Woman Brings 2 Men To Court To Find Out Real Dad After Many Secrets (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Brings 2 Men To Court To Find Out Real Dad After Many Secrets (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Alston v. Holmes.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Alston, you’ve
come to court to prove to the defendant,
Mr. Holmes, whom you first met
at the age of 15, that you are his
biological daughter. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Holmes, you say there’s
no way she’s your child, and today, the DNA
will prove your case. You say her biological
father is David Alston, the man who is on her
birth certificate and paid child
support for her. So, Miss Alston, tell us
how you first found out the defendant might
be your father. MS ALSTON: Well, Mr. Alston
and my mom were married. So, as a child, it
all started there. I grew up at home with my
mom with my seven siblings so, um, one summer, I was
going outside to play, and my mom was outside
talking to a guy and when I walked up,
he was like, “Tell her, tell her,” and
she looked at me and said, “This is your uncle. “This is your dad’s brother.” So, um, I proceeded
to meet the family, which is my younger
brother, my grandmother, aunts and uncles, and
they embraced me like if they knew me
from day one. So, I have always assumed
that Mr. Alston was my dad ’cause his name was on
my birth certificate. But at 15, she told me that
Mr. Holmes can be my dad. He’s always been a
father figure to me, from day one, even
with the doubt. Mr. Holmes, you don’t believe
she’s your biological child? No, I don’t, Your Honor. Why? Explain to the court. Because Ms. Alston’s mother, back in the day,
she was like… Fast. JUDGE LAKE:
Mmm-hmm. ‘Cause I met her at
the school bus stop, she was in high school, and two days later,
after I’d met her, I had sex with her. I called her again a couple of days later, asked her to come back, and we had sex again, so it was kind of
like a booty call. Yeah, I didn’t know
nothin’ about her until 15 years later. So, I kind of felt
that she wasn’t mine ’cause I didn’t even know that
she existed until that time. JUDGE LAKE: Did you
know she was married? No. And how were you made aware? By my mother. Did you immediately think,
“This may not be my child,” or were you just accepting of
the news because she says, your family was
accepting of her? I accepted her because I know how it feels
to not have a father, but I didn’t really put
my all into it, because, like the way I met her mother, and the lifestyle that
I was already living. All right, and
so, Ms. Alston… Yes. When you finally did
meet Mr. Holmes, what
was that like? It was wonderful. It was
actually a good feeling for the kid in me ’cause
I’ve always wanted a dad. ALSTON: So, it was
actually great. I have abandonment issues, from Mr. Alston, so it
actually felt welcoming. It felt like I had a father
who wants to love me for me. So, it felt wonderful. So, what was your relationship
like with Mr. Alston? Explain that. Um, Your Honor, I hate to
say this but I hate him. I do, ’cause he abandoned
me and left me. So, when you say,
Mr. Alston abandoned you, did you try to have a
relationship with him
and he rejected you? How did he abandon you? ALSTON: I tried to have
a relationship with him and spend time with him. He wouldn’t have time for me. I would visit his
family members and he wouldn’t be around. HOLMES: Excuse me,
Your Honor… Yes. Her father kind of
reminds me of my father. The reason why I kind of,
like, accepted her in, ’cause I know how it feels
to not have a father, but I kind of don’t
believe that she’s mine. This woman here was my
mother and my father. So, I’m the type that… I know where she’s coming from but I still don’t believe
that she’s mine. JUDGE LAKE: Understand. I’d like to hear from
your witness, sir. Will you stand, ma’am? Yes. Please step up
to the podium. And state your name. Jennie Peterson. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Peterson,
you are Mr… John Holmes’ mother. JUDGE LAKE: …mother. What do you have to
add to this situation? What do you know about
what’s going on here? Well, her mother
came to me first and said that Donna
was my son’s child. So, I told John,
I said, “John, “Donna is my grandchild.” And when her mother
told you this, did she say or mention
that could also be other possible fathers? No, she never
admit that to me. She just told me my son
was Donna’s father, and I believed it. JUDGE LAKE:
That plainly? Hey, Your Honor? Yes? See, I usually find
out that I got kids, when they like, two
months or three months. And when I found out
after 15 years, it’s like, “Hold up,
what’s somebody “setting me up being
funny or somethin’?” “Two months, three months.” You ever been there when
any of them were born? With all my kids. With
all of ’em. I got seven. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JOHN: With all my kids. Wow. I mean, it’s like
I’m being set up. You know what I’m saying, or, or somebody pulling
a practical joke. That’s how I felt about it. ‘Cause you really did not feel
like this was your child. No, I did not. From the start. From the start. JUDGE LAKE:
Yes, ma’am? I feel like she’s his child. I always been
around her. JUDGE LAKE: And why do you
feel that so strongly? Because it’s a
feeling inside of me that when Laurie
brought her to me and say, “Ms. Jennie, this
is your granddaughter.” I say, “You sure that
she’s my granddaughter?” She said, “Yes.” Hey, but Ma, how
can you find out that she’s my daughter
before I find out? That’s my problem. That’s the way it was.
That she came to me first. John, you know you
was in the street. But you understand that the
order in which she told it does not, in any way,
have any bearing on the DNA? That doesn’t matter. PETERSON: Right. But I gotta be the
last to find out. JUDGE LAKE:
And that bothers you. And that bothers me. Ms. Alston, I have to ask you, do you have any inkling as to why your mother said one man was your father,
then another man? No, Your Honor. Did she ever give
you a reason? She never did. JUDGE LAKE:
Did you ever ask her? No. I never asked. So, you just… When she told me,
and I met Ms Jennie, when they took me
in as a family, I just ran with I. ‘Cause she said,
he was my dad. Did you run with it because, you had such a difficult
relationship with Mr. Alston that you just needed somewhere to run? Yes, Your Honor. Have you ever had a
doubt in your own mind, since your mom told you that
Mr. Holmes was your father? Yes, Your Honor, I do. JUDGE LAKE: You have? Yes. Even you, you’ve doubted? Yes. I think it’s time… We meet Mr. Alston. Jerome, would you
please escort him in? This is the man on your
birth certificate? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. And you tried to have a
relationship with him? HOLMES: Yes, I just
wanted to be loved. Thank you for
joining us today. I’d like to have you explain
to the court… She says, she was told, for the first 15
years of her life that you were her
biological father and then all of a sudden,
she was given another name. JUDGE LAKE: What do
you know about this? Fifteen years ago? No. I just found out
tod… Like, now! So, you’re saying that
up until recently, you still considered
her your daughter? Yes, that’s my daughter. There’s no way in the world
I would not think that. Excuse me, Your Honor,
he calls me his daughter
sitting here but he’s never been
a dad to me. He’s never been a dad.
I don’t recall… Now… But she says, she tried to
have a relationship with you and you rejected her. Yes. No, what happened is,
when I moved away,
when I got remarried, it seemed like
all that other… That’s when the anger
started coming through. But the moment I get
these phone calls, it’s all about money.
Money, money, money. If I didn’t got the money,
I get disrespect. I never had… I got three kids now,
my other two kids never disrespected me,
never treated me like that. If she calls me up,
first thing she say, not, “How you doin’, Daddy?”
“I need some money.” I wasn’t a deadbeat.
I pay my child support
every month. I pay my child support. Money is minor.
Where’s the love? Where’s the care?
Where’s the time? Where’s the Christmases? That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re here for.
We’re not here about money. We’re talking about
15 years though. We’re talking about
actually 16 years. After 16 years, you said
you had another father… Who’s been more of a father
to me than you have and you signed the
birth certificate. Why didn’t you come to
me 15, 16 years ago? Why should I come to you?
You’re the father. You’re the parent,
I’m the child. But you don’t have
any doubt in your mind that you are her
biological father. No doubt. No doubt. Which evidence
did you bring? I just got the
birth certificate. What’s in your folder? Birth certificate. Now this is the
birth certificate that you are on. DAVID: Yeah, I signed it. I wouldn’t sign a birth
certificate if I didn’t… If I thought she was
my daughter, I wouldn’t
sign nothing… “Oh, I don’t know if she
my daughter or not.”
I wouldn’t sign it. I could’ve took a
blood test back then
if I’d had any doubt. You presented to the
court is a picture
of what, Mr. Alston? Of the family.
That’s the family. These are pictures because
you were present in her life,
then? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Involved? I was married to
her mother then. And so, I’m trying to
understand this relationship. What was nature
of the relationship, if you lived in the house
with her mother? I mean this is
your daughter. Hmm-hmm. When you and her
mother broke up, why was it you didn’t
make an effort or make it a priority
to still be in her life? JUDGE LAKE: What happened
to this relationship? I was in her life
up until I left. And I left in 1999. But what about
after you left? After I left, I came
up back and forth. I used to come to
Maryland, back and forth and when I come over
there I do go see her, and I wanted Donna
to move in with me when she was about seven
years old and she said no. Then when she got into… Her mother said no? Her mother said no. Your Honor? Yes, Mr. Holmes. Can I say something? Yes. I never known about
this guy right here, and at the time that
he was with her, ’cause I met her in ’82. I was having sex
with her then. I don’t know if you was
her… Boyfriend or whatever, I was with her then and it
wasn’t even a relationship. You know what I’m saying,
if I felt a certain way.
I would go get her. So, the relationship was
not a committed one. Right. JUDGE LAKE: So, this is the
man on your birth certificate. This is the man you were
led to believe for 15 years was your biological father and
yet you have no relationship
with him. Yes. This is the man, at 15, your mother told you really
is your biological father and yet he doubts that
you’re his biological child but his family accepts you Yes. as their family. Yes. And yet, Mr. Alston,
when you hear this… JUDGE LAKE: I mean this is… Fifteen years. Sixteen years and
I find out today. So, you were living your
life and you have no clue that she’s been told somebody
else is her biological father. No clue. And that she’s gone through
all this and established
ties with another family, you have no clue. No clue. But calling me a year ago,
two years ago asking me, “Daddy, can I have this?
Daddy, can I have that?
Daddy, can you pay my bill?” Did you let me move in?
Did you help me find a roof? At that time, I was
a parent myself. So, I was not.
I did not ask… For 15 years, you thought
that man was your father. Why you ask me in 2010, and
you say that was your father? Well, that’s a good
question, Ms. Alston. At the time, like I said,
I was still trying to build
a relationship with him because I’m very doubtful
that Mr. Holmes is my father. You doubtful now. You said
a few minutes ago that he’s
your father. And so, if you
did not believe Mr. Alston was your
biological father… You were told he wasn’t
and you said you don’t
care for him. You don’t care for him because
you feel like he rejected you when you needed help? He abandoned me. Yes. Wow, this is confusing. Yes it is. I mean,
16 years you find out
something different, I’m like, wow. Okay, if you knew that
she was your daughter Mmm-hmm? it shouldn’t even matter. HOLMES: Thank you. It shouldn’t even
matter if you know deep down in your heart, man. DONNA:
Thank you. You should never… That’s why
I feel the way I feel, man. You will claim her, but yet you don’t wanna have
nothin’ to do with her. If that’s
your daughter, I tried… several times to have her
to move in with me. regardless if she say I am. If you know for sure,
deep down in your heart, you don’t turn her away man. I didn’t turn her away. When she was six, all the way up to high school, I wanted her to
move in with me. I tried to get her
to move in with me ’cause she coulda
had a better life if she’d have moved with me.
She didn’t wanna do that. Her mother didn’t
want her to do that. HOLMES: It doesn’t
matter who I live with. Before I moved to Illinois… That doesn’t matter.
I didn’t even see you before you
moved to Illinois. I never knew you was
movin’ to Chicago. And I never knew you
was getting married. This case is very
interesting to me. I stand here today and I
have to ask you, Ms. Alston. What are you hoping for? Are you… I’m just hoping that… Honestly, I’m hoping that
Mr. Holmes is my dad. JUDGE LAKE: You are? DONNA: Yes. So, in other words,
if not, how ’bout us, having a relationship goin’
through this. What about that? We need counseling. Yeah, maybe…
Yes, yes, yes. Yes. All right, I think
with that said, it’s time to get
the results. Jerome? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. (INAUDIBLE) In the case of
Alston v. Holmes…
As it pertains to
31-year-old Donna Alston… And whether Mr. Holmes or Mr. Alston is her biological father… It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Holmes… You… Are not Ms. Alston’s father. I said it right. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Alston, you… Are not Ms. Alston’s father. HOLMES: What? Get the… DONNA: (SOBBING) HOLMES: Why’d she do that? Lord, have mercy. You’re still my grandbaby. Oh, my God. DONNA: (SOBBING) Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE: Sit
her down, ma’am. Sit down Ms… Ugh. HOLMES: Wow. This… Oh, my God. I’m so sorry, Ms. Alston. PETERSON: You know you
still got us, don’t ya? That’s the mother fault. HOLMES: Ain’t nothin’ changed. (DONNA SNIFFLES AND SOBS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) This entire courtroom
is in shock. Are you all right,
Mr. Alston? I, I… You truly believed that
was your biological child? Yeah. Signed the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: Obviously,
there was another person. Have you ever received
any other information that it could be
anybody else? Whatever relationship
or non-relationship you had with Mr. Alston, I could feel his reaction. He thought he was your
biological father, your
entire life. Can I give you a hug? JUDGE LAKE: Aw, that’s nice. (BOTH SOBBING) DAVID: I’m sorry. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I’m sorry… We have resources,
counseling for you. Take advantage of it.
Talk it through, figure out where
to go from here, and if you need this
courtroom or my help, we’ll be there for you.
You understand? Yes. All right, I wish you
the very best of luck. Thank you. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL) You know, I really
am disappointed. The day’s result
was a shocker. But it don’t matter.
I’m still her father. I would like for him
to be on my side.
I really would. I’m coming to DC, on,
I think, July 10th. Okay.

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