Which Tattoo Belongs to Which Person? (Kenny) | Lineup | Cut

Which Tattoo Belongs to Which Person? (Kenny) | Lineup | Cut

– Have you ever gotten a
free donut for your tattoos? – I got some free booty but not free donuts.
– Free booty? (laughs) I always get free booty. (gentle music) – My name’s Kenny, I’m
a forklift operator. I’ve got about 80% of my body tattooed up. The younger the crowd,
they kind of like them. But the older crowd, you know, they probably hold their purse. Or if we’re on the elevator, they probably try to scoot
all the way on the other side. And damn near go through the
elevator not get next to me. That should be interesting. I think I can get it down to the T. Okay. (chuckles) Pussy. S’s are money signs. So, maybe like a pimp. Okay, it’s like some
algebra shit or something. Like, some math or something. And it’s the top of the foot. Hell yeah, I don’t got one right there. That’s how painful it is. Hello, Dolly. That looks more like a female tat. Another one. Shit, a fish? On the lower stomach and crotch, damn. You got a bear or a wolf
or a dog or a hybrid, mixed with a lot of shit. The wolf looks kind of sick, like it might need to
get a shot or something. (crew laughs) A cross upside down on the thigh. Pussy, P-U dollar sign,
dollar sign, Y, inner lip. Damn, this is tough, man. A real freak would have
pussy on their lips. Okay, I think I found whose it is, her. I think it was you
because when I looked you, you kind of gave me that look. (laughs) – That pussy lip look (laughs). – Yeah (laughs). Oh, the math equation,
H, and the E, and the N. And yeah, algebra. This is tough, man. I’m gonna narrow it down
already to these two. (sighs) That’s not helping at all. (all laugh) The foot is a real tough
spot to get a tattoo. Both of you guys seem real tough. But if I had to pick
who could stop a truck. (all laugh) I mean that in the most
gentleman way as possible. I’m gonna have to say you. (laughs) Is that your foot? Yep, final answer. Next tattoo is Hello, Dolly
on the should and collar bone. (sighs) I’m gonna go with her. Possibly should could have a kid. Or Dolly is like a pet name or something. Or an imaginary friend or something. (laughs) That’s her. Uh-oh, I mentioned with a
couple girls we had this fish. Coil, coil fish or some shit like that. There you go, one of them mother fuckers. (woman laughs) (grunts) Looks good right there. Oh, yeah, she’s really rocking it. (giggles) I’m gonna go with you. – Why do you think I have that one? – ‘Cause this takes a lot of pain. You enjoy pain. She has some deep eyes. It’s like she can look right through you, kind of, in a way. (grunts) She did it right there. You got it. So, the next we got is
the wolf on the forearm. (sighs) Wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf. I’m gonna go with my man right here. Do you like wildlife, do you like animals? – Yeah, I love animals actually. – Do you sacrifice animals? – No, no, no, no.
– Okay. – But I’m not a vegan or
vegetarian either, so. – So, eat the fuck out some beef. – Yeah.
– Okay. (women laugh) Final decision is you, man. That, yep, damn right. Okay, the last one is
this upside down cross. Yes, you are (laughs). – So, what made you
think I have that tattoo? – You have a nice thigh. (laughs) And I don’t know, it just fits you. (laughs) You seem real driven. If you set your goal to
something, you’ll get it. Final answer. – [Camera Man] Okay, go
ahead and get center. – Yes, oh, only one? – [Camera Man] You got one right. (all laugh) – You guys forgive me,
we can all be friends? I appreciate you doing this. What is your tattoo? – I have in inverted cross on my leg. Oh, man, did that hurt? – You know, I got it
when I was really young. I don’t remember it hurting. – Do you regret it? – I don’t show it off
as proudly as I used to. But I don’t regret it, no. – So, I don’t have a stomach tattoo. I have the berries. – God damn, Dolly, shit.
– Yeah. – Who’s Dolly? – This is for my grandma.
– Oh. – ‘Cause she always used to
sing Louis Armstrong to me and we used to pick blueberries together. Do you have any tattoos
for people who have passed? – This is for my mom, she passed away. Her name was Rose. I got a brother on me, I got a cousin. Yeah, I got some shit. The wolf. – Well, I’m the freaky ass dude. (laughs) I got the Pussy on my lips. – Damn, man. How old was you when you got that? – I was 19. – Pussy and money, that’s
a good combination. – When you’re 19, yeah. – You probably do a lot
of eating with the girls. – Yeah, gotta be a giver in the bed. – That is deep, man. A lot of dudes, man. You’re standing up for a
lot of us right now, man. – You know.
– Shit. Tell me. – I have the stomach tattoo. The stomach slash crotch tattoo. (laughs)
Yes. (inhales) Damn it. – It goes all the way down there. – Oh, my God, that’s amazing. – [Camera Man] Oh, this is
the person you got right. – Yeah, yeah, you got it right. – The foot tattoo. – Yeah.
– Yep. So, what made you get that? – My grandpa was an economist. And he invented this
formula that measures, basically, whether a
company is a monopoly. – Oh, that’s some deep shit. Fuck that, mm-mm. (all laughs) – Says the guy who has face tattoos. – Yeah, face is, like
I said, more therapy. There’s no therapy and shit in that on your fucking bones, mm-mm. – I don’t know, I don’t know. It was pretty therapeutic. – What was your tattoo? God damn wolf! (all laugh)
Shit. – Why do you think I have a wolf tattoo? – You like dogs. – (laughs) I mean, who doesn’t like dogs? – I hate dogs but– – You hate dogs?
– Yeah. – All right, okay. (laughs)
No, I’m kidding. So, it’s actually a friendship tattoo. My friend and I are very close so we got matching tattoos. – Okay, were you ever
intimate with this person? – Maybe (laughs). – I’m guaranteeing you were. That’s for sure. (applause) Oh, man, that was crazy (laughs). No disrespect, ladies. (women laugh)

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  1. Lol, it should be obvious by now, but WatchCut often reuploads different edits of the same video. For example, the original video featured multiple guessers, while this one just focuses on one guesser. We get more content that way.

  2. Y'all I got a alien tattoo it was a best friend tattoo but I'm not even friend with the girl anymore. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  3. I got half of them right!


    The "Pussy" tattoo was obviously the guy, because only straight guys get stupid & disgusting tattoos, regarding women like that.

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