Watch The First 6 Minutes of Black Ink Crew Season 7 | Black Ink Crew

Watch The First 6 Minutes of Black Ink Crew Season 7 | Black Ink Crew

(cheering) ♪♪ Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Today, I’m throwing an epic
block party on 113th because these are the people who
helped me get where I am today. Hey! What’s up, little man? It ain’t no block party
like a Harlem block party! ♪♪ (cheering)Yo, how everybody doing today?(cheering)I know everybody wondering what
the hell I’m doing right now.
(cheering)Well, I got a little Mardi Grasflavor in the streets
of Harlem.
(cheering)Yeah, you know what I mean.Gotta change game,
you heard.
I got a special announcement.We opened up another Black Ink
in New Orleans, mother(bleep).
(cheering) You heard right.
Four shops, bitches.Welcome to New Orleans,
(cheering) Now I have 113th, 125th, ATL and New Orleans! ♪♪Yo, let’s turn up then!(cheering) ♪♪ Yeah, bitches! Things are really looking
up for me right now. Last year was a little rough. Had to move into the projects. I was drinking like crazy.
But now I’m saving money. I’m sober.
I’m doing much better now. You know what you
feeling is real, right? I’m feeling your butt.
I like feeling on booty. But even though I’m not
drinking, I still got the moves
with the ladies. (laughing) (cheering) (Miss Kitty)
Oh my God, Donna and Alex
is at it again? Damn! She gon’ come up for air?! Look at his tongue. Donna and Alex have
literally been sucking face and God knows what else
ever since the Miami trip. I’ve realized that… I really care about you. That’s music
to my ears. ♪♪ And that was two months ago. Every time I turn around, one face is being swallowed
whole by the other. And I would say “get a room”, but we all know any
old bathroom stall will do. I’m hot. You hot? How hot are you? Oh, whoa! 4,000 degrees now. (Donna)
Since Miami,
Alex and I have been getting closer and closer. I just love everything about this man.
(laughing) Hold on,
you getting really
frisky, aren’t you? All right now,
I like… mmm. Things have been
going real smooth between me and Donna lately. Like, we been hanging out more. Getting to know
each other better. I can see the vibes
are definitely there. You get me hard and hot. (fanfare playing) I love you guys! (cheering) Hello people of our great city. I am the empress of Black Ink. So, of course, I deserve
the same royal treatment that Ceasar got the last time
he opened up a shop. Therefore, I’m here with
these half-naked servants to celebrate the grand opening of Black Ink New Orleans,
bitches! Welcome to Black Ink,
mother(bleep)! (cheering) Bitch, give me a hug! This is a new era for Sky,
ladies and gentlemen. I am a mother(bleep)
evolved human being. I have forgiven all those who have wronged me in the past. I have also decided to hold off on having a baby since I have my beautiful little
love muffin Nutella Dessalines. My relationship with Des
is flourishing so much. He’s even met my mommy. I went to his senior prom and… I’m gonna witness him
graduating next week. (cheering) …Kings and Queens! Ahh! ♪♪ I’m so happy! (laughing) What the (bleep)
is happening in here! (laughter) (door buzzes) Hey, everybody! (cheering) I’m sorry I was late.
I was picking up my dog. Tati got a dog! He’s an emotional support dog. What (bleep)! Wait, what?
You’re a who
and a where? I need emotional support. Emotional support? (laughter) (laughing) A support dog, Tati,
like, seriously? That look like a regular
pit bull from the Bronx. All you need to do is put some
(bleep) chains and a lock on that dog and he’d be
all the way from the block. (laughing) Well, I don’t know what
to expect from some of you guys. (all)
Ooh… Ever since I’ve started working
at Black Ink, every time I turn my head,
somebody’s coming for me. I’m, like, I’ma find somebody
else to get this money.
That’s cool, that’s cool. You gotta go. No, no, no, no! Oh! (shouting) It has been nonstop. And I am never
gonna forgive Jada for what
she did to me in Miami. So, I think I have
a fair reason why I need
an emotional support dog. Aladdin, sit, come on, sit. (laughing) All right, Tati,
enough about the dog. Now that we’re all here,
let’s talk about New Orleans. I’m taking some of y’all
down there to New Orleans,
please believe. Talking about, yeah! Boom, bitch! (cheering) Now that I got this
mother(bleep) shop, it’s time to get down there. But I can’t open up
this shop by myself. So, I’m taking certain
mother(bleep) with me. And certain mother(bleep)
gonna stay to take care of my shops. (whooping and cheering)

100 thoughts on “Watch The First 6 Minutes of Black Ink Crew Season 7 | Black Ink Crew

  1. I ain’t never seen more immature late 20s-30s. Too darn wreckless and childish. We in New Orleans have enough that fit that description and living that life. It’s too much fighting, getting drunk and being belligerent. Not a good look. It appears very little tattooing going on. Young people get it together. Several of y’all are parents of a child, 2 or 3.

  2. These people are so vain! No wonder her son didn't want to hv anything to do with her. (Sky)Look at your life whiles you son rot in prison!

  3. I love kit she some else and Donna and Alex are so cute together like wow so glad they togetherness 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤞🏼❤️❤️♥️

  4. As soon as I saw the men with the throne, I automatically knew it was Skye. This queen has confidence, sass, and an amazing personality. She is the light of the party. LIKE DAMN SHE KNOWS HOW TO GET DOWN, AND SHE IS A CRAZY MOTHER FUCKER. I love her❤️ :))

  5. 4:58 she came in and she was right like yall shut up tatiana is a nice person and thats why she beat all yall a** to teach yall a lesson so shut up cause its new FORGIVE PEOPLE PEOPLE like its not new if yall still picking

  6. Ceas u owe donna and alex a apolagy. You've been doing donna dirty for too long. She's apart of back ink. Been down from day1. She's solid. Do the right thing. Im starting a boycott until u make it right. Stand our ground for donna and alex. Who's standing with me??

  7. At 4:01 all you see is sky’s hair and why does it look like it’s taking her so long to flip it 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. His comment about her having an emotional support dog wasn’t funny in any way the fact that he thought it was funny is disgusting

  9. Ofc sky came in mad dramatically 😂😂 she in there with these two built ass ,, half naked ass men 😂😂😂 GO HEAD BBGGGG 😝

  10. Yo sky had me dead wit her entrance 😂but I love sky ❤️she my fav and this show would not be the same at all if she wasn’t on it 😂😂

  11. The beginning of the season is always on youtube then the ending never is on here. But NY is scripted now anyways

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