Van Tattoos A Nurse In Honor Of Her Career (Episode 5) | Tattoo Tales

Van Tattoos A Nurse In Honor Of Her Career (Episode 5) | Tattoo Tales

– I’m nervous now. (laughs) – Yeah, it gets real when it’s almost time for the
procedure to start. – Wowsers! (Hip hop intro plays) – My name is LaShawn Scott. I am a Hospice Nurse by trade which I’m very proud to say and I have a very deep
passion for nursing. There was a time in my life where I was a very young mother and I felt myself going
down the wrong path. Becoming a nurse saved my life. So today, while
I’m here at ‘9 Mag’ I want to get a tattoo
that encompasses my passion for nursing,
memories of the journeys that I’ve been on
with my patients, and just the
fulfillment I get from being a Hospice Nurse. (R&B background music plays) – Hey, how are you doing? – Good, how are you? – Nice to meet you finally. – Nice to meet you, I’m LaShawn. – I’m Van. – Nice to meet you. – So what brings you in today? – Well, I’m super excited
about getting this tattoo. – Oh, well come on,
let’s talk about it then. – So first off, I’m a
Hospice Nurse, right? – Wow. – Yes. – That’s extreme right there. I’m very, very
familiar with Hospice. – Are you? – Yes, I had a close person
to me that was older and had to go
through Hospice and unfortunately ended
up passing away. – Yeah. Well, it’s a difficult
field to work in but I love it. – Okay – So the tattoo I
want to get today is a symbol of that. So lemme show it to you. This is called the
“Nursing Caduceus” and it’s the international
symbol for nursing. – Okay – It derives from
like Greek Mythology so it has several
different meanings. One of them is
healing but for me, it also has additional meanings. When I look at it I think of my passion that I
have for nursing. I think of the oath that I
took when I became a nurse and I think of my patients that I’ve cared for
throughout the years that I’ve carried with me. So that’s what it
means for me so I would love it if you
would give me this tattoo. – Well, this is an
amazing piece right here. Nice crisp lines,
maybe we can add some light shading. – I think you rock it out. – Okay, so right now I am
placing the stencil on you. Making sure it’s exactly
where you want it. – Wow. Okay. I’m nervous now. (laughs) – Yeah, it gets real when it’s almost time for the
procedure to start. Take a couple of deep breaths, just to get the
breathing relaxed. (tattoo gun whirring) You okay? – Mmhmm. It’s intense. – It’s intense? Good thing about this tattoo, it’s not going to
take that long. – Okay. – Try to keep a light hand. Be a little gentle. As gentle as I can be. Just by doing
tattoos for so long, talking kind of
alleviates the pain. – Mmhmm, it’s a
good distraction. – Yep. – We do that in
healthcare as well. – Have you dealt with
mostly older patients? – It varies, I’ve never
had any children before. – Okay. – But I think the youngest
patient I’ve had so far was in their early 40s. Which is still rather
young, you know. – That’s definitely
young to be in Hospice. – Mmhmm. Those cases are always hard because they usually
have young children. – Mmhmm. – They have young
children that has to come and, you know, endure the pain, seeing their loved
one like that. – Yeah. – That sounds pretty intense. – Yeah, definitely hard. – That takes a brave human being to work at such a job. – It’s still pretty
intense the pain. I’m just ready for it to
be over at this point. (Van laughs) – The good thing is we’re about complete. – Really? – Yep! – Wowsers! – This is the last
little circle. A little breeze. Okay. – Whew. – So we’re all done. – All right. – You ready to check it out? – Yes! (laughs) Whew! I’m glad that’s over. – We’re gonna go
out to the mirror so you can look at it. – Okay. – All right. Let’s go check it out. – Oh wow! It’s perfect. – Thank you. – It’s real clean and crisp. It’s just perfect, I love it. – [Van] Yeah, I’m glad we
did it without the shading because sometimes
it has a tendency to take away from the piece if it’s a simple
tattoo like that. Simplicity is key. Nice clean crisp lines. You know, as long as
you take care of it, it’ll be like that
for a lifetime. – I love the size of
it too, it’s perfect. You did a great job. All right! Hi-five! – That’s what I’m talking about. – Thank you. – Let me wrap it up for you. – Okay.

27 thoughts on “Van Tattoos A Nurse In Honor Of Her Career (Episode 5) | Tattoo Tales

  1. "It gets real when it's almost time for the procedure to start." That's an understatement! That needle get to buzzing … 😳 … "Nevermind! I'm cool!"

  2. Van did a great job on the tatt!! Nice clean crisp lines and a great size too!! I think if she had added some little flowers to it, it would have been even better.

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  4. God Bless all the Hospice Nurses🙏🏼💘
    They took care of my mom till her last breath.
    They basically just keep the patience comfortable till they pass.
    Give them that good stuff❤️❤️❤️

  5. My uncle was in hospice and the care he recieved by those AMAZING nurses was a blessing…He left this world knowing he was loved and cared for💖

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