‘Who Picked The Strawberry?’ Cleen vs Christian Face-Off | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

‘Who Picked The Strawberry?’ Cleen vs Christian Face-Off | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

The more artists that go home, the harder this
competition gets. Only one of you
will earn $100,000, a feature in Ink Magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. All of you have been fighting
to keep your team intact, but now, you need to step aside and once again put your fate
in the hands of your coach. Step up, Cleen. The pressure is on, ’cause last time
I went head to head and lost, one of my guys went home.
We need this win. This week, we’re testing
technical application. That’s fun. Technical application is super
important in tattooing because it’s the bones.
Can you pull a line straight? Can you saturate color?
Can you do good, solid blends? It’s the structure on which
every tattoo is built. Coaches, for this grudge match,
you will face off, tattooing not one, not two,
but four one hour tattoos. (Bleep) Four one hour tattoos? There is no room
for second guessing. You need to make sure every time
you touch the needle to the skin that it is in the exact spot
you need it to be, and you need to make sure
that it sticks. These are small,
efficient tattoos. These are actually the toughest
tattoos in the business to do. That’s right. Street shop 101, man. But that’s not all. But wait, there’s more. Why would it be? Artists, week after week, your coaches have been
pushing you to your limits, now it’s time for you
to push them to their limits. What does that even mean? This ‘oughta be fun. Team Cleen, you will determine
two of the subjects and styles that
both coaches must tattoo. We’re just gonna have to figure
out how to stump Christian. I’ve got some ideas. Team Christian, you will
determine the other two subjects and styles creating four head
to head face offs, and your coaches specialties
are off the table. Oh my God. Which means no new school
and no black and gray realism. (bleep) Make wise decisions, because there’s one last thing
that all of you should know. Of course there is. Of course.
Of course there is. The winner of each head
to head face off will get to select one artist
from their team that will be safe
from elimination. Yeah! We got this guys, we got this. Four people are gonna be safe
from elimination. Your head to head
against each other is gonna be apples to apples. Teams, choose wisely
for your coaches, this is your safety. Artists, go ahead and discuss
what styles and subjects you want
to assign the coaches. Do what you gotta do. Alright guys, any ideas? We can do Japanese,
do a tengu mask. Not gonna happen, Chris. It has to be something
that Cleen can’t do. That’s the main thing. Christian, he’s slow.
He like to take his time to think each dot as opposed
to Cleen’s gonna be like bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum,
bum, bum, bum, bum. I just hope they’re smart enough
to give us shit that you can do in an hour,
do successfully. Come on, be realistic. Color realism. What do you guys think they’re
gonna be doing in one hour?
This is street shop (bleep) Yeah, but we don’t wanna
make it so easy. Color realism strawberry, ’cause that’s something
you have to finesse. Let’s do it.
They’re not gonna be ready. Nope.
Alright. Good.
So, we set? Here we go. Team Cleen, what subject
and style are you assigning the coaches
for the first face off? We have decided to pick American
traditional panther heads. I love tattooing panther heads. I know I can do it perfect
and fast as hell. Team Christian, the power
to choose the second face off is yours.
What’s it gonna be? We have decided to assign
the coaches a color realistic strawberry. We got a (bleep)
hour, guys. Are we doing (bleep)
that’s completely impossible? Color realism
takes way too long. That was the stupidest
choice you could of made. Team Christian,
what subject and style will the coaches be tattooing
in the third face off? A geometric wolf head.
Nothing but straight lines, you can use some black shading
for it if you need to. At least my team
got one of them right. And finally, Team Cleen, what are you assigning
for the fourth face off? Colored graffiti lettering. I didn’t even see this coming!
I am so excited right now. I know Christian’s
gonna flop and (bleep)
the bed on this one. Alright,
the grudge match is set. Good luck.
Let’s do it. Alright. Today we’re testing
technical application so we wanna see these guys knock these things
out of the park clean as can be. Are the whiskers
normally hallow? Just let me draw the
(bleep) I got four of these
(bleep) things to do. Four one hour tattoos,
this is gonna be a rock ’em, sock ’em marathon. Don’t be afraid to give yourself
bigger openings. Don’t be afraid
to shut your pie hole. Let’s just find a good reference and let Cleen
do what Cleen does. I don’t know what was going on
with Team Christian’s pick, but I think they were
trying to stump me up. I mean, it probably couldn’t get
any easier to draw
a geometric tattoo. Nice try. What I’m doing is I’m just
creating the shape and then I’m gonna
go through and detail. In reality, I think they stumped
their own coach up. Whose idea was the strawberry? I didn’t say strawberry. I don’t know who said
strawberry. It was my idea initially.
I apologize. I watched my own team tattoo, and they can’t finish
an outline in three hours, but they think that I can do it in one hour with shading,
that’s ridiculous. What were you guys thinking
with this mother (bleep)? We were mostly tryna
trip him up. Alright coaches,
you have one hour to tattoo an American traditional
panther head, and your time starts now. Let’s (bleep)
mow her down. This hour tattoo is perfect
for traditional tattooing. We’re gonna find out,
right now, who can sink a line, one pass, flawlessly. Whip, whip, whip, whip, whip,
whip, whip, whip, whip, whip,
whip, whip, whip, whip. I learned on traditional
tattooing. It’s what I came up on. At least this one
I think I can beat Cleen on. Three, two, one, that’s it.
Time is up, machines down. I’m done, man.
I can’t do any more of this (bleep). Get ready for your next tattoo. Plenty of time, Cleen. These dudes are gonna look tough
as (bleep)
with some strawberries (bleep)
blasted on ’em. You have one hour to tattoo
a realistic strawberry, and your time starts now. I knew he was gonna do that. What, cut it in half? Cleen cut the strawberry in half
to bypass all the little seeds. Smart, you gotta admit. I’m not gonna admit it. The hardest part
of color realism is that it’s so precise
and detailed. Do you want the avocado color
for that? No. See what I’m doing right here? Yeah, you’re making a bright ass
lime green. I’m a fast tattooer, but Christian’s definitely
gonna struggle on this tattoo because time
is gonna kill him. Three, two, one, that’s it.
Machines down, time is up. Well, there’s that. Christian seems pissed. Yeah, he knows.
His team knows too. Nest up, you have one hour
to tattoo a geometric wolf head, and your time starts now. I don’t wanna play anymore. God damn, that’s a clean line. They don’t call him clean
for nothing. What do you think, Amanda,
is it looking okay? Yeah. Having shading
in my geometric wolf is definitely
gonna give me an edge because Cleen’s piece is gonna
be a flat piece of line work. When it comes to anything
black and gray, I own it. Thank you for all the help
today. Three, two, one, that’s it.
Machines down, time is up. (bleep) an hour. One more hour to go. Last face off. Hallelujah! You have one hour to tattoo
color graffiti lettering, and your time starts now. I’ma do a golden yellow, and then yellow,
white highlights. I spent most of my childhood
doing graffiti. Graffiti lettering
pretty much developed me into a new school tattooer. How much time we got? 34 and a half. I’m gonna have to make sure
I’m hauling ass, wall to wall saturation
and solid color. Alright, guys,
you have 15 minutes left. Oh, sorry. Stay out from behind me, please. What does it read, “Ink”? Don’t even talk to me. Hey, Cleen, why do you only have
your bottom guys talking (bleep)? Everybody’s got a
(bleep) place on the team. Five, four, three,
two, one, that’s it. Machines down, time is up,
grudge match over. Yes!
Not bad. Good job, dude. You’re a (bleep)
beast. Woo! First time I tagged anything
was about two weeks ago. It showed. (bleep) Cleen definitely didn’t let us
down on this one, no way.

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