We Got Custom Ear Piercings

We Got Custom Ear Piercings

– You’ll feel some pressure here. Cool. (upbeat music) – So we are about to head to Brooklyn and go get Curated Piercings. They call them Constellation Piercings. This means that they’re
going to like look at our ear and like figure out specific piercings for like what fits our ear. It makes me a little bit more nervous just not knowing what
he’s going to pierce. Kind of like walking into a tattoo store and being like go crazy. (upbeat music) – What is your official title? – I’m a body piercer. I’ve been piercing for a little over 10 years now. I’m mostly known for like curating ears and
people’s bodies you know. But mostly known for like
a more delicate approach to piercing. We kind of map out people’s ears. Go with people’s anatomy as far as like aesthetically and even like lifestyle-wise. – The whole phrase that was coined, constellation piercings or curated ear. – Yeah I think it got called that because people were like offering diamonds so they look kind of like stars. We call it more of a curated ear just because when we look at people’s like anatomy, you want something that fits nicely, that looks natural you know. – It’s a more personal experience is what I’m getting. – It’s more of an art form you know. With the way we do it. And the jewelry is changing too. Before you were stuck with the bulky, heavy studs or hoops. – I’m ready, I’m super excited about this. – Yeah me too. – Let’s do it. (lighthearted music) – I had this, this was in my ear for 10 years. RIP. – What side do you sleep on? – Honestly both. – Okay cool. What’s like your major side? – I part my hair on this side. – Okay I think going
with what you got here is a better move. So I’ll mark you in a few spots, okay? So we can do like a classic second. I’m mostly going for this guy which is skipping the second and going to high low the third. I’m gonna say conch wood will definitely center everything off. Especially ’cause you where earbuds and stuff like that. So what I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna line everything up, okay. Just focus on me alright. You’ll be fine. Take an extra breath in. Breathe out, that’s it. How was it? – It’s okay. – You like that one? – It’s so big, I love it. Oh it’s so cool. – It’s cute. It rests nicely. – Oh I love it. – Are you ready? – Yeah I don’t know why
I’m more nervous for lobe. – That’s it, just lining everything up. – Okay. – It’s easy I promise. – I just think of The Parent Trap when I think of this. – Take a nice breath. I’m just gonna put the stud in, okay? You’re gonna feel some pressure here. – You can’t go into a piercing thinking it wouldn’t hurt though. – That’s true. – Okay. Oh I love that. Wow it looks really like just like adorned. (upbeat music) – So that’s what we call an orbital. I did that because you
kind of got this guy. You know so it’s a little
bit heavier looking. – It looks really fucking cool. – So kind of like her we can do the conch. We can also do what we call a flow rook. Which is kind of like a floating rook. You wear earbuds? – Uh yeah. – You can do what we call a flat piercing. – I kinda like the faux. – I like the faux too. Alright. – I have the jitters. – Just lining everything up. That is it. Take an extra breath in. That’s it. You did, amazing. That’s the worst of it. – That really fucking hurt. It’s so cute. – Right? It’s just floating there. – Oh snap. That’s like a really cool spot. – Take a nice breath in. There you go, good job. – But it looks like a square. I just don’t even know. It’s like really cool. – Cool? – Oh my gosh. It’s so much nicer. You like took like five pounds off this ear. – Oh that’s really cool. – Awesome. – You’re done. – We’re done. So we just got pierced. Personally I am feeling
heat in my ear right now. But I feel good. It looks so good. I just like love the experience like really all in all. He just made my ears just like look a lot more simple and put together. – I feel like before, it looks like I had a
collection of piercings kind of and now it looks like I have, like everything’s seamless. I feel like I looked at my piercings and I was like I have two ones up there. Now I like love my ear. – He just like made some of the jewelry. Like you know what I mean? He just kind of cut
like some of the jewelry and just like made it
into something for me. Probably the best experience I ever had in terms of piercing. – I just know so many people who’ve been like I shouldn’t have gotten
my cartilage pierced or I shouldn’t have gotten
it pierced right there, it just didn’t work. Like he’ll probably help prevent that. – Yeah. – And he really does I think choose a place that
will not only look good, but it will heal well and it won’t get engulfed or whatever it’s called, melt. – That’s the problem with cheaper jewelry is it’ll essentially melt and get stuck to your ear. – Melt? – Yeah. – He had to like snap them off of me. I recommend him to anybody and I had the best experience. (lighthearted music)

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  1. omg in germany we shoot the earring through the ear immediately and don’t do it with a needle👍🏻😂😂 Needle is so painful

  2. I prefer the gun piercing because it’s faster and doesn’t hurt as much and I feel it’s better when you get the two guns and they pierce both of your ears at the same time

  3. Getting that many piercings in one sitting isn’t great for you not to mention using rings for the initial jewellery is a big no no. It will only prolong healing and make it more susceptible to infections as well as being caught on things and pulled

  4. The Americans and the English get their first, seconds and thirds done differently. English typically get it done with a piercing gun however as demonstrated by this video the Americans get everything done with a needle.

  5. I’m getting my nose pierced when I want idk when but I get to I’m so excited in getting more piercings I’m so excited but I can get anything pierced when I want I have 2 and I’m ten

  6. Like- I just pierced my lobes at home and I did a pretty good job and made sure everything was clean and stuff, and it's looking great right now. But like, I'm scared to show my mom cause I did it without permission ✌

  7. Who is a GACHATUBER and saw the white string mini movie and screamed DONT CUT THE WHITE STRING

  8. Are the earrings being put into the ears in the vid real ones and not fake? Like i mean made of probably white gold or what because my ears are sensitive to fakes so yeah just curious??

  9. Ive always believed you should only get one piercing per ear at a time, piercing more than one an an ear in a short period of time will make each one hurt more than it should

  10. Their piercings are absolutely lovely, but I really hope he let them know, before hand, that getting pierced with hoops tends to prolong and make the healing process harder.

  11. Does it really not hurt that much for other people cos I was legit about to cry after I had 2 piercings done in one session

  12. Everything is going to go wrong with them. He’s not warning them of the dangers of the piercings and he’s putting in the wrong Jew,y to start with, I’m so angry. Also you can go to any piercer and ask them to do what he did, but a lot safer

  13. I love how all these random people in the comments think they know more than a trained professional 🙄. Different people have different techniques. Try getting a tattoo—every artist tells you to do aftercare differently. This dude clearly knows what he’s doing even if it’s not what you’ve heard.

  14. I’m definitely getting a constellation piercing 😄
    I’ve always wanted more ear piercings, but I never really know what would look good for ME so I’ve been hesitant
    But those look dope as fvck and I’d love to get mine done 😁

  15. See this comes in handy for all those people who wanna do the industrial bar because that's one piercing that doesn't looking right on certain ears for real!! These piercings came out dope! Love them!

  16. It kinda scares me that because they don’t know what they’re going to get they can’t do research beforehand. Like a conch piercing isn’t just something you can casually get and then put a hoop in.

  17. Not an expert but I feel like they shouldn’t be using that gold plated earring on the first girl like it should be steel

  18. All the people saying “ he’s doing it wrong” or “it’s not gonna heal right” JE IS A PROFESSIONAL AND HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING

  19. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is what you do AFTER your piercings are healed. Those conches have no room to swell, those seams can rotate and irritate the fresh wound, also is that jewelry like 20g or something?! Surely 18g at most. Good luck finding jewelry to change it up; that's really limiting (especially because most ear cartilage jewelry is 16g or 14g). I don't like how tight the conch rings are against the ear either – it spooks me when new jewelry digs or presses because your ear can't just chill (see: industrials being anatomically impossible for some people because the pressure of the bar against the ear can have it be swallowed up by the skin). Also the fact that when I got my conch the piercer specifically said "I could do it with a ring but it would need to be ridiculously big to make room for swelling." Most piercers won't pierce with rings anyway because there tends to be much more movement than with straight bars. And for fresh piercings, moving = irritation and slower healing.
    I mean there are just so many risks here and it makes me nervous. There are legitimate reasons why starter piercing jewelry is so thick and long and bulky. Maybe they had smooth healing but it's just not safe, man

  20. i only have a first lobe piercing but i want seconds, a rook and a conch. i can't get any more at the moment though because of college this year and i don't know what their rules are for piercings. last thing i want is to go and have to take them out

  21. Ik this is weird and nobody cared but I almost pierced my ears with clip on earrings from claires (I didnt even touch the earrings but after a 2 days of wearing them my ear is bleeding like crazy.. ugh whatever)

  22. I've only seen black people with two nose rings at once and they look so dopeeeeeeeee, I wish I could pull it off

  23. just gotten my helix done without telling my mam so now im binge watching earpiercing videos to distract myself from the wrath of lisa

  24. I wish there was someone like him in san Antonio 😭 2weeks ago a 6years did mine & its not the same as my other ear 😭

  25. He seems nice and all, but it’s my understanding you should NEVER put a hoop in a fresh piercing; they should be left to heal with a post. You can change it to a hoop when it’s healed!

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