Why I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Why I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

You can create whatever you want. It is still a form of tattooing. I absolutely love the concept of giving this
freedom to a woman, to be able to wake up and not look like they have a ton of makeup, but look very fresh and very natural. I have gotten tattoos. I have quite a few. Two on my wrists, I have a little ghost, and I have two stick and pokes that my friend did. One on the back of my ankle, it’s an evil
eye, and the other a silhouette of a woman’s body. I am a little hesitant and concerned that
I am getting a tattoo on my eyelid. My name is Claudia, and I’m getting permanent eyeliner today. Doing my makeup every day is sometimes a little bit of a struggle when I’m running from appointment to another appointment, I don’t really want
to have to worry about maintaining my looks. I started doing this back in the late ‘80s
in Paris. I really love the concept of a woman looking beautiful and not having to put makeup. But I really didn’t like the result. Because everything was so obvious and unnatural, I actually found that it was disfiguring the real freshness of youth. I found a way to give the woman that concept without making her look like she had done anything. Some of my A-list clients include Lena Dunham, Jenna Dewan, Julie Bowen, Michelle Williams, and Megan Fox. When I first found out about Dominique, I
was so fascinated. I loved the work that she did with her other clients, and how incredible it just made the eye pop. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and I’m
definitely going to feel very flawless and fabulous after this whole procedure. Overdoing permanent makeup is never a good idea. The number one advice I give to my clients is to go for the youthful look, rather than the glamorous look. If you go that way permanently, you’ll never have that opportunity to look fresh again. There are different techniques and different tools for different procedures. The eyeliner, we will use a less invasive
needle that will be very gentle to the fine skin. It’s very important to seek out a qualified
expert. This procedure becoming such a trend, a lot of people with as little as a month’s training are offering this service. The percentage of unhappy women who come to me to — in the hope to get it fixed–is rising, and it’s heart wrenching to see the damage that’s been done to those women. And the disfiguration sometimes is beyond repair. I think there are definitely some misconceptions around permanent makeup cause there are those horror stories. My biggest fear is I hope it doesn’t bleed,
or fade, or possibly not fade if I don’t keep up with going in for retouches. I could do this with my eyes closed. Do you want me to show you? Oh no, no, no, no. This is going to be a piece of cake. First I am going to clean the area. I then place a little numbing cream with a
q-tip. Once I put my magnifying glasses and gloves, then I will custom blend the pigment in the tray. I’m going to start very gently. Please. If there is anything, you tell me, I’ll
stop right away. I just want to create the illusion of thicker
lashes. The little blade does the work and you hear a slight buzzing noise. Keep going in to make the lightest puncture possible to implant the pigment in a gentle manner. The feeling ranges from feeling the vibration to a little scratch on their eyelashes. I go over each section two or three times. This will insure the proper amount of pigment is implanted into the lash line. After I completed the procedure on Claudia, my first reaction was how open her eyes became. But I felt that she could use a little bit
more on the tail to give her that soft doe look. We went back and I added a little bit on the corner and it was just perfect. The great thing with this procedure is that right from the get go you can start racking up the compliments, go to a red carpet event and nobody would ever know you had anything done to your eyes. When I looked at the final results, it looked amazing. I didn’t have any mascara on, my eyes instantly popped. I felt really beautiful and confident and
I owned who I was. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. It was actually really relaxing. Dominique is really gentle, and I didn’t
feel a thing. All of the built up anticipation and stress
that I was creating in my head was for nothing. It’s extremely important to follow the after
care to ensure a good result. The permanent eyeliner has faded. It’s practically gone to be quite honest,
but Dominique’s technique is she does it lightly the first time around because she
wants to see how your skin and your body reacts to the procedure, which I actually respect
and appreciate. Because everyone’s skin complexion and, you know,DNA is different. I’m actually going in next week when I return from my vacation to get the second round done and I’m so excited because I enjoyed it
so much the first time around that I can’t wait to have it done the second time. Thank you so much for watching. For more videos, click here, and to subscribe click here.

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  1. Would you ever get your eyeliner tattooed? Comment below what you'd like to see next on Macro Beauty!

  2. This reflects so many sexist societal pressures that have brainwashed people into believing that woman need makeup so much that tattooing it onto themselves is a good idea.

  3. How vain do you have to be to wake up one day and say to yourself, “ yep, im going to let someone permanently mark up the most delicate areas of my face with ink and needles.” I’m sorry there’s got to be a limit to the extremes we go to ladies and gentlemen, please! I can’t believe what people will do… plastic surgery boob and butt implants, it’s all INSANE !!!!

  4. I just had my brows done recently. (No it doesn't look as stark as the makeup in my profile. I'll update it soon.) It looks very good and natural. I'm thinking of getting permanent eye and lip liner by the same person. She told me that all of the good artists do it in at least two rounds. They do the first one to see the reaction and how well the pigment will take, and honestly to see if the person is actually going to do the aftercare properly. The second is to do any details or correction or darken it if needed. It is impossible to do everything in one round. They also do the minimal penetration so that it will eventually fade because trends change, and the shape of the face changes with age. Especially with the eyes, what looks fine today could accentuate sagging tomorrow.

  5. I’d be that one person that gets this done then remove my makeup and freak out cause it won’t come off 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I would never have a client plan on an event the day after an eyeliner tattoo or any facial tattoo. The eyes CAN get puffy and ice would be used if this was the case. You can not wear Mascara or add any color to the area for about 5 days. It needs to heal & an after suave used during that time. I've been doing permanent makeup for 30 yrs and have seen it all.

  7. After a few years, a tattoo will fade and become blotchy. It will look like your eye liner at the end of the evening. It can also fade into a dark blue colour. I’ve seen the long term results and you can’t remove them.

  8. I have been wanting to do this for years. I hate putting eyeliner on and one less thing to do is fine with me. Not to mention, no more raccoon eyes

  9. I don't think the method enhances enough. People need mascara to look good. Even people with naturally dark eyelashes need mascara.

  10. Considering the cost of this procedure I don't see the appeal it's not like perfect winged eyeliner and it's not permanent you have to top up x

  11. Ouah j’étais sure qu’elle était française avec notre « super » accent anglais… mdrr

  12. wtf… she didn't create "the concept" of permanent beauty, aka tattoos and shit. Asian people have been doing this for years, and suddenly the rest of the world jumped on board with microblading, but this has always been.

  13. "I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, and I'm definitely going to look fabulous…"

    Bitch, you just said you got tattoos before. Are you insane? That sunburn feel, that tightness, and that healing crust… you should know that there is an entire healing process. C'mon.

  14. How do you become so enthralled in the belief that your natural face, without embellishments, will never be good enough, and being without makeup is automatically a defect that requires correcting? I honestly find it perverse and quite sad. Even if your physical appearance might never reach what you consider to be perfection, do you really have no other aspect of yourself to showcase?
    Another thing that gets me is the false advertising, same as with plastic surgery. This gives the subtle advantage of makeup without looking like makeup, so unless you choose to disclose the procedure a potential partner will assume that those are the genes you're carrying. You're selling them something you ultimately can't deliver.


  16. Anyone seen “Hart of Dixie” on nextflix? Just realized that she is Lemon’s little sister Magnolia😂

  17. I’m sorry but that was the frenchest English accent I’ve ever heard

    Coming from an English speaker that lives in a French speaking country I was shook

  18. My grandma had her lipstick, eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed, she basically always has "makeup" on 😂😂

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