Woman Got Tattoo of Man’s Name But Man Did Not Show Up (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Got Tattoo of Man’s Name But Man Did Not Show Up (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Good morning, Your Honor.
-Good morning. This is the case of
Phillips v. Polk.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day. Ms. Phillips, you’ve
opened your case today to prove to Mr. Polk that he is the father
of your one-month-old
daughter Promise. You say after Mr. Polk’s initial acceptance
of the pregnancy, he has been MIA
since your daughter’s birth. Is that correct? -Yes, ma’am.
-Mr. Polk, you say Ms. Phillips
is pinning her baby on you in hopes of having
a relationship with you. -Yes, ma’am.
-But you claim there was
never a relationship, and you’re not the father.
Is that correct? -Yes, ma’am.
-All right. So, Ms. Phillips, you say Mr. Polk is denying
your newborn baby. I want my baby
to have a father. Not a daddy, a father.
A real father. All right. So, you
really want your baby
to have a father? -Yes.
-How did you even meet? How did you get together? Okay. He was… The girl he was dealing with
posted him on social media. It was a little revenge.
Just a little
revenge type stuff. Basically she was
dealing with somebody that I used to
deal with in the past. So when she posted him,
I was like, “Oh, yeah. I’m about to
go ahead and snatch him.” So, I had sent him
a little friend request
or whatever, and then he started
liking my pictures
and inboxing me. He blowing my little inbox up. It wasn’t me.
It wasn’t me first. -She inboxed me first.
-No. -That’s not true.
-That’s how it did start. So, basically, you met
through social media. And you all ended up
getting together and having sex
or starting a relationship? I was actually
in a relationship. -I was in a–
-[Polk] Uh-oh. Yeah, she was. [Phillips stammering]
It wasn’t that serious. I just wanted sex
from BJ. -Oh!
-[Phillips] Yeah, but see,
I caught a little feelings, a little bit. Not a lot. -Not a lot?
-Not a lot. Just a little bit. See, he led me on.
We was texting everyday. He was telling me
he wanted me to
have his baby. I got text messages.
He said, “I want you
to have my baby.” Yes, he told me
he wanted me to have
his baby. For two years, he told me
he wanted me to have his baby. Then I get pregnant,
he wanted to deny my girl.
He denied my girl. Oh. Were you saying
you wanted her to have
your baby, Mr. Polk? -No, ma’am. No, ma’am.
-He was saying it.
He was saying it -for two years.
-Probably a couple of times. [Judge Lake]
So, tell me what… -Oh, you said
a couple of times.
-A couple of times. Well, let me tell you now. This is a news flash for you,
it only takes once. -[Polk chuckles] Yeah.
-Women don’t forget that. So, Mr. Polk, I do wanna
know your side. You say this thing started
from social media, -right?
-Yes, ma’am. And you all got together.
Was it your intention to date Ms. Phillips
and have a relationship? This is how it was at the time. She had a boyfriend.
I respected that. So I was playing my role.
You get what I’m saying? I was playing my role. -But were you
using protection?
-Yes. -At the time, yes.
-Oh, he lying, Your Honor. He is lying to you! When we first start
messing around, I would use protection. You don’t believe him, do you?
I know you don’t believe him. ‘Cause let me tell you
the story.
He don’t like condoms. He don’t like protection.
He don’t use protection at all. So, you say you weren’t
using protection. -[Phillips] No. Never.
-Tell me the story. The first time
you got together,
when was that? Um, it was back in June
in 2017. That wasn’t the first time. The first time
we actually met, uh, it was, like, July 4th. Did you have sex
the first time you all
got together -or did you
actually go on dates?
-[Polk] We did. We actually did.
I’m talking about
straight to it. -Straight to it.
-‘Cause that’s all
I wanted at the time. -This, Jerome.
-‘Cause that’s all
I wanted at the time. Straight to it. That’s all I wanted
at the time ’cause… He just needs to step up
and be a father to my child.
That’s why we’re here, so he can step up
and be a dad. -So, you say you caught
feelings for him.
-I did. Tell me what that means.
Because I will say this, and this is what I say
in this courtroom all the time, you think you’re
just having sex,
but it’s not just that. So, you start having sex. And tell me what it means
when you say
you caught feelings. -See, I had–
-She fell in love. -No, he fell in love with me.
He fell in love with me.
-She fell in love. I had left my…
I left my little man
and everything. I left my little
boyfriend. Everything. ‘Cause BJ was telling me,
“Oh, if you went with him, we will be this.
I want you to have my baby. I want to be
a family with you.” Fell for that okeydoke. Yes, I left…
Yeah, I left my man. Got his name
tattooed on me, him. Yeah, she did that. You got a tattoo
of his name on you? -She did that.
-It says “Property of”
and then his name. [Polk] Uh-oh. He was supposed to get
my name tattooed on him, but he didn’t
’cause he’s a compulsive liar. -And he’s a deadbeat. Period.
-Unnecessary. So, you got a tattoo
of him on you, but when it was his turn
to the get the tattoo of your name on him,
he got MIA. Yeah. Let me
tell you about it. ‘Cause when I get the tattoo…
I didn’t know I was pregnant
at the time, so… Whenever I found out
I was pregnant, it was like two, three days
after I got the tattoo. And when I got the tattoo
I guess he was a little
mad at me ’cause I called his landlord
’cause he didn’t answer
the phone when I took
the pregnancy test.
I called the landlord and I said, “Where BJ at?
‘Cause I’m pregnant.” Period. Disrespectful. Very. Very. No respect. No respect? You the one
sleeping with Ms. Phillips while you got
a whole girlfriend? [Phillips]
Tell him again, Your Honor.
Tell him again, Your Honor. And then, you’re not even
taking her calls. -Yeah.
-I mean, I feel like, Ms. Phillips, there are some
other people you could have
probably called. -I was done with her
at the same time.
-He wasn’t done with me. -I was done with her
at the same time.
-You weren’t done with me. -That’s why her
number was blocked.
-No. He wasn’t done with me. -He can’t keep
his hands off me!
-But somehow– -Somehow she got in touch
with my girlfriend.
-Everyday… Everyday… Let me tell you. I took a pregnancy test
on July the 18th. This man, we probably had sex
everyday up until that day. -It’s like he addicted to me.
He can’t keep his hands off me.
-All right. All right. All right. All right, all right. The problem is
what we’re realizing is that he’s not addicted to you, -but he enjoys
having sex with you.
-Yes. And that’s why we’re here
and that’s why you’re upset. -Yup.
-Let’s really say what it is. -[Phillips] Yup.
-Um… -Mr. Polk–
-And he’s trying to claim
he cut me off, but he was catching Ubers
all the way
to my hotel last night till four o’clock this morning.
Was getting on my nerves
last night. -And we had sex, like,
three, four times last night.
-Let me speak on that. -[Phillips] We had sex
three or four times last night.
-Let me speak on that. But he’s gonna sit in this
courtroom and swear he got
a girlfriend, Your Honor. -[Polk] Let me speak
on that.
-Get him told. -Let me speak on that.
-[Judge Lake] So, hold on. Catching Ubers all the way up
to four o’clock in the morning
to my hotel last night. -She paid for both of my Ubers.
-No, I did not! He paid!
Your Honor, he’s lying! Well, wait. Why do you need
more than one Uber? -She paid for both of my–
-Your Honor, he got
a little scooter Uber. -And then, we–
-[laughs] Wait. You drove a scooter
over to the hotel? The first time.
The first time. And she…
And she begged me to stay. -She begged me to stay.
-No, I did not! -She begged me to stay.
-Your Honor, I had to
make him leave my hotel room. Oh, man. Ooh! -I don’t care who’s telling it.
-So, if he’s denying your baby and he’s a deadbeat
and he’s all the things
you’re testifying to, why are you having
sex with him last night? Did you use protection? No! So, now, we’ll probably
see you in nine months. -Again.
-No, you won’t. She said you didn’t
use protection. And you’ve got
a one-month-old baby, Mr. Polk, who may be
your biological child. -[Phillips] He needs
to step up for her.
-Yes, ma’am. Maybe. -Maybe.
-Look at my baby’s ears. -She have the little
monkey ears just like him.
-Maybe. [Polk]But listen
to this, though.
She did tell me
she slept with someone else
-at the same time.
-[Judge Lake] Well, that’s
what I want to understand. -Yes, ma’am.
-Why do you have
doubt, Mr. Polk? You say she told you, Ms. Phillips told you
she slept with somebody else. -[Polk] Yes, ma’am,
she did.
-What did she say to you? -Tell the court.
-She said, “BJ, I slept
with someone else.” Just like that. He, he…
“He sex me real good.” -Just like that.
-[Judge Lake] So, when did
this just come out? -[Polk] This–
-Your Honor, no, no, no,
let me tell you. -No, tell me when
she told you that.
-Before she got pregnant. -Before she got pregnant.
-Oh, so she– Not before she got pregnant. I’m talking about, like,
around that time. You know what I’m saying?
That’s where the doubt
comes from. He needs to step up
and be a dad. You feel like
during the window
of conception, -she had sex with somebody else
and she admitted it to you.
-Yes, yes, yes. Did you admit it
to him, Ms. Phillips? I probably did
or whatever but– Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I probably did. [stammers] I messed with him
on the 4th of July. I messed with BJ,
like, from the 27th all the way up until
probably the 4th of July ’cause he can’t keep
his hands off of me. Like, for… Yes. -So, around the time…
-I ain’t the only one. …I conceived my daughter,
it was… I took a pregnancy test
on July the 18th. Well, wait, when did you
have sex with the other guy? -If you had–
-July the 4th.
July the 4th. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. [Phillips] And when I did
count back and look… Yeah. I mean,
honestly, Mr. Polk, you ain’t said
much of value
this afternoon, but uh-oh sounds about right in this instance. -Uh-oh.
-Um… Let me go to
my conception calendar. I really wanna understand
what’s going on here. So, when was Promise born? She was… Your Honor,
she was born on March 15th, but my due date
was March 22nd. [Judge Lake]
So, let’s push calculate. [Polk]Uh-oh. Uh-oh.[Judge Lake]The probable
conception dates
are between
June 27th and July 1st,
and the possible
conception dates
are between
June 26 and July 6th. Look at that one. [crowd exclaims] All right, so the 27th,
28th, 29th, 30th and 1st,
Mr. Polk. [Phillips] All him. [Judge Lake]Then you say
you were intimate
with the other guy
-July 4th, right?
-[Phillips]Yes.[Judge Lake]
All right. So, July 4th.
We’ll just call him
OG for Other Guy.
[all laughing] The truth is Mr. Polk may fall in the probable, but the other guy -is within the possible
conception date window.
-[Phillips] Mmm-hmm. -That’s why I confessed
to him, Your Honor.
-Uh-oh. Uh-oh. But, Your Honor, we had
a whole gender reveal. He ain’t telling you that part. -We had a whole gender reveal.
-My family basically forced me -to go.
-His family even came
to my gender reveal, and I got the evidence,
Your Honor, right here. Jerome, let me
see this evidence. Lookin’ cute or whatever
in the gender reveal. I’m getting about sick
of these gender reveals. We need some father reveals. [Phillips] Exactly. -[crowd applauds]
-Everybody is worried about
having a gender reveal. [Polk]I made that picture.[Judge Lake]You do
look happy, Mr. Polk.
You look like you’re
about to have a baby
with your girlfriend.
[Polk]Yeah, I know.-Were you there for the birth?
-[Polk] Yeah, I was there. Oh, there you are. [Polk]Okay.
[Judge Lake] Oh,in the
delivery room and everything.
[Polk]Yes, ma’am. Let me
tell you about that, too.
Okay, I show up, right. Actually, they come
get me from work. We go up the room,
she getting induced
or whatever. Um, she had the baby. I held the baby
for a little moment. Uh… It was like bad vibes. Like, all my other kids,
I was excited. Like, I shouldn’t
feel like that. -I shouldn’t.
-He wasn’t excited
because during my pregnancy I went through
my whole pregnancy
by myself, Your Honor. I didn’t see BJ till… Like, three times
during my pregnancy.
And he mostly came… When he came,
he wanted sex. [Polk] The whole pregnancy
all she wanted to do was harass me
and my girlfriend. Disrespectful.
No respect at all. [Judge Lake] No, you don’t have
no respect, Mr. Polk. I know I don’t. You were over at the hotel
on the scooter last night. -Oh, man.
-[Judge Lake] No, you don’t
have no respect. -Ooh!
-[Judge Lake] So, anyway… And all I get out of you
is uh-oh and ooh. -Yeah, that’s exactly
where we at.
-[Phillips] Period. He’s a very toxic person. Girl. Girl, stop. Just stop. ‘Cause when you downgrade him,
you downgrade yourself ’cause you the one
laying on your back with your legs open for him
every time he calls. -Can’t have said it better.
-Just like he said earlier. What did he say about
the sex the first time? It happened like this. You still…
You just a snap away. -Just like that.
-So, it doesn’t make
any sense to me. He’s unavailable,
he has a girlfriend, -he says it all the time.
-He don’t have a girlfriend. [Judge Lake] You don’t
wanna believe it and I can’t
make you believe it. But everybody
in this courtroom knows, besides you, that Mr. Polk don’t have not
a real intention behind you. Not at all. -So, you–
-He wasn’t saying that
last night. He wasn’t
saying that last night. [Judge Lake]
Of course he wasn’t. ‘Cause that’s what men say
when they want to get that. I have to tell you the truth. I know you want him
to love you. And I know you maybe
even believe the nonsense he says, but you can’t believe
what a man says
when your legs are open, you gotta listen to
what they’re saying
when your legs are closed. Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] That’s just
the reality of life. All right. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Phillips v. Polk,
when it comes to one-month-old Promise Polk… one-month-old Promise… …it has been determined
by this Court… …Mr. Polk, you… …are the father. Yeah. -That’s your beautiful
little girl.
-[Polk] Yes, ma’am. [chuckles] Thank you. I’m sorry. About the doubt. Well, now that he knows
that she’s his,
he needs to help me. -Absolutely.
-Yeah, I will. [Judge Lake]
And more than that, he needs to help
not just you, but he needs to experience
and raise and participate in the raising of this child. But he’s so delusional,
Your Honor. -He might literally like–
-[Judge Lake] Listen, listen. He’s not delusional. He will go tell people
the results were fake -and stuff like…
He delusional like that.
-Ms. Phillips, when you say…
That’s not delusional,
that’s manipulative. -[Phillips]
Yeah, he does that.
-And he’s manipulating you. But the problem is
you can’t manipulate
this DNA. -[Phillips] Period.
-And now it has spoken. And you need to respond. You need to help her
raise this baby. And more importantly,
you need to show this baby the kind of man
she should want to have
in the future. -Yes, ma’am.
-If you are just raggedy
running around town… -[Phillips] Period.
-And you just a raggedy man just riding scooters
and scooting yourself, no. -Up and between any girl’s legs
that will open for you…
-[Phillips] Mmm-hmm. …then you cannot be surprised when that’s what your daughter
is gonna look for. We have counseling
and resources for you. I wish you all the very best. -Take care of Promise.
-[Polk] All right. Court is adjourned.

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