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  2. Just a quick tip for those of you looking to lose weight. The bottom line is, you need to be in a caloric deficit. (Bruning more calories than you intake.) there is no magic pill or powder that is going to burn fat. Its discipline and hard work…thats it… If you're looking to put on muscle and drop fat at the same time, raise your protein intake to 1 – 1.3X your body weight. this is where supplements help like protein, creatine and bcaa's. So much bad information and myths out there that people literally BUY into. Fitness/health wellness is a marathon. Not a sprint. Good luck!

  3. I feel like I was maybe 130s at my healthiest weight, or 140s, and, I'm 5'5". I weigh more than most women because I have a muscular build. I don't ever remember being less than 100 pounds. Maybe in Elementary School at the age of 8 or 9. 💚

  4. The woman with the purple shared
    scarf and the woman with the blond hair broke my heart. You could tell they didn't feel good about themselves and were hurting because others put them down.

  5. It seems that most of it stems from how other people will perceive you and judge you if you’re “fat”. It’s a cultural thing.

  6. people need to learn that weight does not equal fat, if you work out you'll weight more because muscle mass weighs more than fat. And also, every single body has a set weight that your body does not want to get lower than, so even if they starve themselves they might never achieve their goal.

  7. I don't get why they wanna loose weight but if they really want to diets aren't gonna help.. Having a balanced diet and exercise will.

  8. I watch these videos about asian culture and I am always wondering:
    Here in Brazil we have corruption, robery, some people are really poor… But we have another level of respect for differences and uniqueness. I am like, 75kg and I feel very confident and attractive, and I know this is because my culture allows it.
    I wonder if I would trade my culture for a better place to live, with more opportunities and a better economy like Japan….
    Do you all think about this also?

  9. The girl who was 5’5 and wanted to be 100 something lbs omg, I’m 5’5.5 and am 130lbs and people think I’m a twig

  10. I'm 5'5" or 165.5cm and let me tell you that the few times I have weighted less than 54kg I have felt extremely weak and lightheaded. How on Earth is being underweight healthy? These people have zero education about the ideal weight and the dangers of being underweight.

  11. Japanese women: speaks about body images
    everyone in this comment section: about to fight everyone who made the last girl feel bad

  12. And here I thought they were all so thin because of decent portion sizes and how much walking and bike riding everyone does to get around… But some of those weight loss tactics do not sound healthy AT ALL, and the healthy looking girls are way too worried about what photoshopped models look like.

  13. “Westerners are taller” no some of foreigners are short and we still don’t believe that the ideal weight for us is 45!

  14. my boyfriend is Japanese and he always call me chibi and fat as a "joke" but boy lemme tell you that i've been starving myself to be skinnier too hskshsjsjs they're strict asf about body sizes

  15. No matter how many people try to say "it's not how much you weigh that matters" or "everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like" or something similar – it's not gonna change anything. And that truth is sad AF.

  16. I had two surgeries in one year for (health reasons).
    Once I healed from the first I moved on to the second. And this caused me to lose weight. I got obsessed and started to eat less, skipping dinner too. I then moved to CA where all my family are and friends. and everyone pointed out that I lost weight and I kid you not the entire time I thought I gained weight. So I didn’t Believe them I started eating less and even started takin diet pills. Until an older lady I worked with asked if I was eating because I looked thinner than when I first got there.. and this was an eye opener.. I think an America people will rarely point out that you gained weight. Since it’s really rude.. They point it out more if you lost it the weight I noticed.. I now gained weight and I’m getting obsessed with it again.. 🙁

  17. I saw a similar attitude when I was in South Korea as well. Many of my co-volunteers at time were young women and roughly 90% were on diets.

  18. dear japanese women feel free to emigrate to all the world , many men will be happy to have you just the way you are. ps if they are considered fat , i must be buddha

  19. I'm a 5'2 westerner and weigh 160lbs, I'm happy with the curves I was blessed with. These poor girls are constantly told that they aren't good enough for who they are😢

  20. Most Westerners have longer limbs so even if they are heavy set, it doesn’t look as unflattering as it does for East / South East Asians.

  21. I’m 155 cm and weight like 60kg, and till now though i was relatively average weight…. but now i feel overweight af. 😂

  22. The reaction of the friends of the girl that wanted to be 38kg(83lb) pounds was so funny 😂
    The middle girl’s eyes shot to her and looked at her like she was crazy and the other girl said she would die 💀 😅

  23. Litterally i am 14 I weigh 100 pounds and I’m 5,3 the girl who wants to weigh 80 it’s so crazy to think that because I’m trying to gain weight

  24. But all of their responses makes the rumors sound true They are all short and they all want to be skinnier than they already are This video seems pointless if you are trying to disprove a stereotype of short skinny Japanese girls if they are short and skinny and they admit they want to be shorter and skinnier

  25. Wow! Really?! Here's the thing, most of my life in elementary to middle school, people have harrassed me about being too skinny. Saying stuff like "twig, stick, french fry, etc". I HATED being skinny. So I tried putting on weight the UNHEALTHY way but that didn't help matters because I lobe physical activity so I'd often go outside and play around with my friends or be excited when I got to go to the gym. But it was NEVER to lose weight just have fun. I was stupid for thinking it wouldn't keep me at my size. Guys in Western countries (not all) tend to gravitiate towards the "thicker" or more "proportionate girls. Ya know; big butt, big boobs and a small waist. Personally I find it intruiging how I believed no one would aever like me because I was too skinny and had no boobs or butt. I'm in highschool now though and I still have people who praise me occasionally for being so slim.

    My closest friend constantly grabs my waist and says "Omg I wish I could be skinny like you". When I had to measure out my waist it was 20". While my friends was 26. It was so IRRITATING because…ughhh I just dont like being praised for it. I want everyone to love themselves as CLICHE as this sounds. I hated how I looked in jeans because it made my legs look extra skinny. Now, I have built muscule into my legs (yay lol…like a lot) and into my core and arms. I look a little bigger my my waist stays…my stomach has even expanded a little😋. Just…dont go thinking being skinny is a dream. Because over here, in FL where I live….it really isnt.

  26. the reason asian people tend to look 'fat' at a lower weight than westerners is because they tend to carry more fat due to genetics, so a lot of asians can be a lower weight and still be healthy
    nevertheless, it's horrible what some of these standards are :(( things like 'you need to be under 50kg to be pretty' and a lot of pressure to be super super skinny…
    remember, being chubby is cute!! as long as you feel healthy and are treating your body well so it can function properly, you don't need to change ^^
    I used to be chubby then lost a lot of weight due to pressure and now I'm nowhere near as energetic nor strong as I used to be, being skinny isn't everything, being happy and strong is more important <3

  27. Notice how they said they look to models for how they should look. Completely unrealistic. Media needs to stop putting unrealistic expectations on young girls, it's so unhealthy.

  28. so I'm 5'7 and I hadn't weighed myself in several years so one time I weighed myself at a friend's house (and this was New Years' eve so we'd just all eaten a lot) I was 112 lbs. That honestly shocked me. I must have had a bad self-image because for the longest time I was convinced that I was 130 lbs at *least*. It really shocked me, and since then I have been working out a lot and probably gained some with muscle mass but I'm really ok with that

    Edit: I am also American, so I suppose I'm smaller than most Americans. I have a lot of Norse, German, and French ancestry so I guess it all just played together and I didn't inherit the obesity my extended family has had in the past… nobody in my very close family is overweight… idk how that works

  29. As 115kg girl im very happy in USA, there are lot of people with my Weight here if you're fat come to america you'll feel like youre in home (:

  30. Thing is, white people are naturally heavier than Asians by healthy standards. A westerner could way quite a bit more than a healthy Asian but still be considered healthy. Pretty sure it’s something to do with average muscle mass and bone weight but don’t quote me on that.

  31. I am 143cm and currently weigh about 35kg.. I used to be 33 kg.. my healthy weight is 38kg. Hmmm.. it's quite hard to gain weight for me

  32. Grrrr!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠 im overweight but it should not be a big deal as my physical appearance. I know i should lose some weight but that is for my health not for appearance

  33. One of the factors why Japansese and Koreans get depressed is because they care a lot of what other think especially with your appearance which is very toxic.
    I really commend them with their discipline, orderliness, cleanliness, quality of work and respect but when it comes to relationships and emotional well being they have a low score.
    Here in Philippines..we are already adapting the attitude of instead asking a person how he or she is.. some are already asking why are you gaining weight? Which is kinda ridiculous for me.

  34. Interesting. It used to be that if you put on weight, that meant you were doing well and were successful. Skinny meant you weren't successful and couldn't afford enough food.

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