35 thoughts on “What is Material Design Lite?

  1. There is also a Dart Version: http://www.material-design-lite.pub . As always: Batteries included. SPA samples: http://styleguide.material-design-lite.pub/#/

  2. IMO Material Design has failed. Nobody is using it, as it was shown at the IO (not even Google).

    For Android it's still very hard to develop a MD App because the resources are so bad.

    Polymer has still lots oft bugs and problems.

    You are Google – why don't you care about this???

  3. Thanks for making MDL!
    It's awesome for me, as I don't like to start with CSS stuff most of the time.
    I've already started to update one of my projects to use MDL!
    It's easy to use and a lot of explanation on the website.
    Thanks again.

  4. MDL has so few components, MDC (https://github.com/material-components/material-components-web) is better…

  5. With very few exceptions, "transitions" as you call them serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, and do nothing but waste the user's time and battery. Just put the damn things on the screeen, don't zoom them, don't fade them, don't slide them, just get on with it. It's more "look what I can do" rather than utility.

    I'll give you an example from your own product. Why in the world does the main menu in Chrome need to have a circle bloom out of the center when clicked? Why can't you just pop the damn menu? Why does its background need to fade to a different color? Why the …. can't you just change to the final color? Do you have any idea how annoying this is if you're out somewhere where there's a marginal cell signal (therefore the connection isn't zippy) and you're doing remote framebuffer (i.e. VNC) for tech support for someone? Despite a number of requests to add an option to disable UI animations, AFAIK no option has been programmed.

    Don't get me wrong, there are actually a few cases where animations are useful, like when someone swipes an element, or a zoom shows where something came from. But there's been such an unnecessary emphasis on motion, like all users have ADHD and need constant stimulation to stay focused on the screen or something.

  6. Hello Mustafa, it was clear explenation, thanks. Can you or google tell us why we need to try MDL when we have far better solution as bootstrap? I get it google has sourse to do everyting but what is the purpose to come out with new framework as you don't bring anyting new in the market. İs bootstrap perfect? hell no, nothing perfect but still we stuck somewhere between bootstrap, and wordpress and google can offer just this? come-on We expect better someting

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