What’s the Worst Idea Mark Cuban’s Seen on “Shark Tank”? | Ridiculousness

What’s the Worst Idea Mark Cuban’s Seen on “Shark Tank”? | Ridiculousness

(Audience cheering)
– Our guest today, a billionaire entrepreneur star of ABC’s Shark Tank the owner of the Dallas Mavericks he needs no introduction. Welcome, Mark Cuban. (audience clapping and cheering) – What? – Welcome. – [Steelo] How you doin’ dog? – Man, we got Chanel dressed
all in like business like. (laughing)
– Uh huh. Are you about ready to pitch
Mark a business right now? (laughing)
– No. – I know you got a business in your head. – What is it?
– Hit him with somethin’ right now. – I mean, I have a ton
(laughing) but I’ll talk to you about that after. – Okay well look, let’s wind down to my absolute
favorite show that there is. And that’s Shark Tank, right. – What? Appreciate that. (audience clapping and cheering) – Even as someone that has
done business his entire life, I still feel like I’ve
learned so much from watching the show over the years.
– Appreciate that. – But it’s also driving people to come up with some really bad ideas. (laughing)
– Ya think? – Oh yeah. What’s the worse thing
you’ve seen on Shark Tank? – Oh.
(beep) (laughing) So, this one dude comes out, and he brings out these two
girls and they got these little paste-on little lights on their bun and they’re shaking their tail-lights. (laughing) And I’m like, for real?
(laughing) And I go,
– I’m in! – No, I’m like,
– Here’s your offer! (laughing) – I go to one of the girls that came out, I’m like, “Would you wear that on a date?” And the whole face just dropped. She looks up, she goes, “I’m sorry Uncle Johnny.” (laughting) – Oh my god. – Uncle Johnny’s got poor little
Rachel just out poppin’ it. (laughing) Okay, well our first category is dedicated to some wild contraptions. We call it “Mark Tank.” Take a look. (audience clapping) (upbeat music) – [Rob] I don’t wanna smoke anymore but I’m addicted.
(slapping) Okay. (laughing) I don’t wanna, (slapping) okay. (laughing) So, it legitimately works. – [Mark] Oh my goodness. – [Steelo] Yeah It does work, but you can’t wear this to the club, you can’t.
(laughing) – [Mark] Oh man. – [Man In viedo clip]
I think I need a beer. (audience laughing) – [Rob] Okay, all right. – [Mark] What is that? – [Rob] Now go get me a job. (laughing) – Yeah. – [Rob] The future is now man. (laughing) Boom, boom, boom.
(audience clapping) – [Man In Clip] Condom slinky. – [Rob] Condom slinky. It’s a condom slinky. – [Mark] This is not gonna end well. – [Rob] Okay, all right. (audience laughing) – [Rob] Is this how babies are made? – [Man In Clip] That was (beep) perfect. (laughing) – [Rob] I just hate that it actually looks like a real cock and balls. (audience laughing) – [Mark] It does right? (laughing) – [Steelo] Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’ll pound it! – [Man In Clip] That was (beep) perfect. (laughing)
– That was perfect. – This is amazing.
– Oh no. – This is amazing
– No. – [Rob] It’s a Schwinn-deer. (audience laughing) – [Steelo] But you can
workout at the same time, this is amazing. I love this. – They don’t have anything like that yet? – Nah-uh. – [Rob] Okay, this seems
like a pretty good invention. Obviously we know feeding babies is
(laughing) a lot of work. (smacking)
(audience gasps) – [Mark] Oh. (laughing) Pop goes the baby. – That’s the product. – [Mark] Yeah. – That was it.
– Yeah. – [Steelo] That was it. – Yeah, the baby puncher. – [Steelo] The full extension. – That’s why you test your products. (laughing) – [Steelo] It just drops
it for good measure. (laughing)
– There you have it from Mark Tank.
– Awh. (audience clapping and cheering)

100 thoughts on “What’s the Worst Idea Mark Cuban’s Seen on “Shark Tank”? | Ridiculousness

  1. the baby puncher "puts your baby to sleep using state of the art decoy" decoy doubles as food source in case baby survives sleep stage and is hungry

  2. That’s why he’s a billionaire he shows up plain shirt and pants no jewelry not even a watch. Let it be a nigga he gon have all the bling bling

  3. The slinky was invented by a navy sailor who dropped a radar spring down the stairs . He later lost all of his earnings to his wife .

  4. Bruh Chanel makes me skip some of the video and I end up clicking off the video because there is no point watching the video if imma skip over her fucking dolphin noises.

  5. See the funny thing is the last clip is a show with the baby doll and the robot is actually off of somebody's Channel and he does stuff like that on purpose to be funny


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