Why People Are Freaking Out About Martin Shkreli, Emma Watson, Florida Lawmakers, and More…

Why People Are Freaking Out About Martin Shkreli, Emma Watson, Florida Lawmakers, and More…

‘Sup, You beautiful bastards hope you’re havin’ a Fantastic Tuesday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is the news surrounding Martin Shkreli. We’ve talked about Martin on the show in the past. He is no stranger to controversy he is a 34 year old former pharma executive otherwise known as a Pharma bro. He is the head of numerous pharmaceutical companies most prominently Retrophin and Turing and if you do remember Martin you remember that he was mainly known for procuring the rights to a drug called Daraprim It’s used to treat AIDS and cancer patients, and you may remember that he raised the price of one pill from $13.50 to $750 and so just instantly overnight he became the face of the pharmaceutical industry’s perceived greed But on this specific part of the story I do want to point out that what Shkreli did here is not an outlier situation. Like, this has been an established business model in the pharmaceutical industry and to fully dive into that it would take an entire video what I would recommend There is a fantastic docu-series on Netflix called Dirty Money. The third episode looks into a company called a Valiant I highly recommend it, but you will also leave that episode feeling furious. Understand. I’m not saying that what he was doing was not horrible, I just I just think that it’s important that we understand that it’s more widespread than just one person now that said well the Massive price increase was the reason Charlie got the spotlight it’s not why the spotlight stayed on in the middle of all this he was arrested by the FBI in September of 2015 for securities and wire fraud charges charges completely unrelated to the price I and reportedly his arrest was for actions relating to his time at his investment firm specifically nsmb capital msnb Health care as well as his time at retrofit He was accused of running a Ponzi like ski according to prosecutors between 2009 and 2014 when she rarely ran Retrofit used the company’s cash and stock to pay back investors for money that he lost at his investment firm also saying that he lied About the performance of the two hedge funds he control and that led to August 4th 2017 where he is found guilty of two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud Crowley was then released on a five million dollar bail but then he actually had to end up going back to jail this because SH Raley posted something about Hillary Clinton on his Facebook and The judge said that it was threatening shkreli had posted the Clinton Foundation is willing to kill to protect its secrets so on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book tour tried to grab a hair from her will pay $5,000 per hair obtained from Hillary Clinton he claimed It was satire But that wasn’t enough for the judge then on February 26 a judge ruled that Charlie was responsible for ten point four million dollars in Losses for frauding investors judge’s ruling saying all the money that was invested with shkreli amounting to 6.4 Million must be considered a loss also adding the shkreli was responsible for another four million in losses we’re trying to artificially boost the stock price of retrofit that by attempting to stop investors from selling their shares in the company and the Defense against this from Scrubs attorney was essentially because his investors. Eventually ended up ahead He shouldn’t have to pay back anything the ruling there doesn’t determine how much money shkreli owes the government rather the figure here really matters because it’s to calculate how long charlie’s recommended sentence would be attorney Matthew Schwartz explained in Riley’s case if the government is right that the Losses are between 9.5 million to 25 million, then there will be a 20 level increase to the applicable sentencing guideline whereas If shkreli is right the loss amount would be zero a 20 level difference in the sentencing guidelines could easily mean a difference of literally Decades in prison, but also as John Coffey points out He’s the director on the center of corporate governance at Columbia University lost several judges No longer have to follow the guidelines and their only advisor the judge has great discretion as to the sentence She imposes he could recognize that he is a first offender and give him modest time or she plays more emphasis on the amount of the loss and his Unrepentant attitude then on February 28th shkreli lawyers file a number of documents with the court asking the judge to sentence Crowley to only 12 To 18 months in prison a filing also including a letter from shkreli to the judge I’ll link to it down below, but some of the key parts despite the jury’s verdict I maintain that I never intended to actually harm anyone I wanted to be more than I was I exaggerated if I felt I had any basis to make the claim I am now however a more self-confident and secure person that evens that haunted me the root cause of my insecurities in my life No longer all exist I have learned a very painful lesson and finishing his letter by asking mercy from the judge saying I promise to be more careful open And honest in my business dealings so that I never again have to hear people who once had faith in me and trusted me testify Or complain that I misled them or let them down terribly just as important however is my pledge to your honor that if you find it appropriate to impose a sentence that does not include an extended period of Incarceration I will do my absolute best to use my skills whenever talyn’s I have been blessed with for the betterment of humanity I honestly believe that I can contribute and really make a difference if your honor gives me a chance and all of that brings us To this week where the judge ruled that Shelley owes the government 7.36 million dollars for his crime Crowley’s attorney has previously claimed that she no longer has any cash flow and so as a result the judges ruled that he must forfeit His interest in several substitute assets this including five million dollars in an e trade brokerage account that secured his release bonds Crowley’s stake in vieira pharmaceuticals Which was originally Crowley’s company touring pharmaceutical the rights to the Lil Wayne album the Carter fine a Picasso painting and the famed wu-tang Album once upon a time in Shaolin that he purchased and so of course following this announcement there was mainly a focus on the wu-tang Alba with that album there are also controversies around it one How much is it actually works Crowley paid two million dollars for it at one point he put it up on eBay that Bidding went over 1 million dollars, but the sale was never officially confirmed There’s also a controversy involving you God and Method Man or two members of the wu-tang clan And they have both said that once upon a time in Shaolin was not an authorized wu-tang clan album So this could be in the album is worthless or at least a lot less valuable by the way the value of the assets we’ll be applying to the amount that surely owes the government as of now is pending the resolution of any third party claims to the Assets also as of right now shkreli still has it the government won’t actually seize the assets until surely expectedly appeals his conviction which that Is an important thing to point out? This is only part of the equation This Friday’s rally will actually be sentenced, and it will be very interesting to see what kind of sentence He actually gets will it be close to the 12 to 18 months his lawyers asked for or we talk in double-digit years But with all of that said I want to pass the question off to you What are your thoughts on this from that I want to share some stuff? I love today and today and awesome brought to you by post mate post mates of course fantastic and convenient delivery on demand app you Want something from the store a restaurant boom? Open up the app get it delivered to your house your work your wherever for me personally It saves me so much time it has just become vital to my life so if you want to check it out like many from the nation already have go to post to Franco comm Download the app use promo code Philly D in the app I didn’t know my voice went that high anymore But enter promo code Philly D And they will give you $100 in free delivery credit the first bit of Awesome is actually just me answering a question that I got a lot yesterday Bill what is wrong with your eye over the weekend? I had the very awesome experience of throwing up And I apparently burst a blood-vessel in my eye in the front yesterday kind of just looked like irritation But if I look up maybe you still see it there you go You can stop asking well my face looks a little more fucked up than you man We got a teaser for lost in space on Netflix, and it actually looks pretty damn good Then we had a video from how to dad explaining the difference between Australia and New Zealand and we have a trailer for season two of the légion And we had life noggin the put out video involving one of my deep-seated fears since I live in California how much damage can earthquake dil spoiler alert’ more than you’d like if you live where the earthquake is then if you’re a fan Of weird al’ yankovic and also hamilton. We have the hamilton polka people know I’m a massive fan of Hamilton There are a lot of people asking me to share this so I’m sharing it just for that sake I’ll be honest I don’t want to be a hater here all it made me do is want to listen to the original so I did so the Net result was an awesome win, and if you want to see the full versions everything I just shared the secret link of the day anything at all Links as always are in the description down below and let’s knock out some quickies and Emma Watson in the news because she was photographed With a new tattoo at an Oscars After-party tattoo just said times up which obviously show support to the times up movement one of the big reasons it was in the news is that everyone started making fun of her because the punctuation wasn’t there where it should have been a response Emma Watson tweet eek tattoo proofreading position available Experience with ‘ is a must and that’s literally a story that’s all it was a temporary tattoo didn’t have the proper punctuation That’s literally and what’s actually funny. Is that by it being messed up it Got way more news cover then in drug news the Center for Disease Control had bad news for us today CDC released a vital signs report that shows that the Opioid epidemic in the United States is not slowing down it appears that over the last 14 months Opioid overdoses have increased by 30 percent in the states And we have the dating app Bumble making new this for now reportedly banning its users from posting firearm photos on their dating profile But also if you read past the headline there are exceptions saying users in military or law enforcement if they are in uniform That’s fine, and then let’s talk about the updates around the massive gun control debate in Florida in the past four days We’ve seen a ton happen in Florida Sen Florida lawmakers in the Senate even holding a rare weekend session where for eight hours on Sunday They debated over a new gun control law SB 7 0 to 6 this then spilled over into Monday where they debated the law more And they ended up actually passing it 20 to 18 now an important note here is even though It passed it still has to go through the house And then the governor has to sign it before March 9th and so that brings us to the question What is in 7 0 to 6? Why is it being described as a divisive law we’re seeing extreme conservatives and many Democrats? Opposing the bill at the same time We’re seeing majority of Republicans and a sizable minority of Democrats voting for the bill well it appears It’s because the law does things both sides have wanted to get done I’ll give you a top-level TLDR version of 7 0 to 6 it enacts a three-day waiting period on most firearm purchases it increases the age to to buy any Firearm a ban on bump stock for hundred million dollars in funding towards mental health and school safety measures a revision to the school marshal Program which we’ll jump on in a second the ability to remove firearms from people under certain circumstances they so first thing up the marshal program originally in Florida was going to just outright allow teachers to be armed in schools under The school marshal program the program was widely unpopular with Democrats as well as Governor Rick Scott who people believed would veto it if it Actually ended up on his desk and so to fix that Senator Renee Garcia proposed an amendment this week the program would change It’s now called the coach, Erin face guardian program And it would change who could carry a firearm on campus saying excluded from participating in the coach Erin Feist Guardian program are individuals who exclusively perform classroom duties as classroom teachers So essentially if you’re just a full-time teacher you cannot participate But let’s say your librarian or maybe teaches one class you’re a coach You would be in this program But there’s also an exception here current service members and current Former law enforcement personnel can be exclusively a teacher on campus and be armed if they want to be this exception also including JROTC instructors the program has also opted in a school district and their Sheriff have to agree to establish this program otherwise a school can just Use a traditional school resource officer and once a decision is made. It’s not mandatory It’s all volunteers those volunteers will also need to pass a psychological exam by the Department of law enforcement as well as have 132 approved hours of firearm safety and proficiency training also must continue to do training and pass subsequent tests And I have the four hundred million dollars in the increased spending this program would get 67 million dollars Then on the three day waiting period regardless if we’re talking about a handgun a rifle a shotgun There are exceptions also being note here’s the new set of rules only applies to purchases with a firearms dealer this does not cover private party sales and transfers the law would technically be a three day waiting period or If your background check comes back clean whichever comes first and a note here, is that in Florida? They must contact the Department of law enforcement on top of the standard federal Ni CS check there are also additional exceptions for those who have a concealed carry permit and if you have a hunting license on bump stocks owning buying selling or Importing a bump stock would be illegal when they describe a bump stock is quote a conversion kit a tool an accessory or a device Used to alter the rate of fire of a firearm to mimic automatic weapon fire or which is used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate than it’s possible for a person to fire such a semi-automatic firearm unassisted by a kit a tool and Accessory or a device and of course one the biggest points of this bill the ability to take Firearms away from certain people with this law enforcement agencies would have an expedited process to obtain a court order temporarily restricting a person’s access to firearms and ammunition if this passes when police get notifications of threats within the last 12 months they can take away someone’s arms and Ammo and prohibit them from obtaining more also law enforcement must quote make a good-faith effort to provide notice to a family or household member of the Respondent and to any known third party who may be at risk of violence and things the police can use to take someone’s firearms away include mental health history prior Restraining orders recurring use or threat of violence toward someone even including things like drug history And if your weapons are taken away in this manner it also allows you to petition the court to get them back it’s following a timely court process to prove that they are indeed fit to have their weapon and then as far as the funding the four hundred million dollars we talked about we already mentioned the 67 million eighteen point three million is supposed to go to new mobile crisis team allowing for better and quicker Responses when mental health care is needed 69 million in additional mental health assistance to school district six point two million and then five hundred thousand dollars annually for mental health first Aid training to teachers across the state as well as one hundred million dollars for additional school resource officers that in general is 7 zero To six and unsurprisingly there were a variety of reactions to this coming from one voice in particular We saw the Florida sheriffs Association speak out against this bill specifically there were critical of the funding provision saying that it didn’t go far enough Saying to pay for school resource officers and all of the roughly 4,000 schools in Florida would actually cost four hundred million dollars alone within this bill They’re just getting a quarter of that as of right now that is where we are and so I want to pass the question off To you what are your thoughts around this store? Is it saying that a good compromise leaves everyone unhappy do you see that to be true here? Are we seeing a good compromise? What don’t you like? What do you like? Yeah? Let me know in those comments down below That’s where I’m going to end today’s show and remember if you liked this video you like what I’m trying to do on this channel You want to support? independent news coverage of course go to DeFranco elite comm join our subscription there on top of obviously supporting what we’re making now what we’re Building you also get a lot of exclusives that including exclusive Q&A is exclusive town halls Early general content also access to the private discord posters mugs all the goods with that side of course as always my name’s philip defranco You’ve just been phill’d in. I love yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow

100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out About Martin Shkreli, Emma Watson, Florida Lawmakers, and More…

  1. You know I'm a political moderate, and I've been annoyed at the lawmaker proposals on BOTH sides over the gun issue, but I have to say that this bill that they're passing in Florida is actually a solid move. It's not too overbearing to gun owners, but it's also a step towards gun control and school safety which we desperately need.

  2. The constitution applies to all adults, there is no legal way to deny a constitutionally guaranteed right to people under 21. Imagine if you were saying that the right to free speech didn't apply to people 18-21 in Florida? Not only is this blatantly unconstitutional, there is no moral justification for denying a 19-year-old single mom a personal defense weapon. This needs to be struck down immediately.

  3. I think Shreli should go to jail for 25 to life. The price raise probably killed more people then numerous serial killers and even now as he sits in jail more people are dying because he refused to lower it to a reasonable price. He is the ultimate downfall of humanity and I'm glad the judges see him for what he really is and are ready to take away his product in anyway shape or form so they can distribute fairly to the people that need it. Let it be known that you can't put a price on life or humanity and if you try, you don't deserve ether.

  4. What are mental health issues? That is so broad, and really scary since it has become more ok to talk to a therapist, etc… That isn't really mental, but more communicative outlets… But where is the line between what is normal and what is mental?

  5. So you can go into the military and die for your country but you cant buy a firearm at the same age.
    Second thing so your telling me they can take peoples firearms away that have "mental health history" when half of the country is on depression and anxiety meds makes sense to me.

  6. Just ban ARs, Shotguns, auto pistols and other rifles for personal use. You can leave none automatic pistols alone and still have your 2nd amendment? Rifles should only be used by eg. hunters with a valid hunting license or the military.

  7. People REALLY need to stop lumping prescribed pain medication taken for chronic pain problems with the poisons that Organized Crime is importing to cash in on the panic spread by the current administration. What the heck are people who are legitimately suffering from debilitating pain supposed to do in order to get enough relief to be functional? (Or rather, what passes for functional for true patients with chronic, intense pain.) Since the Russian mob is one of the chief importers of opium-based illegal drugs, is it any wonder this "crisis" is being pushed the way it is? The result of the hype is it shuts down the sources of legitimate pain relief, as Doctors are currently being pressed with threats of censure, fines, and license loss if they don't reduce or simply stop prescribing opioids altogether. That is causing people to turn to illegal and more dangerous sources to help their loved ones who suffer so greatly. If YOUR child or spouse, or parent was screaming in pain, wouldn't YOU want to do something to relieve it? NSAIDs like Ibuprofen can damage your kidneys and cause kidney failure, and Tylenol can damage your liver, and neither of them are truly effective against really serious pain. But no alternative is offered, because new regulations passed by politicians seeking any cause to win them voters – no matter how much bull crap is involved in the presentation of it – are choking Doctors in miles of red tape with spikes on it. Some in-house labs are even faking test results so that Doctors can claim a legitimate reason for ceasing to prescribe for some patients because of the new regulations states are passing hand over fist, without a thought to the consequences. So there needs to be a study of how many of these overdoses are suicide attempts, and I would hazard a guess that a LOT of them are. It is – for a surprising number of people – preferable to die rather than to continue a life in constant pain, unable to function as a person, and being a drain in every way on their loved ones. Suicides due to the INAPPROPRIATE REACTION to a medical situation which really needs serious study and a much more measured and practical response are just going to keep rising for a while. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people are put at risk, as sudden withdrawals from the pain medications that long term chronic pain patients have been taking for years can KILL you. People who WERE living independent lives – like perhaps your Elderly Parents – will have to move in with YOU because the pain they now suffer is too much for them to maintain those independent lives. And people with the pain of surgery, or serious injury, or chronic conditions that cannot simply be repaired with our current technology will simply have to suffer… because those crooked politicians want votes, and can use this to get them.

  8. After being in Model United Nations, the system of amending a document was similar. And with the changes made this bill is extremely solid. It covers every concern that people have voiced and adds specifics. There may have been complaints about the proposed budget, but realistically they would’ve asked for what the state of Florida could afford, and in addition could ask/receive further funding from other sources. Overall, it’d be crazy if this didn’t pass, and being in conference for 8 hours in a day they were supposed to have off is sign of the level of commitment these people have towards this issue.

  9. No bill is going to be perfect or make the majority happy on the first try. We need to be thankful that finally big moves like this are being made to better gun safety.

  10. Forgive me if I am just a silly Canadian but literally everything about that bill seems like complete common sense. How is it that so many are outspoken against it.

  11. I hope that Martin Shkreli gets his act together after this debacle, and that he does hold up to his statement of being better going forward.

    Emma Watson is a fucking legend for that amazingly passive-aggressive tweet. Definitely still my favourite actress.

    I'm also happy about the Florida gun regulations bill. I feel like it's a pretty good compromise between the two opposing viewpoints of pro-gun and anti-gun. The changes described in the bill are all logical, and I'm quite happy that they're being put in place.

  12. I love how people are pointing out the audio is out of sync. I wouldn't have noticed at all. I don't actually look at the screen when I go to these videos. I listen to Phil talk without really watching because I'm working on homework while playing the videos. I want to be informed while still being able to do my work.

  13. lets go through this bill point by point this is going to be a long one so sorry in advance. 1. 3 day waiting period is fairly standard fair as far as I know when it comes to gun laws. I am not a fan but it's not the worst thing you could do. In my mind this part of the law does not really prevent or stop future mass shootings from occurring.
    2. Increasing the age to buy any fire arm to 21 may be, and in my mind is unconstitutional. According to FBI crime statistics knifes kill more people per year than rifles do so are we not going to let 18-20 year old's have knifes either? I mean for heavens sake if 18-20 year old's can join the army and act in porn why can't they go to the store and buy a gun? What reason do you have for saying 18-20 year old's are not old enough for their constitutional rights? Ya 18-20 year old's can join the army but heaven forbid they own guns for personal reasons. As a quick side note I will concede that it is unclear if 18-20 year old's do have the the right to buy a gun from the store own it and operate it. That will have to take a long time to hash out I say 18-20 have just as much of a rite to the second amendment as anyone else. Because 18-20 year old's historically and traditionally for a long long time have been able to bear arms, and I think SCOTUS is/would be on my side. Not to mention what happens to the 18-20 year old's in Florida that have guns now, what happens too them? Do they get grandfathered in or what? This does not stop or prevent mass shootings.
    3. The term bump stock is a bit miss leading. Bump firing is more of a technique than some crazy accessory that turns a normal rifle into a "weapon of war". You can bump fire with out a bump stock all you need to do is hold the gun in certain way. Heck you can bump fire using every day materials like string or rubber bands, or you could make a bump stock like accessory with a 3-D printer on in a metal/wood shop. If anyone can me me 10 mass shootings that used bump stock then maybe they should be banned. The reason I say this is far as I know the Vegas shooting was the only mass shooting to use bump stock. I know I will get the "The Vegas shooting should be the last shooting where bump stocks where used" comment. To that I say bump stocks are so uncommon and unpopular because you can literally bump fire for FREE! The only thing dumber than buying a bump stock is banning them. Not to mention that just the fear of banning bump stocks has driven up their sale. They used to be $50 per kit now they cost like $150 or more the biggest seller of bump stocks is the government :P. A potential black market can and will arise from a bump stock ban guaranteeing that bump stocks will end up in the has of bad actors. You also get the same problem as before as to what happens to the people who have bump stocks in Florida already? Do they get an exception or what? This does not stop or prevent mass shootings.
    4. Fine by me even though I would say mass shootings are not really about mental health because only 3-5% of all crime can be attributed to people with mental illnesses and people with mental illness are 50% more likely to be victims of crime. If you ask me how a mass shooter is created I will paraphrase Jordan B Peterson.What do you get when you have a normal person who experiences great: suffering,tragedy ,injustice or worse etc… and they are left alone to fester in their misfortune? You will go to a dark dark place unless you are strong willed individual who is good at self reflection. The take away is don't leave people alone in social isolation especially if they are going through a hard period in their life, we need good communities to prevent people from going into these dark places like Cruz did. And as Jordan B peter says "get your self and your life in order before you criticize the world". This does not stop mas shooting from occurring all together. However this could have a real effect and prevent or reduce the number of mass shootings if done well.
    5. Fine by me Utah and Ohio have been arming teachers. Utah has been doing it for decades Ohio only a few years. I see no problem. Only the fact that this does not stop or prevent mass shooting from happening. Best case scenario is this program potentially lowers the number of casualties if a mass shooting happens.
    6. As long as there is due process and little room for abuse this is fine. The only potential problem is the definition of mental heath crisis. That could be abused to potentially take away an innocent persons gun. This fear seams unfounded to me because there is still due process and you can appeal a decision. However, courts will have to be quick and hopefully inexpensive for defendants for this process to work well, which is iffy at best. Not because the courts are evil or unjust, but because it's the government the courts are going to be slow. With all the red tape it could be pricey for tax payers and defendants. Which is bad for everyone even non gun owners. Will this stop or prevent mass shootings? No this does not stop mass shootings from happening all together. However this may prevent some mass shootings from happening.

    *TLDR*: 1.Meh 2. BAD! 3.Dumb 4. OK to good with a potential for greatness 5. Decent but has it's caveats and limits. 6.Fine but may not work as well as intended.

  14. Give someone enough money and anyone can be defined as mentally ill. We will have a witch hunt one of these days, where many people will have their guns taken. It's control. Good job guys.

  15. I'll be honest I want the judge to be as harsh she can. Assholes that do what he did deserve to punished as harshly as possible.

  16. i was very happy knowing what happened to this Shkreli guy. But all the comments says he was giving free drugs to poor people, the robin hood of medications. is that right?

  17. I love the compromise! Even if the bill can be improved, there’s some bipartisanship and a care for the good of the people so I’m happy

  18. I do find it seems to be fairly annoying for both sides which means it is probably a good idea. There is some room for abuse obviously, where mental health is concerned, but it does seem pretty interesting in a positive way.

  19. Wow a law that doest punish law abiding gun owners I love it ! All of those are good steps to keeping guns out if the had a of those who shouldn't own them in the first place. Will it work I don't know but atleaste this bill isn't punishing me for doing nothing. The only thing only thing dummer that that would be like blameing video games for school shootings right?…..ooo wait.

  20. Speaking of the CDC, did you know that they study everything from deaths caused by drowning in a swimming pool to radiation to how clean the drinking water is BUT they are not allowed to perform studies caused by gun violence. Interesting? I thought so. (I learned this in my Infection, Immunity, and Evolution of Disease course at my university) With all this talk about gun laws, I think it would be beneficial for them to be able to study this topic. What do you think, Phil?

  21. Yea I wonder why during that intro part when Phil talks about the documentary the video does not match the audio at all, like as if the correct footage was cut instead of the wrong footage. Still love ya Phil and team

  22. This is bat shit crazy to pass.. Mental health is massively decided by the opinions of the masses. You could call a person passionate about religion crazy.. Not to mention psychopaths are one of the hardest to diagnose.

  23. Here's my take on guns in school. It should be there IF a teacher wants one or not. I rememer a lady who lost BOTH her parents when she and her parents went to a place called "Luby's Cafeteria" when a man charged his truck in the building then shot and killed multiple people. Since that day she has fought for gun rights and for years would had mentioned teachers having guns. For awhile people just kinda ignored it but now people are listening. It's crazy to think that after so many people die do people listen. Why couldn't we have stopped it right after Columbine? I think we shouldn't just talk about gun laws but also mental health awareness. Mental health is a serious issue and many people deal with depression, anxiety, and so much more. It's something that should be addressed seriously.

  24. I agree with everything in the bill except what the police had a problem with, lack of funding. Would still pass it though.

  25. If you really think gun laws will help, just take a look at drug laws in the last 40 years.  We have more drugs now then we did before the drug war started.

  26. RE: the new bill in Flordia, it sounds promising and I'm glad that local governing powers are doing something about gun control.

  27. I would bet ANYTHING we could have armed guards for WAY less the 100k a person. They are nuts 400 million how many retired Vets would mind doing it and collecting there pension for a lot less

  28. This money is not there for what the Florida legislature has passed. It’s a bandaid on the problem. They also plan to fund this by privatizing most of our schools under the Betsy Devos plan. Nobody wants this. Teachers overwhelmingly do not want guns in classrooms. Our politicians are not listening to their constituents! They do not deserve praise for this monstrosity of a collection of bills they hastily passed under the shadow of the Parkland shooting. And you will note they did nothing after the Pulse shooting because hey, that was just a bunch of gays.

  29. In my eyes the new gun control Bill in Florida seems to be far more practical and constitutional than most but I do think if the age to buy a gun is 21 than the the voting age should be the same with the exception of the military.

  30. Drug war failed. Opioid crisis has not slowed down… But yeah, let's ban guns. Sounds like that should work this time. How about we open up rehab centers for criminals so they can get help without fear of persecution?

  31. Paying for school resource officers only works if they actually help out and not hide themselves 🙁 Otherwise I fully support those changes and in today's times, yes its sad we have to restrict so much; but kids are at risk and we don't have a choice at this point. Change has to happen.

  32. For the Martin Shkreli bit, really he deserves as much time as he took away from people with that price hike bullshit. Unfortunately this case isn't tied to that, so yeah for ripping off a bunch of rich people then technically earning back the money 1-1/2 years is probably fine, even if he deserves decades for other things.

  33. Regarding the opiod epidemic, it's the same here in Canada. My brother in law is a firefighter & most of their calls are not fires, but medical calls & a majority of them lately are overdoses. There is a lot of fentanyl mixed in the heroin out there & people don't realize how strong it is, so they end up overdosing.

  34. funny story: people think they know how business works but they are clueless and that's why they are broke losers.

  35. control tactics you should always try: claim the other person is not being moral, get sympathy votes and cry a lot. loser cough.

  36. any women who want to push away every man they know: be a feminist and post a picture of your arm hair.
    don't worry if you're alone and cry a lot because at least you're empowered.

  37. WORLD WE LIVE IN: person is mentally unstable thinking of killing people- owns firearms- actually GOES to a fucking mental institution and admits he is thinking of killing people… and then he is released a few days later- still has his gun in possession –
    because nothing the cops can do about it. REAL STORY!

  38. Why doesn't the private sale of a firearm need to go through a licensed dealer with the required waiting period and checks? Seems nuts to me.

  39. Damn the judge done threw the book at "pharma bro".. 7 years, 7.4 million in fines, and one Wu Tang album..lol. He's about to be changing that nik name to "pharma hoe" …

  40. I remember watching an individual from Vice had a interview with Martin Shkreli. It was weird to watch, there's clearly something wrong with him mentally, he is not all there.

  41. Funny, they didn't seem to have the money when schools needed repairs, updated books, basic teaching tools, and raises for the already hardworking teachers…

  42. Ever body is saying Martin has committed a Ponzi scheme but the government committees a ponzi sheme ever day

  43. Not to be critical or anything but why is there a whole 20 seconds of this like super weird. Nothing he says follows his lips and if you can’t tell where it is at 46 seconds to 1:06 seconds. It’s weird. Lol

  44. How much of the money goes to the FBI to respond to tips? It's just funny to me how quickly everyone wants to take guns away from law abiding citizens because the government will protect you.. even though that has been proven false. I thought people only forgot the distant past, not shit that happened a couple of months ago.

    Also, on the bump/slide stock: I have one and I don't use it because I don't like it, but just using one teaches you how to bump fire a semi automatic weapon. The legal definition they were using to ban it is flawed and can't hold up. Also, a stock can't be classified as a "machine gun" or whatever the hell they are calling it now. The only part of a weapon that is tracked in such a fashion is the upper receiver. The bump is an integrated stock to lower receiver device. It is no different than trying to ban a longer barrel to stop people from shooting as accurately. It only proves that people making laws have no idea what they are talking about and are reaching with feeling/potential votes instead of experience.

  45. Are all your videos demonitized? Not that i mind the lack of ads personaly but its insane how youtube act in the matter.

  46. Martin is a bad man, no doubts of that from me. But if he has truly changed, then let him walk and make sure he sticks to his word.

  47. The Florida bill seems like a good compromise all around. It's comprehensive reform that touches on many aspects of school shootings, has something in it to please everyone.

  48. Alex Jones isn't the only person that said Hoggs is a fraud. His debate partner at school even said it, https://youtu.be/jp0VNIxu9ig?t=4m22s And Sandy Hook? No CCTV video, no dead bodies, no blood, no crying, building destroyed, and records sealed. The only thing normal about that "tragedy" was the lower third.

  49. So… folks are willing to admit that these armed educational staff require a lot of review to carry…. but somehow guns are less dangerous in the hands of everyone else?
    So they admit they dont want a lack of gun control in schools… so why anywhere else? Wtf?

    Its the exact kind of system you see in other countries like Canada. A country whos individual gun owners actually posses on average more guns per person than even in the US.

  50. According to Shkreli, his price hike charged only insurance companies. He gave the drug away free to those who could not afford it. It sounds like you never listened to him defend himself philip. Come on again friend

  51. I know nothing about America's laws and that mess around guns. BUT I am glad that, out of all this horrid news about school shootings and protests that discussions are happening. Whether that compromise is fair or not, a discussion about gun control happened for the first time ever and in Florida no less!

  52. I would suggest you don't give up your day job, because you will never make it as a Youtube announcer. 54 seconds of your poor editing skills, and gabbling, was more than I could handle.

  53. Sounds like the government are abusing their power against that Skreli guy just because they don't like him.

  54. Opioid overdoses…

    Also known as 'Natural Selection'.

    More deaths by intentional drug overdose just means less drug addicts to worry about.


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