Who’s the Best Dancer? (Timmy) | Lineup | Cut

Who’s the Best Dancer? (Timmy) | Lineup | Cut

– What’s your most awkward dance? – Like, some kind of like,
twerking, type-thing. – Some twerking type-thing? (funky mid-tempo music) – I thought that was good. – No! (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Timmy. It’s very complicated. I always wanted to be a
dancer when I was little, but growing up in the
Mormon community of Utah, I was too scared to be a ballet dancer. And, so now I’m a stripper, and bartender. Okay. Oh, okay. Okay. I love it. Yeah! Hi.
– Hi. – I’m Timmy.
– I’m Tracy. – Tracy. Do you know what a plié is? – Yes. Would you like to see it? – I would love to. (soft music)
Ooouu, yah! Ooouu, great! Can we do a grand plié? Okay! Awesome! Can you twerk? (funky music) Yaaas, with the ponytail! Okay, you’re really good at that. I’m gonna guess that you’re probably not part of a company
right now or anything, but you love going out and dancing. – I do a style called waacking. Have you heard of it? – No! – It’s a dance style
that started in the 70s in the underground gay club scene. – Oh!
– Yeah. And it’s oftentimes confused with voguing. Have you heard of voguing?
– I do know voguing, yeah. – Yeah so, voguing, east coast, waacking, west coast. Yeah.
– Oh! – I’ll show you waacking. – Yeah, please do. (smooth music) That’s so fun! (Timmy and Tracy laugh) I love that! So, I would rate like a three. – That’s fine. (Timmy laughs)
– Oh, that’s fine! – Hi, how’s it going?
– Good, how are you? – Van.
– Van? – Based on my appearance, what kind of dancer do you think I am? – Um, I wanna go with like
street, or like hip hop. – Oh, I’m a hip hop dancer. – You are. Could we get some hip hop? (funky music) Okay, okay. How bout some modern dance? Awesome, that was great! Can I see something like really silly? (goofy music) (grunts) Okay, so you have a lot
of like core strength, and like body control. I’m gonna give you three and a half. – Alright, I’ll take that. (Both laugh) – Anya.
– Anya. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. How many hours do you dance a week? – Twenty or so, yeah.
– Okay, yeah! Let’s see some club dancing. (smooth music) Okay. Let’s see some ballet. Can we see some ballet?
(sighs) (soft music) Awesome, okay. I’m gonna give you 2.5.
– Okay, yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah, this is not anything
that I excel at by any means. – Why, you’re good! – So, I do competitive Irish dancing. – Like river dancing? – Yeah, river dance is a show that made Irish dancing really popular. – Awesome, can we see some of that? – Yeah, let’s get a
little slip jig going on! (fast paced music) – I love it!
– Yeah. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too! – Hi!
– Hi, I’m Radhika. – You’re clearly a sports fan. Can you cheer? – Uh, yes. (stadium music) – That’s good. I don’t think we’re a cheerleader. Can you do modern dance? (slow music) Okay, okay. So we’re not a modern dancer either. Are you a twerker?
– No, absolutely not! (laughs) – Can we get some twerking here? (funky music) Here we go! I need to think of a genre I’ve missed. – So I do Bhangra, which is a
traditional folk Indian dance. – Oh, can I see that?
– Yeah! (funky music) – I’m gonna give you a 1.5. Okay. But it’s only because
you’re not very good. (both laugh)
(drum roll) How bout like drill squad? – What? (scattered laughter) (stadium music) I’m gonna say don’t do that.
– No? (both laugh) – Let’s try some ballet. (whimsical music) Yes. Really? (laughs) You have a lot of training. Well I’m gonna rate you 5.
– Oh thank you! – Clearly, you’re really good. Do you go out club dancing? – Occasionally, yes.
– Okay. (upbeat club music) Can you like salsa? – I can salsa. (upbeat salsa music) – I had to take that moment, I’m sorry. (both laughing) Are you straight?
– No. – Great. – Are you straight?
– No. Thanks for asking. I’m gonna give you a 3.
– Okay. – Have you ever cheered? – No, I’ve never done cheer.
– Anything like that? Okay.
– I pole vaulted. – Okay. Have you ever pole danced? (laughs) – I’ve never pole danced.
– Never pole danced. (soft music) So pretend you’re on top of a bar, and you have a pitcher of
water you can pour on yourself. Can we get some like sleazy
bar top music, please? (sleazy bar top music) Good. (clicks tongue) (funky music) That was really cool! I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. I’m gonna give you like 3.5. – I mean, I’ll take a 3.5 from you. You’re a tough judge.
– Okay. – You’re like the Simon
Cowell of this show. (laughter off camera)
– Thank you. – Hi. – Hi, I’m Nolan.
– Nolan. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. What’s your most awkward dance? Like some kind of twerking type thing. – Some twerking type thing? (smooth music) I thought it was good!
– No. Did you really think it was good? – It was fun. I’m gonna give you a 2. I obviously haven’t seen your strong suit, so just based off what I’ve seen. – Okay, can you like re-rank me after? – Yeah, I will.
– Okay. (soft music) (clapping) – I’ll re-rate you at 3.
– A 3? Oh! – 3.5. I’m feeling generous!
– Alright. (laughter) No, I don’t want the pity 3.5! (laughter) – That was fun! How’d you guys feel I did? I was harsh? (laughter) My favorite? I loved Tracey, I loved Abby-Jane, and Nolan, I loved Nolan. Okay. Now I really have to judge. (upbeat techno music) (soft music) (slow music) We’re good! (laughter) (clapping) Judging on your technique. Your emotional vulnerability,
and your commitment. You. – I won? – No! Abby-Jane.
(laughter) You may sashay away. (laughter) Tracy Chante is dead. (laughter) He’s not my favorite! (laughter and clapping) (upbeat music) Oh waack off! (clapping)

100 thoughts on “Who’s the Best Dancer? (Timmy) | Lineup | Cut

  1. omg so disappointed with the band and the music 🙁 wish we'd been able to see actual representation of the music they really dance to

  2. “I’m gonna give you a one just ‘cause you’re not very good.” You can’t give it a low score just because you don’t like the style of dance… That’s like rating someone speaking a foreign language a 1 even though they’re fluent just because you don’t like the sound.😅

  3. Omg the Irish riverdancer was incredible!! Really they're all good in their own way, but most of them should have been rated way higher.

  4. I didn’t want to like the vid because he was so harsh but then he was like

    „Are you straight?“



    Then I HAD TO press the like button omg

  5. I'm still livid that he rated the irish dancer bad,like its lowkey a hard dance style,and its rooted in tradition so the rules are strict lmao

  6. How'd the ballet girl get a 5 and the Irish dance girl got a 2.5? He really needed to revise her score after she danced what she trained in. Irish dance girl was pretty incredible.

  7. I love how waaking is getting more recognition and loved how she explained where it came from along with the difference in voguing. Plus she’s so good at every style!!!

  8. Ummmmm actually the first dancer was pretty good and deserved a higher score. Also, she was fun in general. Justice for Dancer 1.

  9. No offense to the band, but their choice of music does not work well with any of the styles of dancing especially the hip hop. Sorry guys just my personal opinion.

  10. This is the worst grading I've seen. He had a 3 to a really good Dancer and a 5 to a girl who was good at ballet only

  11. This was so offputting, what was this guy thinking? It's obvious ppl thought it was out of 10 the whole video, he rated some without even looking at their forte like he was asked to do and the band members were sharing awkward glances at one another. Not that they exactly delivered either.

    It's like doing improv with a guy that doesn"t listen at all except he's the main character so everyone has to make him look good even tho he's fucking up everyone else. The worst.

  12. Why is a talentless person judging people with a huge amount of talent ? 😂 he is like a real life Miranda sings

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