignorant teenagers, eventually adults. I don’t like to be touched by strangers.
    I have children and I stress to them about personal space and respecting others. What she did was wrong and not trying to correct it after you express you weren’t comfortable and that you weren’t going to allow them to run essentially your game. So rude!

  51. I would have recorded the kids do it and the mother giving a flying fuck to it and upload it on social media. And then go to the mother and tell her that her ignorance is now on the net. Peace out.

  52. Are other people setting up their golf balls while you’re playing? Yeet that shit. Are mannerless children touching you? Yeet those shits. Are mothers not acting like mothers? Yeet that bitch.

  53. Why do you worry about people in your neighborhood seeing your tattoos.they are amazing I let mine be seen and I'm happy too and I know there's people who.don't like it but I don't care its on my body and I'm happy with them on my body and my.piercings as well..

  54. Kids do know better. And the mother knew better. I would've not been so nice to the kids after the third time. And I would've called the mother out on her lack of teaching her kids manners and how rude she is.
    Also would've talked to the manager.

  55. I’m sorry, that’s an uncomfortable situation. The mom responding, but not taking an action to correct her daughters is frustrating. Thinking the behavior was funny and making you feel laughed at is revolting. I appreciate that you gave them the benefit of the doubt, were kind and polite. They took advantage of that. It’s your body. You decide who has access. Moving your clothing and touching you is not ok. It’s 100% ok to firmly say “No, that’s mine. Don’t touch. This is rude.”
    It’s ok to wear what you want on your vacation. It’s important to take time to lounge & reconnect 1:1 with your bf. You tried to be kind and considerate of them, not knowing if there was a language barrier.

    It’s hard to offer alternative options, not knowing how the kids would have reacted.
    * Maybe let them move ahead and play through. Give some wiggle room. Then you and your bf could take your time and play the game.

    You guys did your best. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip & didn’t run into that family again.

  56. Im a preschool teacher Im in the two year olds mostly. morning I have the two's middle of the day I go to the infant room and end of the day I go back to the twos, sometimes the threes. All the kids know to ask to touch my tattoos and the other teachers tattoos, this is something we try to emphasize on in our class rooms. We do have one kid that has a hard time grasping the concept of not touching people unless they say "ok" or they ask him to but he's getting better slowly. Since I'm in the twos I don't really teach them about math or spelling we mostly focus on things to carry through out life: waiting to eat until everyone gets their food, not leaving the table until everyone is done, only touching when someone says its ok, please and thank you, my little boys know to hold the door for the girls and my girls know to say thank you. One day another teacher took over and took them to the bathroom she told the boys to go first and one of the older little boys looks over and goes "no girls go first" hes the sweetest little gentleman. The point is its really not hard to teach children manners I think this mom was just slacking.

  57. So annoying when people that arent tattooed ask the same "were did you get all your tattoos done, how much did that cost, whats the meaning behind that" or when people hold you up for 10 mins in middle of store telling you about the tattoo they want… omg… lol

  58. I am a parent. I am a 45 year old tattooed woman. If someone puts their hands on me without invitation, I would swat the hand away. Hard. Then I would say, probably very nicely to the child "Honey, you can't touch people without their permission. If you ask, I would love to show you my pictures and even let you touch some of them." But you have to defend yourself first.

  59. Don’t understand why people feel the need or impulse to just touch others like that…. child or adult, male, female, and everything in between. Not fucking cool

  60. you shoulda let them go ahead of you and let them piss off that first mom that yelled at them in the first place

  61. I'm typically more understanding around kids behaviour because I remember when I was that age and crossed boundaries I hadn't yet learned excisted (I'm autistic) but what those kids did, and the mum's complete and utter lack of discipline, was completely inappropriate and you have every right to be upset by it

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