White Flower Watercoloring – Simon September 2019 Card Kit

White Flower Watercoloring – Simon September 2019 Card Kit

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone,
Kristina Werner here. Welcome to another video
for SimonSaysStamp.com. Today, I’m going to be using
the SEPTEMBER 2019 Card Kit and this beautiful stamp set that’s in it that’s called Look for the Rainbows, beautiful large flower in there. And there’s also a set of
pattern papers in the kit and there’s gorgeous
patterns, so colorful, lots and lots of rainbow patterns and I’m gonna use just one of these today. I’m gonna use that one that’s on top that kind of has that
kind of sun ray pattern but all rainbow colors. I think that’s gonna
look really, really neat. Gonna start out by stamping
the really large blossom, two leaves and a stem. I think this is a magnolia
flower, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m going to be painting it today as if it is a white magnolia flower. So I stamped it twice, so
I have a really solid line, and I’m using VersaFine Onyx Black ink because it’s waterproof
and I’m stamping it onto Strathmore 500 Series watercolor paper. So, I’m going to be painting
it with five different colors of Distress Ink. I’m using Pumice Stone, Shaded Lilac, Mustard Seed, Crushed
Olive, and Forest Moss. And I’m using very, very
pale shades for the flower, and then I’ll use some more intense colors for the center of the flower
and the leaves and steam. Smooshing those ink pads onto
a Art Impressions palette off to the side. And then picking up the color
with a number two round brush from Royal & Langnickel. This is from their Zen Series of brushes. So, like I mentioned before, I’m keeping the flower very, very pale. I’m painting it so that it
looks like it’s a white flower. And even though white flowers
are technically white, when you look at them, or
photographs of flowers, they will have some shading
on the interior of the flower and onto the petals. So, in order to shade
that for a white flower, you just have to add
a little bit of shadow right at the interior where
the petals meets the center, and also wherever there’s
an overlap of petals. So, I’m adding a little bit
of Shaded Lilac in those areas and then going over with some Pumice Stone just to give it a little bit of depth. I wanna make sure that I leave
the majority of each petal completely white because I do want it to still look like a
white magnolia flower. So, I’m going to paint
the center of the flower. I’m gonna give it a little
bit of a yellow shade with that Mustard Seed, but it was really, really bright, so I try to tone it back by adding some Pumice Stone on top. And then eventually, I
added some Pine Needles. Or not pine needles but Forest Moss, that darkest green shade that I’ll be using on the leaves and stem. So, I did a couple layers of color just to intensify that shading on the interior of the flower. I want to make sure I had enough shading so it still look like a white flower but not so much shading that it started to look like a gray flower. I use the Crushed Olive
on the leaves and stem, and then added a bit more
shading with Forest Moss. This is just gonna give
it a very toned look, and I like how it kind of goes
into play with the flower. So, I added that Forest
Moss on the flower. And then I fussy cut all of these out. So, I’m cutting them right
up against that black line and when it comes to the two leaves, it has that little itty-bitty stem and I wanted to include it on my card, so instead of cutting
right up next to that line, I left a little bit of
a white border around it and I’ll go back in later and add a black marker over the top and you won’t even know that I made a stem of these leaves a little bit thicker. So, I did that for both leaves. I wanted to make sure that I
had enough stem to work with. And then I cut out the large flower right around the edge. And then I took a black marker. This is a Memento TUXEDO BLACK MARKER. You could use whatever black
marker you need for this. It doesn’t need to be special
or waterproof or anything since we’re not gonna be adding anything on top of this painting anymore. So the stems, I just colored in black over that entire area just to finish off each stem and to give it more thickness, so it was easier to work with. So, super easy, nice little hack, to get those really
small stems on my leaves. So, now I’m going to go ahead and work with the pattern paper. I really love how this sun ray pattern kind of leads the eye all to the center, and so I thought I’d place
my flower right there. And I wanted to make sure that
it was positioned just right on my A2 size card. So, I’m using the Waffle
Flower A2 Layer Dies, and this is going to
give me a great method of positioning everything just right. I love doing things like this. So I’m using a bit of washi tape just to hold that die in place. And I’ll run that piece of pattern paper through my die cutting machine. And then I positioned the flower and stem over this piece of pattern paper and I brought in a ruler. From the very beginning, I wanted to have a diagonal
cut of this pattern paper, so I’m just figuring out which
way I want that line to go. And then I’m going to move that stem and then come in with a craft knife and I’m just going to gently cut this. I’m gonna go over it a couple times so that it cuts through
the entire piece of paper. This is going to give
me a nice, dynamic line on my finished card. Took some black cardstock and prepped it with an
antistatic powder tool. And then I stamped one of the greetings from the stamp set in VersaMark Ink. This is a very sticky ink. It’s perfect for embossing powder. So I dipped my cardstock piece into some Brutus Monroe
ALABASTER Embossing Powder, tapped off the excess, and then I used a heat tool to heat this until it was smooth and melted. I then used my fingertips to
wipe off any of that powder that was staying on the cardstock. And then I used my craft
knife and ruler once again and trimmed out this very,
very narrow greeting. Used my scissors just to snip off the end. And then it was time to assemble my card. Using some white cardstock today that I scored at 5 1/2 to
create a top-folding card. I then use a Xyron Mega Runner adhesive to adhere my pattern paper
to the front of the card. I’m going to take the flower and it’s gonna be placed
over that area in the center of that pattern, so I
wanna make sure the stem leads up to the flower, so I took some Gina K CONNECT GLUE, put it on the back of that stem, and placed it on my card
and then I used a block to hold it down while it dried. Then took some 3D foam squares
from scrapbook adhesives, put it on the back of this large flower, and then placed it right over the top with perfect positioning
for where that stem is. So now I’m gonna work on the leaves and when it comes to
adhering these leaves, I found a really good method to do this. I put a little bit of glue on the back and this first one I
didn’t have my camera, so you didn’t see it but I’ll
show it with the second leaf. I kind of place it where I wanted it and then I took my scissors
and following the angle of the stem, I just
snipped a little bit off so that I could butt that
leaf right up against the edge of that stem and it looks
like it’s all one piece. So, it’s the perfect
angle and it just lines up right with that stem. I love how that turned out. So now I’m going to adhere the greeting. I’ve got some really narrow
foam tape from Darice on the back of this black greeting, put that right over the top
of that steam with a gap for where the stem was and then I took a 0.1
Copic Multiliner pen. You could use any black pen, and I just added a very thin dash line right below that diagonal
line of pattern paper. To finish it off I added a bit of shimmer with a Wink of Stella Clear Glitter Pen, and that’s the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed
this quick card idea. If you would like to pick up the September 2019 Card Kit from Simon, I have links down below
in the video description and also in the supply
section over at my blog. Once again, thank you so much
for watching today’s video. I love doing videos
like this for you guys, and I’ve got three more card videos for you to check out on screen right now. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and also hit that notification bell so you never miss a video again. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch you guys next time.

63 thoughts on “White Flower Watercoloring – Simon September 2019 Card Kit

  1. Incredible card! It pushed my comfort level at first, by putting the bold rainbow with the more fragile magnolia. It’s a very beautiful surprise! One of my favorites. 🌼

  2. So prettying ! Just don’t use an alcohol black marker to outline your image , it moves way to fast .

  3. The card with that beautiful white bloom against the rainbow starburst background is really eye catching! Thanks so much for sharing the painting for white flowers. I’m not sure about the magnolia, though – we have them here in the Texas and they bloom sporadically in big trees with heavy glossy leaves, not on thin stems, if I recall. The saucer magnolias and little gem varieties on the other hand are especially delicate with tons of spring blooms on a single branch. It’s so beautiful. Our neighbor has a pink one and it’s just gorgeous when in bloom.
    Also, I bought three of the felis collection nail polishes from Live Love after I saw it on you in a previous video. So glad to get great polish and help kitties at the same time. Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Hi Kristina 👋 Loved your card so pretty and delicate looking thank you for sharing your very helpful tips 👍☺️ …… Please can you tell me what is the colour of your nail varnish so pretty all the best have a nice weekend Lin in South Wales uk 🦋 💞

  5. Gorgeous card, Kristina! I love how you shaded the flower, and that bold patterned paper really sets it off. Thanks for sharing, & have a marvelous day! 🙂

  6. I can not get my stems to sta under my flowers the way you did with this one. What is your secret? Thank you

  7. Love this card. Don't know if someone else told you but this is a cosmos flower not a magnolia. Just so you know for next time. Love all of your work, Kristina. Yes.

  8. really a smart classy looking card. I love the bold background and the difference of the flower on top a smart yet elegant looking card. I love how clean and simple it looks…………….great card. pat

  9. Such a beautiful flower with the touches of shadow! I am taking your watercolor class from card classes and did the grid squares background while camping this weekend. So nice to take the printed tutorial and paint in my camper with a view of the lake!

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