55 thoughts on “UX Design 2: How To Design a Website: User Stories

  1. Fellas..! Awesome episode..! Now it's coming into view..! +JoseCaballer you were locked in..! Usually you are the happy go lucky Jose…! It was cool seeing you put it down. Great job..! Love the way the show is taking form. Bravo fellas..! Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. So by going through what the user says they want, and seeing what tools are needed to make that happen, you can get a sense of what your website needs to be in order to be user friendly. Can't wait to see how complex user needs come together to form a functional (and user friendly) site.

  3. Love this. I'd like to know how you get to create the user profile/stories. How do you get to the 30 yo CFO who likes to do this or that, has ADHD etc… In this example you maybe get to ask the owner of the place but what about situations where it's an e-commerce site where you don't ever meet your user

  4. Jose and Chris,

    Another solid video. You make a lot of decisions based on the user profiles. How do you make sure that you create accurate user profiles rather than creating them arbitrarily? What type of research do you conduct before facilitating the user profile exercise with the client? It seems like it's extremely important to get the user profiles right since they drive the direction of the project.

  5. Hey Chris would you just stop looking at your watch while Jose is talking! How do expect the audience to pay full attention when you don't?! At least you distracted me, I don't know about the other viewers!
    It was incredible thanks for doing this types of videos…

  6. I'm still trying to understand how you get these profiles. Are they made up? Does the customer provide them? Did they already have this profile before bringing you on?

  7. when evaluating the needs of the client and designing the website in writing, how much detail would you need to create the end product? Do you come up with ideas as you go, feeding off of the client story?

  8. You emphasised that in essence a typical web site is non-linear. That has to be the case, have you suggested that dynamic web sites are non-linear in design. As for the needs for functionality of a dynamic website, that is rich in reaching its audience, this will also be determined on its coding tools. html5, css3, jquery, etc.. back-end features database design. etc..

  9. Hello! I am writing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and would like to thank you guys! The videos have helped me a lot. I am an editorial designer trying to enter the area of UI / UX. I always worked designing magazines. The publishing market is now very weak and there are not so many jobs. I'm unemployed now also because of the economic crisis…. I'm looking for some tips on how to migrate from offline design to digital design, how to build a portfolio, where to start… Thanks a lot! 🙂

  10. you are using CMYK colors, and talking about a website which should be in RGB. … where was your user experience when you made it?

  11. Is it just me or in intro you both say "Business of Design", when it was "Design of business" and "Business of Design"

  12. I guess, this video is guesswork, but then I see a lot of good guesses. Anyways, using some qualitative research methods would make it easy to get the stories right. We are not writing stories and personas just by thinking about our target users in our heads. To keep away from guesswork to a fair degree. You will need to feel them use the buzzword empathy if you will. I guess this guy gets it right… spot on. https://youtu.be/Z33WbbDFjg0?t=1395

  13. one of the few channels that provide real practically cases and not just talking about techniques without examples! Great thanks!

  14. Please next time use a pen without the irritating sound, so some people like me can also watch. You design user experience, and as a user of this video, I can tell you, you failed on this one.

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  16. Hi, Amazing video guys. one question.

    1. Lets say Joe is on website and about to book. since you are suggesting he should invite couple of friends and the auto mail system will send mails to everyone Joe invited. Dont you think this feature will prevent Joe from booking since he will wait for the friends to respond on invitation so that they can mutually decide dates?

  17. When adding features that could add a lot to the project in size, time, and resources, at what point do you begin to talk about the pricing change and when would you come up with the final price agreement? Great video guys though, very informative 👍

  18. Wow! What a nice episode for a developer mind reader. I just recently discover ( The All in One Man )Chris recently. But in this video, the answer from Jose was brilliant. The problems he "describes" and "questions" feels like from the mind of a real Web Developer. Hats off Man!!! Well done.

  19. I was watching your first video on UX Design and the decision to use a different company profile here in your second video really has me lost….I think you guys forget something in this video…who is the user of these videos?

  20. This is more like Customer Jurneys, all the touch points of the interaction between a customer and the company. A user story gives us a need from a specific segment in one sentence, “as a _ I want to _ so that ___. And u make a bunch per segment and then prioritize what needs u have to solve on the page in sprints during the process!

  21. How do you deal with the technical person at times not having a snowballs chanse in hell to make reliable estimates? Preferably in a way that doesn't devolve into a blame game.

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