Will Blood Be Thicker Than Smelly Tattoos For These Cousins? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Will Blood Be Thicker Than Smelly Tattoos For These Cousins? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

(upbeat dramatic techno music) – Is that (beep) me? (extra fast techno music) What was the point of this? – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo Far? Cousins Lexie and Leicina prepare to air out some dirty laundry. – So why did y’all come here today? (dramatic techno music) – Ooh hands hit their
hair at the same spot– – Both of them did, yeah. – [Host] Give it to us. – So recently, she like was
in a serious relationship, and she, like moved in with her boyfriend, and they were always together. – Are you still with him?
– No, he broke up with me.
– He broke up with you? Okay, okay. – That’s all I’m gonna say. – [Narrator] Leicina, come on! Sure you got nothin’ else to add? – Her boyfriend ended up telling me that the reason why they broke up was because she use to use to sweat a lot. So I’m here to give my cousin a reminder that if she’s going to find a boyfriend, she needs to put some deo,
to get rid of that BO. – [Narrator] Whoa! Okay, so Leicina has some inside info. Lexie, let’s hear your issues. – [Host] Lexie, you got
any issues with her? (dramatic techno music) – She’s messy.
– [Host] Messy? – Like lives or of her car type mess. – We’ve all been there. – Like I’m a little messy, but you know. – A big mess. – Oh! – [Narrator] All right,
and intentions, ladies? – What’s your intension with this tattoo? – I’m basically here to let her know that she needs to get her (beep) together. (hosts gasp) With this tattoo, I’m
gonna teach my cousin that she’s a grown woman and she just needs to get it together. – And you? – I came here to help
her clean up her act. – [Hosts] Oh! – [Narrator] Got it, now enough talking, more tattooing; it’s time! (explosive techno music) (Lexie laughs) – You are a (beep)cousin. – She’s gonna freak the (beep) out! (pounding techno music) (Leicina moans) – Ooh, that hurts. (upbeat techno music) – So this hurts like bitch. What could be two parts in my arm pit? (upbeat techno music) – [Narrator] Okay, let’s see how bad these cousins
let each other have it. – Lexie, what’s the worse thing you think it could be? – Something to do with an ex. (upbeat hip-hop music) – It does have to do something with why your ex broke up with you. – Ooh! – Bitch, what? (host gasps loudly) (upbeat hip-hop music) Are you dead ass? (upbeat hip-hop music) (Leicina laughs)
– Like , what is that? – [Leicina] It’s a
skunk, with its ass out, spraying its odor, saying Sweaty Lexie. – Leicina, like really? – This is a permanent reminder of why your ex broke up with you. – Is the reason that your
boyfriend broke up with you? – Not that I know of. – Honey! – Honey, that’s why I asked him. (dramatic techno music) He said, “Who wants to have sex with someone whose arm pits sweat?” Just know, I did this out of love. – Really? – It’s just a constant
reminder to, you know, clean it up sometimes. – Yeah, yeah, it’s a constant reminder that he broke up with me. – We’ll see what yours is
a constant reminder of. Honestly, yeah! – [Host] Let’s switch her up. (upbeat hip-hop music) – Okay. – I think the only reason why lexie’s acting a little smooth and cool is because she knows how
much worse your tattoo is. (Lexi laughs) – Like, I’m so (beep) scared. I’m bout to (beep) bricks. (hosts laugh) (Lexie laughs)
– Oh my God! – Leicina?
– Yes. – Are you ready to see what on your leg for the rest of your life?
– Yeah. (dramatic techno music) – Is that (beep) me? (upbeat techno music) What the (beep), like what
was the point of this? – So, remember the time
we all went to the beach? And you (beep) your pants? I mean it’s a toxic waste dump. – Are you (beep) kidding me? – That happened one time! I was 10! What the (beep), Lexie? – Why would you put this on her leg? – Because she needs to
get her (beep) together. Not just the beach incident. It’s just, her work, it’s
her life, it’s her memories. – It’s diarrhea saying toxic waste! From an accident that
happened, like 10 years ago. – Serious question: How
are we leaving here today? (dramatic techno music) – I think it’s kinda funny. (Lexie laughs) – Oh yeah! – It is kinda funny. – I guess we both (bee) up.
– Yeah. I’m sorry. We’re blood, we’re family. We both have tattoos, so now we both have a great story to tell. – Sorry! At the end of the day,
she’s family and I love her. But I’ll take a sweaty arm pit over having a (beep) on the back of my leg any day! I’m sweating now. – Oh, you’re annoying.

100 thoughts on “Will Blood Be Thicker Than Smelly Tattoos For These Cousins? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. "Who wants to have sex with someone who sweats?" Honey what kinda dry ass sex was he having…granted you're not chilling in their arm pit, but you glisten a little.

  2. I’ve never known why they continue to let people put the tattoos in a bad spot… like if you don’t like the placement (and you know the tattoo is already gonna be bad) why get it there 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. When I realized it was a tattoo of her projectile shitting after she said, "I'm about to shit bricks" I literally shit the bed, ran to the bathroom, threw away my undies, wiped my ass, got a little poo on my finger while wiping, smelled the poo on my finger, wiped off the poo, smelled my finger again, washed my hands, then smelled my finger one last time before I stuck my fingers inside my gf.

  4. 1) They went from rarara are you for real I'm so upset look at these tears to "i think it's kinda funny haha luv you" what the hell scripted or real that's wack
    2) everybody sweats, it's not that big of a deal and you don't need to bring it up in such a permanent way. some people have a condition where they excessively sweat, they can't help it.

    3) that diarrhea beach tattoo didn't even look good.

  5. The girl was obviously jealous of her relationship and put that useless sh*t on her🤣🤣😂😅

    Edit: 4:26, that was the moment they knew, they done f*cked up

  6. Both of these chicks need help. Who teaches lessons with a tattoo? Lessons that didn’t affect either one of them personally. Yikes.

  7. How petty do you have to be to put a tattoo of something someone did when they were 10? I HOLLERED! "That happened to me when I was like 10?!" 🤣🤣🤣 They legit hate each other, wouldnt be my cousin.

  8. I still don't get the purpose of this show lmao… it's like "I'm mad at you in the moment about some stupid irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with me, so let me give you a disgustingly offensive and PERMANENT tattoo! It will resolve all our problems, and it will clean up your act. so stupid🤣

  9. She sweats alot ? I believe that was his way of saying her pussy stank. If she can’t control her armpit odor imagine the odor downstairs.

  10. I feel like I just lost half of my brain cells watching this. Letting someone tattoo you knowing it’s going to be spiteful is stupid. The fact that enough people are going to watch this, that mtv can make money is stupid… I’ve lost faith in humanity…

  11. Sweating is a common thing and not should of been brought on t.v that’s personal and very embarrassing for any girl.

  12. https://youtu.be/TTu7kiGfGHA

    4:18 Mark look at the detail in the feet in this Tattoo … Horrible job horrific effort definitely a cover up besides the other shit .. get it 😂❗️❗️❗️ give me a thumbs up

  13. The girl who chose that shitty tattoo for her cousin is a jealous bitch. Period. The shit beach incident happened when she was ten 🤦🏾‍♀️

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