Why I’m Fat: The Naked Truth

Why I’m Fat: The Naked Truth

Well, believe it or not, I’m classed
as morbidly obese. I’ll be honest. The last time I was naked in front
of this many guys and girls, that didn’t work out well. Fat bitch. Fat C—U—N—T. I’m a whale. Pig. You’re fat. Throw her back in the ocean. Move, you fat bitch. Hey, look at the fat…
the fat bastard. I look like a bin bag full of turds. That’s always been my personal
favourite. I think, in the past,
being called names, being bullied for my weight,
yes, it did hurt at the time. I do care that people call me
fat cos you wouldn’t go up to someone in a wheelchair and say,
“Oh, you’re in a wheelchair.” If someone calls me fat… ..why…why let it bother me? Because I am. I think that if you’re
confident in your own body, then you don’t feel that those
derogatory terms that these people are using to offend you are offensive
because they’re just words. It’s more pity for them I feel,
like, if that’s what making their day is,
putting someone else down. Well, fuck, I feel bad for them. My weight is,
last time I checked, was 143kg. So I think that’s about 22st. My weight is currently
just under 20st. The last time I weighed myself,
I was about 27st. I think that would probably put us in either the obese
or morbidly obese. From a doctor’s point of view,
I’m classed as morbidly obese. That’s just, like,
a kick in the teeth. Right, you’re fat
but you’re fatter than fat. Obese has a medical term. When people or obese,
they’re a problem. I don’t think there’s anything
morbid about me. I can run, I can go up stairs. For a fat guy,
I’m still very active. I think people get this image
of he’s fat, he must just lay at home
and eat crisps. I’ll be honest, if I get a day off,
I might do that. Obviously,
being a fitness instructor, you get new people into your class
on a regular basis. You see these people walk in
and they kind of look around to figure out who the instructor is,
and then they look at you and they’re like, “Oh…” People need to understand that not
every fat person is lazy. Some are, but so are some
thin people. It’s not just down to weight. It’s down to the individual. Why has it got to be a thing? Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t
mean I can’t be active, and it doesn’t mean that you have
the right to judge me based on what I look like. You know, I’m fat, but I work hard,
I go to work every day, I pay my bills,
I take my dog for a walk. Yeah, I think there’s
a lot of misconceptions. I’ve always been on the large size,
like, Mum’s got four kids, my two brothers and sisters,
they’ve always been… ..skinny, they’ve always been
active, into active roles, like sports, dancing. They used to call me “fatty fatty
bum bum”, “who ate all the pies?”. Me and my brothers spoke about it. His excuse was he used it as a
motivation, that I’d get so sick and tired of being called “fatty bum
bum” that I’d go and lose weight. When, in reality, all that made me
do was make me think, “Well, I am fat.” Then it would get
me down and then I’d just go for the packet of crisps
or the chocolate bar. I fell pregnant at the age of 16. And my boyfriend at the time,
he left me. And I basically developed a really
unnatural relationship with food and started comfort eating. And I went up from
a size 12 to a size 28, and that was probably
in about a month-and-a-half. My body changed so drastically, I didn’t even recognise the person
I saw in the mirror. I was completely different.
I literally used to go and buy… ..like, the 24 pack
of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, and I would eat them all in one day.
It was dangerous. And I was comfort eating
because I was…very, very low. I think I was quite shy in college
and maybe quite, like, socially a bit awkward. I think, at that age,
I probably had more walls up. I didn’t make as many friends. I would buy a lot of food and binge
because I was kind of lonely, I was on my own. That’s probably
when I put on most of my weight. Maybe I’d eat, like, a whole box
of cakes, and then I’d feel angry at myself for doing that and then
I’d be, like… Then I’d eat again. I got glandular fever when I was 17. And I was ill for eight months. And in that space of time,
I put on 7st. I know a lot of people lose weight
with glandular fever but I just used to sit there
and eat. I’m under no illusions
as to why I’m fat. I’m not going to come up
with any sort of excuse. I wasn’t very sociable as a kid. I
wasn’t very sociable until my teens. I’ve never really had a healthy
diet type of thing. I eat at the wrong times,
I don’t exercise. It’s who I am. There’s not, like,
“Oh, life was tragic so I ate.” Life was just life, and I ate and
I got fat, and these things happen. I like doughnuts. I quite
like pizza. Lasagne. Favourite food? It’s got to be lasagne, I think. This chocolate bar that’s,
like, salted. A big bag of crisps. A big bar of chocolate. A whole cake. Nuggets. But you can’t get six,
you’ve got to get 20. Because there’s no point when
it’s, like, an extra £2. The serving suggestion of
six people… Six people? No. Just me. I just like food.
That is what makes me happy. If I feel sad, I will eat, but… ..doesn’t everyone? It could just be a simple case
of I’ve had a really bad day. Then, to make myself better,
I’ll have some food. For that short five minutes
when you are eating, it felt good. But then, afterwards,
you kind of think… “I probably shouldn’t have
eaten that.” You just have that moment where you
want it, you need it. And then, after that,
you just don’t think about it until it happens again. I’ve been on Weight Watchers,
I’ve been to Slimming World, I’ve had diet pills,
I’ve starved myself, I’ve binged, I’ve tried to throw up food. You know, I’ve had a really
unhealthy relationship with dieting. Now I’m trying to do it so that
I have one lunchbox and what’s in that lunchbox, that is
what you’ve got all day, so that’ll be, like, a yoghurt,
a couple of sandwiches, a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar
and a small cake. And then, once that’s gone,
that is gone. So I’m trying to limit what
I’ve got. I’ve tried to diet. Many people have dieted.
It doesn’t work. You hear stories of people
losing a lot of weight, putting it all back up.
Because I think restricting yourself and denying yourself things makes
you then feel worse about yourself. You know, then you lead to kind of
bingeing and more over-eating. Sometimes, I’ll go
out into a nightclub or I’ll go to the theatre,
and I’ll see people looking. I’m thinking, “Are they looking at
me cos I’m fat?” When I get on a train
and I’m sat down or I’m sitting next
to somebody, and I sit down, and there’s ample space for two people
to sit on a seat, you often get… SHE SIGHS DRAMATICALLY I do take more of a bus seat up than
a normal-sized person would. In my head, my conscience goes… “There’d be more room on this bus
if he weren’t so fat!” It’s just unnecessary. I don’t huff at you because you’re
there picking your nose on the train, so how about
you don’t huff at me because I’m slightly overweight? If you let that kind of thing
niggle away at your inner conscience, you’re going
to create low self-esteem. And I’m not about that game. I was in a lift on Saturday. A lady of around 50
and her mother got into the lift. The lift was an eight-person lift,
and the older woman said, “We wouldn’t fit eight people
in here, would we?” And I said, “Oh, gosh, no.” I said,
“We might fit eight of you, love, “but we’re not going to fit
eight of me in here, are we?” You know, the whole body and
the all of your experiences all kind of lead you up
to where you are today, and then,
if you could change yourself, then all of that history
isn’t present in your body. If I wasn’t fat,
maybe I’d be a different person, maybe I wouldn’t have developed
the personality of…I had to make people laugh to get them to like me. So maybe if I wasn’t fat,
I wouldn’t be a comedian. I’d just be working a 9 to 5. I do bits of plus-size modelling. I do beauty pageants. But I’m also founder and creative
director of a clothing brand specifically for plus sizes
16 to 32. I’m a professional photographer.
I don’t normally say that out loud. At the moment, I’m working on a
personal project which is called Behind The Scars. I love going to drag shows. Drag, for me,
is the best happiness I ever have. I won my first pageant in 2015. I was crowned
Miss British Beauty Curve. I’m not saying I’m proud to be fat. All that I’m here for is to sit here and say you live your life
how you want to live it. I think we all have an ideal body. And this isn’t my ideal body
but it’s my body. Do I wish
I looked like Jake Gyllenhaal? Yes, but everyone
except Jake Gyllenhaal does. You asked Jake Gyllenhaal
and he’ll probably say, “Yeah, “I want to look like Jed Salisbury.” Probably not, though.
I don’t think he knows me. I do think that there are a lot
of people who have negative opinions about body size. I don’t think that will ever change
but what can change is us trying to change people’s attitudes
towards bodies, understanding that every body is beautiful,
regardless of its shape or size. We are all inhabiting a body, and
we all have to live with that body so why are we judging
each other’s bodies? Why can’t we just be
happy for each other?

100 thoughts on “Why I’m Fat: The Naked Truth

  1. The chick at 1:20 is not 20 stone approx 120 kg more like 150 kg ..young fat people can get away with moving but as you get older your in major trouble…if your that active should not be chunky. …you have emotional eating.. diabetes heart disease sleep apnea cellulites early death….can only loose weight if you really want to and need to also see dietician and mental health assistance etc…on the way to these diseases and on the way to DEAD …SAVE FOR THE FUNERAL NOW..

  2. Tip: If you need help losing weight just dance every day or 5 days a week for around 30 mins to an hour. Within a month you should see results. If you need any more info just ask, I'm trying to help you guys.

  3. I was skinny till I was 33 when a combination of medications (hydrocortisone amongst others) plus a thyroid problem made me put on 3 stone. It was horrifying to think that many ppl would view me as being a lazy person that ate too many pies, just based on my appearance!!!!! Diet and exercise are futile in some circumstances!!! I don't even particularly like food and only eat what and when I have to. If you are one to judge, just wait till it happens to you!!!

  4. This is beyond stupid.. your fat because you are no active enough to burn the calories you consumed over the years..

  5. What is their definition of being active though? I had a guy tell me he’s active because he goes fishing and drinks a 12 pack of Budweiser while he fishes from a chair. Dieting doesn’t work?

  6. You're fat because you eat too much. Its not healthy and its not attractive. Fat people are always in denial.

  7. I use to weigh 100 but I gained 60ib in 1 year I would eat bread when I'm sad or when I'm bored I'm on saraquil which makes you gain weight

  8. I love everyone, who cares if your not the Norm, I've always been told I was weird bt I'm different and that's what makes us Us you and I n I LOVE it…❤

  9. Its unhealthy , that's the simple fact, unhealthy and not good , I dont admire them . Literally there are no positive arguments. This doesnt mean they deserve to be abused but no not admired or given special treatment

  10. Do you guys have any tips on how to lose weight? I am a relatively healthy person, but I am overweight and I want to look into the mirror and like myself.
    I really want to get thinner.

  11. oooh you are all fat fucks get off the internet and loose that unhealthy weight and stop feeling confident being obese you will all die if you don't stop hiding your shame with what you think is self love bean bags 😒😒😒😤😤😤☹☹🤢🤢🤮🤮

  12. Amazing how it's easier to convince people to pose naked to a camera than to be healthy.

    convince!, not about practicing being healthy just believing it's better.

  13. its not about dieting and limiting yourself to a bag of chips and a chocolate bar, its about developing HEALTHY eating habits and exercising along with it. Your body loses weight when it feels like it needs to aka sitting on your ass and starving will only cause you to gain weight as your body goes into starvation mode. People who gain so much have huge misconceptions about weight loss.

  14. Corey,
    U& ur friends have made a great video. What part of Great Britain do u hail from? In next state over fr. me, n.Carolina; they've produced great Tele.program airs on 'Learning channel' entitled ' my big fat fabulous life'- it's pretty great. Take care& keep up the positive spirit. M.

  15. Yeah I’m fat but I’ve never gave a shit what other people say to me. Luckily for me my friends (some) and also large so it made me feel even more comfortable

  16. “when i feel sad i eat doesnt everyone ? “

    duuude when i have a depressive fit i go bloody days without food and if i try to eat i throw up

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