Worst Mugshot Ever? Face Tattoo Fail

Worst Mugshot Ever? Face Tattoo Fail

uh… so adam roberts has a crazy taxi
and he’s a twenty four-year-old in southern illinois and if you wanted to
get us call tattooed on his head or on his face uh… antes pollen scary is
something that never come across you can see right then i don’t think so um… i
think it looks like he’s from usable caps marie it does kind of looks like that now that
i think the serum stands clownish to me i wouldn’t be scared by uh… what billy
you when you stand by and really note that you one big problem in the
house lots of love forty too the cat medicine i had no idea you robbed the
two percent slippers too no fake it’s sort of thing finance and and another consultant anyway money on uh… seldom reason why use in the news
today is not being as it is that too uh… she have burglarized twenty-eight
storage lockers and that’s the excuse that reusing just to show you pictures
of him with this crazy tactical uh… so yes it’s about fourteen months of for but not the intended soon pretty much an
unfortunate like for matter when he’s like forty the mood to you go to school sludge
tentative maybe we need to increase the taxiways two twenty one think about it by although i don’t know
when you got a setting is twenty four so you get it threatening that stuff really it’s uh… for one we might have been out looking to be too
and this was the end of the are like prints and you know uh… commandments intrusive but river
five-year pragmatic padma disco or deleted don’t associate that decision it’s people like

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  1. not really, just a slight change in shape, and different pigmentation/type in hair. Although hair always seems to be what makes the greatest noticed difference. They can still breed with one another and the child becomes a breed combined with the breed of both parents. Same as humans, each of our breeds are fairly different, each ones facial structure is different, the skin tones, and hair. look at Asian faces and you can se they have a flatter face ( kinda like shorter snout for dogs) and esc..

  2. The guy with the face tattoo should apply to "The Lion King" Broadway play. As for the guy in the black and white picture, he should don a black hooded robe and declare himself as Skeletor, or the Grim Reaper, whatever floats his boat.

  3. No, it shows I was interested in what you had to say. And the fact you've been responding so strongly shows you do give a fuck. You can 'know' pop-culture/america all you want. They are only getting more popular. That's always been the trend.

  4. That guy is most likely saying minorities and illegal aliens are taking all the jobs, reason why he cant find work other than professional dumb ass

  5. well the first guy is a fucking idiot and the second….well the second scared the shit out of me i think it wasnt real

  6. oh wow… that tattoo… it looks like something you'd see on a 8 year old's face at a carnival… face painting…. and now I can't stop giggling

  7. Well have fun jumping from fad to fad you pop culture junky. Some people aren't cut out for permanently marking their bodies. A mixture of commitment issues and horrible taste has made realize that you aren't competent enough to make decisions about permanently marking your body. I can only imagine how sad it must be to have lived on this planet for half a century without being able to find anything out there you would wear on your skin to the grave. Tattooing is an ancient practice not a fad.

  8. I actually think that guy's tattoos look cool (the skeleton guy). Would I do that? No. Would I advise anyone to do that to themselves? No. But I like it, it looks cool.The world would be a boring place without crazy people lol.

  9. you wish that was the case, businesses care about who represents there company a great bit and most companies do not want someone with such tattoos of there face working for there company.

  10. Actually that second picture of the guy with actual skeleton tattoos is doing pretty well. His name is Rick Genest and he's a professional model. He was also in a popular Lady Gaga music video.

  11. oh i dont care who i marry. unlike you, i dont care about skin color, if i have feelings for someone and that someone have the same feeling back, I'd go for her. Now, how is it your business to mind about what others should do with their own body? if they wanted a different colored race for partner and decides to have their babies, they CLEARLY think that being in love with their partner, regardless of color, outweighs the importance of satisfying people of your group.

  12. That full-bodied tattooed guy you showed is pretty much the face of this really good concealor and make-up line XD There's a video I saw on youtube with them putting it on him in reverse, it's awesome.

  13. A drunken or drug induced decision that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. The fool!

  14. I mean come on the second guy is obviously shockingly "overdone" on purpose. But in my opinion it's beautiful art, and plus you wouldn't catch that guy dead trying to apply at a McDonalds or whatever. He gets hired for modeling jobs all the time.

  15. the second guy looks cool, he just landed a big film role & does adds & modeling, the first guy went to a tattooist that can't draw & looks a complete twat.

  16. Actually the other guy at 1:32 is called Zombie Boy. Real name is Rick Genest and he's now a model because of his tattoos.

  17. Do you realise the second person you show,  "Zombie Boy" is actually a model?
    So,yes you can have a job & be tattooed,admittedly the mugshot / skull tattoo is terrible,but, I wouldn't be judging anyone with tattoos, it's their choice at the end of the day, it doesn't directly affect you,so why be bothered by it?

  18. the other guy with the tattoos (not the mugshot) got them cuz he found out he had cancer and had only a few months to live, so he figured, "fuck it". And now he's actually famous, and does modelling

  19. If I was hiring people I wouldn't give a shit if they have visible tattoos… but this guy, unfortunately for him he now has a criminal record and who would hire that?

  20. Ha ha ha ha I love his tatoo body on 1:37 ha ha ha now this man is ready for the zombie apocalypse for sure ha ha ha lol.

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