Watercolor tattoo techniques – Real Time Close up process – Geometric heart

Watercolor tattoo techniques – Real Time Close up process – Geometric heart

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  2. I love drawing and I want to become a tattoo artist one day. I know it’s difficult but you are sooo inspirational that I want this dream to come true

  3. Is this a joke?
    I started tattooing like a week ago and I am looking to find videos with great content. This is the BEST how to f*ck somebody's skin up and how not to line video. Thx for showing us your mistakes to learn how to line better.

  4. As a person that's covered in tattoos…. All that colour using a liner?? ouuuuchy that's gotta hurt

  5. you're sketching with a needle! Some lines don't even connect or have the same thickness to them.. you can't call it a style, unless the style is called rubbish. #sorrynotsorry

  6. I've a stupid question, is a shading round needle used to make the watercolour effect? it's not specified if the artist change tattoo machine so…

  7. По моему слишком глубоко бьешь, очень уж сильно кровит.

  8. I'm a tattoo artist I have been since 2001 and I just gotta day what the heck? Who taught you how to do line work? They look like crap man. O would be mad if you did that in my shop or on me. Why don't you know how to run a proper line? It should be 1 smooth and continuous line from 1 point to the other in order to make them consistent and clean and smooth. You like like you are an apprentice under an unwatchful eye.

  9. I just can't get over how horrible the line work is. Not to mention you should be using a mag on her for the color so you don't chew her up and damage the tattoo. You are going to over work your canvas and turn that poor tat into a scab fest.

  10. I'm just wondering how much trouble you got into after your client left? Where I work bro you would have been in a world of crap after that one.

  11. My opinion on the whole linework situation:
    I don’t like it. I think it could be improved. Those saying “you are not a tattoo artist, so your opinion means nothing” that is like saying “you cannot judge if your food tastes good or not because you’re not a chef” or “you can’t say you don’t like that dress because you’re not a designer.” Even if we are not “experts” on the making of a product, we still know what we like and don’t like and we are still allowed to judge it. I personally love watercolor tattoos but I don’t like this one. While I understand that in many watercolor tattoos the lines are meant to look “sketchy,” if it is done well then that look will be seen throughout the entire tattoo. In this tattoo, some of the lines are executed very nicely, while others look wonky. Also I feel l like the paragraph at the beginning makes it sound like in a watercolor tattoo the lines have to be sketchy, which isn’t the case. Many watercolor tattoos have very crisp, clean linework, and still look like they are watercolor tattoos. Finally, I feel like if the linework was truly well done, the artist would not have felt the need to say anything about it in the beginning of the video. If a stylistic choice was a good choice then it shouldn’t have to be explained.
    However, this is just how I feel. Many others agree with me and many others disagree. This is what the comments are for, they’re for me to comment on the tattoo, and I’m not being rude, so I see no problem in doing so. But at the end of the day the important thing is that the client was happy, and if they’re happy, then the tattoo is perfect.

  12. He has the basic shape of it, then went all random with the lines.

    This is not including the watercolor, which is supposed to be random as he stated.

    1. Tattooing Stencil (recommended)
    2. EEW-GOO (for removing the stencil if it is screwed up on the skin or if it isn't placed correctly)
    3. Still like the end result

  13. камеди клаб на фоне. невозможно не узнать русских, лол.

  14. Come on bro you should know that you should always wear gloves even the after "reveal" you even got some ink on your finger dude.

  15. Nice. Consistent water color piece man. For all you fuck heads water color has no structure. There is no control over the water when actually painting. Learn art for fucks sake before commenting and making yourself look stupid.

  16. На 10:16 ты себе по пальцу ёбнул иглой и продолжил делать. Ты не охуел ли?

  17. Anyone who thinks there is nothing wrong with the line work doesn’t have an eye for this sort of thing , the thickness is inconsistent , he wiped off most of the stencil on top leaving him to fill it in blindly , causing him to make a crooked line on a tattoo design made up of straight lines . The water colour effect wasn’t that impressive either

  18. Bleeding has almost nothing to do with it. When I get tattoos I don't bleed, but when my boyfriend goes he bleeds and we go to the same tattooer.

  19. If those lines were meant to look sketchy and graphic, they did not achieve that look. They just look poorly done. There is a very skillful way to apply lines in a 'sketch/blackwork' fashion and this ain't it hunny

  20. Colors are very muddled. When transitioning to a different color always clean the tip and needle with green soap. It will help you out a lot. As for the line work, you don’t have to give it that many passes. One slow pass should do the trick. Also, you are wiping too much. It is irritating her skin and making it bleed much more than it should. It will also keep the stencil in tact a little better.

  21. Sometimes I really hate the tattoo community. Everytime I watch ANY tattooing video, there will be "tattoo artists" either bitching about linework, shading or technique in general. Just like you all was born perfect and was never a beginner!!! Comeon… Everything comes with time and practice, it is no shame to be beginner and to maybe do a bit of mistakes. I am also starting to tattoo from like last month, and seriously, sometimes all of the rude comments I see make me feel like a shit that I am also just a beginner …

  22. Sir, your work is beautiful and don't listen to the haters. You've given me a couple of pointers that have made my work better. I enjoy your art style, too. Keep on doing and creating 🙂

  23. "I'm a tattooist at such and such shop and I've been tattooing for such and such amount of years insert positive or negative feedback "
    Honestly, I don't support the use of liners for shading, no matter how small the area space. Been there, bought the t shirt, threw it away, learned new technique. The tattoo isn't total shit, but who knows what it looks like healed. Y'all are savage though lmao came for the video, stayed for the comment threads 👌

  24. Machine is way too fast and the stroke is way too long, the person holding the machine is working at a sharp angle to compensate for the long stroke, which is probably causing the bleeding and pain.

  25. Someone should show him how to do the lines……..My humble tip….Stay on paper painting, or learn correct way to do the lines…." Picasso "…..

  26. Disclaimer? Youre just making an excuse for a bad execution.. and why the fuck you will shade with a liner needle. Ill repeat “LINER” needle.

  27. Идея хороша, качество контура желал бы лучше, да и нанесения плавного перехода цвета техники акварель пробуй мягче

  28. Watercolor doesn't have lines. You can't honestly say that you intentionally did shit line work for a style that isn't supposed to have lines. Tune your machine and stop coloring with a round you fuckbasket

  29. What the fuck is this. Shit linework with colours out of the tattoo…. i really dont get this watercolour style y would u want that.

  30. The more you wipe, the more skin trauma. Also as others have stated the incorrect needle. This should be titled, “Incorrect tattoo techniques”

  31. the final tattoo is pretty cool, but ur technical application sucks, ur lucky the subject matter lent itself well to wavy lines, but theres never a good excuse for shitty line work.

  32. News flash to all the tattoo experts here.
    1. It is totally okay to use a liner for colour work depending on the style and intricacy of the tattoo.
    2. Some people bleed more than others, but her bleeding isn't excessive and he certainly isn't "tearing her up".
    3. Everyone's pain threshold is different. This guy's technique isn't causing any more pain than should be expected.
    4. His linework is actually pretty clean.

    Practice the art of tattooing before proclaiming yourself as an expert about it.

  33. Quit using a liner as a shader you dumbass. That's unnecessary trauma to the skin. What the fuck is wrong with you. Get a goddamn round shader and pull your head out of your ass.

  34. And you don't know how to tattoo , how dare you tattooing do you have any certificate or license doing such work which you don't know .m

  35. When I watch this video I wonder how the people will say haha, the working is not that deep, he shouldn't use a crystal heart in water color tatoo, a lot of empty space

  36. Están muy disparejas las líneas sí es un tatuaje de ese estilo geometríco necesita ser de líneas parejas no unas más gruesas que otras y unas líneas no están ni trazadas y debe quedar Masó menos a tu diseño

  37. Is not the same stencil…needs more [email protected] the same place whr u pause symbol 5:57 needs the Black Widow Red Underbelly symbol . Look at the blue stencil ..but it looks alright..its clean…props..

  38. I have. So many questions. I mean we covered your lining issues clearly but the plumes of colors don’t mimic water color hardly at all, your color theory is CONCERNING, why aren’t you using a higher needle count for the shader, why aren’t you wearing gloves at the end? The list goes on???? I’m stressing???

  39. This is so interesting to watch 👀 as someone who absolutely wants a watercolour tattoo of my own when I’m old enough, it’s really neat to see what I’ll be getting in real time

  40. 😬 If no color or shading was going into the design pattern itself, you should have done cleaner/straighter and thicker lines.
    At first, I assumed he left the lines that way because he would clean them up later with shading but nope.

  41. Aggressive technique, is NOT "watercolor" (color thinning).More: the thickness of the lines is non constant, too much blood and a beginner as "artist". The victim wil be six feet under, today.

  42. I’ve read many comments and imo I can use my machines anything,liners for shading shaders for lining,speed control and skin pressure,do Goode’s will say I’m wrong but I don’t care my work backs up my mouth,no different using a direct drive rotary which has no give,many people on here claiming to be pros,get to fuck,if your that good you’d know how to operate ur machines.btw the thing I will agree on is this tattoo is shit,sorry bro

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