Two Minute Tip Craft Storage & Organization – How to Store Stickers, Gems, Sequins & Embellishments

Two Minute Tip Craft Storage & Organization – How to Store Stickers, Gems, Sequins & Embellishments

hi everyone welcome to the Hedgehog hollow
today’s two minute tip is about embellishment storage now lots of you
asked me how do I store my embellishments and stickers well the
reality is I don’t have that many stickers but I do have a lot of
embellishments now a huge amount of the Tim Holtz ideology and in reality I
haven’t really found anything I like yet however I do have to thank for my
sequins and gems that I like and the few stickers I have I actually keep in one
of these art bin pieces which I’ll link in the description for you it’s a clear
piece so I can see exactly what’s inside of it it has a little piece on the side
here and all of my little sprinkles my few little spare parts that I’ve got
some fun shaped paper clips in here some Doodlebug stickers if you little bit so
I actually won I keep in here and this works perfectly for me now that’s all I
need to keep now my sequins my gems that I have that I keep in one of these
holders you may have seen a lot of crafters use these holders because I
think they’re fab and I recycle over and over actually have three of them you can
fit two by side to by side in those Alex draughts the wide ones and then I you
can stack them too high which I also really like so I popped them in here and
then I can fit a nice label on them you get different sizes of trays you can get
one that’s filled with lots of these small ones now one tray a pretty pink
posh gems one little bag is gonna fit perfectly in this little size so you may
want the tray that’s just full of these little ones I’ll link that option or you
can get a tray that’s full of multiple sizes like this one so I have a mixture
because again I have a mixture of different options
you also get ones that have these few trends I don’t find they fill these huge
ones so much but you may have some options they’re good for kind of some of
those wooden elements things like that and then as I say you can pop your
little tag on here for the larger ones for the small ones rather I pop my tag
on the top that also works really nicely so I have peep
P Blue Lagoon on here that’s my pretty pink posh Blue Lagoon gems I don’t keep
the cover on here again because when I open my draw I just want to be able to
pick it out I don’t need to have the cover on here but it does come with an
acrylic cover that then has these little clip pieces on the side now if you are a
sticker person and you want some sticker storage I have a couple of options for
you depending on how you want to store them so I grabbed out my stash my super
satchels so this is how I keep a few different things in my stash so this is
my super satchel that stores a lot of different backers so if my backer does
not fit in my storage envelope I will keep a few of them for picture purposes
so for instance I have an umbrella crops one I keep a neat entangled one so if
I’m taking a picture of a neat entangle stamp and I need a backer card or maybe
I need a cleaner one then I can just go in this and this works for my kind of
card making process and that works really well for my photos so you could
store your stickers in here and you could maybe store them in a polybag buy
brand buy theme maybe you want to clip all your fourth-of-july ones in a bag
and then you could pop them in here or if you wanted to store them by
collection these are twelve by twelve so if you bought the Doodlebug I don’t know
some Patrick’s Day collection you could keep all of that in this super sexual
and these stack perfectly they come in different colors and in different depths
so that was one option I want you to share with you another option I have is
the even larger is called the super sexual double deep and the reason I
chose this option I use this for something else that’d be coming in a
future storage video but one thing I worked out by trialing is if you took
the double D and you took all of the dividers out of one side you have a
really nice area in here and those big sticker sheets like the long and ek ones
or the K and Co ones the larger Doodlebug ones they all stack and stand
long ways in this area here so you could have them all stacked along here then
you could kind of just do this and then the Cologne which I thought was a really
nice option and you could put dividers in by theme my company however you like
to store and the different ways of storing things is going to be a subject
of another video because somebody asked me how do I store things do I store it
by theme restaurant company you don’t store it by type how do I store things
so I am going to cover that in a separate video but if you have a storage
issue that you’re struggling with in your craft room do pop that in the
comment section below we read all of your comments we try to reply to as many
as we can but we do get a lot of them so we’ll always read all of them and if you
have any questions pop them and they will try to cover them in a future video
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tomorrow everyone happy something bye you

18 thoughts on “Two Minute Tip Craft Storage & Organization – How to Store Stickers, Gems, Sequins & Embellishments

  1. My biggest struggle right now is how to store/catagories my huge collection of stamps. I inventory everything(stamps, dies, stencils, etc) in Evernote but my Interdesign bins are bursting. Right now I have them sorted by company but I feel like I'm missing out on using sets because I have to search thru too many companies/ bins. I realize this is totally 3rd world problems 🙄 I can't wait to see your video on this subject because you have such great ideas!

  2. Here is a storage challenge for you. I am an avid paper crafter. I live full time in a 43' 5th wheel toy hauler. I am always struggling with storage an accessibility. I share the back with my husband who works from home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Great 2 min tip. Yes please do a video on how to store by season or brand or how ever is best. I am new to having a craft room and I am trying to figure out storage. I find clear let's me see what I have. But I want to find out how to break it down further. Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. Thanks Alexandra for your help. I am struggling with working out how to store my stamps and my copic markers as they need to lay down! Suggestions needed please. Blessings xx

  5. I use an expandable carry file for all my sticker sheets. I store them by season and can label the tabs to make it easier for finding what I want.

  6. Wow, Alexandra! 30,000 subscribers! Congratulations!🎊🍾🎉🎈. I hope you celebrate with Dr Greg and our girls! I loved today’s video. Thank you for the tips tricks and techniques and the 2 minute videos! Thanks! ~ katz

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