Tragic Details About Pamela Anderson

Tragic Details About Pamela Anderson

She’s a successful actress, an iconic model,
and a passionate activist. But for all of the amazing things Pamela Anderson
has accomplished throughout her life, there have been just as many challenges. This is her tragic real-life story. Road to success “People always say you’re smarter than you
look, and I say no I’m just as smart as I look.” Before she became a household name, Anderson
was just an aspiring talent looking to make it big in Hollywood. In letters she wrote in 1989, after moving
to L.A., Anderson confessed, “It’s tough starting a career isn’t it. You have to put up with a lot of s—…When
they finally believe in you, they have their own hidden agenda.” “Hollywood is very seductive and the people
want to be famous.” Anderson also revealed just how questionable
her supposed industry meetings were back then, writing: “Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m supposedly meeting some mafia dude. I’ll bring my gun don’t worry. He’s an agent.” A hot mess marriage “I love walking in the rain, I think it’s
so romantic, but it never rains here.” While it seems Anderson has been unlucky in
love, her 15-year, on-again, off-again relationship with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee was especially
troubling. In February 1995, the couple said “I do” just
96 hours after going on their first date, and what followed was one of the most drama-filled
unions in Hollywood. In June 1996, the pair had their first child,
Brandon, but filed for divorce that November, according to E! News. Choosing to stick it out, they welcomed their
second son, Dylan, in ’97. By ’98, Anderson had filed for divorce again,
this time alleging a physical altercation with Lee. He then pleaded no contest to felony spousal
battery and spent four months in jail, but the Playmate and rock star continued getting
back together and breaking up until 2010. “Now, you divorced Tommy Lee and then you
married him again?” “I did that.” Fast forward to 2018 and Anderson and Lee
were fighting bitterly again after he accused son Brandon of knocking him unconscious. Taking to her blog, the blonde bombshell wrote, “[Tommy’s] actions are desperate and humiliating. He is a disaster spinning out of control. And he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new.” “They’re both adults.” “Yeah.” “Maybe Brandon moreso.” Looking out for her kids In 2001, Anderson filed for sole custody of
her two sons. Alleging both physical and mental abuse, Anderson
recounted just how much she suffered with Lee, citing the 1998 altercation that resulted
in her filing for divorce as proof of his reportedly explosive ways. She recalled, “I was holding Dylan in my arms…when Tommy
physically attacked me…Tommy kicked me violently in the back several times…He was completely
out of control.” Anderson then went on to accuse Lee of showing
their sons graphic videos, forcing them to call her a quote “freak,” using obscene language
around them, and more. She claimed, “Tommy’s behavior has deteriorated to such
an extent that I am afraid for the emotional well-being of the children while in his care.” In 2002, the exes eventually settled on an
equal joint custody arrangement. “They’re genetically loaded, so. They’re perfect gentlemen considering the
gene pool.” Losing her home In 2012 Anderson landed in hot water with
the IRS. According to TMZ, she was hit with two tax
liens amounting to more than $370,000. Basically, the government put a claim to her
Malibu home and forbid her to sell it. According to the gossip rag, the first lien
was filed by the IRS, saying Anderson owed nearly $260,000 in unpaid taxes for 2011,
while the second came from the state of California, citing that she owed over $112,000 for that
same year. Anderson insisted to the Mirror, “I’m not trying to avoid any tax ­obligation. Certain events occurred, outside of my control,
which caused this temporary but embarrassing situation.” But that wasn’t Anderson’s first run-in with
the Tax Man. As TMZ noted, she actually landed on California’s
“Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers” list in 2009 when the IRS filed a $1.7 million lien against
her. Her Hep C diagnosis While Anderson and Lee were embroiled in their
bitter custody battle, the model released a statement revealing that she had been diagnosed
with Hepatitis C, per Entertainment Weekly. According to the CDC, Hep C is a quote “serious
[liver] disease than can result in long-term health problems, even death.” There is no vaccine for the virus and, as
Anderson revealed at the time, she had contracted it from sharing a tattoo needle with Lee. She alleged, “Tommy has the disease and never disclosed
it to me during our marriage.” “I just think looking back that I maybe was
a little more reckless than I would have been. I think it’s always kind of a, hanging over
your head.” In 2016, Anderson told ABC just how serious
her diagnosis had been. “They told me that I would die in 10 years.” Luckily, 15 years later, not only was Anderson
thriving, but after an experimental $100,000 treatment of a drug Sovaldi, she was cured. Dating a “monster” In June 2019, Anderson’s love life came crashing
down once again when she learned that her boyfriend of over two years, French soccer
star Adil Rami, had reportedly never broken up with his supposed ex while dating the supermodel. Anderson revealed that she had spoken to Rami’s
girlfriend and mother of his children, claiming that she too had not known the truth. She blogged, “I’m devastated to find out in the last few
days that [Rami] was living a double life. He lied to all. How is it possible to control two women’s
hearts and minds like this. I’m sure there were others.” Anderson also accused Rami of quote “physical
and emotional torture,” describing him as a “monster.” “It was uh, I loved being in France, that
was the good part, I learned a little French, and now I’m home.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  2. People talking about her not aging well…she's in her 50s and still looks great! Wth are you talking about? I actually always thought she was prettier without makeup on. The thumbnail is a bad picture of her. She is a beautiful woman.

  3. She was always very beautiful, but a terrible actress. Once her beauty is gone, the public will forget her.Tommy Lee, is an overage Hollywd teenager.

  4. Anyone that was a teenager during the 90's knows whatever "tragic" she experienced back then, she used her common sense to get away from it. Google says these days she's developed her own philosophy on the meaning of life and what peace means to her, she has two loving and protective sons who still eat dinner with her and she still dabbles in activism and touring the world in the name of causes she believes in. I like that news and glad those things are a reality for her. Illwishers have nothing but horns, fuck them and I don't mean literally, thank God Pam understands that too.

  5. lol….this channel is getting worse and worse…what tragedy? 😂😂😂. She is doing really good 🤣🤣 ..It’s my fault anyway for follow this site 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️…*UNFOLLOWING RIGHT NOW* 😅

  6. only! in the beginning many years ago she had that certain beauty and gorgeous I guess like most of us some people keep their good looks for a long time but in most people's eyes she was always beautiful 💋🇬🇺

  7. I will always have a lot of respect and admiration for Pamela for her work for animal rights and defending Julian Assange.

  8. The only tragic thing about Pamela is that she has no head for choosing the right men for her life . Also lousy accountants that put her on the IRS hit list ..Plus you omitted kid Rock from this line up of tragic CHOICES also.

  9. I wouldn’t call this tragic. Also she seems like a bit of a poor me sort of person, it seems like she always has to be the centre of attention..

  10. If he wasnt acting like a father why did u just get in touch and married him is that for money?so u deserved it well

  11. She was and always will be a Plain Jane. But even a Plain Jane can be converted to a doll baby, under the hands of a cosmetic surgeon and makeup artist.

  12. First, forgot to mention her relationship with Kid Rock. Second, she is human, just like us. She followed her dreams and made a life for her and her children. Went through bad times and came out on top. She is a survivor and doesn't let things hold her down. Very strong woman. Much respect for her and her strength in life.

  13. She looks like a reanimated corpse. What’s tragic is she looks like a wax figure. And her taste in men is as bad as her plastic surgery.

  14. This poster, Nicki S. puts so many idiot videos on youtube it makes me wonder why is she still on here. So many lies come out of her garbage mouth.
    Pamela was never a successful actress. She was known as a slut. At a Playboy mansion party everyone was dressed up but she walked around naked. Yes, totally naked. Many videos out by her were she is naked and having sex. She will never be invited to any of my parties. Tells you what type of person H. Hefner is.

  15. Well… yeah. She's complaining about the father she choose to give to her kids.
    He was already trash when she met him. But still choose to start a family with him. She better cut the noise.

  16. If Pamela ever, ever knocked on our door, she would be embraced. She would be welcome. Like a daughter, like a sister and as a friend. That is the way it is, and that is the way it stays. Her pain is not invisible to us, nor is her human dignity, no matter who sits in judgment.

  17. I think I know what's really tragic in here
    that this channel tries desperately to smear her for the sole reason she stood up for Julian Assange
    this is so insidious

  18. Umm. How does a woman in demand accidentally and repeatedly select a string of "monsters" who she loves blindly for years….then discovers they are really just monsters.

  19. How is this story tragic? There was not even one mention of anyone dying! My brother was murdered in a road rage incident the day before Thanksgiving in 1999, THAT'S tragic. Wanna do a story on me?? 🙄

  20. Wtf youtube!? I unsubscribed to this trash channel months ago! Why are you putting this crap in my recommended feed?

  21. I am gonna unsubscribe because you always point out the negatives of people. At the end of the day, we are all humans.

  22. Also there was Rick Solomon and Kid Rock and another soccer player and a few more. She has the worst taste in men and it was the same story, they were abusive. How did that happen?

  23. Imagine! YouTube and other social media delivery systems were from around 60 to 700 years ago. we would be watching, Elvis reacts to? Jesus making bread out of… I ask you? From what does the bread be made of?

  24. I absolutely adore Pamela but it's quite evident that she does have problems the media has played a lot in her the mental stability and Tommy Lee oh my God I'm sure that really jacked with her head I think she's a very vulnerable lady is there a subjective and she's a good person she still believes in the American way she would still believes in the old fashioned love and she's not had much luck at it but I just wish you the best of everything because I think she's a special lady and I truly wish her the best on her journey because her life is just really starting to begin that a lot of people don't realize that again I just adore her I'm 74 I had two daughters and I watch them grow and take their Journey as in life and they both went to two different directions but I love them both the same but that's a totally different story there but we're talkin about this beautiful Camelot and she has beautiful children she has so much to be thankful for but I understand where she comes from and I understand what she's saying because I would have sent her only listen to I hear people that's that's why people mess up they do not hear what you said and they said they listen but they don't hear you I know good and well when somebody is here and then when they're not at 74 I think you have the ability to comprehend all this wouldn't you say lights camera action.

  25. What is tragic is that she doesn't seem to take any responsibility for her part in her failed relationships. She seems to be drawn to the bad boy but then complains about them being bad when the romance is over.

  26. we love Pamela who helps animals n is helping Julian Assange, the man who is being tortured for exposing political corruption. GOOD WOMAN.

  27. Pamela Anderson promoted a cure for hep-c in which i was lucky enough to receive and changed my health around im forever in her dept

  28. She makes poor romantic choices. Neither she or Tommy Lee have aged very well. The problem with extreme beauty is that it is not a friend of aging. Beauty is a distant mirror that cruelly mocks aging.

  29. there s wise old saying :
    on the fall of an oak, every man gathers wood.
    Pam is her own person now she's come a looong way . she doesn't deserve this clubbing gossiping

  30. Its not tragic but I wish they had covered her charity work. Also, please get a better accountant who can properly file your taxes..

  31. Tragic. Ummm wtf. I do have empathy. However she has filed bankruptcy a few times. I don't understand why people can't just say I had my run. I lived normal before. Let me take some time. My word. TRAGIC. WHO DIED? NO ABUSE IS OKAY. DAMN I'M PISST. I JUST LOST 5 MINS OF MY LIFE. EERRR

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