Women Get Their Eyebrows Tattooed

Women Get Their Eyebrows Tattooed

– [Voiceover] It doesn’t
even look like a tattoo, it just looks like I’ve done
my eyebrows really well. (laughs) (whooshing) (hinge creaking) (xylophone music) – [Atena] How are you going? – Hi, good, thank you. – Excited? – Kind of. – It’s brow time. You’re not new to tattoos,
so I guess this is not gonna be that different,
it’s very similar. – So what’s the actual procedure today? – So what we’ll do is
we’ll first numb you, that takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and then we’ll clean them up, measure your brows in where they should be and then we’ll discuss shape and color. And once we’ve decided, they go on. – I’m pretty excited, a
bit nervous about the pain. – Don’t worry about the
pain, we’ll be good. – I think it’s pretty straightforward. I’m down, let’s do this. – [Atena] You’re down, let’s do this. – I’m excited. – Let’s get those brows on then. (laughter) So, what was the lead up
to coming in and seeing me? – [Voiceover] I’m really
bad at makeup and lazy. I’d like to just wake up
and have good eyebrows, that would be nice. – [Atena] Perfect, and
that’s why I’m here. – [Voiceover] I find my brows are, like, very blonde and so in certain lights they look invisible. – [Atena] We want to frame your face and frame those beautiful eyes. – So I just hit up Instagram
for some inspiration. – [Atena] For browsperation. – Yes. So I’m really digging this shape. – Okay, let’s do this. You trust me? – Yeah, I do. – [Atena] Glad. Okay, so I’m just gonna
do some markings for you. That’s just gonna give us some idea of where your eye ratios start and end. And with will go from there. We’re making sure that the eyebrows start where they should start
as well as their balanced. So this is the color
that we’re going to use. It’s gonna be quite dark initially and then it will basically soften. – [Voiceover] Awesome. – [Atena] We’re good? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Atena] Awesome. So you ready? We’re gonna start. (up tempo classical music) How was that for you? – Pretty good. – [Voiceover] It sort
of feels like sunburn. Like scratching sunburn and
then scratching it again. – [Voiceover] It’s not as
painful as an actual tattoo. – [Atena] Okay, we’re done. Okay, you ready? I’m gonna get you open your eyes. – Oh, wow, that looks sick. (laughter) – [Atena] They’re there. – [Voiceover] Thank you. – [Atena] You’re very welcome. – [Voiceover] They look so good. – [Atena] Take a look. – Oh my god, oh my god. – [Atena] Open up. – Ooh. – [Voiceover] It looks so defined which is something that I struggle with. – [Voiceover] They just
look so much better than I could have ever
hoped for them to look. – [Voiceover] Thank you so much
Atena, I’m so happy with it and I’m glad that I’m on your level now. (laughter) – [Voiceover] I also thought
that it would be like, really red and raw and stuff and it’s not. – [Atena] Can you tell what we’ve done? Like can you actually tell the difference? – [Voiceover] Yeah, they look so much more filled in than they used to. – [Atena] Yeah, exactly. – [Voiceover] I didn’t
really have much eyebrow on the sides and it looks so good. I’m feelin’ like Jada Pinkett
Smith I think, for sure. Like a strong, independent woman. It’s really natural looking, I love it. Thank you so much. (upbeat music) (whooshing) (hinge creaking)

98 thoughts on “Women Get Their Eyebrows Tattooed

  1. I am a licensed tattoo artist and this is what I do. I really want to get it done, but I'm nervous because so many people out there doing it for a living are terrible at it. I want someone like this to do mine!

  2. get a serious consultation before doing this! think about it for a while! come in knowing the style you like! my left eyebrow has a higher arch than my right and when i complained to my beautician she said

    my face is what's uneven not my brows


  3. They should not use women like the Indian, she has a terrible aspect, if that is the model I can not imagine the disaster that should be that place

  4. imagine what these women will look like when they get older and thier face shape changes little by little and then have eyebrows that dont match thier face shape

  5. Tbh I don't know why people hate their un-full eyebrows they look cute and real. Idk why people want really sharp square eyebrows that look fake!!!!

  6. Beautiful brows. And, it’s Jada Pinkett-SMITH…Mrs. Smith if you nasty!!!! 😂 she’s a strong woman —married to Actor Will Smith.

  7. Is this for someone that has very thin eyebrows like myself. You have to literally squint to see that I have eyebrows. How much does this procedure cost? Or would I be better off getting my eyebrows tattooed on

  8. I had two female friends that got this procedure done down in Brazil…. Now my 2 females friends look like "Drag Queens"… 🙁

    One must be very very sure on who and where they get the process done….. Or it could be a "YIKES!"

  9. having blonde eyebrows that look basically invisible/like I have no eyebrows, this would be a dream come true

  10. My brows are so bright that you can’t even see them you can only barely see them in the summer when I get natural blonde highlights.

  11. this is micro-blading. Tattooing isn't individual hair strands – for anyone out there who's considering it, I got it done for when I was travelling. You're meant to go for a top-up a little while after scabbing process has completed and they've settled- it's definitely worth it just make sure you speak to salons first xx

  12. The third girl had the most beautiful natural brows before she got tattooed. I get why it's an enhancement for some people but hers were already perfect. I hope this doesn't last forever for her sake. 🙁

  13. But what's scary is that tattoo is obviously permanent and eyebrow styles keep on changing like once thin brows were a thing and now it's all about thick ones so what if trend changes (which I mean it ofc will)

  14. Well done🌸

    How often does one hv to re-tattoo?

    Hv a friend who wants it done
    He has thinning eyebrows with gray hairs,
    when he plucks them out, not much brow left.. any info I can share with him?
    and how to maintain the tattoo brows from graying? Ty ☺️

  15. Not one of these ladies needed this procedure , why oh why won’t they show ladies with little to no brows ( like me ) getting microblading 🤷‍♀️❗️

  16. Finally … a new thing to make young woman feel guilty… and spend some money. What are they going to do when fashion goes back to a fine line like 1985?

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