Woman Says Whenever Man is Unavailable, He is Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Says Whenever Man is Unavailable, He is Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Bryson v. McCarroll.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Bryson, you’ve dragged
the defendant, your ex-boyfriend
Mr. McCarroll
into court today because, although you admit
to having sex with more
than one man, you are here with proof that
Mr. McCarroll is the father of your 18-month-old
son Zylin McCarroll. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. McCarroll, you say that
because of Miss Bryson’s
admission you have no choice but to believe that
another man is Zylin’s
biological father. And after today’s DNA results
are revealed you demand that Zylin’s name be changed. Yes, Your Honor. Miss Bryson,
what is the nature
of your relationship? You separated? Yes, ma’am,
we’re currently separated. Are you working
to get it back on track? Where are you all at in this? We are not working
on getting anything
back on track. Because Mr. McCarroll,
he has whorish ways. McCARROLL: Wow. And he wants me
to be a whore like he is. And I’m just not
that type of person. Mr. McCarroll, you want her
to be a whore like you are? No, Your Honor.
I have no idea where
Miss Bryson gets that from. Are you just trying
to say he cheats on
you a lot? Yes. Every time
we are together, he cheats. I wanted us to get married.
Okay. And he doesn’t want
to do that. Yes. I tried that. Because he wants
to be a whore. I tried to structure
everything about my life
to make it where we would never have
to be here in this situation.
Where she would never have to worry about
who her baby’s dad was. And none of
that crazy stuff. He doesn’t never take
blame for anything
he does. So that we cannot be here
and have question marks
over these kids’ heads. And everywhere he goes,
he meets someone. And he always
sleeps with them. It’s not true.
It’s not true. What is true, Mr. McCarroll? I could see
all this coming and I tried to deter
or avoid her from
getting to this. How did you see
all of it coming?
And what is “it”? I could this,
uh, this situation where, uh, we got another beautiful
young black woman that don’t know
who her kid’s father is. That’s steady, uh… Oh, you are a savior now. I’m not a savior. No. I’m not a savior.
But I could have avoided
this situation. How could you
have avoided that? I could have avoided this
by working and going
to school. And try to make
a better way for her
and our kid. Hold on.
Why is it you were not
able to do that? Oh, my God!
I can’t talk to my mother
on the phone. I can’t read a book
without getting put out,
cursed out. BRYSON: Your Honor,
when he did find a job
while we were together, I was supposed
to bring his lunch
in for him. I called him,
he didn’t answer. And I know him.
Anytime he don’t
answer the phone, there is the woman involved. And sure enough. It was.
His friend, his best friend
still to this day… They cheat together.
They do everything. Never. They do everything together. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute. I want to go back
to the part where you said
you can’t even read a book. Yes… No, ma’am. I was
reading… I believe it was
a Rick James autobiography. As you can imagine,
that is a very
interesting book. I’ll bet it was. Yeah. She’s upstairs with the baby.
I’m downstairs,
I’m trying to read. With the baby crying
and what not. Hold on. Hold on.
Let him finish the story. BRYSON: Okay. I’m reading the book,
she comes downstairs huffing and puffing
I’ve been downstairs
too long and I’m too quiet. I’m… I’m reading a book.
What do you want
me to do, man? The reason I came downstairs,
I heard him on the phone
with a girl that he had currently
slept with. And we got into it about
that situation. How do you know
that was a girl
I currently slept with? BRYSON: I talked to her. He was telling her, “She
upstairs sleeping
with the baby.” “When I get a chance
to get out, I’m gonna come
over and we’re gonna…” Mmm-hmm. And he thought she… I don’t know where you… It’s always,
I’m stupid and dumb.
I don’t know nothing. Like he over here talking
now like I’m the bad guy? What was the nature
of the relationship? What was going
on in the relationship when you got pregnant
with Zylin? When I had got pregnant,
we were separated. He was with another lady. And every time he comes
over here, he doesn’t know
to keep his hands to himself. Even if I’m in a relationship,
he still does it. As soon as my friend
turns his back,
he touchin’ on me. And I would tell him,
“You don’t do that.” But when I’m separated,
I do loved him
with all my heart. Everything in me loves
him. I want all my kids
to be his. I can’t… So you were
with another man… Yes. I was. …in a relationship and then Mr. McCarroll came over
and touched you and then you got pregnant? That’s right. (STAMMERS) Thank you.
Takes two. Your Honor,
I braided his hair.
He came over. I asked the guy I was in
a relationship with, could I do his hair?
He said yes. He came over and
was flirting on me,
touching on me. Every time we speak
on the phone… I try and call and let him
talk to the kids. Every time we speak
on the phone… Every time? Really?
Every time? He always flirts.
I never ever cheated
on him. Ever. You just cheat on
other people with him. Yeah. Thank you. Get it right. This
is where she needs guidance. So, basically you are saying
he is the cheater. Yes. He tried to make me
look like the bad guy. Okay, I have in the past…
I had cheated on guys with him, ’cause like
I said, I love him. But when I got
pregnant with him, I was with someone
and I broke up with him. And I told the other guy
why I was breaking up with him because I didn’t want
to hurt his feelings. And I can see that
that really just upsets you. I wanted to have family
with him. I wanted to get
married with him. Like I said, I’ve been
with him since I was 18. I love him. Any man
I ever talked to know
that I love him. Okay, I wanted to have a son. I wanted him… He didn’t want
to give it to me. He didn’t
want to settle down. Okay, and I got it.
And no man gonna be
included in it ’cause I haven’t tried to get
in a relationship ’cause I
know I’m still hung over him. And I don’t want to hurt
anybody’s feeling. You say you wanted
to have a family.
I understand that desire. A baby is not
a consolation prize. It’s not oh, because
I didn’t get this man, I’ll just have this baby
and I’ll just be all right. That’s not how children should
be brought into this world. In your mind,
there is no doubt
around Zylin’s paternity. You think this doubt…
He is just making this up? He is. And I also have proof
of that, Your Honor. I would like
to see that proof. Jerome. You are handing up a calendar. Yes, ma’am.
That’s a conception calendar. BRYSON:Based on that
calendar, I conceived my son
on April the 28th.
JUDGE LAKE:In blue is
the date you were intimate
with Mr. McCarroll.
BRYSON: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And now, in pink, you have outlined the window
of conceptionthat you calculated.Yes, ma’am.JUDGE LAKE:How did you
get these dates?
Well… Where his day at?
Or his circle? I actually went online,
because when I found out
I was pregnant, I had currently went to the
doctor a week before I was
trying to have a son. I hadn’t had a child
in three years. And I was currently going
to the doctor. I took a test
at the doctor. And he told me
I wasn’t pregnant. So, he scheduled me
for an ultrasound
on my ovaries. The next week, I bought
one just because
and I was pregnant. And I bought four more.
And they also came out
positive. And during that
timeframe that I slept
with Mr. McCarroll, he was with a girl…
She was going to college
or whatever. And he came over while
she was at school
and slept with me while he told me
he doesn’t remember. I mean, I do remember,
that’s just many days. Now he remembers. I’m just said I
remember that time. JUDGE LAKE: So,
basically you took the date Zylin was born, which is
January 23rd? And you did
conception calculation.And you came up with this
window of conception.
Outlined in pink.
All right. Mr. McCarroll,
do you remember having sex with Miss Bryson
on the 28th? No, ma’am. We were having sex
around that time but not
on the 28th specifically. No. I can’t say this.
She might have been
with that guy. I have no idea. The truth is, you all were
separated at that time. You had another girlfriend
you were dealing with? Yes, Your Honor. Yes. Okay, Miss Bryson,
when were you intimate
with the other man? Well, we slept together April the 26th.
That’s the date
I split up with him. All right. So, April 26,
other guy. McCARROLL:But I’m
so bad, though.
Miss Bryson, that’s
just two days before
you said you slept with Mr. McCarroll.
I understand that.
Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Why are you
not including him
as a possible father? Well, I just don’t think
that he is. ‘Cause my son,
he looks like my daughter. And also I have another
six-week-old by him. And they look the same
when they were born. And that’s why I don’t think
the other guy is the father I think the total opposite. I think the new baby
and my daughter look exactly
look alike, but… Zylin does not look like me
or my other baby. Apparently, he don’t think
the new baby does either ’cause he also asked me
for a DNA test for that one. But I just want DNA test
for him too. Just to be sure. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry
to make you make that face. You know,
he probably remembers… I mean, who keeps having
babies with people who don’t
know if you the father, don’t know who the father. Your Honor, he didn’t
want to be with me.
Because I love him. And that’s my fault. What is your relationship
with Zylin right now? McCARROLL:I have been there
for… I cut the umbilical
cord, he got my name.
He in my house right now.
Me and him, she ain’t there.
I went and got him, talk about
I don’t never keep him. I have to do it all alone. Now I have four kids.
He gives me $30 probably
every blue moon. And that ain’t helpin’
takin’ care of no kids.
Okay? So, why did you keep having
him? You are 27 years old. Young and dumb.
And in love with
the wrong person. Like I said, I’ve known him
for 10 years. Your Honor, when I met her
she didn’t have nothing. I took her. She had never… JUDGE LAKE: And she still
doesn’t have anything
according to you. So, what does that
say about you?
And she got all your babies. Now stop over talking me.
Stop over talking me.
Stop over talking me. I want an answer to that. Because just
a few minutes ago, you said to me, “I could have
prevented all this. “I could have done this.
Didn’t have to be another
beautiful black woman “out here with baby.”
This nonsense
you are testifying to. What I want to understand
is you want to try and downgrade her
in this court room but she been
with you on and off having your children
for 10 years and her life has not
improved at all. I want an explanation. Is that my fault? No, no. Yes, it is,
’cause you said
you could change it. Okay, let me finish. No, I want an answer. Because it’s one thing
to say I’ve been with her, we’ve been on and off.
I love her.
We can’t let each other go. It’s another thing for you
to try to downgrade her
after you previously stated you had a system
of avoiding that. I buy everything
for my kids. All my kids. Every one of my kids
always had a crib. They always had a bed.
They had everything
they needed. So, I don’t know why
he even saying just
because I live in the projects don’t me I don’t have a job,
don’t work or
take care of my kids. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m trying to explain. I’ll take care of all of mine. So, let’s get back
to the paternity now. McCARROLL: Okay.
Thank you. This court room
is focused on Zylin and how we can improve
his life by ensuring that
he knows who his father is. So, the bottom line is this.
All of this doubt
centers around this other man you were with. He is here.
And I want to hear from him. Jerome, will you please
escort him in the court room? Mr. Perkins, thank you
for joining us. PERKINS: Yes, ma’am. Do you believe you are Zylin’s
biological father? No, I do not, Your Honor. Why? Because at the same time
she was with me, she was
messing around with him. And… Um… Lost my train of thought
just thinking about stuff. It makes you upset. Yes, because I found out
that she was messing around
on me. So… She told me she was 99%
sure that he was the father. And there’s a possibility
that I could be. Did you know
she was still sleeping with Mr. McCarroll
when she was with you? No. (SCOFFS) JUDGE LAKE: When did
you find out? When she got pregnant,
she told me. I split up with him.
It don’t make it right.
I know that. JUDGE LAKE: You split up
with Mr. Perkins. Mmm-hmm. And then two days later,
you slept with Mr. McCarroll. Yes, I did, Your Honor. Yes, I did.
And I told him that. I told him I didn’t want
to hurt him. We was sleeping
together before that.
All through April. All through April.
That whole… BRYSON: I’m telling you… If you knew there were
potentially two fathers, because you told him
there was a chance
he could be. You knew there was only…
There’s just a two-day
difference between when you slept with him
and when you slept
with Mr. McCarroll. (BRYSON AND McCARROLL
SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Why is it that you named
the baby Zylin McCarroll,
after Mr. McCarroll? BRYSON:Well, I asked
Mr. McCarroll
because he already
knew the situation,
same as I explained to him. I didn’t want…
I’m sorry, Your Honor. I don’t want my son
to feel like if he had
my last name… My other kids have
their dad’s last name. You know, I only
had one that isn’t his. I didn’t want my baby
to feel like left out,
you know. That’s why I asked him
would it be okay if I put
the baby in his name. And he said it’s fine. Is that correct? Yes. He got my whole name. And did you say that
because you believed
the child was yours? Or because you were willing
to take responsibility
for the child? I was willing to take
responsibility for the child. Did you sign
the birth certificate? The hospital where we live,
if you are not married
they don’t let ’em sign it. All right. I’m ready
for the results. Jerome? We have two results today. The first reads as follows. In the case of
Bryson v. McCarroll,
when it comes to 18-month-old
Zylin McCarroll, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Perkins, you are not the father. In the case of
Bryson v. McCarroll,
when it comes to 18-month-old
Zylin McCarroll, it has been determined
by this court,
Mr. McCarroll, you are not the father. Man… Case closed.
I ain’t got no more to say.
Say no more. Well, obviously
my calendar was wrong. And my ultrasounds.
I showed both of them
my ultrasounds. Everything said
I got pregnant in April. That’s what
I was worried about. Who is Zylin McCarroll’s
father? Do you know? Yes, ma’am. I obviously
got pregnant in May. I thought I got
pregnant in April. I was real early.
So, I know who it is. I was trying to have a son
and I wasn’t thinking.
I wasn’t thinking. Who with are you trying
to have a son with? Initially, I wanted
one with him. But he was not ready.
Like I said,
I had to beg him. He wasn’t ready
to settle down.
I was promiscuous. Okay? I was just
trying to have a son
with any man. You just made the decision
you were gonna sleep around
with anybody and then you
gonna get a son. Right. I did.
It was a dumb decision. This concerns me.
You got to stop this. (STAMMERS) JUDGE LAKE: Listen! You’re just chasing him down,
chasing him down. This is gonna affect
the children. I know. I understand. And it’s affecting you both. All right. So, that’s why we have counseling for you
right now. We want to take advantage
of it. If you need
this court room again, please reach out. I wish you
all the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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