Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

(laughing) – So today we are answering
the most Googled questions about women. – Women. – I’m hoping most of them are
about women and for women. – Are they gonna be mean? They’re like, “Why are
women such bitches?” – I have a feeling there’s
going to be some try-ery. It’s only natural. – I think we’re gonna get a
lot of biological question. – Why do women go to the
bathroom with each other? – Why do women look so
freaking good all the time? – I don’t have a lot of high hopes. (upbeat music) – Oh. – We’re gonna be here for a while. – I find it fun. It’s like a fun little
thing you get to do when you go out. – It makes me look less dead. I would be a walking corpse
if I didn’t wear red lipstick. – It brings out our features
and it makes us into boss as bitches. – It feels very therapeutic,
it’s also artist. Like like at her shades right
now, she’s killing the game, it tells me a lot about her aesthetic. – Wearing your natural
face without any makeup, I think it’s seen as beautiful
more now but a few years ago it was kind of like
you have to wear makeup. – Historically men wore makeup. Powdered wigs and powdered
faces and high heels. The drag was on point. (upbeat music) – I’m gonna have to go with
the patriarchy on this one. – It just depends on what
I did for Thanksgiving. – Women’s clothes are not so tight. Some women’s clothes are tight. – There’s two different
answers, there’s why are clothes made this way for women and
then there’s why do women wear these clothes. They wear the clothes because
that’s what’s offered. – To celebrate our curves
and to celebrate the natural aesthetic that the female body is. Also it’s fuckin’ sexy. – Some women like to show off
their bodies ’cause that’s their prerogative and
their bodies are beautiful. – Why are your shorts so long? (upbeat music) – That is a good fucking question. – I don’t fucking know, I don’t know. – We’ve created a market
of women feeling powerful through their beauty so you
can charge more for women’s products. – The shorter it is the
easier it is to mess up. So I feel like men’s
haircuts should be insane. – I think it’s a way to
trap women into spending more money. – It’s a racket. – I don’t wear thongs.
– I don’t either. – Women wear thongs
’cause the early 2000s and Paris Hilton and shit. – So there’s no lines. – Yeah, no underwear lines. – They’ll know you’re wearing
underwear, God forbid. – I actually love thongs. – I hate thongs, I love grandma panties. – This is porn pre-game,
that’s what that question is. – Thongs are gross, they’re
floss for your butthole. – If you found a good comfy thong, great, but you don’t have to wear it. You’re gonna see a panty
line no matter what. If you don’t want to see
a panty line, go commando. – Women wear thongs because of Sisco. – I don’t know if the
teens know about that. – Hey google that Gen Z. (upbeat music) – Ooh. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think it’s up to each
woman to decide if she’s attracted to beards or not. – Yes it’s just a little
texture on my saddle, you know what I mean? – I personally don’t, but
I think they look good aesthetically. – If they have a long beard
they better not give a shit if I shaved. – Beards make my kitty
purr, like I’m not even gonna lie. – Even as a gay woman, I
like a man with a beard. But women do not like mustaches. – No. The key here is you need
the full thing, that’s hot. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Women have very different
preferences for how much muscle tone, both in men and women. – I’m not necessarily
into super big muscles, but again that’s my
preference and there’s nothing wrong with those. – I like my men thick, I’m
a thick woman and so I need to feel like I’m not gonna break you. – I just don’t always like the
mentality that’s associated with muscle men. – Who cares about the
muscles, just dress cute. – At the end of the day,
always work on what’s happening inside first. Because if you’re trying
to attract someone it does not matter how many muscles
you are if you’re a garbage human being. – That is so not true,
I’m sweating right now. – So on our floor there
used to be a lot more men sitting on it and they
would always be like, “It’s too hot,” and the
women would be like, “It’s too cold,” and I read
some study about how we interpret temperature differently. – The temperature is set with men in mind. – That’s just whatever your body is. There are dudes that get cold. – We all come from different climates, we have different heritages
and that probably has something to do with how
our bodies interact with cold and heat. – Our lipgloss is made of ice. It’s a government woman only
secret, but it’s true ice. – That’s science for you. (upbeat music) – You could ask that of
any person on this earth and the answer would be different. – A relationship is all
about balance and having someone that supports you
in everything that you do. – At the end of the day
we want to be satiated. – I want to be able to trust
you, I want to be my own individual, and I would like a dog. – You want somebody to
share yourself with. – Across the board everyone
just wants to be truly loved. – Truly loved and known, like, “I understand you as a person.” – If you’re interested in
someone, you should ask that girl what they’re looking
for in a relationship. – Ask her a questy-questy,
get to know her. (upbeat music) – To cum.
– next question. – Candy bars. I’m a sleep eater so sometimes
I wake up and I reach for something. – If I tell you this is
not going to satisfy me, don’t say, “Oh but I’m gonna
do it in a way that it will.” You’re gonna look foolish,
like you’re gonna look dumb. – You want good sex, but
after it’s over you want to feel like they still love you. – Try not to fall asleep immediately. – Try not to fall asleep too
quick, maybe give it like five minutes. – I think what women want in
bed is someone to appreciate their unique desires and
take to time to learn what those may be. – Just let us tell you what we want, we’re gonna let you know,
and then can you do it? – We’re coming to cut your
internet off, that’s it. – Women’s rights are human’s rights. – We’re people. – Stop it, stop asking this shit. – If we didn’t have women we
wouldn’t have a population. We offer a different
perspective that I think is really needed in our society right now. – Everyone just wants to
be loved and respected. – As someone who gets a lot of like, “What can we do to help black people?” I am kind of glad that
people are googling these questions, I guess, rather
than going up to women and being like, “Why
do you deserve rights?” – Equal rights across the board. Gender, sex, ethnicity,
orientation, any of that stuff doesn’t mean that it’s
taking away from anyone at the top. – Without your mother you
would not be here and she deserves every right
that your father, you, or your brother has. – Aw. – Thank you so much. – Thanks Google people. – What you trying to get from us? – They are, though. I always think that I
look around and I’m like, “Wow, this world is so lucky.” – Just makes your heart melt. – Is it because of our hair,
our makeup, our clothes, our personality, our
intelligence, our spirit? There’s so many things that
make each and every one of us beautiful. – I think that all women
are strong and that’s what makes them beautiful. – I’m surprised by these questions. They were deep. (soft music)

100 thoughts on “Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

  1. Why are women are beautiful? Because the feminist trait is better then the masculine looks. Many of what they said were not correct. That is why there is more lesbian than gay people. And why many more men would become a transgender women.

  2. Literally the dumbest argument in this whole video is that there would be no population without women like there wouldn't be a population without men to soooo

  3. “why are women always cold?”

    random person: “temperature is set with men in mind”

    western feminism at its finest people.

  4. 1:16 and im out, goodbye everyone, im gonna go puke now. its "patriarchy" if women's clothes are loose and modest, its "patriarchy" if they arent. your boogeyman doesnt mean anything.

  5. kuwilileni (i hope i spelled that right, i’m really sorry if i didn’t) is someone i want to meet and aspire to be.

  6. Um I’m not anti women

    But why do women complain that your not tall enough for them but sometimes get mad if somebody says “sorry I don’t like fat people”
    I know it can sound hurtful but so does being told your not tall enough

    Sorry for my grammar

  7. Is it just me or is no1 pointing out the obvious… how on earth can a lesbian answer general 'hetero' questions on behalf of 'hetero' women??

  8. “ Makeup brings out our features”
    As a man I even know it’s to hide your dead, white like expression as said seconds earlier

    (That’s a joke)

  9. Men just go in for a trim (mostly)
    Women usually wash there hears it takes longer to cut and get to the surten shape volume etc.

  10. I just thought they can answer it straight to the point and then briefly explain it.. I find their answer defensive and always saying this is their preference when its obvious that this video is to know their answer to the question

  11. I read somewhere that (most) women are always cold because estrogen thickens the blood, therefore the blood cannot travel to the extremities super fast.

  12. Women are really important and men are to but I just don’t like it when people disrespect women because they go through so much in there life and they deserve the right to do what they want to do and they all just deserve to be treated with respect

  13. I doubt "why are women's rights important" was an actual mostly googled question. I think it was to give the ladies a chance to say something about it and make the video more progressive, causing everyone to sound off in the comments.

  14. Your American. Right.
    What dose it take to
    Be seen as a American. No matter
    how long some one lived in this country
    Being born here .Still
    Not seen as a American. Really not
    matter if they became. President united states.
    Still by social media
    public opinion, Will go as far to say this man who is president now
    Really dont see people as American
    There are proof
    Men serve this country in combat
    A borther on arms
    Get deported.
    Google no help
    Brings up legal
    Take a oath paperwork. ..You pass those door. Your not American .
    You judge by not being white .
    Now if your white
    And a Democrat
    advocate or supporter of democracy.
    public opinion, social media.
    Sure seeing them less than a dog
    Blowing up social media Fire storm with
    public opinion.
    Do know it something
    Bad wrong like
    moral compass
    used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly
    Its as joke

  15. "Why are women so cold" don't avoid that question with "depends on body temperature" or "I'm sweating". If you plan on answering these questions then answer them. You can't even do anything right, buzzfeed.

  16. I wish I knew names but I want an asmr video from the girl with the purple headband… she is so calm and is so level headed

  17. 1:41 I bet many girls now would laugh if they saw a guy with short shorts. Plus I can think of another reason why they wear "long" shorts…

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