Vudu Dahl Tattoos Micky Munday For the First Time w/ Color (Episode 4)  | Tattoo Tales

Vudu Dahl Tattoos Micky Munday For the First Time w/ Color (Episode 4) | Tattoo Tales

– We don’t want to go
too deep into the armpit. Yeah, I think right
here would be good. – I do very well with pain. (laughs) (chill hip-hop music) – What’s good, it’s
one way Micky Munday. You might know me
from hit song, Sauce, or from Love &
Hip-Hop Hollywood. I’m here today to get a tattoo. Haven’t got tatted
in like, six years. It’s that time. Met my boy, I AM Compton Shop. I known Compton for like, ten
plus years, so that’s my boy. Got his own shop now,
I had to come through. (chill hip-hop music) – First off, so glad you
were able to make it. – Yes, pleasure, man, thank you. Thank you for having me here.
– Yeah. So what brings you in? – Well, I haven’t gotten
tattooed in some years. My friend, he got murdered,
that did my tattoos, so when he passed away
I just, I don’t know, I just was like, I felt
weird to get a tattoo. So it’s been like six years now. But you know, Compton,
that’s my boy, so, he got a shop and I was like
and it seemed right, come here. – (beep) yeah. (laughs)
– Yeah, yeah. So I’m excited. I’m like, I even don’t know what
the needle feel like. – Right? Oh, you’ll be fine. So what were you
looking to get today? – I want to get some dead roses. – Okay. – You know, I’m a musician so, I want to call one of my
projects eventually Dead Roses. And it’s a metaphoric
topic to me. You know in life they
tell you smell the roses while you still can, so it’s
really about enjoying life. ‘Cause you know, when
you think about it, as soon as you pull a
rose from the ground, it’s actually dying. As soon as you remove it
from the ground it’s dead, or it’s slowly dying, and
that’s kind of like how life is. You know, once you’re born, it’s really just a
countdown to when you, you know, when you got to go. – Every breath is a
step closer to death. – Exactly. So it’s what you do
with those breaths. Yeah, I just want to get
like dead roses right here, like mid, you know,
or upper bicep, just come in here and kinda
like falling kinda by the lion and I want it to
just say dead roses. You know what I mean? And maybe we can have some
leaves, you can get creative. I hate to put people in a box, because I don’t like to be put
in a box with my creativity, so, like, you can
elaborate on it, I mean, it’s definitely be something
that’s a collaborative effort. I just want to, you know,
give you the skeleton, and you can fill it in. They told me you was the
lady for the job, so. – And they were right, perfect. I’m super excited. Let me take a look again. All right, strip tease. – Throw it down, girl! (laughs) – I would definitely
put like the, maybe the lettering up here, and then maybe a couple
of roses over there. So maybe one pointing
here, one pointing upwards, and then have the
font going this way. So that way it looks
like an integrated piece. – Definitely. – All right. So I’m going to draw up a
couple of options for you, and then we can take a
look and see what you like. – All right, let’s
rock and roll. – Awesome, let’s do it. – All right, so this
is what I came up with. And I kind of, like,
adjusted the size that I thought would
like work the best. And then this is
just kind of like the basic outline, really. And then I think I’m
going to actually draw the leaves on you, just
so we can make sure that we kinda get like
the right contours. – All right. – But yeah, why don’t
you stand up actually, and then we’ll see
what it looks like? Just right along, that edge, and then, these would be like kind
of just like, relax, okay, perfect, right along here, we don’t want to go too
deep into the armpit. Yeah, I think right
here would be good. – I do very well with pain. (laughs) We’ll see. (laughs) – Til you start. – We’ll see.
– Then it hurts. – I know it’s been a while
since you’ve had a tattoo. – I’m ready. Nah, I’ll be all right. – Yeah, no, this
is good, I think. – Dope.
– Cool. – Yeah, this is an advanced
set-up you’ve got here. Is this to monitor
my heart rate? Make sure I’m all right? (groans) – Basically. – What is it, though? – This is basically
the power source. It’s what powers my machines. Ready? – No. (tattoo gun running) – All right. (chill hip-hop music) (tattoo gun running) – How was that? – Oh yeah, like
I said, you know, I only cried once or twice. – Okay. – I remember the pain. The muscle right here’s
an interesting place. – Yeah. It doesn’t always
feel like that. – We’ll be, we’ll be
all right, though. (chill hip-hop music) (tattoo gun running) – How’s that? – Yeah, I’m gonna
to go to sleep. (laughs) This is my first
time doing color, because normally I just do, – black and gray
with like, red like, highlights, or whatever,
or accents, yeah. – You bust it. – Thank you. – You’re killing it. I’m glad I can be
your guinea pig, for the color, right? – The worst part, ’cause
I know it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a tattoo. This part was like the
hardest, like the most painful. – The armpit was worse enough! – Yeah. – That part, besides that– – I’m gonna wait for that. – Yeah, besides that everything
else was okay, honestly. – Yeah? – Oh, but when it got
towards that inner armpit– – Oh, in here, too, yeah. Yeah, it’s not my favorite
part, either, I get it. – It was tricky. Oh it’s jabbing me, ah! – Cool. Well, we’re almost done. – Yeah, I know, it looks
great, I appreciate it. – Yeah, of course, my pleasure. Take a look. (grunts) – Yeah, that’s dope. (chill hip-hop music) – Dude, I’m super stoked you got to be my first
rapper to tattoo. I appreciate it. – And? Your first color tattoo. Now you know you can kill it
with the greens and the reds. All right, I’ll have to try
purple and yellow next time. – Sounds good. – Thank you once again, I appreciate it.
– Of course, of course. Have a good day. – All right. (chill hip-hop music)

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  1. I love V but that tattoo wasn't for me at all I could think is thank god it's small….. But if the client likes and loves, well 😊😊👌

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