Women Try Scented Tattoos

– One time I passed out
getting a henna tattoo which is just someone
like painting on you. (upbeat electronic music) – I think tattoos are a great
way to express yourself. – I might even be a little
bit addicted to them. – I have four and I wanna get more. – It looks cool and I want one, but also I don’t know what to get. – I honestly think people overthink them. It’s no big deal. – I do probably want one, but I really don’t like unnecessary pain. – Well, I was always that
kid that would buy the gum with the stick-on or wipe-on
tattoos and throw the gum away. – I’ll mess with some temporary tattoos. Less commitment and it doesn’t hurt. – Scented temporary tattoos? I don’t know! I think that reminds me of like the ’90s. – Something that I’ve never
heard of, I’m kind of nervous. – Aw, you know, whatever floats your boat. I’m excited. Hopefully they don’t smell bad. – I’ll be surprised if they work. – If a tattoo can look
good and smell good, that’s like double, both good. – Double the fun.
– Double the fun. – Ooh! These are pretty. I even like the colors. – They’re not bad for temporary ones. – [YB] These are pretty,
they’re really nice drawings. – Ooh! These are actually really neat. – I’m gonna go for candy tattoos, because it’s the opposite
of everything I have. These are like cartoons, not tattoos. – Holy shit. These really smell like flowers. – This one kinda smells like
really, really good Febreze. – It smells like a luxurious
Anthropologie candle. – Oh my God, that’s so cool! It smells kinda like mint,
but like a flowery mint. – It smells like really cheap perfume you wear as a 13-year-old
that you think is super cool. – I thought I would be reminded of like a chicken in the pan cooking
with like a bunch of potatoes, but it actually just
smells like very natural and really nice. – It’s not something that
I would want on my body. – It smells like the garden
section of a hardware store. – Once it’s on me, is
it going to smell, too? – Maybe it’s gonna be like
when you put on a perfume, and at first it smells really good, but after like a few hours it goes away. – I really wanna get this
right, so I’m gonna ask my best friend Nick Ray from
Australia to put it on for me. – I hope this works. – Oh, God, it’s hard to smooth it down. (squealing nervously) (groaning) – Ooh, it came out pretty good. – [Jazz] Ooh! – [Nyla] Oh. – [YB] I love it. – I kinda wish it wrapped
a little bit more around, but you know. – It literally smells
like you just walked past like a huge wall of flowers. – It still smells like Febreze. – It doesn’t smell as strong
as it did on the paper. It smells a lot less fragrant. – As it dries more, the smell intensifies. – I am a candy fiend, so, if I’m gonna smell like
muted candy all day, it’s really not the worst
experience of my life. – Do I smell any different? – It smells like markers that
little kids have, you know? That are like fruity. I don’t know what the point of a scratch-and-sniff tattoo is.
– That’s what I said. – That’s smells good! I mean you have to get your nose in there. – Oh my God! This would be such a good
replacement for perfume. – It’s lavender, right? – No.
– What? – No.
– Okay. It’s a very generic flower smell. Who’s smelling your arm?
– Yeah, that’s what I thought. – Are you just shoving your
arm in to people’s noses? – I don’t know if they like
smell exactly like the herb or whatever it is.
– Uh huh. – But, they smell good. – Mm.
– You don’t smell anything? – Not really.
– It was originally scented. I think it’s maybe worn off. – I just smell skin. – Towards the end of the day,
it seemed like, you can’t, (sniffs) doesn’t smell like anything anymore. But yeah, the tattoo
itself is really neat. It’s held up pretty well. – Before I was kind of like, “I don’t know about temporary tattoos,” but these smell and they look beautiful. I would wear these again. – I personally care more about the design than the fact that it’s scented. – I love these. It just reminded me how
much I like doing these. Just ‘cuz it’s like so pretty, and I feel like I have a
tattoo, but it’s not permanent. Plus one, because it smells good! – These in particular are
very playful and childish, so it’s kinda making me
feel like a bit of a kid.

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