Will Tekashi69 Change The Course Of Hip Hop?

Will Tekashi69 Change The Course Of Hip Hop?

hey good afternoon children come on in
clout daddy back at it did you miss me of course you did all right all right
back for the get-down Wednesday afternoon so much going on just give me
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I haven’t even installed some of the software that I’ve been you know using
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top shot ah that’s me the Big Kahuna back for the get-down all right okay um
two topics today let me take my time two topics the first one on the screen will
Takashi 6-9 will his niching help save hip hop hip hop needs help let’s just
keep it real we are at a time right now in society where many people are are
more than ever confusing the streets with entertainment if you are a rapper /
entertainer producer comedian actor you can’t claim the project split please
stop that when you move out of the projects you become food to the projects
food alright we’ll talk about that and also I’m inspired by the home of Young
Jeezy aka snowman the second title do mixed girls make black men happier all
let’s get that rolling not saying you know you can’t be happy married to a
dark-skinned woman but you know do mix girls make black men happier Jeezy what
up baby you know I fuck with your heavy we’ve never met but uh met young Jesus
what is her name my her last name Jeannie Mai oh geez
doin kool-aid smile have you seen them it looks like stymie
or Farina from the our gang back in the days you know happy niggas got a skin
glow probably getting manis and pedis the coffin is he truly happy now um I
got a list here just bear with me a chance the rapper he’s married to some
type of mixed you know half-breed like myself um John John Legend hey John hey
girl I don’t know whether his wife is a beard
or not it’s none of my business but you know is he happy or is he friend I don’t
know Big Sean now Big Sean has been making up and breaking up with her I
think her name is janae Ikey oh pardon me if I messed up the pronunciation the
coach he must be fired because one month he wants to kill himself the next month
he wants to wipe her he’s sitting on the fucking beach and they’re in the holding
hands it’s just craziness P from quality control
hey what up nigga has anybody seen P his new girlfriend is some type of Colombian
mixture he looks happy cuffin hmm Jordan Peele the director what did he make is
that get out let me just check in the live chat guys did Jordan Peele make the
Phil I think he did get out yeah Jordan Peele is married to what we used to say
back in the 70s not a white woman a white woman why is he happy if you ask
me is and the list goes on and on Michael Jordan Swizz Beatz Kanye West
Eddie Murphy and we’ll talk about some of the other people that are not married
to a mixed you know women girls and we’ll see if you think that they’re
happy okay now let’s get to our topic the main topic
Takashi’s 6:9 snitching started snitching yesterday on on the stand
witness stand with regards to the Trey way or nine Trey gangsters and so what
so what he’s missing nigga what you gon do i I got the transcripts right here I
don’t like reading only shit you know it’s all over the internet go to Vlad
tv.com yeah he’s snitching and what
and some of you sitting back well if if it was me well if it was you think about
this what the feds care would you really have anything that the feds would care
to allow you to snitch on you no bums regular bum ass Nixon if you ask me the
case against the ninth ray gangsters it’s bullshit we’re not talking triple
murders we’re not talking you know a keys of fucking heroin being you know
pumped into urban cities in America it’s a bullshit case I think Takashi 6:9 aka
Daniel Hernandez he made a friend somebody likes him somebody has to give
a fuck about you an order fee in order for the feds to allow you to snitch
otherwise they just wash the hands of all of all of you phone lines open and
what struck me make sure everything is working here yeah I got the brand-new
iMac shit is lovely but I haven’t installed all the software Hey good
afternoon India live chat me puts a little respect on my uh troll babies how
you guys doing nurse for your water that’s nice
yes dog works with the face facts and I got a plaque coming I’ll tell you
about that later with regards to Chris kid Lloyd Chris he’s gonna be sentenced
hang on a second November the 1st 2019 he’s snitching
right now Lloyd Chris aka Christian former YouTube you know idiot he has
told on a couple of people that you guys know on YouTube they don’t even know yet
Chris is trying to save his own ass he’s trying to get a reduced sentence he has
been convicted I got the call behind the scenes here about a week and a half ago
of the people that he’s telling on this is still an active investigation we’ll
talk about that later all right we should be good to go to topics again
we’ll Takashi’s snitching help save hip hop will help separate fantasy from
reality who is who isn’t a gangster who’s an entertainer
people claiming gang gang yada yada yada and you have no fucking power no real
power and the people that are you know
pointing the finger vitique you let Takashi they’re doing more fuck boys
shit then then a little bit you know sending screenshots of reporting people
on YouTube that’s all police activity I mean I take part in I’m letting you know
um Bostick Ronnie is busy this afternoon so if there’s a female that wants to
join me please let me know via cash app the cash app is on the screen or
superjet let’s get you on the lines oh and I’m sorry you see that it’s a ring
pop let me just throw this out there salute to the air the young lady from
New York brown-skinned sent me a really nice picture via DM on Instagram she
says she wants the Ring Pop well hey do come on and get it you know I’ll talk
about that later I just want to know just lay out the topic first and have a
little fun this afternoon doing some research all right area code for one for
Takashi snitching what say you for one for yes Brandi from
Milwaukee going on oh good okay yeah okay so
Takashi six nine times just like you say man I don’t think the feds cares not
like the blood like I don’t I forgot who series I think it was Ebro
it’s not an organization it’s a situation so like him snitching like
he’s young I don’t I don’t think it’s a big deal but just putting bomb niggas
away we’re not talking you know multiple homicides we’re not talking about an
organization that had houses in Key Largo and all this you know fly shit bum
niggas from Brooklyn okay right yeah like and I want it I don’t mean no
disrespect but it’s like that blood culture in New York to me that seems
like that’s all it is like a bunch of bum niggas you know like I think the
real culture is from from the west coast hopefully you don’t
nobody comes with my neck for saying that but honestly to me I just don’t see
it as being like an actual organization is trying to do anything but fuck shit
and that they face and do all this like nigga shit yeah hang on a second wasn’t
have you on the line Brandi because you’ve called them before I appreciate
you know your support if I can shift gears for a second are you lied skin
brown skin dark skin are you mixed what are you okay so so if someone looked at
you would they say he’s mixed some people think I’m like a little Dominican
but that’s because like my eyebrows Wow I’m talking about like you know mixed
with white or something I’m not talking about you know
I’m not my double black you know just when they look at you and say she’s
mixed no okay do you think that mixed women or girls make black men happier
keep it real what’s the second question for today honestly growing up yeah I
don’t I don’t know if it’s necessarily happier but growing up like the guys do
always want to go for the girls with the you know this dude the good hair color
unquote like you know the girls like run you know
shots fired at boys degrees you know just like yeah I kind of give you
perspective okay life sucks dude Chrissy Teigen yeah they
prefer that but I don’t necessarily think they make them happier I know guys
got to spend more money with girls like that okay well dear okay well not hang
on since you said that guys spend more money with girls like that do you think
that even if they spend more money they are happier keep it real
no I don’t think they’re happier I don’t I don’t think like and I was actually
sitting here trying to think of where celebrities are like with high-profile
celebrities do have like a black one and only present
well hang on a second I’m so glad you asked that I’m gonna take my time this
afternoon do you think that Papoose ever came home and Remy Ma said hey baby how
was your day I made a sandwich for you can I rub your feet do you think Remy Ma
ever said that to pop whose top it Brandi stop it I put my guard down okay
Randall good to talk to you darling have a good day
Thanks oh I fuck with Pat heavy but come on
Papoose has never gone home and Remy said hey booboo your foods in the
microwave and I got two quiche Oh cookin you know ready for your daddy I’m gonna
give it to you how you like it no no I don’t think that ever happened Michael
Jordan oh that nigga looks happy doesn’t he Michael Jordan is so happy now he
he’s not even wearing Jordans sneakers every time I see him he’s wearing some
type of italian-made fucking shoes anyway all right old Negro giving game
good afternoon sir sends in a super chet star if she’s a mulatto and hates
herself because she’s half white she’ll make your life miserable dating a half
Guinea right now hashtag chitlins Alfredo if she hates herself why would
she hate herself right yeah I think that’s a misconception about you know um
mixed or light-skinned people be I’m confused I don’t feel like I fit in you
know a lot of mixed people don’t want to fit in but thank you for the superjet a
cash up hang on a second trying to get the new iMac working here psych l good
afternoon sir he says red chicks nasty Brown chicks stay down one more time red
chicks nasty brown chicks stay down okay thank you man
right now got more notes here we’re gonna talk about some other people as
well area code two and four um good afternoon – on for cloud daddy back in
the building how you feel do you want to start what’s going on man thanks Ari
hey what’s up how you man I’m good I want to talk about mix girls and black
man and I’m gonna tell you what it is man it’s the hair that’s what it is
come on we like straight hair straight up we think our grave and if they do in
the natural that’s not gonna come back we like it flowing you know we like to
run our fingers through it without it getting caught in a kink
you know what I’m saying that’s what I think
and these Bolivians sure how old you let’s have a real conversation because
all that can’t you hear the do-rag that’s all stereotypical stuff what I’m
talking about truly happy have you seen Young Jeezy as of late you know what I
think it is I’m joking with the kink and stuff I think that these know it’s an
exposure to another culture you know what I’m saying if they’re mixed with
anything then they got you know you get exposed to that Mexican side to that
Indian side to that South American side and it’s new to us you know what I’m
saying we grew up black we know what that is we want something different now
you know how old you sir done that oh yeah I’m 35 35 are you up to speed on a
young rapper by the name of 1804 Jack boy he just said on Instagram I don’t
like dark skinned girls he said they’re violent he spoke about you know when
they always want to attack somebody on behalf of their men you ever heard of
him 18:04 Jack boy no I heard you speak about him earlier but you know I think
kind of like the caller was saying earlier I think they he prefers
light-skinned I mean we think that’s more attractive mixed okay but I’m
talking about happy young jeezy looks happy well I don’t know I got a
light-skinned girl so well why don’t you have why don’t you have a dark-skinned a
queen queen look I would I would have but you know
the dark-skinned girls on the scale of one to ten on average they were they
were pulling in a five or strong six every now and then and those you know
the light ones were mines eight different bounds it’s very very you see
a very dark sky and I’m you know what I mean
you’re a real hater shit like you know I’m an objective here not a player hater
I like brown coochie but thank you sir thank you yeah shit he doesn’t even
think think that they’re attractive enough Wow Young Jeezy J Wayne Jenkins
born 1977 Jeezy I’m happy for you nigga you’re so happy I’m happy for you
what does it name genie my she was married for a decade she’s on that show
is it the talk the real I forget I don’t watch that silly shit but uh he’s happy
hi where’s my list also um okay I mentioned Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy was
married to Nicole Murphy who still has his last name for some reason Eddie’s
got himself a a pink toe as we used to call him back in the 70s you know that
nigga looks happy oh do you think jay-z’s happy no Beyonce doesn’t look
mixed to me she looks like a southern you know caramel complexion but do you
think jay-z’s happy what’s he just married I’m cheating on Beyonce had to
go to therapy and all sorts of crazy shit right go to area code 201 201 we’re
talking about Takashi snitching on the stand what say you to him that’s the
only way out then you don’t want to go to jail
see all that gang all that gang gang shit makes sense when you in the street
it don’t make sense for you to go to jail cuz they ain’t nothing the showcase
will the lower to show off no cameras no no journalists no none of that and you
got to do that all by yourself okay that’s what that’s what that
nonsense is all about and I wish people would stop associating that pop
entertainment with hip hop music hip hop music in the fall
that we know it as died a long time ago right you hip-hop don’t get played on
the radio no more you listening to pop music machine pushed out marketing
promoted mass hysteria nonsense that’s what you’re listening to
yeah none of that stuff that they’re doing except pop music no no I used to
say that well I’ve been saying for many many years that hip-hop is a genre it’s
not a culture but I’ve also been quoted as saying it starts it out as being a
culture once upon a time it did have guidelines rules and parameters it lost
its way it became a corporate you know product so I don’t believe it’s it’s
still hip-hop as you just said what we’re listening to what we’re seeing so
my question I think it’s a valid question will you know Takashi’s niching
help save hip-hop because now we have a scene I’d just finish this point we have
a sea of tattletales you got people claiming to be real yo keep that same
energy yo and they’re the ones doing the fuckboys shit and the fuck girl shit and
it’s no big deal I’m everyday somebody’s there tagging me
on something sending me something and I’m and I’m looking at them like boy
damn I mean never mind the person who’s talking about me what are you doing you
feel me well look all of that what you said is
right and the dismission distinction there’s
no way to bring hip-hop back in the way that you’re not going to see somebody
like everything rockin out there getting money like Drake and all that stuff
because the the music has it’s gone too far
forget about the culture the culture is gone because when you go back to where
the culture is is gentrified not gonna find it it’s it’s just not there it’s
only in the hearts and minds of a few people so when you start talking about
somebody snitchin to bring to bring it back it’s not attached to it so bring it
back what he’s doing is actually just hurting all of these dudes taking
pictures places with change they’re standing cool chrome is acting stupid
with their pants off there but he’s hurting that he’s not hurting or helping
hip hop hip hoppers alright you know I hate to say it
because that’s what I grew up in but it’s gone you know what I’m saying okay
but uh I would like to address this dogskin oh please like it woman yeah
homeboy that just called talking that yo they got straight hair see what people
need to do is they need to come to grips and get away from watching these
commercials and music videos and these women with long pink and red and blonde
hair and eye contacts and all that stuff yo that stuff is brainwashing and you
could just look you could go back to the civil rights movement they were going
crazy over light-skinned women back then they were going crazy over white women
back then these things are deeply embedded it might even be cellular at
this point with how deep this stuff is embedded in people where they have to
have this woman that has small feet like a Chinese woman has Chinese eyes has
black lips and the black foot and and you know back in the day they used to
say that white women to have big titties like having this woman with this
crazy-looking body which is exactly what Kim Kardashian and arrested them
allegedly did to their bodies to make them look like these figurines the dog I
think it’s pretty common knowledge that they have had all sorts of you know
bodily adjustments but what you’re saying make something makes a lot of
sense and if I could also say this I don’t know how long you been listening
to me but you know growing up where I grew up in Scotch Plains New Jersey I
was not but there weren’t too many dark-skinned girls available to me so I
found them to be beautiful and when I finally moved to New York
I didn’t really have the gift of gab to connect to them because I didn’t have
that urban slang I was very very very uh I sounded very much like a suburban kid
I’ll just say that and um but in the back would be hang up I just finished my
point in the back of my mind I always thought about Judi pace and Teresa
graves now those names are long gone for today’s generation Judi pace was an
actress I thought she was beautiful Teresa graves played on a show called
get Christy love and it took me a couple of years
after I got into New York to finally get me some of that type of brown sugar boy
and I did I said hard shit now I’m cooking you felony Pagano give me last
word but you see you mentioned those names a while back I’ve been listen to
you for years okay even I used to read The Source magazine oh man I go back I
go backwards but I’ve heard like maybe a couple years ago and I looked them up
and I’m like okay you know exactly we talked about but see just like how you
mentioned there weren’t that many available see that’s also a part of the
brain not saying that you brainwash but that’s also social engineering well
there weren’t too many available to me where I was from but but on a worldly
stay right right they were out there and if we can pull it back and take more
calls the question is do mix girls make black men happier so you’re saying no
that’s a fallacy it’s bullshit yes I’m saying yes um a lot of them do because
of the brainwashing okay and some don’t and you have to see if it’s a lot minute
too deep but yeah if they do they do okay you gonna catch everybody everybody
and then when you see a beautiful beautiful dark and one yeah yeah you’re
like oh my god like it’s almost like a rediscovering or alien or something that
or a place you’ve ever been almost because of the way things are like like
let’s say you go to Harlem yeah when you see a lot of lot of
dark-skinned women there unless they Afrocentric or about their business yo
they’re not gonna look that good because they if they’re poor they eat junk food
their permanent hair to the point where bail out now they went away and it sound
like you hate no dogs do women are you going no not at all I’m black like of
course not I mean I don’t get me wrong now Dominicans and some Cubans Colombian
but yeah black one I’m not going to take my mother I’m not going to think okay
sure I thank you for your call may take more calls thank you so much I hold on a
second guys yeah I got a Ring Pop for you know showed you up in the DM z–
talking about daddy I’m trying to get with you I just moved down here from New
York said she’s trying to go to Lake Lanier
okay seeing is believing hey also is it is this month take a man on a date month
or something like that can someone please confirm that in a live chat I saw
something up on Instagram the shade room something about September is take a man
or a guy on a date month some Oh crazy shit okay hey Lisa Lee was poppin girl
now are you in Atlanta Lisa Lee I know you say some really nice supportive
things darling are you in Atlanta I’m not flying nobody down to Atlanta I’m
not doing no long-distance relationships if you in Atlanta let’s talk about it
let’s talk about hooking up okay area code let’s go to nine eleven seven
connect to nine one seven two cars she’s six nine snitching will it help save hip
hop nine one seven yo-yo good stars the vitamin hey what’s up man how you
fighting out of Brooklyn girl yes sir children love y’all neither really
crashing man he did he did too much and now he’s in there he’s paying for what
he did so I don’t really want to talk about that because that’s kind of like
he did that to himself hang on vitamin we have to talk about
this we have to this could be a monumental case monumental yes I’ve got
the transcript don’t get it fucked up it I’m just not gonna sit here read all
this shit I’m not gonna act like sharp on Washington he’s telling Noah fans
about it’s not a big year that he’s telling because this is not like this is
circumstantial this was a situation that’s happened to him and this is his
way out of the situation he’s not a Harding 20 year criminal that was
rolling with people that did numerous murders and trafficking in traffic a lot
of our drugs so it’s not like a manger thing it’s not like spare me the bull or
Nicky Barnes situation where heavy hitters are going down this is a
situation of people that you know were earning money and making a name for
themselves and got too carried away with the persona and and now we got real and
unfortunately he has to do some real make some real decisions
with life when i think ii fight him and stay with me stay with me if you ask me
and I don’t have to dump on shadi in those guys I mean truthfully I know some
of the uncles of those guys Takashi is telling and the generation of today is
up to speed on him telling and if you asked me they don’t give a fuck when he
comes out it’ll be back to business he’s gonna go straight to fucking good
morning American one of those other places are called today or whatever and
it’s gonna be back to business so I’m not a necessarily saying that you know
today’s generation should or shouldn’t accept him I’m just asking the question
will it change hip hop hip hop as we know earlier made a very good point that
you know true hip hop is dead but if we’re talking about today’s culture well
it wouldn’t help it him snitching anything because the culture today
things happen in this era moves for didn’t it see hustle get gunned down a
couple of months ago and it’s like it never happened
people don’t care today in hip-hop major events happen people die to be in lots
of people are major things happen and then we talk about it the Beast feeds
off it the media be feeds off it move on to the next thing so I don’t want to
talk I want to go regular shit the lady you say regular shit yeah I won’t talk
about this there’s this thing where men are being vilified for things that are
know they’re out of our control okay has men black men if we’re moving up in a
society we’re going to be exposed much more if you can’t compare your from what
people travel the seventh in the seventh continent you talk about people that are
are in connection are in communication with all different types of races people
so here you’re gonna meet someone that may not be black your your culture or
your thing and if they treat you nice and they treat you respectfully you know
what’s wrong with being with them people have this perception that black black
men make a a concerted effort to not date
dark-skinned woman and it’s not that like if you if I was to meet a darken
woman that was nice to me that treated me with a sir level respect I would date
her but if the next woman happens to be Chinese or Venezuelan or from Qatar and
she treated me the same way I wouldn’t object I went it on not being with her
and not give her the time of day just simply because she was a different
culture okay hang on a sec environment I’m gonna jump in and I’m gonna ask how
will you again I forget we’ve spoken before 30 years Oh 30 is okay what
you’re saying sounds hot sounds hot but truthfully we have 1804 jack boy
even kodak black said he don’t like doors teen girls so you have a lot of
young okay hang on you have a lot of younger black dark-skinned males in
America that are on the same wavelength of these guys and others so there is
there is a internal prejudice internal prejudice okay it’s not just like it’s
not just preference there’s an internal prejudice so I’m just asking the
question if we can pull it back around do you think that mixed girls make black
men happier I don’t think they make black men happier I do think that they
make the black man maybe more tolerable to mix women and their behaviors so well
so maybe if there was a doctor woman and she did the same things that a mixed
race woman did maybe they would cut the black woman off faster and give this
mixed woman more of a chance to Y allow or say you know do some reckless stuff
and stay with her but one thing I want to say before I get on for mine is
nobody ever asked them why they feel like that no I never asked them if
something happened to them when they were younger
no one ever asked them how they were treated when they were younger I’m what
African i’ma basket yeah when I was in school the shit people used to say about
me was crazy they used to make fun of me for being from Africa even before my
skin color no I didn’t carry that on it smart boy hey boom bye-yay
how’s it coming apart me I wanna pardon me no
so I can show you that it’s my adulthood and say now say I’m gonna discriminate
my own women but at the same time I think about that shit that shit stays in
the back of my mind so you have a lot of men that have been discriminated on
their color too and they grow up that way and now they feel a certain type of
way and they and that’s what we see today thank you very well thank you for
calling me thank you yo okay why don’t I say Ali boom bye-yay
stupid let me slow down Klout daddy back and doing too much yeah let me take a
sip of water hold on a second if you’re new to this show you’re new to my
history I’ve had a similar conversation like this years ago oh I remember you
maybe 2002 when I was on hot 97 New York City and in it I don’t like to go back
with these old stories I was um it was a period where there were so many
light-skinned or Hispanic girls in hip-hop salute to Gloria Villa has
always been nice to me we follow each other on Twitter but she was the top
that the top girl in those videos and I was questioning why aren’t there more
dark-skinned girls and that was on a hot 97 saying this the phones weren’t really
popping nobody was feeling me and again I came from the suburbs of New Jersey so
I mean in the in my mind I was trying to get some luck some brown sugar you know
but there was a prejudice if you ask me against drugs and girls now here we are
now in 2019 the question I’m asking is a legitimate question do mixed girls make
black men happier Ronnie’s not gonna call this afternoon she has an
appointment but she said something to me if I remember correctly was last week we
were talking when I was first mentioning this topic because it was in the back of
my mind she said when black females say they
want a dark-skinned man is that colorism or is that I remember
the exact wording that she said but she said is that reverse colorism is
something I don’t know maybe she’ll send a text I don’t know but um there’s a lot
here you know do light skin or me mixed mixed girls make black man happier I’m
coming to super chat and cash up give me a second guys let’s go to area code 727
727 Daniel Hernandez snitching and what you always go big homie yes sir how long
that platter was good okay what’s the matter you know they say I start buckling shit
man they say it’s a they said no listen he comes out of jail
nothing’s gonna happen nothing this error degeneration these maybe they
don’t give a fuck about that shit they just want to be entertained
you don’t wanna say we’re like if he comes out with a hot single yeah and
that’s just popping anybody hold up boys look again like that just what it means
then with there’s no morals principles and values when it pertains to money
they don’t care they just an and on the industry’s gonna eat that up
like they always you know I like he been doing they go make money off with man
you know zombies you a cash cow there’s no more who’s behind you get it poppin
and get this money that’s what it is you know there’s gonna be no effect is what
you’re saying is just gonna be back to business
Oh nobody’s doing nothing nobody’s gonna do nothing to him nothing I didn’t want
to tell you nobody won’t do nothin did you see water former drug dealer
Alpo in a picture with him in a faizon love did you see that hey to miss a walk
yeah for that shit holy Sh these niggas don’t care that’s a
way to get why would you that’s he’s our no rat that nigga killed a minor killed
a minor way you think they taking pics with this nigga I’m like yo and then if
you say no you won’t you won’t see that to his face I won’t even talking Oh didn’t he um he snitched on his his
enforcer who killed a bunch of people celebrating this nigga how ha no no D
this is crazy I don’t get it and I’m 35 like these
niggas is older than me I whenever he won’t shit like that like that’s crazy
baby I don’t care who he snitched on over he snitched she’s a rat he killed a
little kid I don’t you think it’s crazy yeah I don’t know I’ll be going saying
hey do you want to chime in on the second question do mix girls make black
men happier happier yeah I mean listen this is from a person from a Puerto
Ricans perspective right some Hispanic perspectives right I’m pulling a box but
I live in Florida okay st. Petersburg they know about black ships out you know
I love them I love them but I love a blood but fucking ghetto one they get
like you can’t take them nowhere sometimes in diseases like I get it and
it for it to be like um it’s a racist thing of course right a lot of black
goons out here will white chicks walking around and Walmart like will trophy Z
shit like I’m like like it’s it is crazy like this they said it’s crazy I listen
I I get it cuz I got both perspectives from the Bronx to hear y’all I’m saying
but are you are you married or do you have a girlfriend and if so cute O’s
what do you I’m single okay I know I’m single okay now I’m
single I got a daughter but I’m single I’m great but all man yeah man he’s I’m
saying like I listen to each his own my fingers did whoever makes me happy
well I was rubbing my feet when I come home and all that that’s who I’m fucking
with alright well it should be 500 pounds 150 pounds I don’t care if she’s
white black Hispanic or whatever was gonna cheat me right I got your mother
you go I’m saying that’s what it is man slander good to talk to you man thank
you for the call salut okay folks I do have the transcripts
here hang on a sec let me just glance it something Daniel Hernandez snitching
tell them so what today’s generation tells sure you do
I realized back in 2012 that today’s generation would become exactly what it
is now Google starts niching and put my face in
there or my name see what comes up start snitching I have a 501 C 3 a federal
approved nonprofit organization oh I do charity work don’t get it fucked up yes
I do I get niggas to fuck up out of here some people give out turkeys in the
project some people do over at that stuff called their Toys for Tots they’ve
been doing that for decades salute to those who do that I get the fuck up out
of here that’s my charity hold on a second who’s
texting me okay okay business with a bullshit thank you so
much all right coming back to the phone lines that sort of ramble a little bit
more just give me a second here some of these things I was thinking about
yesterday oh I know this is gonna sell me some real fuckboys shit but I’m gonna
ask you anyway I’m in Atlanta I’m doing the most I’m talkin reckless up on my IG
page for those who follow me should I get a tattoo yo somebody hit me my dear
very nice young lady she has a tattoo shop here in Atlanta and Brad Pitt just
got a tattoo I think Brad Pitt and I are the same age hold on a second let me
just make sure I’m not doing total a second what year was he born Brad Pitt he just got some new tattoo and I said
you know it’s different and okay was whoa Brad Pitt was born in 63 he’s a
year older than me here I was against tattoos for decades back when I seroma
the Latin Kings the fucking shower Posse and I was always against that shit you
no I had a couple of friends in the Nieto’s the ball busters near like yo-yo
get a tattoo pop I say nah I’m not trying to go to jail and any fucking you
know attach me to you niggers so that’s why I was I was so against getting
tattoos and growing up my mother used to say or a lot of people during the 60s
and the 70s on tattoos are for sailors and whores
that’s what they used to say back in the 60s well probably even farther back
tattoos are for sailors and whores different day in time now milking live
chat see my troll baby say hey guys should Klout daddy get a tattoo huh we think oh yeah let me know hit me on
my IG diem send me any type of suggestions I’m thinking about it you
know down here doing the most smoking Skywalker og I’ll talk about that later
let me go to super check good afternoon uh creflo holler it’s not about being
happier store just black men are more honest about what they like white men
will stay with the pale bitch that they hate for the family’s sake okay there’s
a lot of a lot of depth to what you just said yeah white man will stay with the
UM with the wife Wow white man will even make it he’ll even become a crossdresser
in the home and the family will know he’s going off into the fucking den to
cross-dressing they leave him the fuck alone but thank you for you stupid Chet
Mike Jones good afternoon sir he says keep it real star
you’ve been under the spell of fire coochie before you were probably
sniffing coke from the girls okay he’s talking vulgar back in the 80s okay well
what does that have to do with the topic sir do mix girls make black man happier
was I under this bell of the fire coochie I think maybe
twice in my life you know two points in my life I was sober back in the 80s and
once once in the 90s where I said you know I really appreciate this bitch you
know me they’re all bitches but you know I don’t know if I can say I was under
the spell then I can’t say hey Clark cunt
glad to know sir he says respectfully thank you sir for your superjet Dominic
my cousin Dominic fu star you beige-colored
okay I think this is my cousin if you wasn’t wearing it would be camouflaged
with the wall behind oh cool he’s going crazy yeah that’s my
cousin from Jersey he’s mad because his mother left me some property and not him
you’ve been a fuckup all your life Dominic that’s not my my problem well
purple love good afternoon sends in a super jet star there are there are a lot
of self-hating black men which is why they don’t appreciate the black woman
and put them down white brainwashing in action okay let me ask you another
question because I got notes I was ready for this topic there’s gonna be a little
fucked up um do you think that Barack Obama ever woke up next to Michelle and
she said to him baby you’re so smart intelligent I’m happy to be married to
you or I’m honored to be married to you do you think Michelle Obama ever said
that to Barack Obama or do you think she had that scarf on her head mouth poked
out if she said him they don’t really know you you’ll be getting lucky huh
I mean it depends on your definition of happiness but goddamn it Young Jeezy
looks happy okay here’s another super check from Dominic fuck you
Oh from way back okay now it’s personal Thank You Dominic
thank you ma’am Clarke cunt says fu oh Clark cunt sends in to effuse Wow hey
man thank you yeah house of anaconda says this is a pimp on the phone pay
attention okay I don’t see you at your phone number I see you super chapped I
do not see your phone number House have an account where are you sir ma’am I’m
see if I could look for you I don’t see a phone number anywhere any code six one
nine but afternoon six one nine two calm snitchin yeah mmm what I would have
thought yes doggy daddy on the second thing was home sick Takaki snitchin like
the other callers said prior life something surprising you know I mean and
I you know what I don’t expect nothing to happen for matter
there should be nothing saboteur mattre because if george zimmerman’s walk
around popping bitches and faith-filled as a free man and no one’s fucking
touching them why hey why shouldn’t the CAHSEE run around
free right you know what I mean I hear a lot of catching that would be you know
her in cage and doing all this and that yeah and this still walking around
so niggas talking about if I see that nigga on god I’m i’ma do something to
him Oh God nothing’s gonna happen yo but yo but my take on like I’m Hispanic all
right okay when it take some from what I’ve seen like you know I hate that word
I hate that freestyle painting because I see a lot of black females like cuz all
my homeboys of black patients you’re making their dark into right okay got
this shit together they’re not hooded they’re not good at all
we got the shit together graduate and all that right man we’re amongst when
we’re monkey you know super bad dark and chick they be coming up to me Lou what
are you you know what I mean about yo yo Dominican Mexican and as soon as my
dark-skinned homeboys try to chime in on some regular shit you know cause we’re
all conversing they look at him and be like nigga we know you black all bad
okay yeah so it could because some of that you know what I mean because like
you know fuckin with the white bitch was a little bit more easier in terms of a
you know got it really change who you our first I be seeing these a lot of
black chicks begins these white boys and they change their whole the way they
talk they’re trying to be nice to the white boys whereas if we fuck with some
white chicks you know they love how we talk how old you sure you love it oh
yeah 31 31 31 what what type of good what type of girlfriend or boyfriend
respectfully do you have no no I got a visa Antiguan and Jamaican dark down
okay are you happy yeah are you happy yeah she cooks she I’m happiest fuck
best woman I’ve ever been in my life but with light-skinned chick well let’s go
back to life let’s stay let’s stay what with what you just said you’ve got
yourself a drunken woman and you’re truly happy you’re happy
yeah why haven’t you married her we’re getting married this weekend we’re doing
good stop it stop it sir why haven’t you been back
why don’t you marry we’re still getting our we’re still trying to get out of
debt sir we’ve been getting farther the true definition of love true definition
of love is to fools with the misunderstanding if you love her you who
gives a fuck about dead fuck about that why haven’t you married her oh that was
the reason I don’t believe you sir I don’t believe you know what I don’t fuck
other bitches I think that’s another thing okay I’m not gonna quit I’m not
gonna call you a woman a bitch I don’t know her but if you’re happy
go ahead go ahead and get married stop bullshit okay no you right you right you
getting the take when you getting that tattoo I don’t know I gotta check with
my my my off off and on again girlfriend but listen thank you for the call man
thank you thank you happy best girl I ever had true love is
the point of selflessness as lovers I care about you more than I care about
myself it’s all about you it’s matter of fact I
don’t think I’ve ever been really really in love I don’t think I’ve ever cared
about a female more more than I’ve cared about myself have I liked a bunch of
girls or I’ve liked a lot of them I’d like to you know let me go to cash um
hang on a second Elvis the chef Rosenberg good afternoon sir okay he’s
on six for six let me see if I can find him real quick six for six I’ll bring
you in give me a second we get some calls rocking here for six I don’t see
his number are you calling me from different number Elvis sir than what you
sent me okay here he is okay sit tight I got you sir come you next
aiming the dream good afternoon many of dem DM South Negroes are self
haters weirdos okay okay Shona hey Shona I always hear mixed
women give men hella issues yeah they do but do those issues balance out with
regards to being truly happy you know a lot of mix girls run their mouths they
do it in more banaji way you know but you said you said you cared for me you
know shit like that you know five o’clock in the morning somebody poking
you waking you up thank you for your cash Shep though
Shona hold on a second garden boy King 24 says star alive in
the middle of the day hashtag the grind never stops yeah man clout daddy huh got
the brand-new iMac and I said you know I’m a little triangle live now let’s see
if I can get this shit ready for tonight but thank you for your care Shep sir
Erin good afternoon oh shit star spelled backwards is rats
salute this is faxer yeah and let me just also
add this in case you’re new listener real niggers don’t want to go to jail
but we ain’t scared go to jail and some of us just don’t have time to go to jail
you know I can truly say back in the 80s I was locked up I did a couple of skid
bits and I never did a stretch I did skid beds and it was the worst thing for
me because I was on coke back in those days I’m in the bullpen I was in
Brooklyn Detention Center I was on Rikers Island back in the early 80s I
was like fuck this is a waste of my time I never had any real issues or any real
fights or anything like that but I was just like yo this is a waste of my time
yes so you can say a star spelled backwards is rats who gives a fuck but
thank you for your super gesture Natasha Natasha they date mixed women because of
self-hate harsh are you calling in Natasha Natasha Young Jeezy looks happy
to me Elvis the chef Rosenberg way there sir area code six four six hello Rosenberg come here good sir William I’m
happy I’ve been thinking about what you’re talking about let me just say
this I did some research and eighty-nine percent of blacks in America marry
blacks in America it’s something like with a white man marries a black woman
it’s something like 0.3 percent and if a black man marries a white one by the way
this is Wikipedia census that I’m looking at so I’m striving something
from the census of things of 2015 and I look back to 2010 and I looked back to
2005 something like that I didn’t take screenshots Oh forgive me okay ah it’s
like what we’re talking about is just the way we feel things are opposed to
what the data represents and for me I’m only with black women I can’t even
imagine not being with a black woman I love everything
aspect of it there’s only one thing though you don’t know how to cook but if
you don’t know how to cook I could teach you how to cook so if you’re willing to
learn how to cook then we can make it work my wife she’s she’s a phenomenal
shot okay and I think GZ is so happy because he finally has a woman who is
now has a platform that can pick him up instead of him making a woman a star she
can have her stardom and his daughter so that’s where that shine is coming from
hang a second over snow hold on now if you remember because you know I come
prepared back in 2000 what was it Hurricane Katrina 2005 if I remember
correctly young jeezy opened his doors to people that were in need of shelter
and his former baby mama or a wife whoever she was at the time she took
issue with that and then filed more paperwork to get him to pay her more
money because she wasn’t doing shit now respectfully I don’t know whatever
happened to that son of my fucking business but you know Jeezy is probably
at a point where he just wants somebody to you know just be there for him
whether she has a platform or not I don’t think that’s really the fucking
issue or really what he’s so concerned about because he’s got some type of
charity now and his new girlfriend Jeanie my from singer named ray she’s
involved helping him so I was just trying to point out you know once upon a
time he had a woman that you know there was some issues wouldn’t really hold him
down now he’s seems like she’s living his best life it does appear like that
it doesn’t feel like that but the numbers do still show that you know
black is marrying blacks now you know and the women are making us happy you
know it’s just it’s just it just appears that it is like that appears that you
know it looks like from the outside it looks like oh man all these mixed women
are snatching up all the black men but they’re not getting the numbers of
proving that they’re not marrying them this is just like what you’re talking
about marriage over the chef Rosenberg I’m talking about you know just dating
you know in general you know hanging out I’m not talking about so much getting
married me are you familiar with a P P from quality
control have you seen him lately all right niggas happy no living is best
live huh yeah what about a Michael Strahan ex-wife’s white woman who he had
the twins with who now wants more than 18,000 a month after 15 years and she
deserves it she held him down for almost 20 years
she deserves we have to be real with ourselves me you can’t just say ah you
know you know she’s old news I know she pushed out you babies she held you down
once upon a time deserve now you want more now she wants more give us some
more you got it a little more yeah well she didn’t they can’t happy I tell you
that much not at the end okay yeah what else thought it was the other topic get
tattoo what was the other topic well I’m asking should I get a tattoo Brad Pitt
just got a new tattoo he’s a year older than me I’ve always been against that
sort of stuff but you know the sound I’m down in Atlanta I’m I’m doing the most
you know I’m up on Instagram look after me birthday host also it’s a crazy she’s
what dang got those sleeves yeah yeah yeah Anthony Bourdain guys tattoo
sleeves done when he was in his fifties he’s dead man we talking instead
yeah but before he died he got his feet I sleeves he got clean tattoos okay I
hid that in his 50s he didn’t do that in the 30 to 40 yeah well he killed himself
Jim can we be respectful this man would take more calls Thank You Man thank you
all this to chef Rosenberg on the check in 50 cent isn’t he dating a
dark-skinned girl now he was with some type of mixed Hispanic or something had
a beautiful child with her now he’s dating a black girl is he happy or is he
like you know just fronting and stuntin and didn’t fifty allegedly try and burn
down his former baby’s mother’s house allegedly lawsuits are flying all sorts
of crazy shit let me go to cash app um good afternoon
– um who’s this why is that name spelt crazy some of these names are crazy okay
I guess the chef Rosenberg Jafar good afternoon chief are mixed women are the
new white women okay okay you say so every coat be for three we have to know
eight four three are you there hello yes what’s up man I’m all right
man just smoking one I wanted to make a few comments on your topics day okay can
we start with Takashi’s six nine this is trending everywhere he’s
snitching no if ands or buts he’s tellin you give a fuck yeah he’s singing
yeah he’s singing like he’s sweat on the stand man they had him in the courtroom
demonstrating the gang signs and handshake stars they had him telling
everything oh my gosh it was he was telling all the dudes already inside and
who was who in with the ranking wise and was a top dog I’m like oh my gosh he’s
bringing everybody down bringing everybody down but I can’t say that one
caller had a point he did have a point where you said what the Kazi is it’s the
name now what you really stand back and look at the crimes committed and
everything it’s kind of like I get wife if he said he can be a snitch and still
make music because he was never really in the lifestyle itself and his fans for
the most part weren’t either so he can still come out and still make music
that’s why I’m asking the question will he help save hip-hop because there needs
to be oh fucking clear understanding now more than ever
you’re either a gangster or you’re a fucking entertainer a lot of these
people got it twisted I’m so sick and tired of people saying yo keep that same
energy when in reality they’re doing fuck
boy shit on the internet if your tattletaling if you’re telling you’re
sending screenshots are you doing all this other shit
are you really keeping it real you know right I bet that’s all of that is what I
call bitch culture you can’t participate as bitch culture and then look at
somebody on the stand on the dudes to be like ah he’s got a real bigger but
you’re not either when you’re you’re posting news articles on my facebook and
it highlighting things and droppin people now we’re talking so you can’t be
a hypocrite about it like there’s no code anymore the understanding is
hip-hop was what it was but it is what it is now it’s sold off its pop culture
it’s smoke and mirrors it’s all for show look at Meek Mill like nobody wants to
talk about how big no charges just went like poof like this went away and all of
a sudden he’s performing for the NFL and he’s rubbing shoulders with jay-z
and he’s also best friends with Robert Kraft who got off on sex charges and the
Patriots are just acquiring deals behind closed doors it’s all connected sorry
and people just need to come to terms that all this shit has been sold off
hip-hop has been sold it sold you want to comment on the other topic do mix
girls make black men happier all right that’s what I really call forth
I do miss girls make black man happier the answer is ruff Chef Boyardee
whatever his name was called up and he said he was coming out since the stats
and whatnot yeah but he failed to understand what you’re talking about
people dating now and what you see even with younger people I’m 31 with other
people 21 years old 25 they aren’t dating
everybody they’re dudes are coming through the dating the Asian girl down
the street they’re dating the white girl works at Applebee’s debating everybody
these younger dudes they don’t care if the census numbers coming from people
who are already married like they grew up with in the 70s or whether it’s a
different era back yes these mix girls are yes make even happier yes yes 18:04
jack boy talking that shit up on the ground looking right in the camera he
said he said dark I don’t like dark skinned girls just like that straight
face B’s you see more and more things or the artists they’re saying that they
think Kodak said it a lot of Chris Brown he likes mixed girls like
yes yes thank you for calling me thank you salute okay tell it and what nigga
and what Joey snitching yo if it was me if it was you nigga you tell – I’m
knocking – fuck off I’ve already given you the history of
the poor me the history of the La Cosa Nostra
they were snitching Lucky Luciano he was snitching how do you think it became so
powerful snitching working with the government down there on the docks anything here with the transcripts that
we want to point out hey give me a second I’m so over this Takashi six nine
tree way shit and I don’t say this to be disrespectful those niggas were not
multimillionaires shoddy couldn’t even get up sixty racks to pay his lawyer
flat last time he was arrested remember that super violated super duper ain’t no
okay yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s describing what a blinky means in court and niggas
making YouTube videos tell him look at what’s his name a game the rap of the
game you can see game show with gang signs mean would that maybe five years
ago tellin me Nick this up on YouTube been tellin no but sent Akashi eyes are Michael oh good afternoon sir sends in a
cash at 69 is FBI fuck boy incorporated yes sir he is absolutely no if ands or
buts thank you for the cash oh yeah the fuck boy he’s gonna come out he’s gonna
join rock nation then what and nobody will care black race is good
afternoon sir he says I swear a mixed bitch stole my wallet
phone and keys at 1:00 a.m. last night and then dub it use the key and my ID
found the crib and came in my door at 11:00 8:00 and what the fuck are you
serious black racist believed she came to your house what a dark-skinned woman
have kept going I’ve always said that mixed and light-skinned women if you ask
me are more ruthless cutthroat conniving oh I’ve met some scamming scamming
bitches in my day they know how to get it high yellow girls no hiding little
cardi be out there trick rollin niggers allegedly allegedly you know oh that’s
another one hanger so let me put him on the list off set it off set happy they
look happy to me make it so happy he said I want my family back together you
know now he’s a pimp don’t get it fucked up but ya all upset he’s happy I’m still
waiting for someone to answer the question do you think jay-z is truly
happy Beyonce doesn’t look mixed to me country bumpkin
jiggaman go to area code 6 7 8 good afternoon 6 7 8 yeah Kakashi’s
snitching ya understand what say you sir Oh anybody with the CAHSEE to begin with
it’s stupid so I’ll either care about that situation because honestly if you
never see that coming you’re crazy I tell you ok can we can we be real with
each other can we be religious I have an organization called snitch network.org
snitch oh work dot org I do charity work don’t get it fucked up
now do you yeah I get niggas to fuck up off these streets if they’re doing dumb
shit let’s keep it real do you take screenshots and send screenshots and
also Tino recording phone calls you you’re talking to somebody on one phone
and then you’re recording with the other you just like that right
no no I’ll tell you my background I was in the military issued so we got
something in military called operational security so yeah I saw how you can use
information Mincy submit the information I’m real careful with information plus I
have my own I feel with information that’s my job
I literally protect information so I’m Way more hits getting caught up with
that in like anybody’s billing me know I’m a face-to-face type person okay hear
what I’m saying so right this is the thing like I’m from the Bronx
CastleVille right okay and I grew up that was like no snitching you know deep
deep rooted culture you know and how about that is this like one of my best
friends actually snitched on my cousin this is crazy shit so this is personal
okay sensing away for 19 years so I don’t
like it because I put it to the test what was the senator on John McCain
right no he was captured in Vietnam so it ain’t really got London do it streets
in it is just really cultural so it’s like this look
he was the Admirals son he could have told secrets they would have cleaned it
up for him but he did you see what I’m saying and it’s like that’s important
cuz I didn’t that you got your own personal honor so the whole answer is it
if you could look yourself in the mirror then do whatever you want
but that’s what I’m saying this all about if you’re able to personally look
yourself in a mirror after you do something you see I get niggas up off
these streets and I sleep good at night I see good you know go a star I’m a big
fan have no problem what you do because you never took nobody I knew off the
street I don’t do nothing to get taken off the street and they look I see both
sides of the culture I was in I was basically in the military you see what
I’m saying so it’s like this fight I live both like better today I think
one caller but somebody said it before me just don’t do no dumb shit because
that’s a day you’re gonna get caught up there’s no money out here most of you
know people ain’t built for that run up with a real crazy nigger alright thank
you for the call tonight thank you for your service in the military thank you
so much I don’t care thank you ma’am yeah Gang Gang it’s akashi snitching
started snitching yesterday and what I got the transcripts right here breaking
down gang term terminology and what same fuck ass niggas up on social media doing
the most now you got a issue with Takashi gang gang gold conditioning good
afternoon sends in a super chet any woman that allows a black man to have
authority over her will make him happier black women stand up for themselves more
compared to other groups okay okay if you say so
what hate is enough good afternoon sir he says 69 is gonna face as many
consequences on this snitching business with with as much heat as he got over
his free range of using the word nigger every five minutes yeah yeah yeah I’m
not gonna comment on that because you know over the years I’ve gone back and
forth on the whole n-word I mean just sometimes it annoys me it really does
you know sometimes I just I don’t want to hear it I don’t wanna fucking see it
I mean but then again I was born in 64 you know I’m proud of my age part of my
generation and but I understand how today’s generation moves yo my nigga yo
nigga and then nigga in Spanish kids upon me Hispanic kids hit more than a
black kids Hundred Acre Woods on the check-in via superjet he says niggas
what is this okay prefer non black women are afraid to be God
it takes a certain self-assurance and confidence to lead a black woman I’m on
nine one seven oh shit hold on a second honey come on is that you sure oh honey
would you yeah how are you sir what’s going on star yes I’m good man oh
yeah thank you for your super chat what do you wanna start with your comments
please yeah as far as I do mix women make black man happier I mean it’s all
about perspective how you look at it if you want a woman that’s going cater to
you and just let you run over her which is what it sounds like nigga talking
about or she won’t rub my feet and all that dumb shit bro then yeah you won’t
that’s gonna make you happy temporarily and so you realize that you’re just
spoiled brat and you looking for another mommy figure but if you play if you
really grow up and be a man about yours then a black woman’s attitude is not
going to intimidate you because one you’re not gonna go for that
and once you see that you’re not gone for that she’s gonna tone it down and
follow you because you a leader that’s just what being a grown black man is so
as far as nigga spoken actually like oh I can’t deal with a black woman cause
niggas is scared of a mom and they don’t want to deal with the responsibility of
growing up well so fortunate and the a black woman’s attitude actually scary as
hell so if you if you’re not ready to deal
with that shit then you know you just gonna be a coward okay I hear what
you’re saying stay with me this day will stay with me now youyou said you know if
you’re spoiled well doesn’t the black man deserve to be spoiled
no we’re Gucci slides trapping and then at the black man the original man
original man entitled to all the fruits of nature in a abundance no but we in
America we in America’s 2019 we not we’re not back in Africa with all the
principles and all that okay right now it’s trying to recover from
400 years so as you haven’t learned from those
lessons if you haven’t taken that and bossed up to be God and honor yourself
as a descendant of the original man yeah which is the point on primate then a
black woman’s won’t run over you because in order to be a real black man and
stand up you’re gonna have to challenge that European mindset of what manhood is
but that sure is that mentality is what broke black manhood
okay yes how old you are sir really tell me I did turn 34 okay okay so I would
imagine you do have a black girlfriend or dark skin or dark skin wife yes
ah I’ll show you love me she wasn’t try here all that dumb shit you were doing
great and I was I was billing you so your girl left you when she dark skin or
light-skinned fuck yeah had a South Africa I had a South
Africa woman I call before you out there I was on my cold blast
I don’t remember stay with me stay with me so your dog skin girlfriend she left
you be she wasn’t trying to hear that shit you know you’re now pumping to me
that’s right okay she wants to be modeling and being on Instagram and all
that that flashes you know I’m on my knowledge passing and trying to try to
get them back that way so you just denounced all that you know original man
Afrocentric you know horseshit that I was kicking butt yet and still you
didn’t want your drugs I didn’t know that’s an old back annotation I’m
paraphrasing but now you’re saying you didn’t want your girlfriend to get up on
open the ground to be stunt in front and going to get the bag you’re trying to
stop a hope and get money yes that’s that’s that’s the dumpster that goes
with we’re trying to be pro black but also accountants I mean you guys got to
figure it out but at the end of the day you got to stand
and be about yours and like I said as if she is not on that time she go and she’s
not gonna be with it she won’t run away and she’s really about herself and and
being a woman about she wanna understand you as a man and and they all follow
suit so you didn’t have the stomach to send her on a date or pimp her out no
that’s too much view now I go up in no black woman stalking that October white
girl but not no black woman I appreciate the call thank you so much thank you all
right get your pimp on pimps don’t discriminate pens don’t discriminate you
got a lot of pimps I hate pimping trannies now game done changed gay game
done fucking changed hold on a second let me let me make sure I’m not doing
too much I’m gonna check my super Jackie black racist coming to catch up shortly my folks I’m considering getting a
tattoo dumbass down here in Atlanta you know puffin Skywalker og Oh what’s next
off fuck is with you nigga uh no name hey no name thank you for the cash yet
mmm men like subservient women okay okay I’m
not gonna disagree with what you’re saying but what’s wrong with a man
wanting an agreeable woman what you see that’s what I’m my mother told me back
in the 70s you know she said hey I don’t care what she date but what you what you
ultimately decide to you know marry make sure she’s an agreeable woman and then
she said some other things I didn’t give you life to save these heifers from
their true destiny but you know I remember her saying you should be in
seek of an agreeable woman but thank you for your cash yep sir not saying you have to like you know
kiss my feet you know and laugh at all my goddamn jokes me it’s nice when a
woman laughs at your jokes that’s that’s a very good indicator if you know if
she’s feeling you or not if a woman laughs at you jokes you know even a few
jokes of bullshit you know she’s got a giggle some time if he ain’t giggling
she ain’t feelin you okay someone sent me a link about yeah yeah I don’t want
to talk about Thea the woman who bailed our Kelly out now she wants the money
back and the judge says fuck out here yeah I’m not keeping for no-ho-ho did
what she was supposed to do she came up off the scroller got him out of jail
fuck am I supposed to be sitting yeah give that hold of money back not a ho
coughed it up bless her heart hold on a second I will just make sure
to touch on more of this Takashi six nine area code 42 for good afternoon
cloud daddy I’m back in action are you there they want this cartoon yes sir
okay I’m gonna work right now just tuning in to you let me just say a
couple of things Takashi if he gets out of jail he gets out are
they gonna give him the business I’ll carry that this is a new dinner if the
new generation but the streets our streets period period it is what it is
there’s always been a new generation and they always there to the old school
rules just because there’s a lot of stresses right now don’t mean the game’s
gonna change now let me get to this black one there no sir stay with me I
know you at work man hang on you’ve said a mouthful he said a mouthful you know
Alpo that bozo he’s a fucking bozo he’s walking around right now smiling taking
pictures with people and he killed a minor he killed a fuckin minor if
anybody and I don’t want to talk reckless you know and be accused of you
know trying to send somebody kills my but you if anybody should be touched I’m not saying he should I’m just sayin
if if something was gonna be done to somebody you got it nigga walk around
now smiling he put niggas in the ground and now now we saw through fucking games
Takashi’s snitching on a bunch of bum ass niggas over a couple of five judges
fights these niggas weren’t moving bricks it’s a bullshit case but the
thing is but what we’re going on his bed they turn in these niches like like a
teacher’s name into coming kakashi their celebrity so it’s gonna be some stuff
that I want to take pictures with these dudes that want to be cool to make them
seem cool but it still snitching no matter how you look at it the streets is
gonna take care of it is what it is the forces of nature will take care of oh
now let me say this about on the black women any black do it goes across the
world that hate on black women I don’t care if they dark in a life in stuffing
any black dude I think they’re better off it’s a female isn’t me it’s a subtle
mix women are just as crazy makes women are just as crazy have artitude just a
low ceiling and I hate when black me use this notion oh I like her because she
has an attitude but I can women across this world should be able to have an
attitude they didn’t want be decades being centuries seeing a black man
seeing a father’s they brother say uncle days granddaddy’s they kids get abused
in this country so it’s okay for black man to have a attitude but I went ain’t
that don’t make sense at all it’s real noise in there back when I can’t dwell
but I thank you for the calls real noise in the background I appreciate a call
man he’s at work like you said um chance the rapper that nigga looks happy every
time he’s talking to somebody it is big ass kool-aid smile you know a Sambo
smile who else is on my list here a salute to
the homies Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz gave me a picture I still have it boy I think
it’s in upstate New York it’s a big-ass framed picture of Muhammad Ali and he
gave me a letter to Swizz Beatz oh he’s got a lot of respect for him but he’s
happy he’s happily married to Alicia Keys
that nigga’s happy horses ex-wife’s name was it mashanda
I met her I interviewed her she was hot Kanye West Kanye got well he’s cuckoo
for cocoa puffs but he’s happy with Kim stop talking about my wife man I’m
talking about my wife hey anybody see um Jalen Rose up on Vlad tv.com Oh
Jota he pick for it for number five out of the top ten his top ten greatest
basketball players let me see if you saw the interview send it in cash after
super chat huh holding Jalen Rose say number five over Kobe we talking this
afternoon huh look alive Jesse day no mm there we go Tony Piper salute yeah
somebody said why you are wearing a ring pop because I got it for a whole man lay
up on my you know Instagram of my DM daddy I’m trying to get I’m trying to
get which I’m gonna ring bubble but why I got it sugar
I got waiting for you not no motherfucking cubic zirconia not no
goddamned no diamond a ring pop okay yesterday they know who Jalen Rose said
was number 10 hang on a second uh area code
909 good afternoon 909 cloud daddy back and full effect are you there no no they
start doing it hey so are you I’m terrible who’s this hey what’s up
man how you run I’m good chillin lunch break you know okay please but yo I
wanted to touch on these light-skinned dark-skinned thing no no Luke a nice low
down slow down no the question is who mixed girls make
black men happier inspired by Young Jeezy akh Snowman that nigga looks like
he’s found paradise he’s probably getting manis and pedis and all sorts of
fly shit go ahead yeah well to me personally I
think that you know happiness within a relationship or when you sing or has not
nothing to do with the with the race or the ethnic background of your me because
I feel that to happiness come comes from from from self but the problem is too
many of us are looking for happiness through our mates right so as a result
you have dark-skinned women because they feel that they have too much of an
attitude to deal with but I found that every woman has attitude I know
everything women were attitude or white women African we learning or outfit
American I really gotta pinky mothers you know I think that the true happiness
comes from you hang on a second lieutenant because you and I have spoken
before you’ve already admitted that your family back in the Congo they would like
to see you bring something home of a lighter complexion you’ve already
admitted that so what what you what you say
right now you can spit in that RealFlight Cucamonga shit and yet that’s
cute that’s cute yeah but now you yourself why aren’t you
married to a black woman a dark-skinned woman oh and are you in seek of someone
that you know maybe a little bit more agreeable with you oh you know what I
mean think of somebody that’s willing led by me you know because I feel that
I’m a man of principle I’m a good man I took your my madness so if he’s gonna
come to my life you need to bring something more than just a drug you know
I think I’m sorry you need to bring something more than that what you are in
your life and I’ve found that that’s the biggest thing that I personally haven’t
been able to find what I find you know a black man yeah but it is not bring
anything else run that back you said black doors to women they’re not
bringing what to the table I’m saying the black woman the black women that I
am dating so far look you know and I’m looking for more as the clouds part the
sky shows its true colors you small shift in the 70s you sir hang on to this
show for weeks and weeks and we just talked about I prefer to date
dark-skinned girls but now you’re saying they don’t bring anything to the table
other than a fat ass and some bouncing jokes where you going in star star star
again I’m sorry very clearly I think my experience so far have been searched
I’m not saying drop women my thing talking women because I didn’t
women I’m saying the document that I did is so forever I’m gonna put that on me
because because I tend to go for the look too much in the beginning and then
I get caught up you know and light bright and almost white huh right now
most way because you can’t really take a white girl back to your family in the
Congo because that will be the face of the oppressor to them correct easier
time going ten toes down I just started respect bullshit I respect that I
respect that you kept it real yeah you can be real but again that’s not the
point of the car no no no no no stay with me stay with me stay with me you is
your grandmother still alive respectfully your grandmother still
alive okay well the older guard you bring home a white woman and say this is
this is the one that’s the one some of them will fall down fall down
and start thanking God yes I know that you’ve said enough
okay you’ve said another Thank You Man thank you thank you I start throwing
bones on the floor with saucy shit thanking the spirits Lucania on the
check-in good man hang on a second Fort Greene bully on the check it was poppin
big nigga he sends in a super check star-69 is snitching on
people not even in his case he’s telling on a rapper who you put as your tenth in
all-time list trippy red he’s King rat yeah yeah he
snitched on Casanova he called Casanova a gang member because she is saying
listen y’all gonna get me out of here called trippy right a gang member
yeah thank you for your supercharger chorizo so star you should get a tattoo
of the letter Y on your left cheek and ba ought to spell yoga on the other one
what Y on your left cheek okay and ba on okay I think you forgot the Oh sir Malik
Yoba hey speaking of Malik Yoba you know we did a show was it last week
I think Friday show was kind of crazy we’re just doing too much and some of
you a couple of younger people you were asking me who was the guy that I
referenced in terms of you know giving a very good and and detailed breakdown of
Malik Yoba interview on The Breakfast Club that
young man’s name is Armand Wiggins he puts in some great work great work in
terms of content doing the damn thing he’s uh stepped his game up salute to
that young man Armand Wiggins yeah check him out I thought he did a great job I
didn’t see the whole video because I was I was swamped but um he was really
laying it down in terms of um you know how Malik Yoba is twisting things around
being evasive and Armand Wiggins he was speaking in a very nice tone he wasn’t
being catty he wasn’t being you know he wasn’t on the attack but yeah
Armand Wiggins check him out on YouTube and there’s some other people as well
that I do like to give props to in terms of a YouTube content wholeness
separately just make sure I’m not missing anything here I’ll see if I can
get to them a little bit later but I want to get back to
Takashi six nine stitching day two started snitching
yesterday do you give a shit area code 202 good afternoon takashi
Talan tell them Lord Jesus lay there – oh – no ok look there’s another – ok
yeah – yes sir yo-yo will Gustav did his brandy man was
sponsored yo yes little boy have you seen Alpo out here taking celebrity
pictures with niggers man have you seen that dumb shit man I didn’t see it but
some people who was texting me told was telling me about I did fuck with his
comedy I’ll fuck with him heavy minna I was like wow man you taking a picture
with that right ass nigga nigga killed the minor man you know man you know what
I must say stars come on don’t New York do the New York New York news but what
you respect Takashi snitches right he’s gonna come home
ain’t that no happen to him avocado was talk about the streets the streets go
get on the streets the streets that’s the street code the streets go and get
him hey nothing’s gonna happen to that man that man is gonna come back home he
going people a sign of rock nation that was good he gonna sign of our nation
ain’t nothing gonna happen to that man he I saw him he was understand ice cream
he was gonna stand but he was telling no he was telling on people that didn’t
have anything to do with him anybody was anybody was a gang member he knew about
he was telling this pee-wee’s names names he named their paint even in the
music industry and Eve out real hey everybody
ain’t nothin gonna happen to them man stop Sammy we saying this that we say
this coming right yo but I wanna I wanted to say some about the earth but
through the life scared little mix women treat men
but I will do mix girls make black men happier happier not change a
dark-skinned woman can’t make a black man happy but I’m just saying dude mixed
girls make them happy happier happier imma imma take I’m a man of a certain
age 4 to 77 but my experience with mixed women from day one when I was out here
shake it and grooving and move it oh you can’t trust no red no have are you out
of your mind my mother told me a long time they’re
gonna be the Deaf or you could so that was my preference for long oh
shit my mother told me you bringing is gonna
be the Deaf stay the most conniving here you fall asleep that go through your
wallet car key that’s in fact roll your car your pride you back car on the other
side of town bandit going in your bank account my I
don’t trust you anything red like that I got I got a I
got a brown scare of fiance then I’m where I’ve been with her for 12 years
you know I’m saying every ten years apart you know we don’t always agree on
everything but she knows the missus she believes in the mission she believed in
us in the struggle we made it through but one thing about women that’s what I
want to say so everybody listen one thing about women if you keep it real
and if she sees that you do what you say you gonna do and you take care of her
and yourself you worried about the wrong thing if you’re not on that path that’s
what you won’t be happy okay he gonna be happy she gonna believe me she gonna
trust him she gonna wanna listen to you everybody wants to be the father them be
sister be all that that’s cool that’s my shit well if you do sustains that you
say imma do this you see you down how about making i’ma do this if she sees
taking up steps and she see results she see you grows she see you feel you you
you make her all these steps that if she’s seeing it come come the truth come
to life right there oh yeah she called father you she won’t believe she gonna
hesitate or cheat knowing she gonna hesitate the best of relationships
what you saying Ozzy Osbourne ow before you go before you go
have you seen young jeezy and his new girlfriend Jeannie Mai I think that’s a
surname have you seen the same scene the smile on Gigi’s face after photo I saw a
woman and niggas living his best lap interview the best life yeah he told
interviews again yeah they’re doing interviews but we live in Atlanta no
more nigga live in Malibu some guy damn with but you but you be safe man thank
me I’ll stay up OK on the check-in do mixed girls make black men happier you
know we started out talking about Takashi six nine I got the I got the
court transcript here anybody hear me no that monkey shit you know who I want to
UM guys can make sure you send me any and all links to snow Billy oh I know
snow Billy’s going ten toes down he’s one of the hottest niggas on YouTube
snow Billy please make sure you tag me well don’t don’t tag me uh send me
emails anything that snow Billy’s talking about with regards to Takashi
six nine huh you’ve heard me speak about snow Billy in the past I don’t know I’m
not looking for interviews I’m not trying to get the middle of nobody’s
tension of beef but I’m sure he’s got a whole lot to say here okay hang on a
second who is this uh QW Williams you female did you mean to say perspective
looks like you spelled something wrong darling oh you’re calling in what never
I don’t see a number hole in a second prospective okay maybe it’s me I thought
I thought she was trying to say perspective let me see if I can I don’t
know where she’s calling from though let me just try area code take a wild guess
here area code seven one eight seven one eight is that Q good connecting Hawaii
water yes sir this is Raj money all Jamaican guy from
love a moment how many sir yeah yeah yeah Bronx right pians Road
I’m 30 years old you know okay I’m calling about the powerwall situation I
remember the powerwall situation now wow yeah wow wow a while back would we is
talking about power and I said powers I push the wall so yeah I think you called
the wrong show I’m not going back to the Bower right now we’re talking about
Takashi and do mix girls make black men happy that’s we’re talking okay oh well
I just wanted to fuck up out of here cause I’m trying to throw the goddamn
show up I’m looking for Q right now hey 3 4 70 there is that Q hello how are you
sir DC trippin talk my losses from the Ox mission and all that bullshit he
wallets hang on a second this is the objective perspective I’m from New
Jersey born and raised I can tell you that you la cosa nostra
has been snitching since the inception of it here in America
and as far as New York goes yeah you gotta let them come all niggas was
snitching Nicky Barnes Frank Lucas who was from Jersey I think but he was
moving drugs in New York and a host of others he come on New York niggas be
snitching man that’s a fact come on yeah yeah that’s true with nigga
snitch everywhere they be just a few weeks ago snitch that’s what i’ma Street
goes okay anyway anyway we talking about Givi a mix women and all this while shit
right America programs program that light a white women or 15 women is more
beautiful and I think everybody buys into that bullshit you know what I’m
saying it’s not that a white woman or light-skinned woman makes a person
happier I think people are because they program to think they’re more beautiful
just like they did that study on one network or some shit and they had to
keep picking the white all over the backbone that’s all people are
programmed to think white all 15 people are more attractive as far as happy let
me ask you a question somebody just sent me an email
hold on stay what’s it it does yg look happy right now who’s he dating that
nigga’s cool a smile until yg happy if he got a subservient woman if he got a
subservient woman he’s gonna be more happy and I think GZ found his match
like she said and she looked like she cares about his well-being and all that
I think that’s why he’s happy it’s all about compatibility that’s why your
parents are saying what they were saying and you need a woman that could
understand and she’s listening that’s all it is if you find that first thing
then you’re gonna be accurate what is YG’s girlfriend’s name is it Kalani
oh is that hos it Kalani I don’t know and I’m not he’s
pretty far be happy Oh as far as snow Billy I think he’s
beefing with NATO right now I ain’t even popped up on my user I’m not interested
nobody beefing I don’t promote beef intention right now let’s go back to yg
the rapper I forgot about him somebody sent me email who is Kalani
that nigga looks like he’s living his best life and that’s doesn’t you speak
about here didn’t you speak about light-skinned babies and a little crazy
shit if I’ll be this I wouldn’t I don’t know celebrities like I think they rich
man a good man so how old you what do you mean you
don’t know who’s uh Danny how old you I’m 55 I’m looking to you erasing
browser booking I’m looking for are a jaded military I’m a college yeah I
counted graduate I mean I’m well versed I mean I listen to hip-hop I like are
you married sir are you married yes sir okay
dark-skinned Hispanic white East Indian what sir
she mom so you just called in here denouncing a
poppy hang on hang on just go boy now everything as programming yadda yadda
yadda and you lay down with the plug your lay down a pinko with snowflakes
are you happy no sir answer the question how happy are
you happy sir me personally yes good but what I’m saying is because my partner is
white or whatever it’s all about compatibility
a man will want a woman that subservient that listen that’s understand and that’s
all that matters like my parents my mom is black my
grandmother’s black and they all had successful relationships how long have
you been happy with that snowflake sir so you marry you jump the broom you took
the vow and oh how long have you been happy you’re happy
I can I get you boys allow me sir I gotta go thank you thank you thank you
for your service in military 18 years hang on a sec okay thank you for the
email I don’t want to say the person’s name I forgot about ygo that nigga
cheesin what is his girlfriend is she white Hispanic nice nothing he could be
talking a gang gang shit that nigger probably lives in a Burbank somewhere
and again in Compton hey listen guys give me a second what is this email
about mm somebody wants to interview me from a very prestigious website anything
my dad get back to okay here’s qzq okay six four six were uq MS hello is that Q
how are you good afternoon yeah I didn’t see your phone thank you
so much and no you know I was trying to send it already but I didn’t but so we
had to put the dollars on the first I wasn’t privy to how to do it but I got
it now so um this all of these men on the line are talking complete trash like
anything though if she’s interested in you will she like you if you like her
she’s gonna cater to you period I don’t give a damn if she mixed if
she’s black issues right or whatever you’re going to be happy it doesn’t
matter if men were do what they were supposed to do and stand up and say oh
there’s no problem is no tea without all the extras they will be happy color does
not matter any any type of ethnicity is not important yes black women are a
little extra sometimes but just like the previous caller said we have the right
to the extra ad top and we deal with a lot of bullshit so if you’re dealing
with a lot of bullshit you used to dishing it out at first like
it just comes with the nature of things if that’s something that you can listen
and understand and you could move forward with anybody fuck it she’s Nick
okay are you yourself dark-skinned I don’t want to just you know assume I’m
not I’m not I would love to say it is but I’m not and I mean I dunno I’ll do
my man knows how definitely tell him become one is talk to you to get a
manicure I’ll cook him dinner his place will look amazing and it’s
it’s about who you are as a woman and how you making man happy that’s up to
you guys to learn each other so that you’re in a position where you’re
comfortable in each other I was getting so annoyed with men so
they’re already done back then on its lines how old you and where you’re from
you don’t have to say what Cydia but is what stadium Fremen hold are you York
okay 30 point from New York are you married respectful yeah know how you do
you want to be married because I was out like that it’s not like you want a
speakerphone darling can you come back to the phone I won’t hear you you’re not
married you said right I’m sorry I had to go and I’m private that’s our onion
problem so then my guest yes so I’m not married but I am dating I don’t have a
problem the catering to my man so to meet us bullshit like and that that
little hair thing all that I mean it’s funny and it could be a personal
preference but you speak the phone sounds like you’re far away dollar I
wouldn’t want to finish up with you but come closer come closer come on sounds
like you mean about it I don’t have to get you a batter you sent didn’t catch
them come on come on so now you’re not married do you want to be married do you
want to be married you want to be wife yeah yeah a little problems but when
it’s all and done I would love to say that he’s happy with me how I keep him
and I would love to say that I’m happy with him and things that he does he’s
not mixed I mean but then again you can also people also say that when you’re
from Ireland something like that you have a different perspective on things
so that’s something else okay okay so now what’s that what type of man do you
prefer or desire that’s what a deep dive here you sent in a cash every I think
workroom okay okay I don’t have a copy african-american or
west India black man which one the difference most of the time I yes it is
a difference but most of us are my usually state or West Indian person only
because these bow that’s another thing that’s what I’m saying now you do know
that West Indian men hang on hang on West Indian men like like the variety
they like the spice of life you do know that most of them most of
them when they head out that door there’s a good chance that could be
going to see the other family on the other side of town you do know that yes
but again that comes with everything I mean when you’re dating anybody it’s the
same thing if you want to date somebody else gonna date somebody else no no
let’s do a deep dive I appreciate your cash at most african-american men they
will tolerate the mouth Pope being poked out they will tolerate you throwing shit
but the West Indian man he’ll step out and if you run your mouth too much he’ll
come back in three days because you don’t give a crook to get right down no
bullshit what’s than me and then they do that like oh they oh man and he’s gonna
go off and galavant and next thing you know he got two other kids that happened
but in the same token and women still fuck with them and go back to them cuz
when they say they’re gonna do something and when they have women they take care
of them they treat them right so no matter if he’s fucking another bitch or
not at the end of the day if your tree and her right and she feels comfortable
with you she forgives you she feel like okay you didn’t really
mean to do it it doesn’t matter she’s gonna cave you she’s gonna have you a
plate anything she might curse who the fuck is black she’s gonna curse you out
but when it’s said and done that food should be in the microwave without is
sure you should be ready when he wants to go somewhere do some it doesn’t
matter like what do you mean you can’t say oh you’re
happier with her because she looks like that’s retarded it just doesn’t make any
sense personally to me mix any ethnicity is a
personal preference because I know a whole bunch of mixed women out here and
they are a fucking mess like they act just as horrible as the black girls they
have appeared personally and I especially am know what those mixed
girls are ghetto as fuck second if I can just finish up with you Q so now you
said you’d prefer a West Indian man and and again I’m just giving you my
experience and knowledge on this particular topic so you are willing to
accept that West Indian man whether he be Bayesian of Jamaican from st. Vincent
de one other any one four fucking hours you are willing to accept him coming and
going as he sees as he sees fit know your position I’m telling you is no I’m
not saying that it’s okay what I am saying is that I said will you accept it
we were sent top I’m not I’m not accepting it I’m not okay with it okay
but what I’m saying is most mixed women will accept it back level see that
that’s what I mean so you’re okay with him just walking all over you if you
most white women will accept the Yard Man going out and slinging a tool
however however he sees fit and then coming back to them most will accept it
accepted it I mean but like accepting it as then okay if they don’t belong c’mon
bitch down the street huh or you’re accepting they’re saying what like what
do you mean accepting it or she just like she’s not telling you where he’s
going it’s none of your business close your mouth and make the dinner
close your mouth Thanks you don’t know no but that’s what it is
if you don’t know like I said you don’t know but mix doesn’t matter
happiness does MIT take care your bitch and you’ll be hi thank you darling I
appreciate your super chat thank you so much thank you okay she
gonna learn she gonna learn fuck around a yard mud yard man don’t give a flop
I see how when I see you oh I don’t want to talk to reckless but let a Haitian
man come home a true Haitian man and there’s not a plate of food in the
microwave waiting for him he’ll kick up dust honking fuck of his to two o’clock
in the morning get to stomping stomping on Natasha sending a cache at start
Jeanne and Jeezy’s relationship is a business aren’t those the best kind
though in reality Natasha I’ve always said I’ll get married up for business
reasons sure sign some paperwork a Smasher once a week or once every two
weeks nobody got me sweating and lusting over the coochie I’m busy best type of
marriage it’s big you go in with the understanding that this is business and
you’re not gonna be the only one booboo I’m gonna have to get our hand sling
some raw tool you know to close a deal hold on a second mm Sam I sent in
another cash install you Ferg you forgot Ludacris and his high-yellow girlfriend
all that nigga’s happy any forgot about Laura Laura therese EO is sending in a
clarification on his cash app store you didn’t understand my super chet the why
on your left okay he’s talking crazy what is this man sir that’s gay gay shit
I don’t mind mine you know if you’re gay sir but just I can’t sell that craziness
on YouTube I play by the rules sir you know I’m not here like Alex Jones trying
to fight a war against censorship yeah come on a second coming back to the
phone lines bear with me I don’t think anybody really gives a shit about
Takashi to be honest with you you know it’s just it was expected D Meade 22
sends in a kashyap star if that girl who just got off the line did half of this
shit she claims she’d be married you know it always sounds hot doesn’t it
yeah I’ll take care of my man yada-yada yeah it always sounds you know
but when you get right down to it some type of fucking issue some type of
problem go back to the phone lines hey listen guys area code 913 nine one seven
Takashi’s yes Lord yes just waiting for you to hit how are you with Hannah all
right cool what do you want me to start personally because I got some shit
ringing Takashi yeah but all right let me read about
this who’s in there okay generally we all knew this shit was
gonna have them yeah that’s right we knew it yeah we just were waiting on the
literal event to occur yeah from the time that mayor’s not even before he got
God luck when we saw what he was from the beginning whether I think it was
October 17 or maybe I’m buggin somewhere around then whatever the fuck it was
we knew this shit was a ticking time bomb bro and I’m so I was literally
praying star that you would pick up because I’m my money I’m withdrawing my
motherfucking account they good but I was praying that you were hitting
you will pick up but I’m from Flatbush and I’m American I’m half American and
half West Indian my father’s Trinidadian my American so you speak in my shit and
my mom is born in 53 you born in walk 15 5 what 64 is born in 64 sir
before pardon me see my pops is telling me to shut up right now reputable I’m
not talking to anyone see look my pocket trinny he talking me right now can you
get to the point so get to the point Takashi’s 69 do you think it’s gonna
help hip-hop okay I’ll get to the question
please do you think two-timing is gonna save that’s a question it will it will
save hip-hop come on in the long run it’ll take in the longest of runs
meaning when niggas refer back to Kakashi
at some point it will about give a ripple and time so I would say if I have
to say one or the other objectively because you you’ve taught me
this over a month the span of my life you and many other people Joe Budden you
a few rappers but they stick to the point
yeah when people sight back to this shit but not immediately hell no because like
my point was before my pops my West Indian Trinity – have you popped that
turd that live the life though do exactly spoke of 15 minutes ago with you
know I’m saying illiterate that’s my father my mom’s America but too sick to
the point when niggas sight back then it will be worse but now tomorrow nigga got
damn pause in my language I know you hate nigga but oh what are you telling I
don’t hate anybody slow down please so I don’t hate anybody
oh pardon pardon allegedly as I feel I’m part of it’s not even legend so I just I
give an objective perspective but Melissa King can you finish up on the
new right I won’t take more calls please finish it I got but Takashi man we knew
that see what’s happening bro okay um and in reference to the the women I just
wanted to speak on that the mix it all depends on your definition of mixed and
your definition of fucking hack the dude the dude that called
before who was armed who was married to his chick from 39 I did the math this
nigga was 18 21 when he married that white chick and he was talking all that
shit and then we got to the real just of the shit disrespectful you know sanli I
keep it a stack right I don’t try to disrespect but I do speak to Ross
sometimes thanks but you did right there’s no but too sick to the point of
vom to blood mix women in my opinion you don’t then the answer is no because like
Luke Amy said your are your happiness is rooted in yourself your relationship is
subsidiary in my opinion the most I could do is say I love you as much as I
love myself 50/50 that’s the most I could
motherfucking do and I don’t even know if that’s the truth theoretically maybe
5149 but um show this I appreciate your call I had to take more calls thank you
thank you for checking in all right hold on a second I’m doing something uh
behind the scenes here one of my banners closing banners some type of fucking
issue make it this shit right give me a second now what why isn’t working what the fuck
is the problem now hold on just I got a CD some of this should I just I can’t
sound working I’m not gonna have a closing banner for the show and also uh
folks I’m switching computers for those of you supporters if I have lost your
banner please resend me your your your banner for the closing of the show I had
some issues as you know with my old computer gave out the motherboard so I
just purchased a brand-new iMac yesterday so I’m still uploading some of
the software and other things all right but reset me your banners if you are a
supporter of the show or I will have someone else reach out to you to try and
catch up with of course to you your banners have you killed for for you
there hello hey what’s poppin homie your phone sounds good hello can you come
closer slim your phone’s going in and out hello can you hear me it sounds a
little bitty what was popping man sitting here talking about Takashi
snitching but anyway I just called in to say fuck slim your phone sounds a little
muffled KITT can you fix the phone hear everything you’re saying
slim the guys on the line guys okay I’m gonna look for your number okay okay
slim the guy wrote a check in I still owe me right here uh hold on a second I
want to fix this goddamn thing with the UM the banner for the closing of the
show what the fuck anybody else guys that I forgot to
mention anybody else happy dating a mixed woman what was that guy’s name –
actor oh god um he did that speech at B et hall in a second he’s all is it
Grey’s Anatomy going through all that stuff with the UM with his ex Jesse
Williams is he with the white girl now I don’t know I’m gonna try and do is shut
well you know what I’m sorry it’s getting late I was gonna say I’m trying
to a show tonight I don’t think I might be streaming later on tonight but what’s
going on with Martin Luther King the third eye wants to boycott the NFL until
Colin Kaepernick is signed what is that about is that just some type of clout
move I’m gonna read up on that I just see man anybody jumping I hit boycott
and shit like like this was the sixties in the 70s this shit has to be well
thought out you know Colin Kaepernick is he’s not speaking up I saw Steven
Naismith say that he bumped into a Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend I forget her
name and he invited Colin Kaepernick to uh to his show an ESPN oh and his radio
show hey boycott man get the fuck get all the way I did dumb shit
I’ll beat up on it who’s trying to figure it out it’s gonna be a code um
four one four left no for one form Takashi snitching do you give a fuck
Sardis Brandi calling back from earlier yeah yeah I’m good I just
cuz he brought up a few good points man shouts uh
we don’t do shadows slow down brandy slow down okay basically I just I just
want to tie a bow for the topic okay talk about takashi with what all he’s
doing and he’s wrapping blurs and he’s snitching and like I said that East
Coast all want to say he’s close but I think like the Brooklyn New York
Blair’s not a real organization but you go to the west and you look at somebody
like yg that is like a real organization like you would never see yg doing that
or you know what I’m saying like getting getting yourself into that and then I
know of him like doing like community efforts with with in California and he
is also Brandon you’re calling in from Milwaukee yes the home of pimping Ken
Milwaukee yes sir okay yes and how old you again I forget 27:20 said okay low mileage Gucci but no
mouths yeah I’m real I don’t know like I gotta live my grandparents I don’t know
I don’t really I’m I’ve never really been out there like even in college I
just couldn’t I just couldn’t you got you got to be a certain type of person
for me to fuck with you are you saying yes Italian like the the mix women in
the yg and the birds and all that he dates Khan right now and he actually
does seem happy yeah and I know they they both just
recently had kids like he he had a kid and she has one too and they actually do
seem happy so I don’t know if it’s solely based on like her I know she’s
mixed with like black and Puerto Rican and like brighten almost wait yeah
basically yeah but are you yourself light-skinned dogs and
what are you brandy what are you I’m like caramel brown skin well yes how
often do you get smashed out after you smoke your cush I definitely discover
smoking and I wanted to ask you about that like how do you like it you say you
multiply you enjoyed it so how do you like it but I don’t do baby I like it
raw that’s I like it was Bob no no how do you like the week because you you
have brought up listen brandy brandy ha let me via IG DM okay we can talk about
all that policy I don’t be talking about too much you know Weedon all that sort
of stuff but just follow me b IG i got what i’m fighting right got that for you
alright hello okay that’s the problem you know you know talk about no legal
activity for an every gun body thank you though sugar what time is it guys okay
I’m about to wrap it up hey Thank You Ruth oh thank you so much Ruth I got
your cash yep you’re appreciated very nice picture too yeah yeah let me make
sure they miss any super Chester Oh cash wait a minute I’m moving too fast slow
it down boss nigga uh did you team MVP so our $0.50 girls name is on it okay I
don’t want to be spitting names yeah but is he happy 50 cent you know is that the
girl who he was with when uh a troll ran down on him filming some type of
dark-skinned female you know look like she had a mouth poked out well something
you know I thank you for the cash yet who else is in here ki chef let me make
sure I gave okay okay I got Ruth thank you so much again Ruth team MVP okay
team MVP snitching sending that you sense girls name on Instagram thank you
so much you are appreciated D Meade star the feds saved takashi life
that’s the least he can do is snitch facts yeah they weren’t letting the
ratchets fly you know amongst each other you know sure they were straight way
niggers you know shooting each other okay that was just uh at least he can –
thank you I got that one thank you so much D is it D Meade 22
thank you for your cash app let me just make sure I don’t miss anybody before I
shut it down okay I got that and let me check superjet Oh black race is on the
check and he’s just are be careful of women like the last caller women like
that are plumb crazy because they feel like they put on I’m say they put so
much into so much into you that you owe them I won’t say that about mixed girls
you know mixed girls and and especially white girls if they put a lot into you
then they feel like hey hey you know you you can run amok and do what you got to
do but you know this is home they’re not as quick to let you get away and that’s
quickly to get polo 1200 good afternoon sir story I think you’ll be the only
nigga – okay let’s talk about Alba so I don’t give a
fuck about that Nick I don’t I only want to talk about dead nigga I’m gonna fuck
about those old drug dealers from Harlem and let’s be clear those niggas were not
drug lords I did a breakdown years ago in the Source magazine between a drug
lord a drug dealer a drug runner and what a kingpin is I don’t give those old
fuck ass niggas any credit if they didn’t have like you know I’m talking
about like you know properties and and offshore banks and shit like that those
niggas were just drug runners you know silly ass Harlem niggas fuck I don’t
want no interview or nothin fuck out of here get the fuck from around me I’m
killing kids and got the nerve to be smiling for pictures lord have mercy
a jrx 650s get the strap was it takashi 69 Casanova
okay this is hard to read 50 starts his verse with I am NOT gang gang
I do not gangbang wise Niki okay that’s it 50 cent okay he’s older now he ain’t
talking a gang shit you know hwl radio calm am I saying that right
hwl radio calm I’m ready for the mentoring to show how to get it well
thank you for the donation first of all h WL our radio calm i don’t want to
assume anything shoot me an email i appreciate the donation i don’t know if
i can mentor you i mean i’ve never been anybody’s mentor to be honest with you
some people have said that star as my mentor I appreciate that but you know
I’m really excited to be amongst the wild wild west
you know everybody’s not qualified to get it some people have to realize that
hey you know this shit there’s a lot of work a lot of research I don’t know if I
can help you but I thank you for the donation shoot me an email we’ll talk okay I read Fort Greene Billy I think
that’s it guys if I missed any cash apps any super chance I will get to them you
have my word tomorrow I’m not doing a show tonight I’m gonna run out got a run to uh where
am I headed to douglasville now and then I’m gonna come back and work on this new
iMac and try and finish up on the UM the software Hey I thank you for your time
this afternoon keep me up to speed on all the dumb shit I mean all the dumb
shit and uh that’s it enjoy your day be safe

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