Who Has The Worst Tattoos On YouTube? | YouTuber Tattoo Review!

Hello Are you guys getting tired of tattoo videos yet? Because I’m not. Contrary to what some of you guys might think I didn’t actually get tattoos so that I could just, uh, Talk about them in YouTube videos. I know my channel will grow a lot faster if I just clickbaited my weird eye in every video. *makes weird nervous frog-like facial expression* Like if every video was just me Grocery shopping with a tattooed eye. Buying a new car with a tattooed eye Giving my dog a bath With a tattooed eye. Yeah, my videos would get a lot more views But that’s just not really the way I want to do this, so today We’re gonna talk about other people’s tattoos and by other people I mean other youtubers Definitely-definitely not doing it for the clickbait though. Why would I need to clickbait my subs…they watch every video I upload am I right? I don’t know if you can sense the sarcasm radiating off of my voice right now I’m laying it on pretty thick kind of because none of you guys watched my last video. I really-I appreciate that Love you guys, but anyways, today’s a new day. So we’re gonna try something new now. Now I’ll be honest with you guys I’m probably-I’m not very good at roasting people I mean, well at least not people who haven’t like done something mean to me first So I might not be too mean. I might be kind of nice to some of these peoples’ tattoos Even though they might kind of suck a little bit but I’m still gonna try and make this entertaining I’m gonna try my best to be a super hater. So gonna start off with someone who’s really easy to hate Uh, like-like Jake Paul. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Jake Paul? Maybe I might be able to say something about this really stupid tattoo He got. When I saw this, I didn’t think it was real but it turns out it is Uh, he actually has this tattoo. I went and dug up the video where he got this tattoo And I watched it so you don’t have to It’s definitely dumb. Def- Definitely dumb. I will say when I first saw this I thought it was pretty stupid because I can’t think of a softer person To try and look like a badass by getting a gun tattoo But then I saw the video and he-they played tattoo roulette tattoo roulette. Tattoo roulette, if you don’t know it’s kind of a fun game I’ve got some tattoo roulette tattoos. The way we used to play it was we would just lay out all the designs on the floor You flip a coin, whatever it lands on, that’s your tattoo Jakey over here spun a wheel and landed on the gun. That was the tattoo he got Props for that. I-you got a funny tattoo I was almost on board with it But then I saw what he did to it. And he went he went and Jake Paul-ed it all up He took what was a funny tattoo and he tried to make it cool and in trying to make it cool He made it really lame. Again, I’m not sure if this is real. I couldn’t I couldn’t find any definitive proof that he Actually did this to his tattoo. I don’t know if this is on someone else I know a bunch of his friends have the same tattoo, but I *sound of disapproval* I wouldn’t put it past him. I think this might be real. I’m not about to watch all his videos and find out but For the sake of this argument I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is real and I’m gonna rate this just gun tattoo Three out of ten because it started off funny and then it went bad And also it’s Jake Paul and one more thing what is up with these guys and doing these face tattoo clickbait thumbnails that’s Kinda lame like if you want face tattoo clickbait I kind of think you maybe should actually get the face tattoo Right? Am I wrong? Okay now that we’ve got the hate train chugging along. Let’s just jump right into the next one It’s everybody’s everybody’s favorite gamer Faze Banks. I honestly don’t know why anyone likes this guy I’ve never really seen any of his videos, but I can tell just by looking at this picture He’s a tool he’s talking into a shoe while he’s holding a Gucci purse. Like Why is this cool? This is why I think I’m getting old because I just don’t get it anymore. I just don’t get it. I *lets out air* And of course this idiot has a stupid gun tattoo also because why not? And the difference between Banks here and our boy Jakey is I think He’s trying to look cool with it. He thinks this gun tattoo makes him look tough or something and the reality is Nothing makes you look less tough than getting a tattoo of a gun. And no matter what your stance is on guns I just I don’t understand When people like advertise the fact that they’re into guns It just seems like an asking for trouble like when you’re driving down the street and you see a car with like a Glock sticker on the back of it like Why? Every time you get pulled over the cop’s gonna see that sticker in the back window and they’re gonna know you got it. They’re gonna Pull you out of the car. They’re gonna search you. Why do you want that drama in your life? I don’t get it And let’s take-let’s note another Another one who clickbaits face tattoos in thumbnails But doesn’t actually have any face tattoos. My culture is not your YouTube thumbnail I think I got enough cancer for the moment. Let’s move on to someone less crabby Mon Ami Frost I’m an equal-opportunity hater. I’ll hate on the wahmens too. She’s covered in really good tattoos. I’ll give her that. All her tattoos are pretty awesome except for the all-black arm I I don’t know what was there before but I can only imagine it wasn’t up to the quality standards that the rest of her tattoos have. Obviously it’s cover-up but Ah, I’ve never been a fan of the piercer arm look. This trend started back in like 2010 ish maybe somewhere around there and we call it piercer arm because it always seemed like piercers would do it and they would start by like getting covering something on their hand in all black and it would just spread throughout their whole arm like a disease and it would cover their whole body and then their friends would start to get it and it just Became like an epidemic and now there’s all these people walking around with all black arms And I just-I don’t get it. Other than that all the tattoos are awesome. I got nothing bad to say Uh, good for her. Hoo-hoo Fousey my man. Oh boy. Currently right now at the time of me filming this video Our boy Fousey is going through some thangs. Fousey’s completely lost his mind. I don’t know when this happened, uh Probably somewhere around the time, uh, he got this. *grimaces* *shakes head in disapproval* I *wheezes* so bad, but I can’t help but laugh Every time I see this. It’s that it’s that Dracula Curve of a hairline they gave him when he done went and did that Oh my god, my favorite comment I ever got on one of my videos was someone said Who takes a bigger L–This guy who tattooed his eye or Fousey for tattooing His hairline? For some reason that comment always sticks out to me. I just love that comment and I Don’t know who the real loser is but I Think it might be Fousey. I’m enjoying watching this dumpster fire That is Fouseycon as much as the next person but I mean he’s clearly Clearly gone off the deep end. Hopefully that works out for him because whew He’s a mess right now. Next this guy right here Poop dee poop. Here’s my beef with Pewds and his tattoos, uh It’s this one right here. This cos tattoo I’ll tell you why I have a beef with this tattoo. Because I have a very similar Tattoo and yo boy PewDiePie done went and copied me. I have a couple of Cause tattoos. You guys have seen the uh You guys have seen the little X I have on my pinky, *gets excited* but you guys might not know about this one This one right here You may have noticed a striking similarity between mine and our boy Felix’s here. He definitely copied me Here’s the funny thing about my tattoo. It’s older than PewDiePie’s entire channel *sighs in reflection* What have I done with my life? Now I-full disclosure I can’t hate too much because I actually copied my Cause tattoo from my friend Julian who has a very similar Cause tattoo. Julian’s tattoo is Actually cooler than mine and PewDiePie’s Cause tattoo though, because it was actually drawn by Cause It’s kind of a long story but back in like 2007 we were at a gallery opening for a Cause show and Cause drew his Blitz character on Julian’s leg and He went straight to the tattoo shop and got it tattooed I think he has another like outline Cause tattoo on him too, and I don’t remember which one I copied It was a really long time ago, but Yeah, PewDiePie definitely copied me This fella here Uh Jack Francis, I know his name. I don’t really know too much about him. I don’t know what he’s famous for But I do I do know we get a lot of like cross over from our channels My videos are always recommended in his videos. His videos are always recommended in my videos. There’s a lot of reciprocation We share a lot of the same subscribers. I’ve seen a couple of his videos. He seems like a cool enough dude his tattoos Look good. They’re all done Well, the one beef that I do have with his face tattoos is the crybaby tattoo And I’m sure you guys know why. Because he straight copied this tattoo from little peep Maybe a miss on that one. Aw crap. I forgot. I’m supposed to be rating these. Uh, I Don’t know. I’ll give Jack’s tattoos a 7 out of 10 because they look decent. They look cool. He seems like a cool enough guy. Now for real I don’t even know what to rate the other ones Let’s look at one more. Let’s one more. Everybody’s favorite Casey Neistat I think Casey is like the perfect face for all of us, you know The face of youtubers as a whole. It’s it’s good. It’s good for it to be Casey Neistat Unfortunately it’s people like Jake Paul and Faze Banks, but you know You win some you lose some Casey’s tattoos are mostly loses though. Uh, they’re They’re bad and when I say they’re bad, I mean the designs are terrible They’re just chicken scratch, but you know, they’re very on brand for him. So I guess in that sense they’re good Everything he does is supposed to look that way and it’s supposed to look like chaos, it’s supposed to look unfinished So in that sense, his tattoos are perfect in every other sense They’re hot garbage. I wish this freaking chair would stop clicking Jesus! Ah, I give Casey’s tattoos a uh Don’t know a an eight out of ten on getting the job done but like a three out of ten in execution I did a really bad job rating these tattoos since I forgot to rate most of them So I’ll just tell you who I think has the best and the worst tattoos. I think the worst tattoos have to belong to Fousey Because that hairline is just It’s bad and it’s real big and it’s hard to miss I think the best tattoo on YouTube also has to go to Fousey because it’s the most entertaining one out of all and it’s provided me with the most laughs and I don’t want to kick someone when they’re down but, uhh Fousey’s shiny head on top of the van made it funnier. I’m sorry there I said it Did you enjoy watching me rate other youtubers’ tattoos? Of course you did That’s why you left it like on this video and you subscribed and you hit the bell Remember guys to hit the bell because I know it’s giving you a hard time earlier about not watching my last video I know you guys wanted to watch my last video YouTube just didn’t send out notifications for it. That’s been happening a lot lately So make sure if you actually do wish to consume the content that I put out into the world that you are actually Getting notified when I post something It’s a real kick in the gut when I spend like 15 hours making a video that I thought was really good and then no one watches it because YouTube makes me feel like a stepchild And decides to not tell anybody when I did something cool. That’s it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it because I know I did like I said before don’t forget leave a like hit the subscribe Hit the bell. If you don’t I become irrelevant. Then I have meltdowns in parking lots And I throw my shoes away and I cry. As always I will see you in the next video. I love you guys

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