WHAT IF DISNEY WENT BAD…? | Bendy and the Ink Machine

WHAT IF DISNEY WENT BAD…? | Bendy and the Ink Machine

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Bendy and the Ink Machine. Now, when I first saw this game, it reminded me of the old school Disney animation days You know, back when they made willy- steamboat willy and all that stuff um, So, it has something to do… with old school animation and putting ink on paper *He is narrating the paper shown* Alrighty then! I’ll trust you, Joey Drew!~ I don’t know what you have in store for me Oh, That’s a cute little guy Now I don’t know if this is in any way to do with HORROR at all But it seems to have a darker fe- (trails off) (Game voice) “-I’m here..” “Lets see if we can find what you wanted me to see” Alright~! Man this is a weird place The Dancing Demon Ohhhhhhhhhhhh good old bendy!~ I didn’t think this was a horror game when I was going in to it but holy shit- Bendy in “SHEEP SONGS!” with Boris the Wolf *sucks in breath* Okay then. Hello~ What am I supposed to find here in this horrifying place of decrepitness? Ah hi, hello. Are you a lovely projector…? *quiet cracking and ominous music in background* Great, that’s a good sign. How you doin’ Bendy? You good? Oh I’m very good. okay then Old animation board… Blank story boards… Weird film reels on the walls. Don’t know why those are there Oooh what’s that say..? Dreams come truuueee You talking about bendy coming to life? Oh hi, how ya doin. Did Bendy come truuuee? Ohh That’s a dark ominous hallway… I know a dark ominous hallway when I see it! ohhaaaohhahhhohh Tastes like ink and blood mixed together very bad stuff How many Bendys are here? Ooooo Oh ink machine Okayy I don’t know what that means or why I’m going towards it but oookaayyy Holy fuck (Game voice) “So this is the ink machine, huh? Wonder how you turn it on.” I don’t know if that’s the first thing that I’d wonder about this I’d wonder about the horror things that’s going on in here. And how it’s not good at all and everyone’s gonna die Yeak ok let’s turn on the horrible monstrosity that’s definitely gonna kill me ookkkaayy wrench, do you help? weird chest-oo drawers do you help? Oh also this is the first video that I’ve been able to record since we just did a date with Markiplier and I wanted to say: Thank you guys so much for the amazing response on that video. I’ll talk about it more when i have more time to talk about it but I just wanted to say it’s been a slough and I finally took a day off yesterday where I did absoutley nothing because we’ve been working on that no- *board crashes down* *Mark makes raspy sound* non-stop for about a week and a half… wwWWOAAH… Thhaat doesn’t seem natural over there I think see inky limbs and an exposed rib cage so that’s nice ooohh hi (Game voice)”Oh my God..” yeahh “Joey, what were you doin?” yeah I think he’s trying to make wolfie woo- Ohhh that’s horrifying oohh noo ho boy okay.. that’s weird. That’s Borris the wolf who don’t look so good. I dunno who Joey is or what Joey was doing but there’s a lot of death happening here So yeah it’s kinda outta context, just thank you guys so much for the support. We worked so hard on that. We’re very happy at the way it turned out ooh boy- main power okay. (Game voice) “Alright, how do I get this to work?” AAALLLRRIIGHHHT LET’S WHIP THIS BAD BOY INTO SHAPE I AIN’T WORRIED ABOUT NOTHING GOING ON HERE THAT’S BAAADDD oooohhh I thought there was a reason all those items were streewwwnnn about all over the place *Game character gasps* “Oh…” woooaaahh!! “Who put this here?” uhh okay, alright then. Glad you vocalized the jumpscare for me so I didn’t even have to think about what I was feeling. Alright (Reading wall) Who’s laughing now? I dunno if anybody is laughing.. I’m definitely not laughing Alright, but anyway.. just gonna go on my way I think I know where everything was, I’ve seen them on the way in here So I just gotta find em And then somehow I’ve got to turn on the ink machine? PROBABLY when I already uh- Ok! Got THAT, that’s nice! That’s real good. So probably I’ll be able to turn on the ink machine once I get all the power up. I can’t sprint so this is my MAX speed at the moment. But uh.. Let me just go back and get everything that I needed. *Reads wall* Dreams come true..They sure do buddy-boo! They sure do! that- oooh~ There we go I didn’t even know that was a thing! Kinda forgot was I was supposed to be getting but I got that! *Toy squeaks* SQUEAAKOOO!~ Plushie doll Yeesh God, fuck you guys Why are you so loud and obnoxious? Uggghh.. I don’t know what else I saw around here so I guess I just gotta keep exploring until I find everything. I’ve got THREE, which is good.. but I need more. Alright, anything over here that I- (Game voice) “-my old desk. I wasted so much time in this chair.” WAAIT THIS DESK AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY!? YOU’RE NOT EVEN IN YOUR OWN ROOM?! YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A WINDOW?! okay.. *reading* NO. Alright then. Cool. Ohhhkaay I’m not gonna ask many questions about it but you know what.. maybe that’s for the best! I’mma find this shit and hopefully- *book closing sound* AHA! Got another one! The illusion of living! Thaaat’s a weird book to read casULLy So I’ve got four of six items. At least something isn’t chasing me and giving me THAT trope but, this is faaascinating here. This is weeird I-I-I-like-I- like I love the cartoony style but also, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. *recorder rattles* (Tape playing voice) “At this point, I don’t get what Joey’s plan is for this company.” “The animations aren’t sure aren’t getting finished on time anymore” “And I simply don’t see why we need this…machine.” “It’s noisy, it’s messy, and who needs THAT much ink anyway?” “Also, GET THIS, Joey had each one of us DONATE something from our workstation.” “We put them on these little pedestals in the break room” “to help appease the GODS, Joey says, keep things going.” “I think he’s lost his mind, but hey, he writes the checks.” “But I tell you what, if ONE MORE of these pipes burst, I’M OUTTA HERE.” *tape recorder clicks off* OKAY! YOU KNOW, IF MY BOSS TOLD ME THAT I NEEDED TO SACRIFICE DESK OBJECTS TO APPEASE THE GODS, I might have a few more questions than ‘If another pipe bursts’. Yeaaah. Okay then.. I guess, if you really thought about it, what could they do? eeesh. Hello. Ahhh.. Oh, lovely. Oh lovely – FLOW? Ink pressure? Ok, so I probably gotta come here last, but I still gotta find exactly what I’m looking for.. Ugh I dont see anything in here that I need.. Ooooh, it automatically places them for me! Oh that’s convenient! Okay so, I need an ink bottle, I need a cog wheel and that’s it! So just an ink bottle, and a cog wheel but those should probably be on someone’s desk for drawing. Maybe mine, actually. Ohp! There’s a cog wheel! Well grab that! So ink well must be on someone’s desk, which might be mine if I was gonna be poetic about this. oh *door rattles* why is there- OOOH OKAY! SORRY TO DISTURB YOU! I’LL CARRY OOOOON~ *weird dramatic sound* OOOOH THERE IT IS! God damn, that took forever. Okay, restoring pressure which is- (Game voice) “Okay that’s all of ’em.” “Now I’ve just gotta get the ink flowing somehow.” OKAY~ I- “There’s got to be a switch around here somewhere.” *Mark talking over game, sarcastic* I WONDER WHAT SWITCH IT COULD BE?! Huh. Alright then, Kerchunkles. Maybe any day now? Could I do this? Is this not what I can do? Oh okay, I need to restore the ink flow. OH I KNOW WHERE THAT IS IT’S THE LONG WAY AROUND THE ONGWAY~ The way that I should have been going before but you made me sidetrack myself so that I couldn’t complete what I needed to dooo! *Deep raspy voice* Fine.. I’ll play your game You ru- *gasps* Hi, how are you doooin? Okaay, I wasn’t ready for THAT! But I’m ready now.. OH YOU WANNA FIGHT?! HUH YOU WANNA GO?! Alright, fine. *projector clicks on* Hey buddy! Hey bendy! How ya doing bendy?~ *machine turns on with a click* I don’t know why the flow is all the way over here but, ya know, you have a nice day!~ You have a lovely day! Oh hey buddy, how ya doin? *Mark makes creeped out noise* *banging from nearby* SORRY!~ *unsure* Did I disturb something..? *noises continue on* Ooh, that’s not good sounds. *banging gets a bit louder, closer* Okay… AH! Sounds like somethings coming behind me Thats okay! I’m not worried, it’s just all the kerchunkles of all the ink flowing! I guess? I don’t know how this entire place is powered by pure ink but uh, good for it! *quietly* good for it.. good for it.. *Lever clicks, machinery hums to life, some banging noises* Aaah! That’s goopy! The GODS have accepted my sacrifice.. of random bullshit items! *machinery humming loudly in background* Ok! *machinery still humming* alright..! So, now I guess I can turn on the ink machine..? Whatever the hell that means and whatever the hell that- Ooooh FUC- -K OFF! FUCK OFF! *intense music* HI?! (Game voice) “Gotta get out of here.” OH OKAY I’LL GET OUT OF HERE THEN ALRIGHT THEN GOODBYE! *scared whimper* NOW I’M SKEDADDLING! OH NOW I’M RUNNING?! AAAAAAAAHHHHH- *higher pitch* Aaaahhh! *character grunting* *Mark mocking character* *bang* Ow! Ow! That was a long fall! The creator LIIIEED to us. Ooookay Alright then I’ll take this bad boy here! (Game voice) “This will definitely come in handy.” Oh hell yeah, I’m sure that ink monsters are SPECIFICALLY susceptible to axes! Can I AXE you a QUESTION? HUH?! YOU SHMELL PRETTY BAD YOU SHOULD- AXE BODY SHPRAY *axe wooshing sound, Mark grunting* Okay, alright then. Hehbleeh bleeeeh habloosky bloosky~ habloo! hablaska! okay Where am I now? In the old animation studio.. *sudden door closing sound* *banging* WHAT THE FUCK?! *Banging* Just gonna end it like that?! *music begins playing* Weeeeel Iguessthatstheend of that chapter then Support chapter two- OH OKAY Well that’s not too bad, so that’s pretty good! I mean this game only cost ONE DOLLAR but that was surprisingly well made, I really did enjoy it, that was not bad AT ALL! Um, for what it was though, in the first chapter, it’s not a lot of game though, because- I mean, I get it, the game is one dollar but this might as well be a demo, in my opinion there was a lot of good stuff here. I love the environment, I love the cartoonish aspect of it, and you open the door for a lot of stuff but, hard to define an entire chapter with that. BUT EITHER WAY, still not bad, I liked it a lot, I can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter Two, so let me know what you guys think down in the comments below and thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always, I will see YOU in the next video! Buh-byeee! *Outro music*

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