Woman Thinks Son Inherited Special Blood Condition From Man (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello, Jerome. This is the case of
Clary v. Asenato.
Thank you.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Clary, you are petitioning
the court for a paternity test to prove to the defendant that he is the father
of your son, Gage, who has multiple
medical needs. You say Mr. Asenato owes you
$15,000 in child support. And you demand he pays you,
what he owes. Yes, Your Honor. Now, Mr. Asenato,
you say there’s no reason to pay any money for a child
that you know is not yours. And claim to have
bombshell evidence to prove that
you’re not the father. You state that
when you returned home
you’ll go back to court to have the $15,000 you owe
erased from your record. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Mr. Asenato,
I have to ask you. You owe $15,000
in child support? ASENATO: Your Honor. No way that I owe $15,000
on a child that’s not mine. He signed
the birth certificate. She basically roped me into
signing a birth certificate for a child that
she told me was mine and has taken me
to court for child support. I’ve paid almost
$15,000 in child support. So you admit you do
owe the child support? Not on a child that’s
not mine. No, ma’am. But you said you signed
the birth certificate. ASENATO: I did sign
the birth certificate. She made me believe
that the child was mine by saying
she was only with me. You did sleep with her? I did, yes, ma’am. You thought you were
exclusively together, girlfriend,
boyfriend, committed. No, ma’am, she was
married at the time. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! Your Honor,
when we first met… …we both were married. When we both met
we were separated. I wasn’t with my husband
for a year and a half, whenever I conceived my son. ASENATO: Your Honor,
that’s not true. Take me back to that… CLARY: I was divorced… …let me understand
this relationship. …from my husband. When you met
you both were married. I was separated from my wife
and I moved into a townhouse which was next to
her and her husband. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And my husband and I were
going through issues
and were separating. Okay, so you all began
a sexual relationship… ASENATO: Yes, ma’am. …but both of your marriages
were not completely over at the time. Correct. Tell me about the first night
you all were intimate. How did
this relationship begin? We were hanging out next door,
and we were all friends. Hanging over there
shooting pool, drinking,
watching movies. Then everybody left,
except for me. One thing kinda
led to another,
he made a pass at me. CLARY: And… Correct. JUDGE LAKE: So you began
a sexual relationship. And how long did it continue
before you found out
you were pregnant? That was in 2007,
my son was born in 2011. Oh, four years! CLARY: Exactly. So you all were living
next-door to one
another for four years and… No, ma’am,
that’s when we first met. We lived together on and
off over the last eight years. When my son was born,
we were living together. She was not living with me. CLARY: Ah, yes I was. And I was also pregnant. When she got pregnant,
she moved in with me. When she got pregnant
because I wanted to
do the right thing. Well, she said that
when her son was born,
she was living with you. That was right.
That’s correct. Yes, ma’am. That is correct. Okay, so what you’re saying is
when her son was conceived, she was not living with you. No, ma’am, she was not. But I spent six out of… JUDGE LAKE:
So your point is… …seven days a week
at his house. …you don’t know, if she was sleeping with
someone else or not. I do know for a fact that
she was with somebody else. Oh, what do you know? I know Crystal. Crystal was married when
she came into my house
on the first night she slept with me. But you know, Your Honor. This other gentleman
he’s talking about, while we were not together
I was dating somebody else. And we split up two months
prior to me getting pregnant
with my son. That’s not true,
Your Honor. And then… I know for a fact that
on a specific night that she said that
she was going out
with this gentleman, I called her, Crystal never
answered the phone. Not a text, nothing.
All day, all night. Next day, I get a hold of her, “Crystal, where were you?” “Oh, I went out
to dinner with this guy “and I got sick
and I was in the hospital.” He knew I was seeing
somebody else, and what I done at that time
was none of his business ’cause we were not together. ASENATO: Your Honor,
we’ve never been together, it’s just basically a fling. CLARY: Really?
We got eight years together. CLARY: We lived together
multiple times. So wait,
let’s get to the birth. I want to get
to the birth. It was at the hospital. You say after she found
out she was pregnant, you wanted to
do the right thing. ASENATO: I did. You had her move in. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
When Gage was born,
you were living together. ASENATO: Yes, ma’am,
she moved into my house. So you were… Did you go to
doctor’s appointments? No, he did not, Your Honor. Did you support her
through this? Did you go to the hospital
when Gage was born? ASENATO: I did. He was at the hospital
when the baby was born. CLARY: My son was five weeks
premature, and seven-five. She there right there,
there’s a picture of him
with the baby. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Asenato, this is you! Yes, ma’am. In this picture right here,
you had no doubt that
this child was yours? No. You thought you were having
a child with your girlfriend that lived with you and you
all were gonna be a family. No, ma’am. Crystal got pregnant because
we were fooling around. I was doing the right thing. We were never
just fooling around. We were together. We were not gonna
have a relationship. I left a relationship
and a marriage also
for this man. On multiple occasions,
on and off for eight years. That is not true. JUDGE LAKE: So you believe
you’re paying child support
for a child that’s not yours. ASENATO: Absolutely. And you think that’s unfair. But you do realize
under the law that once
you sign a birth certificate, you are considered
the legal father. I do. And you are responsible
for child support. Yes, ma’am. And I have been responsible. CLARY: Thank you,
Your Honor. I have the payments
right here. Jerome, will you
please pass me
Mr. Asenato’s evidence. JUDGE LAKE: What is
this evidence pertaining to? This is all my payments
that I’ve made, except for the eight months
that I’d been out of work. ASENATO: Being that I had been
paying $1000 the first… First year I was at my job
working in the oil fields. CLARY: First four months. It was $1,026 a month
for one child. One child. I’m not an NBA player. CLARY: But you know,
I was paying… I’m not a movie star. I was paying $123 a week. I work in the oil field. Anyways, regardless of that, she’s always
making accusations that… Because he quit his job. …I’m a deadbeat. I don’t
pay my child support payments. He is a deadbeat.
He don’t pay, he just started
in the last six months. You can see
I’ve made all my payments… Because I got… …except for that
first eight months. I got back in court because he was not paying. He’s only denying our child
because of child support. JUDGE LAKE:
So at some point you filed
a petition in the court. I told him my son
needed diapers, he’s like, “You’re such a whore,
go work the street corner
for diapers.” So I turned around and
went filed child support. That’s when he started
denying my son. When did your doubt
set in and why? Gage had a lot of medical
problems when he was a baby. He had colic,
he had ear infections. He had multiple,
multiple problems. He had ear infections. CLARY: Two weeks
in the hospital, Mr. Asenato,
never once called. Never once showed up.
He called maybe
twice the two weeks. I have a 20-year-old son,
okay? My son’s never been sick. My son was born nine pounds
eight ounces, okay? This child was born
at six pounds. CLARY: My son… He didn’t look anything
like my other son. No, Your Honor, that’s a lie. My son has never been sick. My son was
five weeks premature… We don’t have any of these
sicknesses in my family… …at seven, five. …going back centuries. We don’t have any disease,
any sickness. But also the doctor… Any of that. The doctor also stated this
medical issue my son had… Mr. Asenato, I hate to say but
that evidence is irrelevant. My son has Thalassemia,
which is a medical condition
that comes from Italian. It’s a Mediterranean descent.
He is full-blooded Italian. CLARY: I’m Native American. Hold on, Ms. Clary, go back
and explain this to me. Your son has a medical
issue that he deals with
which is called… CLARY: Thalassemia. JUDGE LAKE: Thalassemia. And it’s an inherited… It’s a genetic blood disorder. And it comes from people
of Mediterranean descent. JUDGE LAKE: You brought
evidence to explain that? Jerome, please
hand that to me. Todd is full-blooded Italian. What evidence is this?
She prints it up off online? Really? Is that evidence? And this is what I have…
We’re fighting. JUDGE LAKE: Thalassemia. All of a sudden
my son is not his. When we’re getting along,
he loves his son. That’s his son. It’s when
we’re not getting along
or the child support. That’s the whole issue,
it’s child support. No… All right, let’s get some
order. Let’s get some order. This evidence says that
Thalassemia is an
inherited blood disorder. Which, um, basically the body
makes abnormal blood. But it’s most frequently
found in people of
Mediterranean descent… CLARY: Correct. …African Americans and
people of Asian origin. Now, Mr. Asenato,
you’re not African American. ASENATO: I am not. You’re not of Asian origin. I am not. But are you of
Mediterranean descent? I’m Italian. I don’t know…
I believe so, right. CLARY: Which is Mediterranean. So the answer would be yes? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: So this is
one of the main issues
that you feel like, you don’t understand why
he’s denying that Gage
could potentially be his. JUDGE LAKE: Are you of
Mediterranean descent? No, ma’am,
I’m Native American and Irish. But the gentleman that she was
with is of Mediterranean… No, the gentleman that
I was with two months prior to conceiving
my son is Hispanic. Hispanic. You just listed off
a series of medical issues that don’t preclude you from
being the biological father. I need to hear more
about your doubt. ASENATO: My doubt is
the child looks nothing
like me, at the time when
I had this doubt. This was last December. Your Honor, my son
looks just like me. ASENATO:
Last December, I took… I mean, last I checked
I was his mother. See, that’s my beautiful…
How can you not
love that baby? CLARY: (STAMMERING)
A friend of mine
sent me an app to try that shows you the comparison, of how much
Gage looked like Todd. ASENATO: Your Honor, I could
pull up apps online and
just send them to… I have it here. ASENATO: It doesn’t
mean anything. JUDGE LAKE: What is this app? CLARY:
You pull up the parents,
it does a comparison. And it shows
who he looks like. He has… So you submit photos. You put them in this app and
then the app will calculate
the percentage of likeness. Meaning this one determined
that Gage looks 68.3%… ASENATO: Of me. …like his father. CLARY: Yes, ma’am. ASENATO: And 31.7%… JUDGE LAKE: And
then 31.7% like you. ASENATO: Mmm-hmm. So I’m sure if I picked out
somebody from the audience, and sent that in
with her and Gage. Your Honor, he’s talkative. Very charming. It would be
the same percentage. He’s one of these types
that can con an alley cat
out of a tuna dinner. I mean, he’s very…
He’s very charming. He’s very, you know… He’s gonna make you believe
anything you want to believe. I loved you for
some stupid reason. Regardless, Your Honor,
this is what’s come
to the point of that. The only thing is our son
is the one that’s suffering. The only reason
I agreed to this, is because my son is four. Now he wants to do this
because of child support. My son does not deserve this. ASENATO: I don’t want to do
this because of child support. ASENATO: I want to do this… It’s all, but you
know he weighs… My son is four.
My son knows him,
that’s his daddy. And then now
he wants to do this. Gage knows him as his daddy. And this is really
upsetting to you because you feel
that it’s about money. Yes, Your Honor. And you don’t believe
it’s about Gage. CLARY: Yes,
Your Honor, exactly. And you believe Gage
is hurting because of this. CLARY: Exactly. Because in his mind
that’s his daddy. Exactly, that’s his daddy. So what is your relationship
like with Gage? Oh, I love him.
He’s my little man. I’d do anything for him. CLARY: Then why are we here? I’m here because
if that child gets sick, and he needs something. And an organ or
blood or whatever, I’m not his biological father. You are his biological father. His biological father needs to stand up. When he was first born
you said… He needs to know who
his biological father is. …he looks just like you. Then when he was
a couple weeks old… And if something
happens to him, and he needs something,
we need to know
where to go get that. And he tells me constantly,
“He’s not my son.” He has told him before. He is not my son. He is your son.
He is your biological son. Biologically, he’s not my son. He’s made comments
to Gage before… I have never said that
to that boy ever once. She’s the one that says it,
when she gets pissed. Yes, you have. No, I do not. He denies him
in front of me. She always says it. But let me ask you this
though, Mr. Asenato, and I understand, if you’re
not Gage’s biological father, I, of course, understand
why you would say you prefer not to be
paying child support
for a child that isn’t yours. But you do understand that
the care that you provide, the financial support you
provide is an important part
of his quality of life. And legally you’ve signed
his birth certificate. So on his birth certificate,
when he looks at the name, that’s you. CLARY: Exactly, Your Honor. But that’s… That should be up to me. That’s his daddy. It shouldn’t be
governed by her. It shouldn’t be
governed by the state. It was up to you.
You signed it. Voluntarily. JUDGE LAKE: What I want you
to ultimately understand, and this is
an important legal lesson. Not just for you,
but for men in general. When you sign
that birth certificate… When you sign it,
you are the legal father. You are responsible
for the child support. And it’s not as easy
as waking up and saying, “Oh, you know I signed
this birth certificate,
but now I have a doubt.” It’s not that easy.
And you’re living that now. And you understand that now. I do. So, Ms. Clary,
I have to ask you, I must ask you, respectfully, are there any other
possible fathers? No, Your Honor. Anybody? (STAMMERING) No, ma’am. Like I said, the guy
he keeps claiming
we were on a break-up. And I was with the guy,
I slept with him
one time protected two months prior to
my son being conceived. That’s the only person
I was with. And that was two months before
my son was conceived. I don’t sleep around. You’re the one
that I’ve been with. I have not been with
no one else still to this day. I’m still with you. I mean two nights ago
we were together. I mean, honestly? I’m not, I’m not denying that. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) But yet you still call me up
wanting to get together. And we weren’t in
a relationship, we had a kid. ‘Cause I ain’t got time
to meet anybody else. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) How’s that? Mr. Asenato, come on now! I’m just keeping it real,
Your Honor. I don’t go out to bars. JUDGE LAKE: Come on! I don’t go out on dates. I caught him
messing around, when I was pregnant. This is just convenient. Both of you! Both of you!
If you gonna keep it real,
let me keep it real. Everybody in this gallery,
including me and Jerome can see that you all have
some type of bond, chemistry, relationship, that’s not going
anywhere anytime soon. You will argue,
fuss and fight but somehow you still
end up together. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
What I’m most concerned
about is this little boy. I want him to know the truth. CLARY: That’s what
I’ve been telling him. I’m concerned that
he looks at you every day. You’re his dad. He calls you that,
he regards you as that. Yeah, mmm-hmm. You love him. Absolutely. And yet you run around
all the time with
doubt in your mind, and carrying a level
of anger and animosity
towards his mother, which isn’t healthy for him. I don’t let him see that. JUDGE LAKE: And you still
sleeping with her anyway. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So with that said, I think it’s time for us
to get to the truth in hopes that we can find
a healthy way to move forward. Jerome, may I have
the envelope, please? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Clary v. Asenato,
when it comes to
Gage Asenato, Mr. Asenato… In the case of
Clary v. Asenato,
when it comes to
Gage Asenato, Mr. Asenato… You… Are not his father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) CLARY: I did not sleep
with anyone else. I slept with somebody
two months prior. Ms. Clary, you had
me convinced. Your Honor, it was
two months before. JUDGE LAKE: We say
in this courtroom, plaintiffs lie, defendants lie, but the DNA… It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) But then I did not
sleep with anyone. It was two months before. Your Honor, that
doesn’t change anything
for me or that child. It needed to be put on paper. I love him to death,
I’d do anything
for that little boy. I’d give up everything. And he will always have
a father regardless who it is. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
for that, Mr. Asenato. Ms. Clary,
you have the opportunity
while he is still young, to figure this out for him, figure out who
his biological father is. Find him, take the test.
Let him know. Let him get involved. Mr. Asenato says
he’ll still be involved. And he’s young enough, that he can accept this. JUDGE LAKE: This court
has resources for you, that can help you get
through this process. We will offer those to you. We hope you take
advantage of them. Know that Mr. Asenato
has your back. And I do. And I wish you
the best of luck. JUDGE LAKE:

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