Will These Huge Tattoos End This ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Friendship? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Will These Huge Tattoos End This ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Friendship? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

( dramatic music) – Oh my God. (fast paced music) – [Announcer] ‘How Far Is
Tattoo Far’ is the show where you design a secret tattoo for someone else and then they return the favor with a secretly
designed tattoo for you. – You (beep) dick! – [Announcer] On this episode,
Floribama Shore besties Aimee and Nilsa test the
strength of their friendship. They bonded over chi chis up. – Can you explain to him what, what is it, chi chis, Chachi’s? – Chi chi’s, Chachi’s? – Chi chi’s. – [Snookie] What is that? – It’s your boobies. – Can you just like give us an example of this chi chis up thing? – So ready, just be slunched
over kind of, chi chis up. Yes! – [Announcer] But being on
TV has made Aimee insecure. – I feel like with Aimee, she really takes what
everyone says to heart. I wish she just would stop reading all the negative comments on social media. – I wanna get a tummy tuck and a ass job. – [Announcer] Nilsa, on the other hand, has become more vain. – What annoys me about Nilsa is she’s all about her looks, her lips,
her eyelashes, her boobs. But at the end of the day Nilsa is super loyal and she
is a down-ass bitch. – [Announcer] They are on the same page about these tattoos, though. – So why are we here today? – I want to teach Aimee a lesson. – I want to teach Nilsa a lesson. – Oh God. – [Announcer] Two lessons, comin’ up. Let’s get this things started. (buzzing sound) – Oh my God, that’s bigger
than I thought it would be. – Shut up, no! – She’s sending you a little message. – [Announcer] After hours in the chair, it’s time to find out
what that message is. (dramatic music) – Aimee, I’m literally
(beep) myself right now. – Don’t play with me for real. Did you give me somethin’ bad? Oh God, it’s bad. Can we just reveal this? – I think I want Aimee to go first. – [Nico] I’m gonna give you some shades. – [Aimee] I’m about to get very angry. – [Nico] I understand. – Anger management taught me to breathe. – Jordan, come on out and join us please. – [Jordan] So, I hope you’re not upset. Enjoy it, Aimee. – Oh Nilsa, you better pray it’s up. – I’m already covering my face so you won’t hit the money maker. – [Aimee] Jesus Lord that you did not put nothin’ crazy on me. Yo, if I see a bad tattoo I’m gonna flip this face upside down. (suspenseful music) – Nilsa, what’s the
meaning behind this tattoo? – Anytime you feel self-conscious or are listenin’ to what them
trolls say on social media, I want you to look down at that tattoo and be reminded that you are beautiful on the inside and the outside. You are the princess goddess mermaid. (dramatic music) – I love it. (upbeat, peppy music) It’s me. – It’s you. – I love you. – What a good friend. – I’m gonna cry. – I’m sorry Nilsa, oooh, I’m sorry. – If mine, Aimee, I’m
not gonna be very happy if mine’s (beep) up. – Aw, Aimee, you (beep) up. – It’s that bad? – It’s not that. Poor Nilsa. – Nilsa, come on in. – I don’t even wat to look. (suspenseful music) – Are you cryin’? – A little. (suspenseful music) I hope if this is a bad tattoo, you feel bad for the rest of your life every single time you look down at that princess goddess mermaid. – I can tell you right now I’m gonna feel bad for the rest of my life. – Can we just take this thing off now? – So we’re gonna bring Courtney out. – [Courtney] Hey. – Courtney, I’m freakin’ out. – [Courtney] Listen,
if you’re gonna faint, I got your back. (suspenseful music) Good luck. – [Nico] Thanks, Courtney. – I can’t believe how big it is. – I know, I didn’t think
it was gonna be that big. – What a sin. – I’m goin’ to hell. (suspenseful music) – Oh my God. It’s me. – Yeah, it’s you. – It’s Nilly the Squid. – It’s Nilly the Squid. Do you like it? – Oh my God, that bitch
got big lips like me. – [Aimee] And big titties like you. – [Nilsa] That is hilarious. What’s the lesson? – You’re always so
worried about your looks. You’re goofy and you’re
silly just like that tattoo and I want you to realize that. You never think you’re
gonna find a husband but you’re so beautiful on the inside. – And you did the squid because she calls herself Nilly the Squid. – [Nico] And Chi Chi’s up? Titties up. Always be ready. – Did you tattoo the same
(beep) thing on each other? I really thought these
girls were gonna come hard. – Okay, let’s go get a drink. – [Nilsa] Okay.

100 thoughts on “Will These Huge Tattoos End This ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Friendship? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. the way they were both acting like its gonna be something bad makes me feel like there's a little more to it than what they said

  2. Nilsa seemed really bitchy at first but then I saw that gorgeous tatoo that she choosed for Aimy and what a supportive friend she was and I definetly changed my mind

  3. This is my favorite episode real friends don’t hurt eachother 🥰 and their tattoos we’re actually cute

  4. i think I figured it out. they ink these ppl, send them back to the hotel for 24-48 hrs, then make them wear the same clothes and report back to set like it was one continuous shoot (which would explain the lack of redness and swelling. It goes away in a couple days)
    And snooks & nico aren't the smartest so they just wear the same clothes every damn episode 😂😂😂

  5. Snooki, please stop getting plastic surgery on ur face!!!! I truly believe that you were much more beautiful before!!!!! Please find a surgeon that can make you look like u did before, when u we’re beautiful!!!!

  6. yay! friends!!

    i was ready to hate fatty; so – I'm embarrassing myself now coz, I'm happy this went well lol

  7. “I’m already covering my face so you don’t hit the money maker” 😂💀

    Edit: I finished the video “ok let’s go get a drink” “okay let’s go” these two are iconic 😂

  8. Aw Nilsa is sweet! She took the opportunity to uplift her friend with this tattoo rather than highlight her insecurities more.

  9. meaning behind the tattoos are actually nice unlike some of the guest on here that are actually really mean to each other

  10. The two girls are so beautiful, and sweet to one another! I love that! I love the kindness they've shown one another, which is rarely ever even seen on this show.

  11. these were probably the nicest tattoos i’ve seen everyone else are just dickheads and give their friends usually fucked up tats

  12. It’s always funny that the tattoo artists that do the fucked up tattoos are D level tattoo artists that design the opposite persons tattoo I understand it’s to add drama to have a bunch of pretty crappy artist do the tattoos but that’s low key super fucked up but to have terrible artists design these tattoos to show most tattoo artist are no where near a B level tattooer is so shameful because ive seen 10 year olds draw better then 75% of the tattoo artists that have come through the show

  13. Am I the only person who has a best friend that can’t think of anything trashy I would want to put in them as “payback”

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