Which Region Has the Most Pride? | Turf War (Season 13)

– I’m proud to be from
Dallas ’cause of the culture. Everyone there is
awesome, everyone’s sweet, everyone’s down to earth. We’re awesome. – I’m proud to represent
Asheville, North Carolina because it’s a small town. It’s a very artistic, very
weird, very fun place to be. – Baton Rouge has a
lotta good boiled food. Boiled shrimp, boiled crawfish, and you put the potatoes
and the corn in there. Yeah, man, couple
beers and I’m good. – North Carolina barbecue
is actually probably one of my favorite foods. Our sauce is probably what
makes it the best, to be honest. Carolina barbecue sauce
stands above the rest. – North Carolina
barbecue is not better than Texas barbecue. That’s bullshit. We got a much bigger variety and we know how
to cook our meat. I think everybody is prideful about the area
that they’re from, and so I’m gonna be here
representing my turf to the best of my ability. – I’m proud to be
from New Jersey ’cause we don’t
take any shit here. We have beautiful beaches. We’ve got everything you
could need in one place and it’s packed
full of attitude. – It’s Salem, Massachusetts. You’ve gotta do
all the witch shit. Go to the witch museum. It’s hokey but there’s also
some real stuff in there that’s very interesting. – I mean, I’m in Brooklyn
so can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza. There’s no question, thin slice is way
better than deep dish. – Deep dish pizza is
just not the pizza that I grew up with. It’s not pizza, pizza. Regular thin-crust pizza
that’s crispy on the bottom and super cheesy on
the top, that’s pizza. – We’re gonna go
with the deep dish because that’s loyalty
and that’s awesome. – Yeah, deep dish all day. If it’s your first
time in Chicago, you have to go downtown. You have to see the miracle mile and the infamous tower and you should go
to Millennium Park. You should check out the Bean. – If you come to Colorado, a good thing to do is
just escape the city. Go out into the mountains,
take a walk, take a hike. Just enjoy some real
fresh air for once and turn off everything. – I have done so many
Colorado tattoos. At least once a week, for sure. There’s a lot of mountains. There’s a lot of
different aspects that make really good tattoos. So yeah, there’s a lot of pride
from where I’m coming from and I’ve done a lot
of Colorado tattoos. – I’ve done tons
of Idaho tattoos and things that have
to do with Idaho. Oh my gosh, potatoes. (laughs) – Portland is a mecca for food. I feel like everything
there is delicious. They’ve got cheap food,
they’ve got expensive food, but you can find good
food for any price and a beer to go along with it. – California is Mexican. Nobody does Mexican
like California. – Everywhere you go, there’s
a million Mexican restaurants and it’s heavily influenced by Mexican culture,
as well, Mexican food. Who doesn’t love tacos? I do. – [Narrator] “Ink Master
Turf War” premieres Tuesday January 7th at 10 on
Paramount Network.

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