We Challenge Amateur Models To Style A Giant Hat

We Challenge Amateur Models To Style A Giant Hat

hell yeah oh my god on social media today it seems like everybody is a model so we’re taking four amateur models and putting them to the ultimate photo shoot challenge our contestants have no idea what they’re modeling or that they’ll be judged by the performance all they know is that it’s a competition our contestants will be modeling a giant floppy hat is it functional absolutely not but it’s a fashion yes it was one of the most iconic summer accessories of 2018 so if celebrities and top models can rock this hat well I can’t they we won’t be the only one judging though the contestants will also be judged by the professional photographer on set John look at this colorful cast of people this is like a sitcom the winner of this challenge will receive the ultimate influence abroad a post on BuzzFeed’s Instagram page to millions of followers so let the competition begin my name is autumn and definitely not an Instagram model in any capacity my name is Nadia I would not consider myself an Instagram model absolutely not my name is David friends call me Kofi I’ll definitely consider myself an Instagram model of sorts I have to say I probably said a couple trends in my day my name is Kailyn I do not think I’m an Instagram model but I do like modeling and posing and like doing fun photoshoots with my friends we were told to go for kind of a festival look I have been googling pictures of Rihanna the entire day I’m hoping that I can find something amazing that captures my essence we have to put our look together and I’m really nervous because I brought like a million different things and I don’t know what to choose I’m usually very strict with competition the line will split but he’ll pick out this outfit look these are a couple of the outfits I’ve chosen and I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to wear yet and we find out my hair obviously was really big and I think that’s like naturally my biggest accessory I’m not just good to see what this mystery accessory is because of that hopefully it’s not a hat because that’s just it’s not fair all right we’re getting ready to put together my makeup look I love glowy skin yes some highlight I went with the colors of the flame because I’m on fire I wanted to bring this as well because I think it makes me look like I just robbed somebody and I’m running off I decided to put together this trench coat piece with the matching top and bottom do the velvet for a little bit slightly different texture white shoes to kind of offset it and then be scarf to accessorize I got this shirt on a whim I wasn’t sure if I was ever gonna wear it and this seemed like the perfect event to wear this I put together this outfit with a bright color palette like I’m 90s five-year-old kid meets Spice Girl I’m a little bit nervous about this thing that I’ve been told is going to happen this reveal I don’t really know what’s going on so we’ll see but you know hey listen play it cool we’re gonna be alright oh hell yeah y’all play too much oh my god did I not say it was gonna be a hat I would like to think that I could model with anything but I have a feeling this is gonna be a lot more difficult than I planned this is the perfect moment I’m ready I’ve worked with Kaelyn in the past she’s very spunky and I feel like she is someone who knows I’d be in front of a camera and to work it with my hair it’s hard to wear hats in general because it was like so large like nobody can like traditionally wear that just like a normal hat like you have to like play around with it I’m interested to see David with this hat which isn’t the most masculine of the and David reads very masculine the modeling at first I anticipated would be a lot more difficult once I saw the head itself but I’m pretty soon it kind of you know just becomes one with you the thing with Nadia they have a very androgynous fire they bring a non-binary energy but that be not he’ll be dragged to the stuff I’m like I’m curious to see if that will come into play in the photos the Hat was incredibly floppy I put that some of my gymnastics moves that’s high fashion right probably be the wild-card of the bunch she’s definitely the most different when it comes to like fashion and just personality wise it was really fun and really cool even though the particular thing that I was given did not match with my outfit at all good news is are some good lighting in here we got some people who know some angles I’ll be ok I am so I think that was hard work but it was really fun I was like a lot more scared especially like seeing the prop I was like I don’t know how I’m gonna make this work but I think I did it and there is some stiff competition I’ll be honest but I’m just not sure if they’re gonna be able to find that space and that bond with the head like I do to be serious with something so goofy I think that’s a really fun contrast that’s kind of like me as a person I’m really excited to see the pictures this one were part of this challenge judged by who professional judges okay oh I thought we were done what are you guys doing to be oh so much dressed for one day so the first model I shot was Nadia and she killed it she definitely nailed like the high fashion editorial style with the opposing I do which she was pointing both of her girls we only gave them like 10 minutes to do a bunch of stuff and we got three shots from each one so she didn’t really have a ton of time and I don’t think we can really judge them on that but you know we try we tried to get as bad all right onto autumn okay the color stands out wearing the blue and having the blue eyeliner really helps it does my only thing is I could take this hat off of her and it wouldn’t matter this hat doesn’t really go with her outfits oh wow what a cool way to make a feminine object match your masculine interfaces oh wow just what you called ping going for yeah oh I love the close-ups here he is the most lucky in terms of it going with the Hat it really worked into that outfit oh I love the passion could you just see this photo with wearing nothing but like a band oh yes we’re like almost topless body body body I wish someone would have done that it is crazy though how like just same outfit if you go back and forth really just depending on what they did with the Hat yeah I mean it’s so much better yeah I’m sure out that around herself it was a completely different vibe Wow great owner everyone did so good all right so we’re going to talk about each person’s best photo on what you all first of all did amazing so good so good first photo is not used what we really liked about this photo is how you worked with your body the composition of it was really great the one area we did have a little bit of a critique was that your arm got a little bit lost on the left side but overall a stunning image it was really cool yeah I also love the masculine feminine energy and the way you styled it the suit pants mixed with these pink pump it was so yeah so great all right Kayla so good so great oh good we love the negative space over here you King worked that also love the intensity in your eyes I’d like the perfect phase [Music] the next was autumn we loved this pose it was such a power stance like the simple hip hop created a nice line that was interesting and telling a story also love this little bag where did you get this and it actually yeah this looks really good I love the pose David when we got to your photos we loved it we love that you like we couldn’t really pick which one we like the best convenience off me and then we thought this and we were like this literally like wow wow what else it’s a very choosing winner was very very difficult you all did a great job yeah and especially with not knowing anything and working with something that’s so different y’all rocked up we were going through the photos me which is kind of like hard to find what we were really like like this is the the shot one person clearly has the full spread so that’s really what we used to judge it and sort of like the best photo [Applause] [Music] well I do not expect to win by any means no much fun thank you so our amazing photographer [Music]

59 thoughts on “We Challenge Amateur Models To Style A Giant Hat

  1. I legit think they are screwing with us guys….this can't be serious. lol. Thought Tyra Banks was going to pop up or something…why ya'll letting these people judge? lol.

  2. Ok but I thought they were just being sarcastic about that dude just laying random fabric on his head, but they really meant it?

  3. I personally think that Autumn’s outfit really looked well with the hat because I think the color of the hat looked nice with the blue coat

  4. The judges look ridiculous especially that guy wearing that cheap wig, I honestly laughed when I saw Davids photos, and I don't understand how he won but go off sis.

  5. They said Autumn's outfit didn't match, but I feel like hers matched the most. The top was perfect with it because it was Like The top of a sundress. I'm disappointed honestly.

  6. I mean come on🤷‍♀️Nadia was the best…. I wished there were really another professional judges …..
    Who agrees🙄🤷‍♀️😁

  7. I feel like jazz always favors the men in these modeling challenges(@feed famous🙄)because she feels like it’s “challenging stereotypes” and she’ll get clout for it

  8. i legit thought the guy with the space bun wig was joking…is that gay fashion these days?…
    no judgement tho just like does anyone take that seriously?

  9. I know most of these comments are hating on David, but he rocked that! All of them did so well but I think his shoot was awesome😄 now leave me and my opinion be 😌

  10. I say they all won in their own way. They went for different styles, so to be honest, it just depends on the judges opinions. (For this case, that is)

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