Voodoo Priestess Makeup  👹👻

Voodoo Priestess Makeup 👹👻

hey love today I wanted to show you voodoo priestess makeup this is a super easy and fun Halloween makeup look that you
can totally do as a last-minute a cool twist on the classic sugar skull makeup!
all you need is just pair with black dress or skirt and a ton of jewelry with
this makeup on firstly apply this primer for glowing smoothing hydrating and
blurring imperfection part followed by foundations for flawless
makeup and long lasting effects don’t forget to apply some on your neck
area too apply some loose powder all over the
face to set the makeup as I’m going to create a flirtatious voodoo priestess
makeup look I choose to apply pink color eyeshadow on the outer corner of the
eyes orange color eyeshadow on the middle lid and yellow color eyeshadow on
inner lid blend the harsh line with some dark brown
color eyeshadow on the crease area highlight the brow bone with shimmery
eyeshadow and apply some on the tear ducts too to give a dimensional effect
add on black color eyeshadow blend it towards the lower lash line too apply
glitter shadow along the lower lash line then apply super long winged eyeliner put on the false lashes according your
preference depend how dramatic you want apply few layers of mascara to make it
more volume on upper and lower lashes reapply the glitter eyeshadow define your brow with black eyeliner as
eyebrow pencil and create the shape you want I use the character fx palette apply
few drops of the red color under eyes to cheekbone followed by white color
below the red color create some voodoo u shape symbol under lip and side off mouth with black colour line besides that apply for dots expand from
small to big next to the mouth use pencil eyeliner dot as guideline and darken
it with liquid eyeliner apply blue line under the lip is a perfect color match
for this make a look and the colour pop effect create a pitch black on the nose to
crease that skull effect w shape on the forehead touch up the v shape with some pencil
brightener apply two white dot on the nose bridge apply dark red lipstick on the lip to
finish the look I’m done thank you for watching this
video and hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial
happy Halloween please subscribe my channel and check
out my address video

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  1. Guys! Today I'm going to show you Voodoo priestess makeup, this is a cool twist on the classic sugar skull make up! All you need is just pair with black dress or skirt and a ton of jewelry with this makeup on! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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