Why is Needlejig Tattoo Supply Company making these videos?

Why is Needlejig Tattoo Supply Company making these videos?

Want to know why Needlejig is making videos? (Amazing Into Music) Since the late 90s I’ve been providing
tattooers with innovative tools to make their job a little easier. People
trust us because they know I’m a tattooer and I’m in it for the right
reasons. Should I make videos? This is a decision
that I have not taken lightly. People have been asking me for years
to share my information but I’ve been pretty wary about putting too much
information out there publicly. What if it gets in the wrong hands?
The truth is there’s already a lot of information out there and a lot of it is
just garbage. We’ve all seen the internet flooded with a bunch of useless
information. I kind of feel like it’s my duty to try and combat that a little bit and put some good information out there for the people who do take the business
serious. In fact, tattooing has been so great for me and my family I feel
obligated and honored that I can give back some. We are very independent in the
tattoo business. It allows you to be whoever you want to be and people should
really try and choose to be something positive. Someone who gives back and
improves other people’s lives. Tattooers need solid information, a place
where they can research the things they want to learn to improve their craft.
Ultimately they need to make sure that they respect the people that they learn
from the people, that laid the groundwork before them. Tattooers do have the power
to change people’s lives. With that power comes great responsibility. An artist
needs to choose their paths wisely. Let’s talk tattoo! I feel compelled to
squash some of the bad information that’s out there. There’s a lot of people
peddling bad information that probably believe everything that they’re
preaching you and it’s not really their fault.
They fall victim to the same thing that they’re peddling. After all, if it’s
on the internet it’s got to be true, right??? Over the years I’ve gathered an
enormous community of talented artists and like-minded friends who have a wide
array of skill sets. I’d like to try and bring
some of those people here to you. You can’t properly teach anybody to
tattoo on the Internet, but a little good information can improve any
professionals daily experience. I mean really you wouldn’t watch YouTube and
then try and remove your buddy’s appendix? Or do their dental work? That’s
a rhetorical question! Please don’t go trying… I have a deep love for the art, and I
know there’s going to be some haters out there but rest assured, the videos I’m
putting together have the best interest of tattooing in mind. We only sell to
professionals so please don’t take my videos as validation for those who are
tattooing at home because that’s definitely not acceptable. Bad tattoo
karma is not easy to pay off so be very careful as to how much you accumulate.
Remember information will never be equal to experience. You need to keep putting
good ideas into practice on a regular basis in order to master anything. These
videos might help point you in the right direction but I’m more about mentoring
people who want to be successful rather than teach anybody a particular skill.
Now that you know why I’m doing videos let’s talk about what we’re gonna do. I
want to take you to conventions, I want to introduce you to products, I want to
discuss theory, maybe tour some manufacturers. I’m not sure exactly where
this is going but let’s take that ride together! So what do you guys think? Are
these videos a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. Also tell us what
kind of videos you’d lik e to see! The last thing we want is a bunch of pffffffft…. Since
the late 90s I’ve been making innovative BLAHHHHH Tattooers do have the power to
change pftttttttt . Over the years I’ve gathered absolutely nothing in my
dust-filled brain.

5 thoughts on “Why is Needlejig Tattoo Supply Company making these videos?

  1. yes Marc! I just LOVE any knowlage you can share. There is Always something new to learn and always be reminded of best ways improve! I'm looking into your new light. I may just have to get. I love doing business with Needlejig, for some years now! Love your products and our conversations + best customer service!

  2. Mark….I'm a new shop owner in Northern Minnesota! I love tattooing , and want to learn as much as possible. Looking forward to videos on the art and craft of tattooing!

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