What’s going on YouTube. Thanks for
checking out my video. For those who don’t already know who I am my name is
Faime and I’d like to welcome you. I’m a tattoo artist I’ve been a tattoo artist
for about twelve years now and along those years it’s been a crazy ride for
me. It’s been a journey, I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and along the
years I’ve tried to tell my story to people and it just seems so far-fetched
so many times that I figured why not just start recording everything and just
put it on youtube. So this is it, again I’d like to welcome you so check it out. All right so I’m here. I’m with my boy right now
we’re gonna work on this this Harry Potter sleeve. We’ve been trying to get this to work. Good man, Good work. I’ve been dealing with Faime for a while now great work. I give him a lot of credit. Appreciate it
man yeah so stay tuned you’re gonna see how this tattoo turns out. (Music) Alright so I’m about to start the Salazar Slytherin piece right here. Its going to be fire… (Music) Faimeouz Ink, Holla at me… And that’s a wrap. You already know, my son Salazar
Slytherin right here on his arm Hey Nice meeting you alright. Nice meeting you All right so We’re gonna start off our
day. We’re going to New York today I’m trying to stay quiet though cause I’m trying to
scare the shit out of Rainiel uhmm yeah, one second… AHHHHH!!!!! Oh my God. Did he get you good? Yes…. All right so I’m off to New York. We’re gonna
spend the weekend with Isabelle we haven’t seen her in a while and it was her
birthday so we’re gonna show them some love. We stopped here in Queens and we’re in my
hometown right now it’s not really a lot of places to get good Filipino food so
every time we come out here we try to make a stop over here. I can’t say
every time we come but we try to come every time we come to New York. Nothing is topping… home like food so yeah… I know what you’re thinking… Who comes here for just corned beef and
rice? but you guys don’t understand. This is so good. Woah, Its Ava!! Hi Baby. We’re just hanging out in the castle. This is a Mario Odyssey castle. Can I come in? Can I come in? Yeah, You can come in! Welcome to our castle. Are you princess Isabelle? Hey!!! She’s a cheeky girl. She took your food! She took it!!! Isabelle. You’re Isabelle, how old are you you? Three! You’re three?! What’s your favorite color? R-r-r-red…. Red… What’s your favorite animal? Uhm….. Or.. Orange… you’re eating grapes? Ayy… Ayyyy! What’s up baby? All right so that pretty much wraps up
the video. In the comment section below, let me know what you guys think about
the tattoo that I did and shout out to all you Harry Potter fans out there. I had a great time in New York with the family over the weekend but now I’m back
out here in Pennsylvania. I’m at my shop right now and as you can see this is all
work in progress just like these YouTube videos so make sure you like, comment, subscribe and until next time YouTube, Peace.

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