What language is sexy to Japanese people?

What language is sexy to Japanese people?

If he said “comment allez vous” in French my heart would flutter. I think Korean is a cute language. Adorable and sexy?
– That’s it. Would you like to go for some… tea? Yeah oh that would work on me. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese, it’s Cathy Cat. What language is sexy? … is a question we’re gonna go and ask Japanese people today. So let’s go , hit the streets and Ask Japanese. We are asking Japanese people: What language is sexy? Sexy? I like the hieroglyph symbols. Oh why so? I love the Egyptian writing. You see, I love birds. If I was to get a tattoo, I would get hieroglyphs on my skin. Yeah that’s my thing. What made you fall in love with hieroglyphs? The fact that people cannot read them. Hoh? I want to have a tattoo in a language that nobody can read. I have seen similar tattoos abroad. Do you want a tattoo that YOU understand or that just has the prettiest symbols? That’S a hard choice. I would get a tattoo with a meaning that only I can read. I thing English or French are sexy languages. What is sexy about the French language? The way they pronounce words is so original. Is there a sentence you want people to say to you in English or French? I would already love it if they just said “You look cute.” That would make my heart flutter. Ah you look so cute today. Ah that would get me. That’s the one. If a handsome man said that to me, I think I would faint right on this spot. I can’t read or speak those hieroglyphs but what sentence do you want to be told/ Korean would be better then.
– What do you want to hear in Korean? “Popo juseyo” it means kiss me! Why are you looking at me like that? That sounds super cute. Popo what?
– It’s “Popo juseyo” Kiss me! What language do you think is super sexy? I think that would be French Why French?
– It’s a fancy language, I think. What is so “fancy” about French? The sound of it. I imagine French music playing in a beautiful french town. Listening to beautiful French music, enjoying.
– Yes. The way the language is mixed, is so different from Japanese. I think that’s sexy. When we see Western movie love scenes, they say things you could never say in Japan… How can they say these words so commonly in America and English countries? I think that’s pretty sexy. Now boys imagine a beautiful French girl and English speaking girl. She walks up to you, and starts talking with you. What do you want her to say to you? I want her to say “I love you.” Saying “Je T’aime” right here on this spot?
– Yes. Sudden love proposal.
– Take me by surprise. And hold me tight. What would you answer to that?
– I would say “I love you too.” Oh… but would you say that in Japanese?
– Yeah in Japanese. Or look it up on Google Translate and then answer it back to her. Je T’aime!
– What? Je T’aime? (scenario plays out…” Thanks for letting me try that. How was this scenario? Having these words say to you? My heart was beating faster.
– Glad to know. What do you want the English speaking lady to tell you? I want her to say “Are you Paul McCartney?” What? Why that sentence? Sometimes people tell me I look a little like him. I would be happy if people mistook me for him. Are you Paul McCartney? YES YES I AM
– He said yes! Oh excuse me!
– Yeah. Are you Paul McCartney?
– Yes I am. Nice to meet you! Thank you.
– Can I take a picture with you? – Ok sure. Snap I have been living 18 years of my life, strongly believing that I am Paul McCartney. Don’t stop believing?
– I won’t. What language is sexy to you guys?
– What SEXY? WHAT? It definitely has to be French! The pronunciation…. – Like “voulez vous?”
– Yeah like “deja vue” Or “Comment allez vous.” It sounds so fancy. It sounds very erotic.
– Oh it sounds erotic. How so? What’s erotic about “comment allez vous?” well… How do I say that. The pronunciation and way of speech is so different from Japan. It’s even softer than Japanese. I am not used to these soft words. They sound sexy to me. Is there something you want to hear in French? There is one dream scenario I want to happen one day. First, have a very tall man. A tall french man. And have him say “comment allez vous” to me in French here. Just suddenly say “How are you?”
– Yes say that. French men will be forgiven if they suddenly talk to ladies like that. Do you have the image that they’re flirty? Not sure but I think they are elegant. Maybe not very flirty. French men are graceful. I think it might not be the same kind of sexy… But I think the English language is very passionate. I feel like people express their emotions in this language. What tells you that the language is sexy? People talk about their emotions right? Emotions like “oh my god” and such. You can tell their feelings by that. I think that’s great. What English would you like to hear in which situation? Can I say the English that I want to say? I want to ask a girl to dance with me. I want to say “Shall we dance?”
– Oh wow. In Japan, we don’t get the chance to say “shall we dance”. I would like to dance with somebody. I want to ask someone to dance with me. Shall we dance?
– Like that! I think that sentence is so cool. Would you say you, yourself, become a sexy man by saying that line? Yeah I’d totally be into myself. “Je voudrais un petit mouton s’il vous plait”
– What did you just whisper into my ear? Was a sexy? That was sexy. It sounded really erotic. “Je voudrais un petit mouton s’il vous plait”
– So cool girl. So cool. Please tell me what you whispered in my ear. Are you sure you want to know?
– What? What? Are you SURE you want to know.
– Uhm… ah… yes please. I want a little sheep. “I want a little sheep”!!!!?!?!??!? Looks like almost everything is sexy to me. I would buy you a little sheep. Think of all the wonderful languages in the world. Which language is sexy to you? For me that would be Korean. I think French and such is really cool. Why is Korean a sexy language? I am a Korea lover… So that’s your hobby?
– It is. Can you speak Korean then?
– I can’t but I’d like to learn it. Do you think that would be difficult?
– I heard it is quite easy to remember. I heard it’s not that far from the Japanese language. – I heard that too. Korean is such a cute language. Damn it’s just so cute. Adorable and sexy?
– Yes like that. Do you have a favorite word? My favorite Korean word…. “Chogiyo” “Cho-GE-yo…” – No “Cho-GI-yo”
– Cho-GI-yo?? It means “excuse me” like “excuse me for a moment” Cho-gi-yo! Imagine over there are two handsome boys, one French one Korean. What do you want them to say to you? “Let’s become friends.” – Why don’t we go for tea?
– He’s chatting you up big time! What language do you think is sexy? English all the way. Men who can speak cool English. Those are sexy?
– So sexy! Having non-native English speakers, speak English is really cool. I think English and Portuguese is so cool. It all feels so foreign to us Japanese. Because the language is so different?
– Makes me want to applaud them for speaking it. Is there anything you want to hear in English or Portuguese? What would be hot? I want him to say “You are so kawaii”. Like cute cute. – “You are so cute.” Yes yes! I want him to say a really long sentence at me. It doesn’t matter what he says, because I wouldn’t understand anything anyways. I want him to talk a lot and admire that. You are both really stylish. Do foreign men chat you up? Foreign men have never chatted me up!
– Not foreign men! Do you want to be chat up in English? I would love to have that happen! I would like to see how foreigners chat us up. Right? But the problem is, if they spoke English to us, we would not know what they’re saying. Like… “Would you like to go for some tea?” Oh… – I have no clue what she just said. But wow, you can speak it. If you had an English man chatting you up in English or Japanese, which one do you prefer? I’d prefer broken Japanese.
– Same. It’s cute when they try speaking our language.
– So sexy. Foreigners trying to speak Japanese is cute and sexy? – Yeah. I would feel like going along with them. Because he tries hard at speaking your language? – Yea. Those were our questions. Thank you girls. What language is sexy to you? I must say definitely for me it would be the hispanic languages… I think if you just go and count to ten in Spanish… It would sound super sexy to me. There is just like…. “Ocho!” I don’t know… it just sounds… it has magic. I don’t know why… it has a certain sexy magic to it. So which language is sexy in your opinion, let us know in the comments down below. Please count in Spanish for me *flutters eyes* And I will catch you soon for more videos on Ask Japanese. If you have subscribed! If you haven’t don’t forget to subscribe and leave a big like on the way out. Thanks for watching and I catch you soon on Ask Japanese. Bye.

71 thoughts on “What language is sexy to Japanese people?

  1. Omg I am Korean and I am so happy to see Japanese people liking my language ♥♥

    Japanese is the best sounding language for me along with German 🙂

  2. This was a really fun video! The questions brought out some responses that felt very genuine from the interviewees. That, and polyglot-mode Cathy really shines here!

  3. Thank you, Cathy! I was going to ask myself why nobody said Spanish?!? 😭 my primary language is pure romance-full of emotions, come on people! I am so happy you like Spanish 😁

  4. Kathy Kat, don't try to spread false information that Japanese sounds like Korean. Are u deaf or a closet K-poop fan? The Korean language and it's pronounciation have deep Tamil, Hindi roots. It's sounds like awful stuttering and nothing like Japanese at all.

  5. Best languages on earth Chinese, French, Japanese. Now for the worst 3 – Thai, Korean, Vietnamese.. they just sound so loud and dirty lol

  6. French, Chinese, Japanese are classical worthy languages and poetic. Korean sounds awful n their written language looks like knots n crosses lol

  7. Japanese sounds sexy to me because it is so rhythmic. Just like the lady said France has soft sounds, Japanese has so many rhythmic consonant sounds like 'no naka ni' and 'nakute' and 'imashita' that keep repeating so even the most ordinary Japanese sentence sounds polyrhythmic. Japanese names sound so cool, like Fukuzaki Hideki or Mizaki Matsumoto. Plus the changing pitch, the Japanese sound like they are singing even when they are just saying ordinary things.

  8. There are several languages known as the romance languages. Most of them derived from Latin. I learned French as my 3rd language and I asked my teacher what her opinion was on a sexy language. She told me French is very nasally once your fluent. Spanish can be very sexy when you control your tone of voice. Finally she said Italian has a romantic vibe to it.

  9. Moonie Cathy Cat this was adorable and amusing to watch but saying that, looks like i may be in with a chance in making new friends in japan!Moonie Cathy Cat just love your interviews so adorable you rock every time yep when you speak your German French and Japanese i think i going have to say this you are super cute to Moonie Cathy cat!XXX

  10. Alert! Attempted murder suffocation to my 4 year old niece just happened. It's in my facebook page. Thanks and please spread it around. My family doesn't deserve this type of suffering to get killed.

  11. I think that a language or an accent it's sexy because of the person that is speaking it. I love italian, Japanese, Spanish, korean and English's language and Scottish accent but not every Japanese, korean, italian or Scottish is going to melted my heart.
    I personally don't understand that obsession that everyone has with France, seriously, there are other places in the world. France has good things but it's not heaven 😂
    And BTW, Spanish is one of the most beautiful language of the world, that's a fact.

  12. That first girl stanning on hieroglyphs made me giggle at first, but then she dropped me with her reasoning. Solid choice, actually.

  13. Definitely French and Spanish. I'm not fluent, but I can speak enough broken Spanish to get by. Being a native Texan, it's really not hard to pick up some Spanish along the way. So a hearty "buenos días y mucho gusto" to Cathy and Director-san! (good morning and pleasure to meet you).

  14. Cathy we can get along!!!! I know Spanish and English fluently and learning Japanese at the moment.
    Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco… diez let be friends 😊😊

  15. For me Spanish is a funny language, maybe because i speak portuguese and i know what some things mean
    Sexy is definitely French

  16. I'm French and its funny to know that Japanese people find our language sexy, our language sounds so normal to me sooo, its very weird to hear it being called "sexy" 😂

  17. I thought about French because it’s a beautiful language but never English and Korean. And I’m Spanish btw 😅

  18. I think japanese is a beautiful language. Hard to learn though, for someone like me who only speaks germanic languages like dutch and english.

  19. Mandarin is the future. Japanese is a worthy language as well. If u know Kanji, then Japanese will be much easier unlike Korean. There is no intrisric value learning Korean/Hangul. It's a very recent language with no history or usefulness in socioeconomics

  20. 7:39 A typical K-poop fan that is clueless about the reality of Korean men who r Abusive n violent in relationships. Even the K-poop stars are caught n arrested for sex crimes, corruption n illegal trade. This is KOREA

  21. Arabic language is very rich in love words and when it is pronounced whit Palestinian dialect, it becomes more beautiful and exciting.

    In French when a little boy or girl skating and fell down the mother will say “ ça va mon chéri / ma chérie (my sweetie)….. So comforting.

    Japanese, for those who master it, is full of love words such as

    もちろん、私はあなたを愛するのが大好き blablabla💋

  22. Popo juseyo… hahaha! popo means poop in Spanish! Those common words in every language are always a surprise. just like ajo means garlic. There go your numbers: Ahi van vuestros numeros: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.
    I loved the video. I love to listen to German language. Maybe not sexy, but for me, utterly interesting and sophisticated.

  23. ポルトガル語、ポルトガル語!お願い!(もちろん女性たちね)
    Please Portuguese, Portuguese!!! (The lady's of course ahaha)
    Ahahaha you are cute ! = você é fofa !=可愛い君は

  24. I'm a French-speaking Belgian. I really like the sounds of Uralic languages like Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian. I also like Italian, Swedish and Belgian Dutch, but the Dutch from the Netherlands isn't that nice to hear if you ask me. (still like Dutch people though)

  25. I like Korean, it just sounds so pretty and different than anything I know. It sounds very soft and melodious. I think if a cute Korean girl came up to me and started speaking Korean my heart would melt.

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