Why I Got My Tattoos: Regrets & Reasons | The Naked Truth

Why I Got My Tattoos: Regrets & Reasons | The Naked Truth

People say, “Oh, my chest hurt.” Try getting your nipple done. Try getting the palm of your hand
done. I feel sexy. I feel beautiful. Probably made me feel a bit
more of a geezer… ..cos I’ve got a tattoo. When I see Sid Haig’s face
on my thigh, I’m like, “Yeah, I love it.” I never ever wanted to become
a grey-haired old man. I want to black my eyeballs out and I want “Fuck off” tattooed on my
eyelids. People have called me weird, strange
mental, crazy. Some people don’t really like it. People have said, “Oh, why have you
got a naked woman? “I wouldn’t want my kids seeing
that.” I’ve had people cross the street. I do get questions like if I’ve
ever killed anyone, been to jail. “You must be a criminal. You must
this, that or the other,” and it’s like, “Oh, God.” It doesn’t mean that you are
a bad person. Attitudes are changing, but the
prejudices, they still exist, they’re still very much here. People with tattoos are actually being discriminated against
all the time. You’re not allowed to discriminate
anybody else, but you can with people
with tattoos. I’m fighting a daily battle
from the moment I wake up. Crohn’s disease. Ileostomy bags. Arthritis. A lot of people see the image
and think, “You look healthy.” Yet, my illnesses are all invisible. If I didn’t have the bag, I probably wouldn’t have nowhere
near as many tattoos. I’m from Brazil. I decided to start a new life
in London. If I go back to Brazil today, things are going to be difficult
for me because I have tattoos
and I’m black. So I’m a bad girl, two times. Here, I feel comfortable to be who I am. Going through school, I was bullied
quite a lot. I always saw myself to be the fat
little ginger kid. I never really had a lot of friends. I started getting tattooed. I got into the gym. I got big. I got scary. And it worked for me. All my life, I’ve wanted
to hide my legs, hide my arms and since I’ve started to get
tattoos, I want to show them off, I want people to look at me. My tattoos have given me such
a confidence. They’ve also helped me embrace
my size as well and appreciate my body. Back in the ’80s and the late ’70s,
they wasn’t fashionable at all. People who had tattoos on their arm, they’d been in the Army
or in prison. And they were quite basic
tattoos back then as well. I have kind of used myself as a bit
of a canvas to make myself be more interesting as an artist. If I walk in the room, people look. I need that. So, you can call me what you like. It’s when there’s no comments
I worry. There was one time, when
I was probably in Year Seven, and I was coming home on the bus and there was a lad at the back
of the bus that was like, “Fatty. You’ve got more chins than
a Chinese phone book.” And that absolutely devastated me. I came home crying to my mum. It put me off going to school
for a while and it really, really affected me. I wanted to cover up. I didn’t want to go out the house. In the summer, I used to wear
cardigans. I didn’t want people to see my body. I felt like I wasn’t somebody
and I wanted to be somebody and I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to prove
to the world. When I had my first tattoo,
I felt amazing. I instantly felt confident,
liberated and I just wanted to show it off as
soon as I had it. I got my leg out on social
media, which I’ve never done before. But I didn’t care what my leg
looked like. I just wanted people to see
my tattoos and that’s why they’ve helped me
so much. No matter what I look like, I’ve got these beautiful
pieces of artwork on me and they help me feel beautiful. They really do. When I was young, my mum wanted me
to go out and get a job. So, I decided to go out
and I’d become a stripper. And I was one of the first
Dreamboys. I decided, when I was 18,
that I was going to get a tattoo. And back in those days, they didn’t
have big, massive sleeves and they didn’t have big tattoos
that they have today. They were very, very basic tattoos. It wasn’t a fashion statement
in the ’80s. It wasn’t something you felt
that you had to go out and get. It made me feel different
to the others, which is what I wanted to be. When I’d become radical on tattoos, I got into my 40s. I got tattoos to get looked at,
to get attention. There was no having a mid-life
crisis. No “Need to get a tattoo” –
none of that. It was just an ego. I’ve kind of thrown
all the pain in the park. And, over the years,
this is what’s turned out. I did struggle a lot through school
and I was a bit of an outsider and I did want to be more like my
big brother. He got tattooed and I thought,
“Yeah, that is cool.” I want that reaction when people
see me. And instead of going, “Ha! You’re
a fat little ginger kid,” I wanted them to go, “That’s a cool
tattoo, mate.” I was 15 years old when I got my
first tattoo. Having the tattoos then did
essentially become like an armour. I actually only ever wanted one
tattoo and that was it. I ended up buying my own tattoo
machine on eBay and on the weekends I used to just
sit there and tattoo myself for fun. My mum got cancer. I lost my job, lost my house,
lost my car. Thought I was going to lose my mum. So, I went into the tattoo shop and
I said I want a face tattoo. The Antichrist seemed appropriate
at the time. And they just grew and grew from
there. Not all of them mean
something to me. But they’ve all got a good story
behind them. 2003. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. It was the year before I got my
bag that I got my first tattoo. Get something that’s
meaningful first. I was always going to be
a Liverpool supporter. In 2008, it came to an emergency surgery. I had the ileostomy bag fitted. It fucked my life right up. Big time. I used to play football three times
a week and now I can’t even fucking run
100 metres. It took me a while to get
over having the bag. I wouldn’t go out.
I definitely go topless. When I did start to go topless, that’s when it was like, “People keep fucking staring. I’m
going to do something about this.” That’s when I started getting
more and more tattoos. I wanted people to
stare at me for other reasons. Now they do. And the tattoos have given me
confidence and made me the person I am now. I have a tattoo on my leg that
represents me when I came to London. Here, people don’t look at me
and judge by my skin colour, by my tattoos, by my body type. It’s not like in Brazil. If I go back to Brazil today
and try to get a job, it’s going to be ten times
difficult than when I left because some people see me like, “Oh, she’s part of a group
of bad people.” I’m different and they’re always
going to treat me differently. I love showing off my tattoos. They have a meaning. When I lost my uncle, I decided
to get a tattoo to remind me of him. So, I’ve got a song from Puff Daddy
on my arm. So every time I miss him, I know
that one day I’ll see his face. Sorry. I look at my tattoo and it reminds
me of my childhood. I like to get tattoos because they
express my feelings. Going back ten years ago, facial
tattoos weren’t anywhere near as acceptable as they are
these days. Now, this day and age, it’s kind
of cool to have them. That works really well with my job. I’m a barber by trade. So many barbers nowadays
are very heavily tattooed. It almost goes hand-in-hand. It is scary to some people. I don’t advise people to do it because some things sound
like a good idea at the time and then two years down the line
you realise they’re not. I don’t worry about it at all. When
I’m old and fat, I’ll be bald. I’m going to grow an awesome beard.
I’m going to tattoo out my head and I’m just going to sit with the
other tattooed, bald, bearded,
awesome dudes. I’m just going to look so much
cooler than you guys. I think it looks wicked. I’m just really intrigued to see what I’m going to look like when
I’m that age. Hey, you all right? Good, mate. Yourself? Good. You? Good, man. So, you’re looking fit with your
tattoos. Cheers, mate. How old are you, then? I’m 26. I’m touching 60. When I was your age, we never
had any of this. Had we had face that I’ve got,
you’ve got… Yeah, yeah. ..you’d have been considered
completely… Insane.
Yeah, you really would. A lunatic. I mean, your age now. It’s all super cool to get tattoos and the more tattooed you are. This is it, it’s trendy now.
Yeah. When my dad had Army tattoos, I suppose that would’ve been
in the 1940s he’d have got them, it was almost like a big, grey
blob on you. Yeah, yeah. You could hardly make
out what it was. The quality of tattoos has got so
much better now. That’s what I’m interested
to see as well. In a future, how tattoos from
nowadays will look. Will they all blur? All the inks are different now… Yeah, exactly. ..to what they were years ago. It’s kind of interesting
talking to your age group. Yeah. And you having all that done
and you actually having the guts to put it on your face at such
a young age. Yeah. You know, I’d never give it
a second thought really. When I started getting tattoos, it was all about the sleeves and
chest pieces and it was boring, man. Yeah. Yeah, I was the same. I didn’t
want to be like them, so it was like, “Right, tattoo
my head, tattoo my face.” But you wouldn’t go any more? Yeah. You would? Yeah, yeah, I’d do more. I want to black my eyeballs out and I want “Fuck off” tattooed
on my eyelids. See, I wouldn’t do that.
I think you’d regret it. There’s a tiny line between looking
really cool… And looking an idiot? ..and looking
an idiot. Yeah. What did your mum say? I uploaded it onto Facebook and I just tagged my mum
and went, “I’m sorry, Mum.” “I ain’t so pretty any more.” She was like, “Oh, you’ve got a beautiful face,
don’t tattoo it any more.” Soon as someone says that… I’ll do
my face. ..that’s the worst thing. Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean?
I get it all the time. See, that’s the worst thing anyone
could say. But don’t do your eyes. Yeah, yeah. You know, I was thinking that I was
going to be really outrageous and that I was going to be one of
the only people that looked like this. Yeah. And then I’m sitting
opposite you and I’m thinking, “Fucking hell,
that kind of plan went a bit wrong.” Cos it kind of… Everybody else got covered in
tattoos and they weren’t meant to do that.
It was only meant to be me. When you’re doing it, you’re like,
“Oh, why do I do this?” Women come up to me and say,
“Can I ask you a question?” “Does it hurt?” Yes, it hurts. I fall asleep when I get tattooed. I find it very therapeutic in a way. And the tattoo needles going over
swollen skin, that is horrible. I had a panic attack after
because it was so painful and I wasn’t breathing properly,
so that was a hard one. I mean, after being through pain
with illnesses and stuff, and you’ve got nothing
to show for it. At least this sort of pain, I had lots to show for it
afterwards. For me, it’s more about exposing
them, showing them off to people. I want people to almost see my story
and my passions just by looking at me. I can’t say I’m ageing gracefully
cos I don’t think I’m ageing gracefully, but I kind of want
to have an interesting look for when I get older and I still
don’t want to fall into convention. Out of all of them that I probably
regret most is my Liverpool one, even though it was my first one. It’s only because the liver bird
looks fucking shit. I have the one on my foot
that I want to cover because it’s just not nice. I look back at pictures and see
myself without them now. I wouldn’t say I regret them,
but it’s crazy how different I look. Certain places, like posh
restaurants or really nice, fancy
places, I think, “God, I wish these weren’t here.” So, everywhere you go, you’re going
to find someone with tattoos, which is good. One day, I hope they won’t judge
you by your tattoos. Doing it as part of a quirky look
for my art… ..doing it as a little bit
of shock value. I mean, in this day and age,
where do you go to shock people? It’s all been done before. I haven’t got any regrets
about my tattoos. Every tattoo that I’ve got so far,
I’ve loved. And I’ve put a lot of thought
into them. I know I’ve still got room for more
and I think that’s the beauty of it. You can collect tattoos, you can get
more and more and if you don’t like them, you get rid of them,
get a new one. In the end, I will be covered
head to toe. Without my tattoos,
I wouldn’t be this confident. Without my tattoos,
I wouldn’t be here now. Without my tattoos,
I wouldn’t go topless. They make me feel a little bit
more powerful. I don’t know it’s a tattoo. I don’t look in the mirror
and see a tattoo on my face. I don’t see anything. I just look in the mirror
and what looks back at me is me. These tattoos on my body are me. They make me unique. They made me different and they make
me beautiful and I love them.

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