Trendy Undercut & Hair Tattoo For Men

Trendy Undercut & Hair Tattoo For Men

We divide the head into the inner and outer parts. We got a triangular division on the occipital area. We start haircut with a wide comb. This comb is well suited for coarse haircut. We begin to cut from the center of the occipital region. We proceed to hair cutting over the ear. We cut the hair behind the ear, while trying to create a square shape. We cut the hair on the right side like on the left one. We change the wide comb to a ruler comb. One can achieve a more accurate cut with this comb. I grind the shape with a fine comb. I check the accuracy of cut at light. The super thin comb allows you to cut perfectly the hair over the ears. I round the edges with a clipper. I grind the shape with a clipper above the comb. I create the contour. I mark the Hair Tattoo lines with the scissors. I form a more accurate shape of the picture using the clipper. I start drawing the ornament. I cut with scissors tips. I was inspired by VERSACE design for ornament idea. I cut more expressive lines with the clipper. I soften the angles. I separate a strand in the center of the inner (parietal) region by vertical parting. I pull aside the hair at an angle of 90° to the head. I cut the hair with lengthening to the face. I pull upward and I cut all subsequent strands, focusing on the length of control strand of hair. In the center of the upper occipital region I select a strand of hair by vertical parting. I pull aside the control strand at an angle of 90°. The section is parallel to dividing line. All remaining strands are dragged up to the control strand and cut at its level. I dry the hair. I straighten the hair. I clip out the hair by pointing method. I use “Transformers” scissors with three blades for this technique. These scissors save a lot of time. I texturize the fringe region by “slicing” method. I work on the back of the head also by “slicing” method. I texturize the root part of hair at the crown by “slicing” technique. That gives the volume at the crown. I blow the hair with a hairdryer. I apply powder for volume. I model separate strands using hair spray.

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