Why I Tattooed myself

Why I Tattooed myself

Tomorrow I’m going to tattoo myself. I had just seen the ink get drawn up through
the capillary movement, which I had never seen before, but if you watch closely you
can just follow it rising. So then I took the plunge and the needle went
in. With the seven round liner you create seven
little holes and as the needle gets dragged back out, the ink that was stored right in
the middle, floods into the holes and that’s actually what causes the tattoo to set. Now I went with a design of this little guy
that I like to animate when I’m doing tests and because I’m so scribbly anyway; I knew
that my unprofessionalism would be ok Because I let it roll with the crappiness of my skill
with the tattoo needle. As I kept doing this it was weird because
the whole history was rushing through my mind. This isn’t just me sat here sticking a needle
in my arm like an idiot. This was a technique that’s been done for
thousands and thousands of years. The oldest tattoo’s we’ve found are over 5000
years old from a man that was frozen in a glacier. That’s insane! The small marks he had were probably done
by cutting his skin and then rubbing in a charcoal mix; I’m not doing something that
much different now. Tribes around the world have marked their
bodies in so many different ways, the Māori’s have these swirling patterns on their face. In parts of Africa people practice scarification. The japanese would mark their prisoners, so
they embraced it. The YakuZa came up with whole body suits,
just to be like “So what? If I’m going to have it, it’s gonna
look good.” Sailors would have anchors to say that they
had gone across the Atlantic Ocean and they get a Swallow tattooed on them for every 5000
nautical miles they had sailed. This is something that has been a part of
us for a long time. I’m glad I’ve done what I’ve done because
even know I’ve only got this scribble on my arm it feels kind of more than that; but
next time I’ll probably get it done by a professional. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it
We’ve been working on this for a couple of months, not just this video, but this new
format. We can make new videos about once every 2
weeks and I’m starting a podcast that’s going to be going up weekly, I’ll put a link in
the description when we start that. So before you wonder, that tattoo it’s all
fine, we filmed about two weeks ago there’s no infection, no nothing, it’s great. As far as great goes, for a Stick n’ Poke
tattoo from someone with a kak-hand. So if you liked it, chuck us a like, why not
subscribe and chuck a comment below cos I do read them all. I’ve been Matt Nomme

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