100 thoughts on “Treadmill Quiz w/ Dominic Cooper

  1. That's how you know they are best friends.. They have little to no clue about what the other person does, yet they still can have a laugh about it.

  2. Jaysus I love it when Dominic is on the Late Late Show – his and James' friendship is fucking hilariously adorable.

  3. “What is the name of James’ character in CATS? What is the name of James’ autobiography? What is the name of James’ Japanese skin care brand?”

    What the heck?? Who would know all that?? 😱

  4. Talk show host on couch: “You were fantastic in the show, we all absolutely loved your performance. Just incredible!”

    Talk show host on treadmill: “I don’t know! I haven’t seen a single episode!!”

  5. Am I the only one who screamed “One of Us” and “Super Troupers” before Jonathan finished the question? Lol 😂😂

  6. It looks like when you want to play a game with your friend but you’re babysitting your little brother and he says if he can’t play too he’ll tell mom about how he saw you smoking weed that one time so you tell him “fine you can read the questions”

  7. remember the last quiz they did (the shock one) and dominic was asked what the middle name of one of james kids is, and dominic didn’t know…..and the kid is his damn GODSON hahahah

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