We Finally Understand Post Malone’s Face Tattoos

We Finally Understand Post Malone’s Face Tattoos

Seemingly overnight, Post Malone became a
music and pop culture sensation. There is one particular aspect of the Grammy
nominee that gets perhaps even more attention than his music, however, and that’s his tattoos. “I don’t know if you realize, but you have
a couple tattoos.” But what do they all mean? Here’s the story behind Posty’s most mysterious
face tattoos, as well as the surprising impact they’ve had on the world around him. While Post Malone started his journey of face
inking with a small barbed wire inked around his hairline and the tiny smiley face underneath
his right eye, the singer got his first substantial face tattoo In December 2017. Opting to ink the words “Stay Away” on top
of his right eyebrow, Malone had fans convinced that he was paying tribute to Lil Peep, who
had died of an accidental overdose the month before. The late rapper was known for his own face
tattoos, including a similarly-styled cursive tattoo in the same spot. Given the fact that Malone had already paid
tribute to his friend by getting a portrait of Peep inked on his arm, many believed he
was just continuing to pay his respects. Unfortunately, those theories missed the mark. The singer set the record straight to a TMZ
paparazzo, joking: “I kind of just wanted, I don’t know, to piss
my mom off. I know she’s really upset, but I love you
so much, mama, you’re the best.” “And my mom loves them. She does? No. Of course not.” Pressed to reveal the real inspiration behind
“Stay Away,” Malone finally admitted, quote, “It’s f—ing song lyrics.” It turns out the tattoo was indeed a tribute,
to the Nirvana song of the same name. It was also a reminder to live in the moment. Malone continued: “I figured, how ignorant could I be and just
f—ing tattoo my face, you know what I mean? And just have fun. You only live once, man.” Whatever your reaction to Post Malone’s face
tattoos may be, it’s hard to argue with the fact that his growing collection is helping
to normalize the idea of an inked face. And because one script tattoo on his face
simply wasn’t enough, Post Malone followed up “Stay Away” with two more massive face
tattoos in June 2018: the word “Always” under his right eye and the word “Tired” under his
left. Speaking about his inspiration with Capital
XTRA, the “Circles” hitmaker revealed that the choice words actually had nothing to do
with insomnia, but rather with aesthetics. “I tried to do something that’s relatively
the same length of letters. I guess ‘always’ is more letters than ‘tired.'” Post Malone has never done anything by the
books, so it’s not all that surprising to learn that he had a rather strange hobby growing
up: sword collecting. When asked about the tattoo going down the
right side of his face, Malone told Capital XTRA that it’s not merely a dagger, but rather
a very specific sword that plays into his love of all things Medieval: “…the William Wallace claymore special. So you’ll be swinging that. Yeah, cuz I like swords and s—.” That passion hasn’t faded any with age. As it turns out, Malone is still purchasing
new pieces regularly. He told that outlet that he recently bought
a katana and uses it to slice up watermelons in his backyard. He explained: “That s— is awesome. I love playing with swords.” “GWAHHH!” In July 2018, Post Malone decided to upset
his mom once more and got another major addition to his face tattoo collection. This time around, he took time out from a
trip to Japan to visit Three Tides Tattoo in Tokyo, where he opted for a massive piece
on his left temple. Done by artist Ganji, the finished design
looked like an abstract take on traditional Japanese waves, and while it’s not one of
Malone’s more subtle works, it definitely has a unique appeal. Three Tides Tattoo posted a video of the moment
to Instagram, showing Malone lying down, covering his eyes with a tissue. Upon seeing himself in the mirror for the
first time, the Go Flex singer only had one thing to say: “Oh yeah, that’s f—ing sick.” Ganji also shared a photo of the fresh ink
on his own Instagram page, which he captioned with two black heart emojis. He also revealed that while Malone was in
the shop, he got a second tattoo: a Japanese demon on his right arm. You only live once, right? In November 2018, Malone added another tattoo
to his collection: an Ace of Spades playing card on top of a Queen of Hearts to his forehead,
just above the infamous “Stay Away” script. Post Malone’s face tattoos have become such
a major part of his identity that temporary versions of his facial ink are now a popular
merch item. The singer sells his own version, dubbed the
Hollywood’s Bleeding Face Tattoo Pack, for $15 at his online store. For most people, that’s a much better option
than the real thing. “This is a real tattoo!” So the question is: What’s next for Post Malone? Well, if you think Malone is running out of
real estate on his face, think again. When asked by Capital XTRA in July 2018 if
he had any plans to keep getting his mug tattooed, he didn’t hesitate in confirming that he wasn’t
done yet. After all, this is the man who’s gone from
having no visible face ink before September 2017 to sporting a massive collection of 10
face tattoos and counting in just two years. So, what could possibly be next? When Capital XTRA tried to find out what his
next designs would be, Malone confessed: “I don’t know. I just kind of freeball it. Might as well!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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43 thoughts on “We Finally Understand Post Malone’s Face Tattoos

  1. I support face tats but getting more than like 3 of them is a no from me. It makes it look overcrowded and takes away from the other face tats

  2. I don’t understand why people care that he has tattoos. he likes them that’s all that matters. They aren’t on you

  3. i just don't understand why people get paid so well for performing such ignorant garbage……
    everyone from Bach to the dead Beatles roll over in they're graves when more of this compost hits the heap of contemporary "music". IMHO etc……

  4. I absolutely love tattoos but his face tattoos look tacky in my opinion. They look like prison tattoos to me.

    But whatever, it’s his face not mine.

  5. Hes a talented singer but this unnecessary bullshit of adding so much to his face is ridiculous. I like tattoos too havent gotten any yet as I cant afford it at the moment but if id get any it would never ever be on my face maybe arms or chest or legs or back period and not massive shit either. Also, to say to piss off his mother thats just him being an asshole for no reason really. I guess hes just copying Lil Wayne and Gucci basically that have many tattoos on their face anyways.

  6. You tell them POSTY, we love everything about you, always some jerk off trying to make something out of nothing, I’m sure you already know, they have to pick on someone , important thing to remember is you are beyond successful and give them something to talk about, hell PUBLICITY of any kind is better than none at all…Much love ❤️

  7. He wanted to make his face look like the wall of a public toilet hoping that men will mistake his mouth for a glory hole 🍆🚽

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