Women Try Swimsuits From The Cheapest Online Clothing Stores

Women Try Swimsuits From The Cheapest Online Clothing Stores

[Music] hi I’m Sarah I my name is Jana hey I’m destiny hi I’m Lara and we tried on swimsuits from the Internet’s cheapest stores I kept seeing certain brands I’ve never heard of pop up on my Instagram feed as sponsored ads I got curious and I clicked on the link and I noticed that these certain websites were selling cute fashionable InStyle swimsuits for like $10 so it made me think how in the world are these bathing suits that inexpensive maybe we should test this out I am nervous but hopeful I think for this experiment the ones I tried on from mod Lily I will say honestly were probably my favorite which I was not expecting at all because when I was shopping on the site it was really frustrating that a lot of the plus-size versions were one pieces or things that were a little more modest and I was like no I want to be exposed and so when I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised sure can we talk about the shirts you loved in all places so all black one was also one of my favorite looks it had like this really awesome crisscross front the only issue I had with that swimsuit was that I am a thick girl on the bottom but when you come up to the top not as plus size as they would have liked me to be I enjoy my boobs I like showing them off the first one I tried on was a one-piece it looked promising but once I put it on it just wasn’t flattering so I thought on my body it was very high cut I just felt like I was kind of wearing like a turtleneck even though I clearly wasn’t I was obviously a swimsuit I just didn’t like it the second swimsuit I tried on from mod Lily was this bikini situation it was kind of confusing it really wasn’t that easy and I just probably made it more confusing but it was like a wrap top and at first I couldn’t figure out how to get it tied to like a lot of moving pieces I just prefer like higher waisted bottoms and these sat like very low on my way on anyone else we do we got it that’s me with you but it’s just sad the first one the mesh one I really liked the only thing was that it had a little bit of like extra room in the boob area but other than that I really liked it I thought it fit well the other one felt like a trash bag honestly it’s like a little too loose even though it was a small the second swimsuit had this class and it would just like keep falling off I wouldn’t even be moving and it would just fall off this striped bathing suit was the very first time suit I tried on and I was surprised it fit properly and so did the one-piece it fit as well the one that I liked the most from that site was the orange make skin one I love the cutout of it it’s very trendy for right now once the paint is the size was it’s way too small for me and I felt like a snake for squeezing me into the suit my only real gripe sighs aside is that you can see where you’re supposed to like slide the cup in Kim K I’m laughing all this the pink and green one I’m so mad about as I put the swimsuit on I was like I don’t even want to go out unless like I don’t want anybody to see this all my body the bikini part of it was so small I had to like walk in with like holding my cracks nobody would see it I felt like I was spilling from every possible place to spill from that swimsuit was truly stressing me out the red snakeskin I love this swimsuit it’s just like I would be very worried about wearing it to a public beach but I took it to my birthday weekend and had a private pool I had 27 knit flips but I didn’t care because it was a cute swimsuit so like not something that I would wear in public but perfect for a getaway with my friends the top is like a medium or a large this is not a medium or a large top okay so they’re gonna need to work on their sizing I could get it to cover more of my breasts than I would feel more comfortable waiting at Publix I think the bottom like its showy but it doesn’t make me as uncomfortable as the top the next time suit was like this lime I don’t even know if it’s lime green it’s like lime green but also yellow ball so like a highlighter to a public beach I would maybe feel like I shouldn’t be wearing this like my nipples may or may not come out at any time I think if I just had like a bigger size it would be a great one soo I wasn’t like mad about the swimsuit I just think it didn’t fit me which is weird considering that I ordered a medium and I generally wear a small there sizing is trash but it was a keep some sale the cactus one I really like because I like cacti it’s a reversible swimsuit so you can like customize it however you like I did get really confused about how to tie the swimsuit I actually wore it to Palm Springs and I figured out a way to like make it look a little bit cuter I’d tied the two strings together so that it was like more of like a halter and then I tied the other two strings behind my back and I think it worked and I felt very supported so the Marvel swimsuit the bottoms were good but the top was just too loose like I did not feel supported so I have wouldn’t wear it again I would wear the bottoms again if I had another top to go with it but I wouldn’t wear the top again I liked offals options in theory they were really cute swimsuits they had a ton of different designs and colors and styles but for how they fit the lemon one was just a little bit too snun for me I was able to put it on but it just felt sort of too tight and the blue one just felt a little bit too loose and it was kind of saggy and like the butt area so I would be afraid to go swimming in it so I haven’t if I was just lounging out by a 4bh I think this is sort of like a basic swimsuit that wouldn’t your tan lines or anything so I’m not super mad at it I just wish the bottom spit a little bit better [Music] I’ve always liked well had this dream of being a pin-up girl one day and so I got to live that business bathing suit I had the opposite problem for this one we’re like the cups from the boobs are too small and then they sat like half a belly button I liked the fact that they realized I might have small boobs what then there was the one I put on her all okay I didn’t know this I just wouldn’t bear to host like yeah it’s a halter top because it looks like a halter top and then I kidding out there I was like y’all the size of this doesn’t fit right like am I supposed to have a spare boob maybe this is where you put a phone apparently I was just supposed to cross it I mean with these things right you order it it takes time to ship and then it gets to you so I didn’t have a reference of what I was supposed to look like which probably would have been helpful that was over here Goody’s now that I know I can try it on again and give it an accurate review I first tried on a bikini that was like glue I don’t really know how else to describe it it’s just a blue bikini kind of skimpy but less skimpy from the red snakeskin and the other non one again the sizing wasn’t super great I think I ordered a medium it was very small barely covered my body even though like I feel very exposed it also feels like a it’s better I don’t feel like I mean it was just like pop out unexpectedly even though a lot is showing overall it feels like it fits better although the bottom is definitely more exposed to I thought would be like a whole song and I don’t think it’s to pee the second swimsuit I tried on from Rose gaol was a no-go when I saw the picture online it didn’t really seem like there was like a hole in the top it’s not a hole it’s like you’re supposed to tie it’s just cute whatever but when I put it on like it was kind of gaping it wasn’t cute first of all it would be weird for tan lines the second of all the bottoms we’re basically see-through when I put them on and I wasn’t in water so I can only imagine what would happen as soon as they got wet roads gal I wore a floral two-piece and a black one piece with like mesh cutouts on the side and I really liked those too blueberry is interesting because it like is so stiff but I kind of like it because it I know that they’re supported so that’s good the black one piece I actually wore on my Palm Springs trip and I really like that because I feel like it still sucks me in and I still feel good with it and it’s just a really nice time soup I really like I really liked the leaf print one piece I thought it was really cute and I’ve actually gone swimming in it since I’ve tried it on and it fits well and it’s sturdy the material for the Rose girl feels fine it doesn’t feel like achieve or anything so yeah overall I would say it’s pretty decent for what you paying for the other swimsuit I tried on was the two-piece maroon one and at first I was really struggling with how to put on the maroon top and I accidentally put it on incorrectly the first time and I was like very confused because I felt like my boobs were about to fall out and then I looked at the picture to reference what it was supposed to look like I think enough to redo it around my neck and I had tied this around so once I put it on the correct way I thought it was really cute I liked the top a lot I liked how it fit like this area but the bottom weren’t the greatest and my opinion I guess this seam or whatever you call it is like flipped it’s on this side it’s correct but this side adjusts like and sticks out otherwise I like it now that I’m wearing [Music] here’s my thing with online shopping I do not like it for the simple fact that one brand can say this is a 1 X and another brand can say that’s actually a 3 X and that was the issue I ran into one here the sizing was very weird I’m a d-cup but I would I wear like a for enhance so sometimes I feel like I needed a smaller bottom a larger top that’s not an option so you neither had to get like both mediums both larges both smalls some of them I didn’t feel too hot about but some of them I felt really good in it was kind of confusing on how to put some of them on if you were like me and ordered them and then like a week or two had gone by and you hadn’t seen the reference picture in a while I will say with all of the swimsuits that I tried none of the material to me felt cheap you can get cute trendy swimsuits for cheap if you want if you’re going to like just a weekend or you’re like just going on vacation or something I’d say it’s a gamble to try and find the those gems of swimsuits at these cheap internet stores I knew the pink and green set I was like where we’re playing with fire here destiny the actual fabric it was made up was great it was incredible it just did not fit me if they had more sizes than sure but that’s something you’re going to take into account when you’re buying your suits hopefully in the end I think these websites and these swimsuits are a good choice if you’re on a budget or you’re not looking to spend a lot of money at the same time you do get what you pay for so just be aware of that thank you so much for watching us for beauty swimsuits if you want to read more or look at more pictures you can check out the link in the description below [Music]

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