Whatever You Spell, I’ll Buy It – Challenge

Whatever You Spell, I’ll Buy It – Challenge

What ever you sneeze. i’ll buy for You! I can spell, Sneezys This is CBBC! This is CBeebies! iphone boi BBC why are you on CBBC? fsddfsfdsdfsdf No Well Guys thats why your flippin Wrong! Because whatever you Spell i’ll Buy it! use code me I am an idiot and copy mr beast Greater spelling. It does the case Martin. How does O3t RR e simple. Well, then who’s who’s probably just gonna be a 1v1? So me mama Marty will take in terms to spin the mystery wheel and the numbers of real The number of letters that we will pick at random And then we will have 60 seconds to spell a word and whatever the word is another player has to buy i am fake morgz and i eat $10,000 No But now let’s kick this off with a bang because big Jill’s going last Guys the higher the number the better the chance of spelling something really expensive. I’m aiming for the big 26 Okay, I’ve got a C and O be under a and you’ve also oh Oh Maybe I could get a rock Rap Martin, maybe she won’t see him. She’s got c8 and AH she could spell out a Paul Hey Morgan, I think I’m good. I’ve got my three letter words Oh, no, Martin. Looks like one of us has to pirate our Brand new bra wait a sec mom You do realize you had a C instead of spelling bra you could have spelled car No mum is too late for that neither Take you o I’m glad I didn’t get the car. Why would I want a car when I can have a Nice bra Okay guys next up to take on the challenge it’s my turn let’s see if I can buy You know what take that that’s pretty good guys as you can see I’ve got some pretty good glasses here What’s the vowels meaning? I should be able to spell a pretty good word? No guys I can get an S II a P C that means I can get anything to sit on like a super or a gaming chair, or maybe I could be a PE days malkin Willing to go into taste with you did pouring out of the spell something else. Wait a sec guys I think I might have something I Have You sure you don’t want to Tuesday I’ll go today if it means we don’t have to fire you yeeeeesss Nice offer Martin but not real into ball people. I think I’ll stick with the easies Okay, guys, we are now back in the shopping mall before I go in and get the easies I just have one question who’s paying? Not me but what do you have to pay the question is who’s it gonna be you’ve got to decide guys I think I have a way to settle this Yeah, Guney paper beats rock so that means you have to pay oh No, he’s Logan I’ve got the EZ Morgan I don’t care about the easies I’ve got one question. How much were they mum the easies worth? $500 for a pair of shoes. Let me see em Morgan. Let me choose if there were say Sack that’s so ugly. I don’t think granddad would wear these. Yeah well mom, I don’t care if you like them or not because there was still $500 on your credit card, whatever Morgan just know that I’m gonna get you back for that. Bye guys It’s my turn now. I need a big number to give me the best chance to spell a big word an awfully an expensive one Oh I’d say guys CL we’ve got some good letters here time starts it so I have to be quick to find a word right but you go with our o P me roll discovered something abandoned out. Well now gonna do me a piece of oh, oh, maybe you should go away then. Oh, Hey Nobody is allowed to bring them up into this house Except for me looks like enough to find something else then Oh, what was it again? Yeah. Oh Thanks folks I’ve already got two dogs your house Definitely don’t need a fox. Well, Bob only got 10 seconds left. So you better think of something quick guys. I think I’ve got it I don’t think you are We mean Martin Rolex only has one L And in a minute under stick it hello and he spouts right now. I can get one. Yes Martin I’m afraid your time already run out i am fake vfjfdbnl I’m gonna make sure I’m to smell my word correctly Martin. We’ll see about that Okay guys is my turn again. Let’s see. Ah me lettuce. I’m gonna get That’s a big number Okay, guys I’ve got letters and I’ve got 60 seconds to find something good to buy Comment down below if you can see anything. Nice spell drink my fancy are a However Also, yeah W a te o Water, but what is sake we’ll just breathe What’s the point again back more times? You know, can you not see anything? I can see something However more but since I’m biting you I can buy you a new merch I want check it out Look, you can ask them of the brand new tap Miller With the shiny gold print on the phone the gold ten million down the sleeve and the epic Stylish print on the thigh They’re available exclusively a morgue stocker or but you can have one for free. Look you more good I might be able to sell it where kids are were here we go guys is my turn again. Let’s get a big number Yeah He’s cheating again. Okay, guys, it looks like I’ve got some pretty good lives here Let’s just see what it’s by the water. Oh My gosh guys, it’s the wild card This space here is blank which means I get to choose what letter I want this to be Still I should be able to spell something Oh Gee Oh Wow, that’s a great idea guys good thing. I’ll do a little the ranks Morgan I don’t think you’re going crazy, but there’s definitely no exia No X there bargain, even I know that I think you may be forgetting about the wild Okay guys as you can see we are now in the Technology shop and not just the technology shop the gaming section Morgan don’t you think you’ve got enough X boxes. It’s not my fault. You keep destroying them Well Norma the X Box 1 s is 200 and the X Box 1 X is all hundred So you’re gonna get the X Box 1 s right No, thank you. I think I get the X What the question is guys who is buying it me? Madsen I don’t want to pee me neither Jill especially if it’s 400. It looks like we’ll have to play rock-paper-scissors to settle it rock paper scissors Yes, I’m Warren. I won’t it looks like you’re gonna be buying it for me there Martin darn it I even want anything yet. Okay guys, it’s my turn again. Let’s hope we get a big number do better than last time None That is awful. Okay So let’s find a word quick Oh B oh and E Bo or maybe si. Oh and Each cone for waiting second guys. I’ve got it. Why get a cone or a phone? IPhone hey, check out guys. I’m gonna get a brand new iPhone I knew I do better after that last two more. Do you want to tell him? No bucket. Okay fine Martin that is not how you spell iPhone Wow Martin for goodness sakes, it’s not sure I’m gonna believe you. Well, he spells it there iPhone you lying to me aren’t ya Martin? Maybe you should look for yourself. Well iPhone iPhone Table boy mixed up you’ve gotta make sure you spell it, right Can do it guys, I don’t think you can. Okay guys This is it. It is time for the final round Comment down below if you’re on Team Oaks Oh Team bow. Oh my god further ado. Let’s do this. Mama is your turn This is it guys so far. Nobody’s landed on 26 letters So I’m gonna go for that now, here we go Well, there is no more time to wait your 60 seconds starts now Here we go guys straight away, yeah, I can see I’m guessing You already have enough of that I think skins Audioengine off you do not need any extra time Why’d I just get a nice No, why would you want to burn that’s all going to be very expensive Morgan that’s what you think. I know exactly Check it out. Mom. I found you. You’re fun. And the best part is it’s only $15 Morgan that is not what I was thinking when I spell fun this right here is the Dyson Smart phone it blows hot and cold air It’s even got a screen on the front and you can control it from your phone. And the best part is Morgan. It’s 549 pounds and you’re buying it for me five hundred pounds for a fun Fun, you could buy like 50 of these for the prices are too bad Morgan I want my smart phone and you’re getting it for me Thank you for the fan Morgan, I really appreciate it, okay guys, I’m just making me buy Fun, I need something good to get my revenge. Of course. This is my final turn So it needs to be a good one three two one I was okay Okay, I also have you Okay guys as you can see we are in the Gucci store And now all we have to do is find something for mom to buy me on her credit card And judging by how much juice you have Morgan that’s gonna be hard for you shooting guys what you think about something like this a Gucci shirt smart casual and only 580 pounds 5 pounds just for sure that’s ridiculous or instead of that we could go for something like this so Gucci joggers for only 7 or Seventy pounds seven hundred and seventy pounds only I bought some live is from Primark Yesterday and they were only five pound too bad mom. I spelled Gucci so that’s what you buying me Do you know what forget the other two? How about I get this? Actually Morgan, I really like this one. Oh, it’s only a hundred and sixty pounds. It’s cheaper than the other two No, I then you need to put your glasses on and check the price again It’s not one hundred and sixty it’s 1160 Morgan no, you are not getting this that is way too far. Well mom Unfortunately for you, I spelled Gucci so that’s exactly what you have to buy for you Yesterday And it was only ten pounds goes. Oh This challenge. Okay guys, this is it final two so far I’ve let myself down unpause team bold But now it’s time for me to redeem myself and I’ll be aiming for the big 26 three two one Yes I’ve got it. I’ve got the 26 think of the words that could make the 26 letters. Yeah something good I could make hats wall that Dre where I can see our Oh s he rose ala this one B you are g e ha ha Surely something better than a burger There’s so many letters why not to spell just loads of things what I won see if that works boy you better be quick Martin because you’ve only got 15 seconds guys all my life. I’ve wanted all I’m beginning. I see it’s spelling right? Oh, Hey, hey P oh ah We’ve got lumber. All we need now is beanie Lambeau G hate. Hi I’m almost there and I need a name and we’ve got London beginner I only need one more letter, but I’ve seen are you sure you know, what letter it is that you need well Lamborghini so all I need is that e? Its kind he’s spelling wrong because oh but wait to say he said any or an I Lamborghini Oh Lamborghini, I’m not sure coming down to old guys crazy I re Five more seconds. You’ve got to make a decision I’m leaving with the I L a and B Oh G H I and I Rolled out of me doing it. I’ve got my dream girl guys sent me to the dealership I think I’m in heaven. Oh no, mom, I can see Ferraris I can feel on bikinis I can even see Bugattis. This is gonna be so expensive Martin are you sure you want to do this? I vote there’s a really nice Volkswagen garage down the road Volkswagen I’m having a Lambo check this out. This is a veggetti Veyron he’s got a 16 point four liter engine and it’s incredible. How much is that one Martin? Well guys Five million what it’s a good job. You didn’t spell bugatti then get away from that thing guys. Check this one out It’s an orange McLaren even the number plate says fast So, you know, it’s fast till I get this one instead of a Lamborghini Martin before you get too carried away How much is he on Morgan? It’s 180,000. What do you think about that then? I think I’m gonna take you away from that thing guys How about if I go for this brand-new Ferrari? What do you think guys Martin? I think you need to learn to follow the rules. You spell one beginning you didn’t spell McLaren You didn’t spell Ferrari you didn’t spell Bugatti. You’re getting a Lamborghini all guys in that case Let’s go look for a Lambo Vice perfect Check it out guys. This is the Lamborghini Huracan I Love it. It’s my dream car Martin that car looked very Expensive how much Kies? Each two hundred thousand and the best part is one of you up to buy it mate. The question is who is it gonna be? Oh my gosh, well Morgan that settles it let’s find a Salesman I’m by 8. Thank you very much. What do you fire it off?

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