We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!?  (Beauty Trippin)

We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!? (Beauty Trippin)

There’s that girl with that effortless bun, those 80s glasses, and a crab onesie. Plus, she also has a jewel on her tooth. Fashion! *mumbling and screaming* Joslyn: I’m ready, duh! Lily: You got your– Joslyn: I got my glasses on! You like my glasses? You can borrow’em.
Lily: Very pervy. J: They’re very, very fashionable, Lils. J: Everybody knows we’re beauty gurus. L: Fashionable. Yeah. J: Okay, so, what’s the clue? L: Okay. The clue is J: What?? L: I don’t really go to the dentist very often, so that shouldn’t be a problem. *music* J: Don’t tell your mom, or your dentist…
L:Who’s touching our teeth that’s not a dentist?? J: Literally–
L: Is this not Beauty Trippin and it’s like a Cheat Day crossover and we’re just going to eat candy? J: I mean, that would be fantastic, but wouldn’t someone have had to have told us? J: No I literally have no idea.
L: Mother, I’m sorry in advance, and Dr. Wong. J: Dr. Marrigan, love you so much. Judy Davis, Linda.. sorry! Whatever’s about to happen– woahhhh! *music* J: Ummmm… Is this a tattoo shop? L: I think sooo…
J: I’m legit freaked out. J: Hi! I’m Joslyn!
M: Hi, my name’s Michelle! L: Lily! Nice to meet you!
M: Nice to meet you, too! J: So.. like.. I’m so confused. What are we doing? M: Well, believe it or not, not tattoos, so good news is–
J: Great, okay, good! M:– I’m a tooth jeweler.
J: A tooth jeweler?? What does that even mean?? M: So it’s temporary jewelry on your teeth.
JL: *gasps* J: I didn’t even know that was a thing! M: It’s a temporary thing. Same thing as getting braces. L: Oh my god this is so much better!
M: It’s noncommittal. It’s not permanent. J: Okay great. I hate commitment.
L: We walked in here and I thought we were going to have to get those lip tattoos. J: Oh my god!
L: And I was gonna say, “That’s enough for this”!! J: Absolutely not. M: Come on over and we’ll have you guys pick out something that you like It’s kind of hard because there’s a big selection, but I recommend that the smaller you get, would be the daintier. It would be the less showy.
J: Oooooh M: The bigger you get, the more blingin’ you’re getting. J: Wait, are these real jewels? M: They are, actually, Swarovski. They’re all Swarovski. They’re authentic crystals, yeah. J: That’s so fancy. This isn’t like from Michaels, or like a craft shop. M: Nonononono. These are authentic Swarovski. Yeah they’re a little bit more pricey, but M: They’re definitely safe for your mouth, for one thing. That’s important. J: Well I would totally be the person that would, like, swallow a real diamond on accident. L: Well I was just going to say, have you ever put real diamonds on someone’s teeth? M: I do have real diamonds. They’re really small. They’re incased in gold. JL: Whaaaaaat?? M: You can take them home. They’re really small. J: Oh my gosh they’re so cuuuuuute! L: I wouldn’t risk that. My teeth.. it would fall off and I would swallow that M: Yeah most people, because of this size, most people prefer cheaper Swarovski crystal than a real diamond, only because this actually does shine a little better than a diamond would. When you put a real diamond on the tooth, it’s more common to get it drilled in M: and I don’t like to–
J: Ugh
L: Nooo M: — go that far
JL: No no no L: I think we’ll pass on that one J: What are you gonna do?
L: I don’t know. Can you do designs? M: I can. *gasp* M: I’ve done letters before. I’ve done shapes, I’ve done letters, I’ve done, like, a cross J: K what about the color of Dr. Pepper? J: Like, what about a nice maroon? Bold maroon on a tooth.
L: Oooh that would be very on brand. Oooh. L: Oh we can do that. Do that color.
J: That would be kinda fun. L: Okay perfect J: Um what do you think I should do? L: I think it has to match your really, really cool glasses so M: I see rose gold, and I do have a rose gold
J: Oh my gosh I love rose gold J: Yaasss L: Decision made M: Okay so what I’m gonna have you do is take a look in the mirror and decide– J: Oh this is so cute!! L: It’s the tiniest little mirror! J: It’s so tiny.. what’s this? M: It’s a pointer. I’m just gonna have you point to the tooth on which tooth you’re talking about putting it on. J: Which tooth should I do? M: The popular one is the eye tooth. J: Is that that one? M: Yes J: Let’s put it right there at the (biting sound). J: The part where it points
L: Kay.. J: How’s that? Is that a good spot? M: Absolutely J: This is the cutest mirror M: Yeah it is. Do you wanna hang on to it? M: You know what? It’s fun to watch the whole process. J: Okay, so like, who have you done this to? M: As far as, like, celebrities?
J: Like famous teeth. M: Like big names?
J: What’s the most famous tooth? L: What famous mouths have you been in? M: The most famous.. well right now the hot topic is, uh, Blac Chyna. *gasp* JL: Oooooh!!
L: You did Blac Chyna’s teeth?? M: I did La La Anthony. I did P Diddy. I did his girl Cassie. I did Mary J. Blige. I did Hailey Baldwin, Justine Skye… J: Oh my gosh I saw that Hailey Baldwin had these on her teeth! M: She’s done a lot of photos which is really cool J: Good for youuuu!! M: Yeah it’s really fun because I’ve noticed a lot of celebrities, they’re on the red carpet they’re being asked about them. This is just, I mean, I’ve been doing this for 9 years but– L: And it’s just now picking up M: it’s just now picking up, now, finally, which is okay, you know. It all… L: Better late than never!
M: I stuck with it for a reason, so.. M: Okay so the tooth you decided on, to confirm, will be your eye tooth. And I’ll put it right about in this spot there. *Mumbling* M: Okay so what I’m gonna do is dry off this tooth, and place the gem there M: And I’m gonna place this on the tooth strategically. I’m gonna have you– and it’s gonna– *laughing* M: It’s good to keep an eye on the mirror. Keep an eye out for it.
J: (trying to speak) M: Do you like– *laughs* L: Quivering M: You will naturally start to quiver your lip, yes. You also might drool a little.
J: ohhhhh L: Oh she drools a lot
M: And if you feel like you’re having that problem M: Just lean your head back a little bit
J: I drool constantly M: and then, so this will take about 30 seconds. This light feels a little bit warm kinda like sticking your nails under a UV dryer but it won’t get hot. M: How’s your drool going? J: Uuuh I think it’s okay M: That’s good L: How do you feel? J: I feel good.. How do you feel? L: So great M: Almost done L: That’s my face M: So standby just one second, I’m gonna take off this… Perfect! Okay where’s your mirror? I’ll get you a bigger (Paddy??).. hello! J: AH! M: Take a look! J: Oh my gosh!!
L: You’re so cool! M: That’s pretty!
J: Oh hey, it’s like we just met. L: Just do– give it like a wink, so then you can like, wink, and do it.. there you go L: Very attractive J: It matches my glasses, and my whole vibe of my whole outfit It’s like now when you see me walking down the street you’re like “There’s that girl with that effortless bun, those 80s glasses, and a crab onesie. Plus she also has a jewel on her tooth.”
L: Fashion. J: I think it really takes me to a new level um..
L: I believe it’s my turn J: Do you wanna wear these?
L: Sure I feel like that just makes sense. J: It one-ups it. Takes it to the next level. J: How long do people typically wear these for? M: Umm. You know it could last anywhere from 9 months to a year. M: There’s some people–
JL: Whaaaat M: –it’ll come off within a few months for some unexplained reason M: Maybe they just eat–
L: too many apples?
M: Too many crunch things M: Umm have acidity in their mouth, uh..
J: Oooooh so if you drink a lot of wine will it come off? M: Nooo not wine. It might be caffeine L: So we’re done. It’ll last a day. That is it.
J: So this is coming off tomorrow J: Oh It’s so cute! M: So let’s talk about placement M: I’ll have you point to which tooth you would like to get L: Hmm. Should I do that one?
M: Right up front?
J: Or just you’re middle tooth L: Can we do two, on each?
M: However many you wanna do
L: Let’s do two L: Let’s do two, go big. One on each.
J: I think go big. Gooooo big. Go big. Go big. J: YAASSSSS J: I just.. who are you?
L: Only the best for me. J: I am so excited about this. I don’t understand what’s going on. J: I can’t wait to see if..
L: The clue was correct. My mom will not be thrilled. Oh my mom’s already mad and she doesn’t even know about this. M: I’m gonna do this one first.
L: Mhmm M: I’ll put it in the corner, what do you think? Should I put it in the corner I was recommending? Or in this.. L: I think the middle.
J:: The middle! M: The middle?
J: Yeah she should just go for it.
M: I go a little low on the middle. L: Uh Huh.
M: Right about there. J: Snatched.
M: And let me grab your second one M: So tell me if you feel these are centered enough. L: They look like little eyeballs M: Spider bite
J: You literally never looked better, like I don’t even understand who this person is. J: The glasses really bring it home. M: She wanted to be different, she can be different. J: I love it so much.
L: It looks like I have braces on M: I love originality J: Me too!
L: I L: I’m like a nerdy snapchat filter M: Are you ready for these to get locked in? L: Let’s lock’s in! J: Let me know if you need any assistance Michelle M: I sure will
J: If you want a spotter, want me to hold her neck or something M: Okay you ready to roll? M: Alright so this is gonna feel warm, but it won’t be hot though L: Are you touching me right now?
J: I’m just supporting you.. Keep your eyes closed J: It looks really really really cute. It’s very natch. Supey dupey natch J: Alright Lils, here’s your mirror M: let me just get any debris off. There we go. J: ! 2 3! L: My eyes have to readjust to the light L: Oh wow! L: I don’t think I’ve ever looked better J: Oh my gosh it looks like two boobs It looks like boobs on your teeth J: They’re two nipples J: Oh my gosh you have nipple teeth! Oh my gosh, title of this video “Lily gets Nipple Teeth” J: Alright Wowsy! Boob Teeth
L: Ummm J: Are we really leaving her like this?
L: Why are you calling them boob teeth? J: They’re nipple teeth. J: I don’t understand, like, did we just do this? L: Maybe we should have asked for how to personally take them off. Doe she have to take them off? J: Use pliers? Or like tweezers, or toenail clippers. L: General consensus though. Probably wouldn’t do this on a normal day J: But I would do this for like Coachella maybe
L: Maybeee…
J: I mean, maybe. L: I don’t know if I’d really hop on the tooth jewelry bandwagon, but, um I mean.. J: I think it’s cool, actually. I think it’s super cool, I can totally see why people are into it, and I would definitely do it for, like, an event because you can take it off And again you guys, Beauty Trippin for the win! Legitimately had no idea this existed until today L: Let us know what else we should do in the comments below Because we didn’t know this existed, so like, what else is out there? J: Yeah, and what else can we do to give Lily, like, nipples somewhere else on her body? L: They’re braces! J: They literally look like nipples. Anyways it’s time for us to go. Bye you guys.
L: Bye! For even more Clevver Style clicked to the left to see us try a bunch of weird wipes on Beauty Break Or click to the right to see Dirty Laundry from the Teen Choice Awards.

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  1. this is the first time im watching this series(?) but like the charactersbtheyre tryba protray or what ever are fucking annoying js lol

  2. Lily should’ve gotten them done on her canines. Definitely not the first two front teeth. Maybe she should’ve gone with just one and not both. And a different color would’ve been better.

  3. My dumb ass: giiiirl you got some shiney cabbage in your teeth

    Other person :bitch whaaaaat.?

    Me : shiney cabbage

    Other person :you ben sniffing cocaine

    Me : many .

    Other person :whaaa!… Any ways giiiirl dad teeth gewlrey

    Me😶: I knew that *liying

  4. ew it’s like they have two random dots on their teeth and from afar it’s literally like they have dirt on their teeth…

  5. So pretty! I have one too, it's been there for sixteen years now and it can't be removed 😀 it really stuck with me it seems!

  6. Lily take your friend's advice with a pinch of salt, she led you to the lion's den. She said it's beautiful as soon as it was stuck, it was boobs. Lmao

  7. I’m sorry but the two front teeth ones look awful. This looks best on the side teeth. Your still adorable though ♥️

  8. Not fashion. It's called trying to do something that your parents would never do. It looks stupid.

    The 2010s is the generation of saying "red" is "blue." I'm not buying it.

  9. Wut the heck um Lily doesnt even look that bad so shut your mouths you shouldn't have the right to make a statement on HER teeth,yes I said it HER teeth so yeah hunny if you dont like Lilys teeth than bye sweetypie

  10. I know it's been a long time but when people get teeth jewelery they have to be careful because u can swallow them. I know because this girl named Sydney Avery accidentally swallowed TWO of her tooth gems


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