Will These ‘Hot Mess’ BFFs Survive These GIANT Tattoos? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

What the (beep).
What the (beep). On this episode of How Far is
Tattoo Far, Jay and best friend Skylar issue each other
some serious warnings. They are ride or die but have encountered
some bumps in the road. How would y’all describe
your friendship? Hot mess. Yep. Hot mess
all the way all day. There’s a lot of competition
of our friendship. So ride or die,
but a little competitive. They’re not always
competing though. When it comes to dudes,
they often share. She banged my boyfriend. I will (beep) a guy and Skylar
will pull up right after me. It’s a continuous, vicious cycle and it’s been
going on for years. So how many guys have we shared? That’s on you because you always
would go after the guys that I (beep). You know what, girl?
Sex for me, it’s way different. So when I do have sex
with somebody, there is an emotional connection
versus this (beep) ho over here who’ll (beep)
any (beep) that walks by him. Well, anything else
we should know before the tattoos get started? I’m here today because I’m
worried about Jay’s health. Hopefully they’ll show him
that maybe he shouldn’t (beep) every (beep)
that comes into his path. But you can’t force
somebody to do that. I’m just here to give them
a little push. So good luck, Jay. Good luck, Skylar.
Its tattoo time. I hope Jay is in more pain
than me. I’m regretting this 100%. This is probably
the most painful tattoo I’ve had and I have
a tattoo on my palm. So that’s saying something. All right. We’re done. So I’m going to
wrap you up real quick. Grab some popcorn and a seat. Let’s see what these BFFs
put on each other forever. Sky, how are you doing? I’m just waiting for the storm. You’re just waiting for it? Oh. Oh.
Skylar, without giving it away, can you explain your intention
with this tattoo? I can explain it in two words.
Calm down. All right, well. Oh my God. Bitch, what the (beep)?
Oh my God, that’s me. You’re playing this skin flute. Means you (beep)
a lot of (beep). Wow.
That’s a giant penis. Oh my god. That’s way bigger than
I thought it was going to be. Skylar. Oh (beep).
My family can’t see this. Maybe this will get it
through your head that you shouldn’t
be plugging your mouth with anything that walks
and I feel like if you keep going the route
that you’re going, gonorrhea. What the (beep)? I told you he needed
to calm down. Oh (beep). Okay.
Well. I wasn’t expecting my own face
to be on my body. I don’t really know if that’s
going to change anything. Goddammit. I’m always going to keep (beep).
It was a good effort. Do you wish you would have gone
harder on his chest? Now that I know that he’s still
going to (beep) every (beep), yeah. Well, let me tell you this. We always save the worst
tattoo for second. I know.
Just know I love you. Skylar. Yeah.
We’re going to keep them on until we tell you
to take them off. Okay? Got it. Are you ready to see
what’s on your back for the rest of your life? Nope, but I got to. What the (beep)?
No. Is that a (beep) bird? What the (beep)? Is that a bird
with your (beep) hair? Yeah. Are you (beep) kidding me? Surprise. You always go after
the guys that I (beep) and it’s kind of a message
to don’t do that. Basically, it’s two birds
in the nest. Obviously, I’m the mama bird. You’re the baby bird and I’m
feeding you my sloppy seconds. Yeah. It says sloppy seconds
and I’m a ho. We’ve been over this. There’s a dick worm.
That’s not a- With a pair of balls. Okay. There’s a dick on you.
We match. Hey. Yeah. Twinsies. Sky, how you doing? If this was three (beep)
years ago, I’d throw this (beep)
mirror at you. But it’s not and
that’s funny as (beep). You think it’s funny? I think that’s (beep) hilarious.
I quit. Birds of a feather sure
do flock together. Yeah. Are you going to keep
hooking up with Jay’s guys? I’m honestly not going to. I got something
that I take from this is you really have
to be careful who you do because it’s going
to follow you. This just solidifies
that I need to be careful about who I (beep). I think that’s something
we can both take away from here. All’s well that ends well. Well, I’m loving the queer representation visibility
on this episode. Jay and Skylar left arm in arm. But are things
between them still cool? My relationship with Jay is at this point
pretty much nonexistent and I just want nothing
to do with him. At first I liked the coloring.
I loved the style. But having this tattoo
has gotten in the way of my sex life. It’s just the fact
that there is a dick. The more you look at it,
the more you see.

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