You Can Do Better – Tattoo Removal 101 | truTV

You Can Do Better – Tattoo Removal 101 | truTV

In the last decade, revenue made
from tattoo removal treatments has ballooned by over 400%. Not only that,
the technology is changing faster than ever before. You want to see
how it’s done? I’m here with nurse practitioner
Emily Holmes. You work here at LaserAway. So, Emily, here’s how
I think lasers work. There’s this weird
magical fire. It actually is quite magical,
and let me tell you why. Basically this laser
that we use only finds ink. It’s not going
to burn your skin. Worst case scenario, if you don’t follow
aftercare instructions, you’re going to get
a blister. Wow. Yeah. So your ink is an actual molecule. And let’s talk
about black ink, because it’s the easiest
to remove. It’s made of carbon. And when the light
that carbon molecule, it explodes
that carbon molecule. And what’s released
is carbon dioxide gas. And it’s sort of like a cloud. And it actually makes the tattoo
look immediately lighter. What kind of tattoos are you
asked to remove the most often? Names. Really? All day. What are the most difficult kind of tattoos to remove? Really colorful tattoos,
such as blues, greens. All right. Sorry, people
with mermaid tattoos. They got to stay.
I’m afraid to get a tattoo, because I feel like
it’s forever. But after talking
to you today, I think I could
probably go for it. Just make sure of these things:
that it’s black ink, that it’s on your
upper extremity. It does take longer
for ankle tattoos to go away. There’s less circulation. Also, you want to make sure
you’re not in the sun a lot. Why? What’s going
to happen? The laser picks up
on the contrast between the color of the ink
and the color of the skin. So the greater the contrast
there is there, the more likely the laser’s
going to pick up the ink and not your skin. Thank you, Emily. Yeah, of course. [laughs]

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  1. ?? WTF?! If ink is made of carbon and the laser only sees carbon then what the hell is my skin made of? Must be magic BS.

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