XOXO FRIENDS – Addy and Maya Design Their Toys at Toy Makers Studio

(techno chimes) – [Young Girl] Tic Tac Toy! (happy upbeat music) – These are phenomenal! – Couldn’t agree more! – Hi girls, what brings
you to the studio so early? – Well, we asked our Tic
Tac Toy fans for some help with our toy line. – And they had so many great ideas. – Ya, we were just so pumped
that we had to get here early to start sketching. – Wow! That’s wonderful girls, but before you show me
anything let me scan the room for hidden cameras. – Are we still worried
about the toy vandal trying to sabotage our toy line? – Well, she planted those hidden
cameras in here last week, so we have to extra cautious. – Ya, she can’t see what we’re
working on for Tic Tac Toy. – That would be bad news. (spring) (upbeat suspicious music) – Now hiring Assistant
Position for XOXO Toy Company. (ripping paper) Qualifications: between the ages of 6 and 12, toy expert, energetic and enthusiastic. Interviews today at 10 a.m.
Toy Makers XOXO Studio. Hmmmm – Now that the place is secure, tell me all about tell me
all about the help you got from your Tic Tac Toy fans. Did they come up with
some baby animal ideas for the collectables? – They sure did! We already came up with
the Poodle and the Unicorn. – And through our poll our
fans told us they want to see a Bunny, a Piglet, a Koala, and a Kitty. – Ya and we also decided
to have this cute Frenchie and the Bear Cub. – Plus I added this cute
kitty and a Pomeranian. – Those are absolutely adorable girls! Plus, I have a couple sketches
I’ve been working on myself. – What are they? – Sketches for Addy and Maya figures! You guys have to be part
of the toy line yourself. – Wow, no way!
– Wow, no way! Are we gonna have swappable wings too? – Of course! All the figure will have swappable wings, so you can swap between the Piglet, the Addy, the Poodle, and, well, all of them. – Amazing! – And speaking of wings, how are the sketches of them coming? – Absolutely fabulous. – Ya, we’ve designed 36 different wings. – Wow that’s just wonderful! (upbeat suspicious music) (phone rings) – Thanks for returning my call. XOXO toy company is hiring an assistant, I’ve sent you the details. We need it to be someone from our network. A spy who can report back to us. Can give us all of the details
for the new line of toys for Tic Tac Toy. I don’t care who it is, but make sure someone is
at XOXO toy maker studio at 10 O’clock this morning and do not let me down miscreant 432. (spring) – What is that boss? – Well it’s time to
move onto the next step in creating our toys for Tic Tac Toy and for that you’re gonna
need this pantone book and a bunch of markers. – Are we choosing colors for our figures? – Sure are! It’s time to turn these
black and white sketches to color sketches. – Wow, this is gonna be so much fun! – When I think of Tic Tac Toy
I think of fun bright colors, so we need to make sure
our toys reflect that. – Couldn’t agree more. Now you girls have a bunch of markers, but I suggest you use
the pantone book first to select the colors and then use the markers
to color in the sketches. – Addy, let’s start with
this little Piglet first. (spring) (lemonade pouring) (pizzicato music) – Ah, nice and refreshing. – Thank you sir! – How’s the lemonade stand business going? – Not bad! I think I made about four dollars. – Hmmm, how old are you? – Eight years old. – Perfect, how would you like a real job? A chance to make some decent money? – What kind of job exactly? – A job at a toy company. – Sounds like a dream come true! (spring) – [Addy] So what do you
think about his shade of pink for the little Piglet? – I love it, but it also could be fun
if we could have the pig be a crazy color. Kind of like, like this lime green color. That could be super fun! – Well I have an idea, what if each of these baby animals came in two colors to collect? We could have a pink Piglet
and a lime green Piglet. – Perfect! – Okay, I’ll color the pink Piglet and you’ll color the lime green Piglet. – Sounds like a plan! This sure is fun picking
colors for our toys. (door bell) – Oh no, you don’t think that could
be the toy vandal do you? – Oh no, no need to fret. I forgot to mention this, but I’m actually interviewing someone for an assistant position today. – Really? An assistant to who? – An assistant to you two. I think that creating your own toy line is probably a pretty big job and you could use some help. – Wow, it would be nice
to have an extra hand. – Well good then, I’ll get the door and get
the interviews started and you two keep workin’. (spring) – Thank you for coming in to interview for the Assistant position
of XOXO toy company. May I have each of your names please? – My name is Keira Carmichael. – And I’m Ethan Nash. – Welcome Keira and Ethan! Here at XOXO toy company we only employ the most extreme toy lovers. – Oh that’s me for sure! – Me too! – Well, I’m afraid we only have one position available currently and it will go to which
ever of you can identify the most toys correctly using
only your sense of touch. – What?! (spring) – So what do you think of my Mayas? Aren’t they adorable? – Totally obsessed with them! Now what do you think of my Addys? – Saweet! – So we’ve created the Piglets, the Addys, and the Mayas. What do you want to color next? – Um, how about this Bear Cub? It’s awfully cute. – Ya, I’m thinking of a cool
shade of purple for the Bear, maybe a yellow crown. – Sounds adorbs. I’m gonna look through the
color book to figure out mine. (spring) – Okay, we’ll play three
rounds of what’s in the box. Who ever correctly
identifies the most toys using only their sense
of touch will be our new XOXO toy assistant. Keira, you’ll be up first. (upbeat techno music) Okay Keira, what’s in the box? (upbeat techno music) – Oh, this is super easy. It’s a fingerling. – [Lucy] That’s one point for Keira. – Yes! – Okay Ethan, it’s your turn. What’s in the box? (dubstep music) – It’s a doughMi! – You’re correct Ethan. One point for you. – Wahoo! – All right, time for round two. Keira, what’s in the box? (dubstep music) – Reversible sequins, it must me a Shimmeez! – And that’s two points for Keira. – I know a Shimmeez anywhere. – Great job! Let’s see if Ethan does as well. What’s in the box? (mellow dubstep music) – Hmmm, it feels like a soda can. Oh, it opens. Oh, it’s slimy. Ya, definitely slimy. I’m getting a scent of orange. It must be orange soda slime. – You’re right Ethan! You two are currently
tied with two points each and it’s time to move
onto the third round. (spring) – We did it Addy they’re all colored! – And I’d say they look
absolutely fabulous. – Which one is your favorite? – Probably this one. I think the bow on her head is so cute! What’s your favorite? – It’s a tough call, but I’d probably pick this one. I just love Koalas. – Ya, that one turned out super cute. – Well, what should we do now? Go see if Lucy’s still
interviewing assistant. – Well, you know how we decided
that our surprise toy would come with putty and putty cutters? – Ya, so people could cut out fun shapes for their baby animals. – Well, why don’t we
start mixing up the putty and selecting the colors? – Great Idea! (spring) – All right, since you two seem to know your toys pretty well, I’m stepping up the difficulty
level for our final round. Keira, what’s in the box? (techno music) – Okay, okay, um. Oh, it opens! It feels so familiar! What is it? – I need a guess Keira. – Okay, um. Oh ya, Cotton Candy Cutie! That’s it for sure. – Incredible! That’s three points for Keira. Ethan it’s gonna be your turn next. If you get this correct we’ll
move onto a tie breaker. If you get it incorrect
the job is Keira’s. – Okay, I’m feeling the pressure. (upbeat techno music) – What’s in the box? (upbeat techno music) – Um, um, okay, I feel beads of some sort. It kinda feels like a bracelet. (upbeat techno music) – Jeez! What could this be?! – You’re running out of time Ethan. – Okay, um, um. – I need an answer now Ethan. (spring) – [Maya] Just about finished. – And this batch is complete. – Okay, let’s check out the
colors we have now Addy. – Well, we have two shades of pink, two shades of purple, a blue, and a white. – They all look spectacular, but which one should
we use in our toy line. – Well, it is our toy line isn’t it? – Ya. – So we make the rules right? – Of course! – Then let’s use all 6! – I like that idea. Then it will be more of a surprise anyway. – Exactly, kids will never know what color they’re gonna get. – Now let’s start working
on the putty cutters. – Fantastic idea! (spring) – Ethan I really need an answer. – I don’t know, maybe a super cool bracelet thingy? – I’m afraid it’s a Twisty Pet Ethan. – Aww, bummer. – Keira, that means you are
the newest member of the XOXO toy company. – Yes! It’s gonna be such an honor to work here. I won’t let you down, I promise. (spring) – The putty cutters and
the bracelets look great. – And so do all of the
sketches and our putty! – Addy and Maya, I’d like to introduce you
two to our newest assistant Keira Carmichael. – Nice to meet you!
– Nice to meet you! – O-M-G I didn’t know I was
gonna work with you two! I’m a huge fan of Tic Tac Toy. – Well perfect, cause we’re gonna need your help with creating our own line of toys. – This is such a dream job. – Wow! It looks like you two have
been quite productive! These look amazing girls. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Now that these colored sketches
are complete the next step is to create the prototypes. – Proto what? – Prototypes. We’ll turn these 2
dimensional sketches into 3 dimensional figures. – So exciting! – Keira can you pop over to the next room and get our 3D printer up and running? – No problem! – Thanks Keira. Okay girls, it’s time
for some major decisions. (spring) (phone rings) – Tell me you have some
good news Miscreant 432. What do you mean our
spy didn’t get the job? Do you realize I could
have asked any of our other 600 miscreants and they probably would
have done better than you. (nails clicking) Well you better find a way to
get me those colored sketches. I need those toys for
my personal collection. (spring) – So what decisions do
we have to make boss? – Well we need to talk
scale and materials. What size are you picturing
these adorable figures to be? – I feel like a lot of
collectable surprise toys are really small. Maybe even a bit too small. – We don’t want them to be too big or else your collection
would take up too much space. – True, I think they should
fit in the palm of your hand. – I like that idea, so maybe a couple inches tall. Let me make some notes here. – Ya, that sounds like the perfect size. – And what about materials? – I’m thinking plastic, so it will be nice and durable. – Ya, but maybe we can
make the wings softer. – Ooo, great idea Maya. Love it. – I’m sorry to interrupt. – Yes Keira? – But the 3D printer
doesn’t seem to be working. – Oh no, that seems to be
happening a lot lately. Well there’s a 3D printer
just down the road, would you mind dropping
of these sketches for us? – No problem, happy to help! – Perfect, I’ll put these
all in the portfolio and attach the notes too. Now the important thing
here is that no one, and I mean no one, sees these sketches. – I’ll take great care of them. You have nothing to worry about. – Perfect! All the sketches are inside, notes are attached, the address is on the envelope, thank you very much! – You know what I have another idea boss. – What is it? – What if we add baby animals that you can actually cuddle with? – That’s not a bad idea Maya! Do you think we can
actually make some into stuffed animals Lucy? – Ya, that you could cuddle at bedtime! – You know what?! It’s your toy line, let’s do it! – So excited! Let’s make them medium
sized and so so soft. – And with big wings that can swap from one stuffed animal to another. – And they should come
with accessories too! – Love it! Love it all girls! This toy land just keeps getting better and better by the moment! (spring) – Is that a lemonade stand?! (summery music) Oh, it’s you. Sorry about the job. – That’s okay, I’m a lemonade stand boss. – Cool. I’ll take a glass of lemonade please. (velcrow ripping) (camera shutter) Mmmm, great lemonade. – Thanks, it’s my Grandma’s recipe. (dramatic drum music) – Well I better get going. I got a lot of work to do. – Thanks for coming. – Oh goodness I almost forgot about these! That could have been terrible. (spring) – Hello Tic Tac Toy fans! We need your help again! – We’ve had so much fun
creating our very own toy line. – But now we need your help naming our favorite little friends. – Ya, this little collectable
is my favorite one. What do you think we should name it? Go ahead and take a poll right now. – I need help naming my
baby animal friend too. What do you think its name should be? Go ahead and vote now. And we need your help coming up with a super cool name for our entire toy line. We have a few ideas, which
one is your favorite? Go ahead and vote now! – We’re counting on you guys to help us. – Oh, and don’t forget, that sneaky toy vandal can
not know what we’re up to. – Exactly! Shhhh, this is top secret. (clicking) (glittery chimes)

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